Circular 17/2014/tt-Bkhcn: Regulations On The Conditions Of Establishment, The Activity Of Market Intermediary Organizations Of Science And Technology

Original Language Title: Thông tư 17/2014/TT-BKHCN: Quy định về điều kiện thành lập, hoạt động của tổ chức trung gian của thị trường khoa học và công nghệ

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Number: 17 /2014/TT-BKHCN
Hanoi, June 16, 2014


Modified, Digital Supplements 19 /2013/TT-BKHCN August 15

2013 by the Ministry of Science and Technology management program management support development program.

scientific and technological enterprise and scientific organization and public technology implemented in the world.

Self-government, self-responsibility.


Base of Protocol 20 /2013/ND-CP 26 February 2013 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Science and Technology;

Base of Protocol 08 /2014/ND-CP January 27, 2014 of the Government rules the details and guidelines that implement some of the provisions of the Law of Science and Technology;

Decision base No. 592/QĐ-TTg on 22 May 2012 by the Prime Minister approx the Program to support the development of science and technology enterprise and scientific organization and public technology implementing the basis of autonomy, self-responsibility;

At the suggestion of the Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Office of National Science and Science Programs;

Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of the Revised Notification, Supplements Digital Information 19 /2013/TT-BKHCN August 15, 2013, by the Minister of Science and Technology Management Guide to the development of the scientific and technological enterprise development and technology organization and public engineering organization implementation of the autonomy mechanism, self-responsibility (the following is written off). is the Digital News 19 /2013/TT-BKHCN).

What? 1. Modified, add a number of Digital Content 19 /2013/TT-BKHCN as follows:

1. Modified Article 4 as follows:

" The projects of the Program are devolve management as follows:

1. The project team led by the Ministry of Science and Technology are related projects from two majors, the field of return, the need for the participation of scientists, experts with experience of the disciplines, that sector and the projects that are of course. matter of defense, security, public health, environmental protection.

2. The project team led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the management sector are the projects organised by the organization, individual personnel, the implementation and the ministerial sector, the proposed industry, which is in accordance with the conditions, capacity, the management sector of the ministry, the industry.

3. The project team led by the Ministry of Science and Local Authoritentiology is the project of the organization, individual locally, deployed within a province, the city and by the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central Committee of the proposed Central Committee. It is, in accordance with the organizational capacity, the direction of the local government. "

2. Repair , add, paragraph 1, paragraph 2 Article 12 into one paragraph as follows:

" 1. Based on the objective, the content of the Program and the conditions, the actual needs of the ministry, the industry, the local, the organizations, the qualified individuals and the capacity to implement the project filing project to the competent authority under the Program Management Division of the Program. The provisions of Article 4 of this message. "

3. Modified paragraph 3, add paragraph 4 Article 14 as follows:

" 3. The evaluation of the project records is conducted by treating records with criteria, conditions, project content, objectives, quantity, and funding for the Program. The project's filing was sent to a board member before the council's session of at least 5 working days, to an independent advisory specialist before the independent advisory expert to submit a review report, which was to be evaluated on the project record of at least 10 working days.

4. Organisitated Program Host performs the evaluation of the project profile. Each project appraisal panel may advise 1 or several projects (in the case of projects of the same field). "

4. Modified, add Article 15 as follows:

" Article 15. Decision to deliver the project to execute the project

1. On the basis of the council ' s conclusion of the project profile, the assessment report, the appraisal of the project profile of the independent consulting expert, the Program Chair, the Office of the Office of Ministers of Science and Technology review, the decision to organize, Personally, the presiding officer performs the project.

In the case of a complex, important project, the Program Chairperson, the Office of the Organisants Programme to examine the actual verification of the physical basis-engineering, manpower and financial competability of the organization, the individual was given an expected implementation. Murder.

The case has a different opinion between the Program Chair, the Program Office and the council ' s conclusion, the Program Board and the Office of the Programme for the Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology review, the decision on the proposed board. appraisal of the project record review or organization of a new project profile appraisal or hiring an independent advisory expert.

2. The organization, the individual who chairs the implementation of the project has a responsibility to complete the case in accordance with the project's conclusion of the project, or report the assessment, appraisal of the project's project record independent counsel and send the Program Office within 15 days. work since the date of receiving the results notice of the selection or direct communication to the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct the content appraisal and the implementation of the implementation. "

5. Modified, add 2, paragraph 3, add 4 Article 19 as follows:

" 2. The Program Command was established by the Minister of Science and Technology and served as Head of the Department, a Deputy Minister of Science and Technology as Deputy Ban and Program Committee members representing the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Planning and Management. Investment, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam.

3. The Chair of the Program is established by the Minister of Science and Technology, which rules the organization and operation. The Chairperson of the Program has its Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the commissioner, and the 01 Executive Secretary to help the Board of Programs.

4. The Office of the Program is located at the Ministry of Science and Technology, chaired by the Head of the Board. The Program Office has the function to help the Program Command and help the Minister of Science and Technology in management, organizing the implementation of the Program.

The Office of National Science and Technology Programs (a public career unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology) performs the function, the mission of the Program Office, in particular as follows:

a) The Director of the Program Command approx the work program program of the Program Command, which prepares the content and conditions required for the operation of the Program Command Board, which organizes the implementation of the joint activities of the Program;

b) Proposal to establish and organize appraisal meetings to evaluate project records; assessment, results of results of the project implementation of the Program;

c) Building the plan, setting up the Program's annual operating budget; aggreging of the Program's funding; implementing the Program's annual budget decision by the current regulatory process; proposing the regulation of content, time and time. the time, the funding of the projects, the joint operation of the Program in the case of necessity;

d) Preparing the contract implementation and contract implementation of the project on projects provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology directly; co-ordination, guidelines of ministries, industry, the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee to sign the project for the project. with projects provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the sector, the local management;

The organization examines the project implementation of the project conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology directly and engaged in periodic examination or project breakthroughs due to the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry, Local Management when necessary;

e) The receiving end, the proposed synthesis, recommendations from the organizations, the individual presiding over the project of the Program are administered by the Ministry of Science and Direct Technology and the issues involved in the construction, management, operation of the Program.

Specific regulations on the establishment, organization, and operation of the Office of the Program are determined by the Head of the Committee. "

6. edit paragraph 10 Article 20 as follows:

" 10. Evaluation of the review board, which results in the results of the results of the Program Project. "

What? 2. The organization performs

It has been in effect since August 4, 2014.

In the course of execution if there is an entangrium, the agency, the organization, the individual reflects on the Ministry of Science and Technology for review, the ./.



Nguyen Quan