Circular 04/2014/tt-Bnv: Regulation Of Technical-Economic Norms Establish The Database Archives

Original Language Title: Thông tư 04/2014/TT-BNV: Quy định định mức kinh tế - kỹ thuật tạo lập cơ sở dữ liệu tài liệu lưu trữ

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The CIRCULAR regulates the technical-economic norms to create databases of archives _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to the law No. 01/2011/archive QH13 on February 11, 2011;
Pursuant to Decree No. 01/2013/ND-CP dated 3 January 2013 detailing the Government's implementation of some articles of the law on Archives;
Pursuant to Decree No. 61/2012/ND-CP on August 10, 2012 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of the Interior;
The Minister of the Interior issued a circular regulating the technical-economic norms establish the database archives, article 1. Scope this circular regulates the technical-economic norms to create databases of archives for background paper archives and digital archives data in raw form.
Article 2. The object to apply the circular stipulated technical-economic norms establish the database archives applied at the host agency and historical archives.
Article 3. Explanation of terms In this circular, the terms below are interpreted as follows: 1. Creating a database (DATABASE) is the process of collecting, converting the original data/documentation to the number of data units to store electronic form and enter the required information into the DATABASE by design , the requirements of the DATABASE management software archives.
2. archive data in raw form is the data in the form of being transferred from the archives by the method of capture, scanning for storage on your computer along with other archives data.
3. specification of data is the information that describes the characteristics of the data such as the content, format, quality, condition, and other characteristics in order to facilitate the search process, to access, manage and store data.
4. Build the data specification is the work of building the school information and content information fields description of the digitized data in the search service DATABASE, extraction, use of the content data, meet goals and requires the use of the data.
5. The vote is the form was designed on the basis of input information for the DATABASE.
6. Data entry job is putting the data into the DATABASE to manage and exploit, use.
7. Standardization and data conversion is the conversion of the digital data to the form have the same structure, DATABASE design.
8. technical-economic norms create archive DATABASE is specified the extent of wear and cost of labour, equipment, supplies Office products to complete a unit of volume of work related to the creation of the DATABASE of archives has control.
Article 4. The content of technical-economic norms create DATABASE archives 1. Norms of labor created the DATABASE archives (Tsp) includes labor time hao to handle document page 01 is calculated by the total of labor norms technology (Bc), the labour norms served (Tpv) and norms of labor management (Tql): Tsp = Bc + Tpv + Tql. a) norms of labor created the DATABASE archives for documents not cataloguing and votes not yet digitized prescribed in Appendix I attached.
b) labor norms for work cataloguing foreign material news votes be counted with 1.5 coefficient increases compared with the labour norms prescribed in Annex i. c) labor quota standardization, data conversion and digitization of archives for documents already cataloguing and votes not yet digitized documents prescribed in Appendix II attached.
d) labor norms for document digitization work steps in case the document has poor physical condition and other document paper size A4, count increase with the coefficient of k compared to norms of labour provisions in the annexes I, II, in particular:-for the document have poor physical status (mushroom , milestone, yellowed, blurred letters, tear, puncture, sticky rice): k1 = 1.2;
-For other size A4 document: k2.
+ A3 document: (k2) = 2;
+ A2: framework document (k2) = 4;
+ A1: framework document (k2) = 8;
+ Documents A0: (k2) = 16.
DD) labor quota standardization and data conversion of archives for documents already cataloguing and digitizing votes prescribed in Appendix III attached.
e) norms of labor planning work steps, build the documentation, DATABASE creation of archives of a fonts store regulations in annex IV attached.
2. Level of equipment, supplies and stationery to create archive DATABASE specified in Appendix V attached.
Article 5. Effective enforcement of this circular effect since July 15, 2014.
Article 6. Responsible for enforcing the orders, ministerial-level agencies, government agencies, people's committees of provinces and cities under central authority responsible for the implementation of this circular.
The agencies and organizations be applied to this circular to make the creation of DATABASE archives.
In the process, if any obstacles, the proposal reflects on the Interior Ministry to study, modify and supplemented accordingly./.