Directive 25/ct-Ttg Dated: About The Duties Of Finance-State Budget Late 2014

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 25/CT-TTg: Về việc điều hành thực hiện nhiệm vụ tài chính - ngân sách nhà nước những tháng cuối năm 2014

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Directive on the implementation of the financial tasks-State budget late 2014 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ In early January of 2014, the Ministry, local branches were aggressive, actively implement the resolutions of the party, the Congress and the Executive Government made plans for socio-economic development and State budget estimates by 2014 , so that the social-economic situation continue to positive transformation, in the right direction and achieve satisfactory results on most of the field. Besides the results achieved, the economy of our country is still more daunting, challenge. The production of business recovery slow; the difficult business; business dissolution, decommissioned also high, difficult to access capital, low credit growth; natural disasters, climate change, disease complications. In particular, the Chinese put down unauthorized 981 HD rig in the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of Vietnam over time have serious violations of international law, contrary to the claims of the parties in the South China Sea (DOC) and the high level agreements between the two countries and affected the country's social-economic , including the currency, State budget expenditure. In addition, the remedy of these exist in operating the State budget (distribution, capital budget layout scattered, wasteful, inefficient ...) but achieved some initial results, but progress is still slow.
To resolve the difficulties, challenges, contributing to the completion of the task of socio-economic development and State budget in 2014, the initiative meets the requirements, urgent tasks arise on defense, security and protect the sovereignty of the East Sea in the new situation, the Prime Minister asked the Minister , The heads of ministerial agencies, government agencies, other agencies in the Central Government (hereinafter referred to as The Agency), the Chairman of the provincial people's Committee, the central cities, according to the functions and tasks continue to keep abreast of the content of the resolutions of the Congress, the resolution of the Government of , the direction of the Prime Minister, actively, in the Executive direction, fully realized, has resulted in solutions stated, which focused on the following principal contents: 1. the sync operating efficiency, fiscal policy, monetary support to business and production, control inflation macro-economic stability, and ensure social security. At the same time, actively grasp the situation, forecasts the likely negative effects to the socio-economic development plan and social currency, State budget expenditure in the coming time, prepared the solutions to deal with the situations that arise. On that basis, striving for the goals of economic growth and strive to surpass the State budget revenue estimates by 2014 about 8-10%.
a) ministries, local authorities, according to the functions and duties:-perform solution solve the difficulties, obstacles and recommendations of enterprises; focus assist enterprises to overcome damage soon, back to business; the decline in the number of businesses ceased operations and dissolved.
-Urgently implementing the Decree of the Government of a number of fisheries development policy, in which organizations make timely, effective policies to support and encourage the activity of catching seafood offshore (credit, insurance, training support, ...) in order to promote fisheries development powerful, efficient, consistent with the demands of practicality.
-Continue to promote the reform of administrative procedures, especially on the field to join the market, export and import, access to capital, credit, taxation and customs, land, property, investment, construction, environmental, labour resources ... to create favorable conditions in the highest level of business activity.
b) State Bank, in collaboration with the Ministry, the Central and local bodies to implement the operating credit solutions consistent with macro-economic developments, the goal of controlling inflation and support economic growth, promote the handling of bad debt; Directs credit institutions actively reach out to business loan consultancy projects, business plan effectively; encouraged to apply credit rating forms to enhance the ability of credit lending, restructuring the loans high interest capital before.
c) Ministry of finance, in collaboration with the Ministry, the Central and local authorities:-quickly improve the Guide on incentives, provided, enterprise income tax according to the provisions of the law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the law on enterprise income tax; build the solution support duty or clearing mechanism for the business enterprises are having trouble funding due to inventory, the cause has not yet been settled, reducing late tax penalties.
-Continue to promote the modernisation, simplification of administrative procedures in the field of taxation and customs, creating favorable conditions for taxpayers in the implementation of rights and responsibilities for the State.
-The organization closely tracking market prices, promptly proposed appropriate measures, the provisions of the law to intervene the market to stabilize prices, local inflation control each locality and within the country, especially during the holidays, lunar new year. Continue to run the price of essential commodities (oil, gas, electricity, coal, milk for children under 6 years old, the career services ...) according to the market mechanism and the State's regulators. Promote the activity against the transfer price, smuggling, making counterfeiting and commercial fraud.
2. Strengthen the management of currency, lost against and handle debt unsettled tax: the Ministry of finance, ministries, agencies, local: a) scrutinize, hold objects, local budget revenues; control the tax declaration, tax of enterprises, organizations and individuals to collect the correct, timely enough, taxes, fees and other revenues to the State budget.
b) urge full, timely collection of taxes and budget revenues were renewed in 2013 due to be paid into the budget. Full implementation, timely collection of accounts receivable as a result of audits, inspections and the law protection agencies. Manage tax refund work closely, ensuring the right audience, the right regulatory regime, detection and timely processing, the violations.
c) regular maintenance inspection, tax inspection and coordination between agencies, financial agencies and forces to function in the management of the currency, lost against and handle debt tax form. To promote the prevention, combating commercial fraud, transfer price, the import price fraud and smuggling across the border.
3. Strengthen the management of the State budget, guaranteed savings, tight and efficient: a) the ministries, agencies and localities according to function, tasks: – perform recovery to complement the central budget reserve and local budget for investment in the 2014 plan has allocated in the first year estimation of the Ministry , Central and local authorities but until 30 June 2014 not yet allocated to the project, or have been allocated but not yet implemented the work of the project in accordance with the law on the management of capital construction investment; regular funding was allocated for the estimation of the unit but to the end on June 30, 2014 has yet to apportion off (except for some accounts to be allowed to leave following prescribed allocation).
-Focus on speeding up implementation and disbursement of capital for development, especially for investment capital from the State budget, which the Government bonds, which the national target program, ODA; speeding up the processing of debt form construction according to the directives of the Prime Minister no. 27/CT-TTg on October 10, 2012 on what solutions overcome the basic construction of the biggest debt in the local and the number 14/CT-TTg on November 26, 2013 on strengthening investment management and handle basic building standing debt from budget resources home water, government bonds. In that note:-do not extend the time to perform the account invested in the plan in 2014, the State budget advance accounts and Government bonds, the additional clause to the 2015 Plan (except some cases are granted authority to extend).
-Minimize the effects of capital from the State budget for the project, except in cases of urgent necessity, really ensuring defense, security, protect the sovereignty of the Sea Island and must balance the layout is to advance repayment sources.
b) scrutinize, examine the situation of implementing the policy, the regime has issued about social security, and mountain peoples. Ensure the source and timely payment, standard costs, according to the regulations.
c) seriously implementing the practice of saving, against waste in regular expenditure management; proactively reviewing, arrange to cut back the time or make the task hasn't really needed, urgent. Of which:-actively cut back or the time taken for the stores to replace the equipment, cars ... but had to the time limit for liquidation, removal but can still be used. After October 31, 2014, will stop making and cancelling the expense stores, repairs were arranged in the estimation of the unit but that has yet to approve the plan, not yet tender.
-Minimize the Organization of the Festival, celebration, ceremony, inauguration ceremony; decision to cut, not the Organization of the Conference, the workshop has practically no content. Implementation of integrating content, issues, work to handle and reasonable matching the types of meetings, increasing use of online meeting form in operating direction and handle the work involved ... through which reduce the cost of electricity, water, telephone, Office supplies, petrol, reception , went in the water; stop the hordes of foreign travel expense budgets are not really necessary.
No additional proposals, program, issued the new policy, or to raise the level of State budget increases that have not yet identified the source assured.

d) scrutinize, tight management of expenses transfer source, only made the source for some really necessary expenses as prescribed by the law. Determined not to make the move for the source of the task due to the subjectivity of the Agency, the unit used the budget implementation is slow.
4. budget operating actively, positively, guarantee balanced-budget levels: the Ministry of finance and the people's committees of provinces and cities under central focus: a) regulated the allocation, use the power budget has arranged financing in the budget level.
The central budget reserve has focused on meeting the urgent task on defense, security, protect the sovereignty of the Sea Islands. The local need to actively use local budget reserve to deal with natural disasters, flood and storm the sudden, urgent needs arise. The central budget only considers local support, in case the demand arises above exceeds the ability of the local.
b) ability to base budget revenues, actively arrange the task and apply appropriate solutions to ensure balanced budget levels.
The case of the balance of the local budget revenue decreases compared to the estimate, should scrutinize, sort the tasks by priority order, cut or time to perform the task hasn't really needed, which must guarantee the payment of resource expenses for salaries and wages regular expenses, to ensure normal operation of the unit, agency, social security expenditures, investment in basic construction of important buildings; at the same time, actively use the financial resources of the locality to offset revenue shortfalls of the local budget balance remaining. Local non commercial loans to local budget expenditure (including basic construction investment spending); the mobilization of capital to invest in important infrastructure, on execute necessary as prescribed in paragraph 3 article 8 the law on the State budget and be sure to be the source of repayment in the estimation of local budget every year.
c) strengthen monitoring, inspection, inspection expenses within budget and management according to the functions and tasks assigned; guaranteed capital budget is used for your purposes, the true mode, saving, efficient.
d) promotes the practice of saving, against waste at the Agency, and local units. Urgently to enact and implement the documents detailing the implementation of the law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the law practice of saving, against waste to Act soon come to life.
5. Implementation: a) the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, government agencies and other agencies in the Central Government, the President of the people's Committee of the central cities, base functions, duties and the provisions of this directive, the Organization urgently implementing and inspecting work done in lower level , the subdivisions to ensure complete operation, State budget expenditure by 2014. At the same time, review the responsibilities, handle, promptly under the provisions of the law relating to the case held, personal jurisdiction management violations.
b) Ministry of finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of planning and investment and the Ministry, agency, local monitor, supervise and inspect the results implemented Directive; General situation report, State budget at the regular session of the monthly Government./.