Circular 53/2014/tt-Bgtvt: Regulations On Technical Maintenance And Repair Of Motor Transport On Road

Original Language Title: Thông tư 53/2014/TT-BGTVT: Quy định về bảo dưỡng kỹ thuật, sửa chữa phương tiện giao thông cơ giới đường bộ

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Number: 53 /2014/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, October 20, 2014


Regulation of technical maintenance, repair.

Road motor vehicle.


The Road Traffic Law Base November 13, 2008;

Base of Protocol 107 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Transport;

At the suggestion of the Chief of Science-Technology and the Director of the Bureau of Vietnam,

The Ministry of Transport issued a regulatory advisory on the maintenance of the technology, fixing road motor vehicles.

Chapter I


Number one. Range edit

1. This information provides for technical maintenance (later known as maintenance) and road motor vehicle repair (later known as motor vehicles) participating in road traffic.

2. This message does not apply to:

a) motorcycle, motorcycle, tractor;

b) The motor vehicle is used for defense purposes, the security of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security.

Article 2. Subject applies

This information applies to organizations, individuals with regard to use, maintenance, motor vehicle repair and transportation.

Third. Explain the word

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Maintenance is a mandatory preventive work after a certain operating cycle in the process of exploiting the prescribed work content to maintain the good technical state of motor vehicles.

2. Chu Maintenance. It ' s the journey of running cars, or the time that we ' re going to get between the two of them

3. Correction are activities or technical measures aimed at restoring the normal functioning of the motor vehicle by recovering or replacing the details, the system, the total being damaged or the sign that leads to the damage.

Article 4. General regulation of maintenance, motor vehicle repair

1. The motor vehicle must maintain technical features and conditions through mandatory maintenance or repair measures.

2. Before conducting maintenance, repairs must be tested for a motor vehicle to make the appropriate solution.

3. The motor vehicle must be protected when it operates to the prescribed maintenance cycle.

4. The maintenance cycle of the vehicle must be built accordingly on the basis of the manufacturer's requirements and features in the exploitation of use (terrain of operation, territorial partitions, climate, technical requirements).

Chapter II


What? 5. regular maintenance

1. Maintenance is regularly performed daily or before, after and during each trip.

2. The regular maintenance must be taken by the driver or the driver to ensure the technical condition of the car before the arrival.

3. The maintenance content is regularly made by regulations at Annex I issued with this message.

What? 6. Maintenance periodically

1. The periodic maintenance is done according to the maintenance cycle with different levels of maintenance.

2. The maintenance of the periodic is done at the maintenance facility, corrects the content and cycle as follows:

a) For the specified motor vehicle of the manufacturer: The execution is in accordance with the regulations of the manufacturer;

b) For the unregulated motor vehicle of the manufacturer: The maintenance facility, the repair must build maintenance content in accordance with each type of vehicle. The maintenance cycle is based on the Appendix II issued by this message.

3. For the equipment specialized in the vehicle, the base on the maker ' s use and guidance to determine the cycle and the maintenance work content for the systems, equipment that specializes in addition to the parts of the motor vehicle is regulated at the site. This is private.

4. After performing a periodic maintenance for motor vehicles, the technical staff of the maintenance facility, the repair must be done the recovery, check out the quality of the work.

5. The motor vehicles export the workshop after the periodic maintenance must have the delivery of the vehicle, which records the deadline and the quality warranty conditions after the service. The warranty period is not less than 2 months or 1,500 km of running vehicles depending on which condition comes first, calculated from the time of the delivery of the car to the workshop.

What? 7. Build, manage motor vehicle periodic maintenance process

1. The maintenance facilities must be based on the content, the maintenance cycle to build the appropriate maintenance process.

2. The steps in the periodic maintenance process must be provided by the technician with the appropriate expertise.

What? 8. Car check

1. Before and after the periodic maintenance process must have a verified audit editor confirming the technical condition of the vehicle.

2. The periodic maintenance results of the maintenance facility, repair must be shown in the Department of Nutrition, repair.

What? 9. motor vehicle repair

1. The motor vehicle is damaged, does not guarantee technical safety standards and the protection of the environment must be taken to repair to continue engaging in traffic.

2. The repairs must be done in accordance with the standard standard, the technical standard and the manufacturer ' s requirements.

3. After completing repairs, repairing damage to motor vehicles, maintenance facilities, repairs, and vehicle testing, ensuring steady, safe operating vehicles allow for transportation to engage traffic.

4. The maintenance facility, which is responsible for the maintenance of the repair content for a minimum period of 2 months or 1,500 km depending on the prior conditions, calculated from the time of the delivery of the car to the workshop.

Chapter IV


What? 10. The responsibility of the transport unit, owner, driver

1. Perform the operational status examination of the details, the system, the total to ensure the technical safety and environmental protection of the motor vehicle before engaging in traffic.

2. Check out regularly before and after a trip or after each day of operation to be sure the technical condition of the motor vehicle. In time to detect, rectify the damage, ensure that the motor vehicle is safely operational, stable.

3. The full and correct implementation of the regulatory content at this message.

4. Watch and approve of the maintenance of the maintenance vehicle in order to maintain the technical status of motor vehicles by standard, technical regulation when engaging in road traffic.

What? 11. The responsibility of the maintenance facilities, repair

1. There is sufficient capacity and equipment needed to ensure the quality of maintenance work, repair.

2. Build, organize the engineering process for maintenance, repair in accordance with each type of motor vehicle type.

3. Secure the quality of maintenance, correct motor vehicle repair, technical regulation of technical safety and environmental protection.

4. Using a dedicated device, advanced technical measures guarantee the safety of labor, quality in maintenance, motor vehicle repair.

5. There is a measure of recovery, waste disposal and scrap (oil, fat, rubber ...), which ensures that it does not pollate the environment.

Chapter V.


What? 12.

This message has the enforcement effect since December 1, 2014 and replaces the No. 1 decision. 992 /2003/QD-BGTVT April 9, 2003, of the Minister of Transportation, issued by the Department of Transportation, "Regulation of Technical Protection, Auto-fixing".

What? 13. Organization to execute

Chief of Staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the Chief Minister, General Secretary General of Vietnam Road, Director of the Department of Vietnam, Director of the Transport Department of Vietnam, Director of the Central Transportation Department, Central Committee of the Central Committee, Director of the Agency, Organization and Personal Affairs It is concerned that this is responsible for this information.



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