Decision 92/nq-Cp: About Some Solutions To Promote Vietnam Tourism Development In New Period

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 92/NQ-CP: Về một số giải pháp đẩy mạnh phát triển Du lịch Việt Nam trong thời kỳ mới

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The RESOLUTION Of a number of solutions to promote Vietnam tourism development in new period _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the GOVERNMENT pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to Decree No. 08/2012/NĐ-CP on Feb. 16 in 2012 of the Government issued regulation on the work of the Government;
Bases the resolution of the regular government session September 2014 (resolution No. 74/NQ-CP DATED October 4, 2014), PARLIAMENT: over the years, the interest of the party, State, tourism has developed powerful, important contribution to socio-economic development; contributing to economic restructuring; attracting investment; create more jobs; poverty alleviation; enhance recreation; preserving and promoting the value of cultural heritage; build and promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam's dynamic, friendly and peaceful. However, some indicators such as the growth in international tourists to Vietnam, the social income from tourism, the rate of contribution of the tourism industry in the GDP and the competitiveness of tourism in Vietnam is still low compared with other countries in the region.
Besides the results achieved, Vietnam tourism are faced with many difficulties and challenges: the world situation complicated happenings, the financial crisis and global economic downturn, political, religious strife, disease occurs in many parts of the world, competition attract between countries in the region increasingly fierce has negative effects to the development sustainability of the tourism industry.
The situation of production and business in difficult countries, resources development, infrastructure investment in tourism is also low. On the other hand, awareness of the tourism development in many places; yet effective collaboration; the role, the responsibility of the ministries from central to local levels have not yet fully developed; performance promotion yet; sources of international visitors also depends on a number of markets; staff travel and transportation infrastructure not yet satisfactorily developed; investment for travel not yet adequately; a number of policies to promote the development of tourism also inadequacies, not to remove in a timely manner; safety, security, environmental hygiene at some point to yet be maintained regularly.
To exploit, promote the efficiency of resources, tourism resources of the country, take advantage of the favorable opportunities in the country, create groundbreaking developments for the tourism industry in the new era, the Government asked the Ministry of the Minister, the heads of ministerial agencies, government agencies , Chairman of the people's Committee of the province, central cities, the professional associations and the tourism business community by function, tasks, focus, organization, implementing some solutions, specific tasks to create groundbreaking movements in tourism development as followed : 1. Raise awareness of the society about a tourism development) The ministries that need to raise awareness about the position, the role of tourism in the economic sector is General, bring profound cultural content, is highly interdisciplinary, interregional and socialization are high, positive efficiency for social-economic development contributing to economic restructuring, creating more jobs, poverty alleviation; creating favorable conditions and ensure the environment for tourism development.
b) Ministry of information and communications, in collaboration with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam television station, radio voice of Vietnam, Vietnam News Agency and news agencies to promote communication activities, created the breakthrough in raising awareness of the society about the tourist development and promotion performance tourism promotion, foreign and domestic.
c) the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism chaired the construction criteria, organization reviews, ratings and index development of the tourist destinations.
d) locally, the key local tourism strengthens the advocacy, extensive popularity, the people themselves and actively participate in preserving security and order, environmental hygiene; strengthen implementation of civilized lifestyle, courtesy, respect for the law; build the movement to behave civilized, open attitude, sincere for the tourists.
2. Strengthening the State's support for tourism development investment priority to tourism development really become the spearhead economic sector through the program, project, policy incentives.
a) agreed on the Government funding to implement the national action program on tourism and tourism promotion programs in the country by 2015 as follows: budget estimation base was delivered, the Minister of culture, sports and tourism initiative approved, detailed allocation organizations make effective use of the resources spent from the State budget in accordance with the regulations, responsible to the Prime Minister and the law; The Finance Ministry granted funding to implement the national program 2 says on to ensure the successful, efficient operations.
b) the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism:-chaired the building program of tourism development the 2016-2020 period, the prime consideration and decision in the first quarter of the year 2015 and implement effectively the annual plan of the program; in coordination with the ministries concerned, the study proposes specific policies, breakthrough to attract tourists from a number of potential markets; perfecting the mechanism of conservation, efficient use of the mining heritage.
-Hosted, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance established the building of the "Tourism Development Fund" from the source of socialization, the Prime Minister in the year 2015.
c) Ministry of planning and investment:-hosted, in cooperation with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the ministries concerned and the local construction of the mechanism of incentives to attract investment, soon formed a number of national key tourist areas have to compete internationally, create impetus for Vietnam tourism development.
-Hosted, in cooperation with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the related local support from the State budget to invest in construction of tourist infrastructure, facilitate tourists reach tourist destinations towards focusing on national tourism zone national tourist destination, has been identified in the master plan for tourist development vision by 2020, Vietnam to 2030.
d) Committee the responsibility of ensuring favorable environment, proactive budget layout, Land Fund and implement tourism development solutions; proposals for the special mechanisms on land, investment capital and the selection of strategic investors to develop tourism in accordance with the conditions, characteristics of the local.
3. Create favorable conditions, ensuring security, safe to attract and develop a tourism) Ministry of public security, in coordination with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the Foreign Ministry and relevant agencies to scrutinize, study, proposed an extension of the visa-free countries are tied to ensure national security and order , social security, and improve the level of visas towards creating the most favorable conditions for international tourists to Vietnam.
b) Ministry of transport coordinated with the ministries and relevant local direction to promote the agenda of open skies in international cooperation on multilateral, bilateral, civil aviation, Merchant Exchange extended rights of 5 on the basis of ensuring national interests, promoting tourist development; deployed to early completion of the investment project of the port of travel, the train station, stop at the transit hub to enhance connectivity, shorten the travel time of the tourists; directed to upgrade the service quality of service travelers on tourist roads, rail, air and inland waterways.
c) the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, in coordination with the ministries of local market expansion, international travel, reduce dependence on some major markets; diversification, enhance the quality and competitiveness of products and services; enhancing the attraction of international visitors to Vietnam stay longer and spend more; Yes, the book is suitable to encourage domestic tourism market development, launching and implementation of the movement of "The Vietnam travel Vietnam priority".
4. support, difficulty for a tourism enterprise) Ministry of planning and investment to host, in cooperation with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the Ministry of finance review the provisions of the law such as the law on investment, Government Decree guiding the implementation of some articles of the law on investment. recommendations authority to adjust towards raising the level of incentives for investment in the field of business, hotels, tour operators, eco-tourism, community tourism.
b) the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of finance, Ministry of natural resources and environment, the Ministry of industry, and your local regulations on land allocation, land use tax to the revised recommendations aimed at reducing land-use tax and land lease for the projects of accommodation facilities , resorts using more space for the area landscape.
c) Ministry of finance, in cooperation with the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, the ministries involved reviewing the regulations on importing equipment, specialized transport means necessary to develop high-end tourism in the country have not produced such as: hydrofoil, sailing , seaplanes, small aircraft, the balloon reaches international standards..., the Government reports on June 30, 2015.
d) Ministry of public Thươmg, in collaboration with the ministries and agencies involved in research, the Government regulates the price of electricity to create more favorable conditions for the tourism business in the second quarter of 2015.
5. Strengthening governance of tourism a) enhance effectiveness and efficiency of State management of travel from central to local; soon additional amendments Act travel; events, strengthening governance in local tourism.

b) Ministry of public security, coordinating the ministries, local construction, implementation of measures to enhance the effectiveness of State of security, order in the field of tourism; solutions research organization of the force to ensure security, safe for tourists.
c) Ministry of transportation:-strengthen the direction reinforcing and upgrading the service quality of airline industry contributes to create the best conditions for tourism development, the direction: all the forces serving, offering services in the airport and on board the aircraft for passengers who have the spirit attitude, wholeheartedly serves for the development of the tourism industry.
-Hosted, in cooperation with the ministries and relevant local steer the station, dock, sea ports, the means of transporting passengers to arrange enough personnel ensure sanitation, security safe; friendly service attitude; organizing information guides, tourist assistance ensure convenient, considering it is the goal of activity transportation industry.
d) the ministries, local:-base functions, tasks, enhance coordination to manage tourism activities in the destination, ensuring hygiene, environment, quality of service on the basis of assessment, recognised standard service serves tourists; urgently formed the center of support of tourism in the key tourist areas to implement effective coordination of activities ensuring the security, safety for tourists, make Vietnam construction motto is safety-friendly destinations-quality.
-Strengthen inspection, test, urging the implementation of the provisions of the law on the management of immigration, travel, residence of foreign tourists to ensure health security, disease prevention at the gate, the monuments, tourist attractions; prevention, preventing the object advantage travel activities to perform criminal activity or infringe national sovereignty.
DD) provincial peoples Committee steer, organizations make effective measures to protect the environment and ensure food safety; boost reinforcing security, ensure the safety of tourists in the tourist resorts, destinations.
6. Organize a) the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism action plan to implement the resolution; chaired the urge, checking, monitoring the implementation; General, preliminary reviews the implementation of the resolution, the Prime Minister's report in December every year.
b) ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, people's committees of provinces and cities under central:-build action plans according to the assigned sector Manager to implement, supervise the implementation of the resolution to create the transformation of tourism development.
-Send the plan of action of the State Steering Committee to coordinate tourism monitor.
-Conducting preliminary, reviews the implementation of the resolution and the proposal of solutions direction, of the Government in the next time, send the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, reported the Prime Minister.
c) periodically 6, and each year, the Steering Committee on tourism Steering Committee member assignment goes to check the implementation of the resolution and the mechanisms, the policy of the law on tourism development incentives; report the results and suggestions rewarded for the collective, the individual outstanding achievement.