Circular 20/2015/tt-Bca: Enact Policies Brought

Original Language Title: Thông tư 20/2015/TT-BCA: Ban hành nội quy trường giáo dưỡng

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The CIRCULAR issued policies brought _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to Decree No. 02/2014/ND-CP on 10/01/2014 regulations apply, enforce the administrative handling of measures taken in the Liberal and vocational education required;
Pursuant to Decree No. 106/2014/ND-CP dated 17/11/2014 functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of public security;
At the suggestion of the General Director of police enforcement of criminal and judicial support, the Minister of public security issued a circular issued school rules.
Article 1. Rules the school brought 1. Attached to this circular "liberal policies".
2. The visit, met; receive, send mail, money, presents; contact phone of liberal students are made according to the regulations of the Minister of public security. 2. This circular applies object apply to the Liberal School of administration; the school brought; students are expected to decide in the market brought by the decision to apply measures to handle the administration of the people's courts and institutions, individuals related to the enforcement of the decision taken on the field brought.
Article 3. The effect and enforcement responsibilities 1. This circular has effect from 29/6/2015 and replace decision No 167/QD-BCA (V26) on 5/4/1999 of the Minister of public security enacted the rules the school brought.
2. The General Director, the heads of subdivisions, Director of public security, the Director of the fire police, fire department, central cities and organizations, individuals responsible for the implementation of this circular.
In the process of implementation of the circular, if there are difficulties and obstacles, public safety, local units, organizations and individuals concerned to report to the Ministry of public security (through the General Directorate of police enforcement of criminal and judicial assistance) to be timely instructions./.


Ministers (signed) General Tran Dai Quang SCHOOL RULES (attached to circular No. 18/2015/TT-BCA on May 14 in 2015 of the Minister of public security) To maintain the discipline, creating favorable conditions for Executive students decided to enter the school, the Minister of public safety regulation policies brought as follows : article 1. Regulations on executive orders, time brought students must: 1. Strictly orders, instructions of the officials and school teachers brought.
2. Observance of rules about the signal, time, labor, leisure activities, culture, arts, sports, fitness, fun, entertainment.
3. Quickly lined up according to, when teams have assembled; keep order and absolutely obey the orders, instructions of the officials and school teachers brought.
Article 2. Rules of Interior order, eat, stay, living brought students must obey the following rules: 1. Regulations regarding absences, check out an.
2. Eat right now; When lunch queue according to, team, dress, dresses, shoes or sandals, not disorderly; get the right diet, eat the right place.
3. Sleep right now, is the right place, not disorderly.
4. personal hygiene; make room, examination and treatment under the guidance of the officers, school teachers brought.
5. short hair cut but not cut bare heads, not to beard, moustache for men, neatly for females.
6. Regulation on banning the Festival, eating, cooking, in the fire room in the boarding area, where academic, occupational, vocational school, clinic, where collective activities; writing, drawing, painting, photo stickers, hanging, spit, litter in school.
7. Regulations regarding prohibited tattoos, carved up the body, wear yourself or others objects of metal or other substance, dyed hair, nail and pedicure to long and painted fingernails, toenails.
8. Regulation on banning the possession, use of alcohol, beer, cigarettes, drugs, narcotics and stimulants; weapons, poisons, explosives, chemicals, radioactive substances, flammable substances and items which can cause harm to themselves and others.
9. Regulations on banning the possession, the use of machinery, equipment information, contacts, books, newspapers, documents, films, tapes, discs, memory cards, electronic literature have unhealthy content; hook take, distribute information, unauthorized pictures outside or over the internet, media information.
10. Regulation on banning the preacher, worship, divination, propaganda, entice, coerce other students involved in superstitious activities,, performed acts of superstition, or join the society, groups, factions.
11. Regulations on gambling, organizing gambling, bet anything, under any form whatsoever between students with each other and with other people.
12. the provisions on prohibition of intimidation, bullying, quarrelsome, compromised his body or other people; sexual relations, homosexuality and other unhealthy relationships between students with each other or with other people.
Article 3. Regulations about ceremonial Executive style, brought students to: 1. Use Vietnamese in communication (except unknown Vietnamese); known as the "master" or "she" professed "children" for the officers, school teachers brought; called "instruments" or "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Uncle", "she", "Uncle" confess "I", "he" or "she" professed "children" for visiting, working in the field brought or for others; called "I", "you", "I", "he" or "she" for other students.
Remove caps or hats, stand n, away from 2 meters to 3 meters and say hey you "master" or "she"; I salute the "tool" or "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Uncle", "she", "Uncle"; I say hello "he" or "she" when met with officers, teachers or visiting, working in the school. Welcome to express the friendly attitude, right well, Edward, or say thank you, sorry. Upon hearing his name called, the student must answer "Yes".
2. Remove caps or hats and holding in her right hand, clearly report your name, group, team when, at the school gate. If going by, the team then go into double rows, remove caps or hats, holding in her right hand for right away, hold in your left hand for going to the left, the captain or captains, student teams must clearly report name, team, number of people in your team.
3. Detection, timely reporting, honest, true to the officers, school teachers brought about the violation of laws, rules and other students of the Catholic schools.
Article 4. Regulations on the pants, jacket, accessories personal activity brought students must: 1. Folding, folded neat, tidy, exposure, to the right place regulation trousers, coats, blankets, curtains, sheets, personal living supplies; do not bring into the room in the living utensils and instruments except standard is issued, pants, shirt, projector, screen, blankets, blanket and the other necessary amenities to cater for living, learning, leisure, fun, according to the regulations of the school principal.
2. Send the custody at the school brought the property, papers such as: gold, silver, jewelry, foreign currency, money, stocks, Vietnam bills, bonds, the electronic payment cards, watches, machinery, equipment, identity, identity, citizenship, Hukou, passports, diplomas, certificates, papers and other valuable in Austria, the parked page.
3. Wear Pants, dresses, presentable, neat, clean, install enough buttons when labor participation, conferences, contests, sports, ceremony, collective activities, meeting relatives, out, into the portal market liberal or contact with outsiders.
4. Keep the pants, the coat clean and not lend, repair, write, draw another type of trousers, Austria was granted.
Article 5. Academic regulations brought students to: 1. Perform well "5 things Uncle HO taught teens, children".
2. Positive, hardworking, self learning. Going to school must wear the uniforms prescribed by school principal brought, go bring your shoes or slippers, full of books, scrapbooking, learning tools and materials. During school hours must hold the pose, attitude seriously; out, on the class and must be agreed by teachers; not to lose, crumpled documents, books, scrapbooking.
3. Respect, allow, humble, behave with teachers, other students. Solidarity, cordially, help each other in learning and do not impede the learning of other students.
Article 6. Regulations on labor, education, culture, art, fitness, sports, amusement, entertainment brought students must: 1. Be positive, self-awareness, hard labor participation, vocational and cultural activities, the arts, sports, fitness, fun, entertainment.
2. Strictly discipline, rules, instructions of officials, school teachers brought in labour, education, cultural activities, art, fitness, sports, amusement, entertainment; not opposed, chây lazy, evading or obstructing the labor, education, cultural activities, art, fitness, sports, amusement, entertainment of other students; rent or other students served, his work or that of other students in any way; arbitrarily relocated, deliberately ruin, destruction of machinery, tools, supplies, raw materials, products, or other items or carry the machinery, equipment, labour learnt outside school brought or taken to the boarding area without the consent of the officers, school teachers brought.
Article 7. Regulations on protecting, preserving the property brought students to: 1. Protect, preserve his property and other people's; your property, trees, flowers, plants, lawns in the field brought; in time, the report denounces with officers, school teachers brought about the infringement to those assets; do not buy, sell, trade, lend, borrow anything between students with each other and with others (except with the consent of the officers, school teachers brought); not connected, hook, hooks, use the grid of the Liberal school or elsewhere.
2. The compensation prescribed by law if the cause of damage to the property of the school brought or of others.