Decision 14/2015/qd-Ttg Dated: About The Regime Of Professional Incentives And Fostering Mode For People Working In The Field Of The Performing Arts

Original Language Title: Quyết định 14/2015/QĐ-TTg: Về chế độ phụ cấp ưu đãi nghề nghiệp và chế độ bồi dưỡng đối với người làm việc trong lĩnh vực nghệ thuật biểu diễn

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Numbers: 14 /2015/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, May 20, 2015


V. The level of professional privilege and the restitution of the workmen.

in the field of performing arts


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

Base of Protocol 204 /2004/ND-CP December 14, 2004 The Government of the Government on the Wage Regime for the cadres, civil officials, officials and the armed forces;

At the suggestion of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism,

The Prime Minister issued a Decision on the Occupational Hierarchy and the Compensation Regime for the performer in the field of performing arts.

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision stipulated that the institution of professional preferable employment, a training regimen, fostering performance to the public, the official appointed to the actor ' s tranche worked at public career units of the performing arts sector; the regime. Exercise fostering, a performance fostering for people working on a contract to work on the salary of a public career unit according to the rule of law.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. The subject of a career-preferable professional privilege, including:

Based on specialist specialization, the level of training and the functioning function of each career title in the field of performing arts, the subject of a career preferable level of employment is regulated as follows:

a) The conductor of the orchestra of dance music, orchestral music, orchestral performance, rowing, repaid, circus, puppet dance, opera (Opera), theater, theater, theater, drama, drama, drama, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, theater, and music,

b) The commander of the choir, traditional stage orchestras; silent drama, singing folk, new singing, puppet dance, contemporary dance, national folk dance, dance theater, dance music; player instrument performer, percussion instrument, keyboard instrument; technique The sound, the lighting technician.

2. Subject to the exercise fostering, fostering performance, performance, and performing performance, including:

a) The specified object at this one Article;

b) The art director of the performing arts show art, directing the art of theatrical play; the head, the deputy of the arts and chief units, the vice delegated delegation of directors;

c) The person who works under the contract of the wage contract from the wage fund of the public career unit under the rule of law.

What? 3. Career-preferable level

1. Supporting a career of occupations of the following levels:

a) Level a 20% sub-level, applicable to the specified object at Point 1 1 Article 2 This Decision;

b) A secondary level of 15%, applicable to the specified object at point b 1 Article 2 This Decision.

2. Career preferable privileges are calculated as follows:

Professional preferable


Base salary


The payroll coefficient, the level of the function + the leadership hierarchy (if any) +% of the seniority (if any)


Career-level preferable

3. Cost Principles:

) A professional privilege is paid to the wages of every month.

b) Career incentives are not used for performance, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and other insurance regimes.

4. Time is not entitled to an occupational preference:

a) To work, to work, to study abroad in the country, 40% of the wages are prescribed at Clause 4 Article 8 of the number of Decree Numbers 204 /2004/ND-CP December 14, 2004 The Government of the Government on the Wage Regime for the cadres, civil officials, officials and the armed forces;

b) Go to work, study in the country not directly do the assigned work of the performing arts field every three months;

c) Vacation of private unpaid wages from 1 month or more;

d) Retiring the benefits of social insurance on the regulation of the law on social insurance (circular calculation);

) Suspended, detention under the decision of the competent authority or the time of the suspended work (circular);

e) Vacation, pregnancy exceeds the deadline by the provisions of the Social Insurance Act;

g) suspended from work;

h) Not directly doing the art of performing arts but doing other jobs for the next 1 months.

What? 4. Training mode, fostering performance

1. The practice of exercise accretion according to the number of practice practice sessions, including the following levels:

a) Level 80,000 per/session, applies to actors starring in stage play, musical (opera), dance (ballet), circus, puppets; main singing actor (solo), lead dancer (solist), solist with orchestra; the only one who has only a single character. the orchestra of dance music, symphony orchestra, choir, traditional theatrical orchestra;

b) The level of 60,000 men/sessions, applies to actors who play the main role in stage play, musical, dance, circus, puppets; main singing actors, choir actors in the choir; the main dance actor, the musician is responsible for the role. discipline in the symphony orchestra, the media theater ensemble, the actor responsible for the choir in the choir; the sound engineer, the light-key technician;

c) The 50,000-per-session level, applies to actors acting in supporting roles in stage play, musical, dance, circus, puppework; dance actors; symphony orchestras, traditional theatrical orchestras; sound technician, technical, technical, and more. The light.

d) The level of 35,000 in the exercise, applied to the post-station staff, the makeup worker, the costume staff, the instrument staff.

2. The performance fostering performance according to the number of performances and actual performances, including the following levels:

a) The $200,000-a-show level, applied to the main actor, the lead musician, the artistic director of the musical art program, the director of the stage performing arts;

b) The level of 160,000 by a performance, applies to the main lead actor, the sound chief technician, the light-key technician;

c) The $120,000/concert level, applies to the actor supporting actor, sound technician, lighting technician; chief, associate arts and chief units, deputy director of the performing troupe;

d) The level of 80,000 men/shows, applies to post-station employees, costume workers, costume workers, props and catering staff working under contract mode.

3. The case of performing arts performing tasks is the highest performing accretion, the highest performing fostering.

What? 5. Cost of Cost

1. The cost of carrying out the cost of a professional preferable business in Article 3 of this decision is guaranteed by the state budget in the annual spending budget by law on state budgets.

2. The cost of doing the cost of training in training, fostering performance:

a) The cost of carrying out the practice of exercise fostering, fostering the regulation at Article 4 This decision is set up in the construction cost of construction, the dissemination of the work, the show, the yearly play of the unit and from the attribution of the procedure. The law of the law;

b) The case of a political mission, serving in the people of the mountains, the deepwater, the remote, the island, the concentration of training, the repayment of the performance by the State.

3. For annual units that have a demonstration source, after performing enough obligations to the State, if the financial capacity is considered to use a career-preferable level of employment, fostering training and performance fostering to the contract of the contract. Yes, and restitution for the actor in the payroll.

What? 6. Effect of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since 5 July 2015.

2. Number Decision 180 /2006/QĐ-TTg August 9, 2006, the Prime Minister provides for a professional and fostering preferable partnership with the art of cultural representation of the culture of Culture-The information that expires since the date of the decision is in effect.

What? 7. Accountability

1. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism directed this decision.

2. The ministers, the chief of the government, the Head of the Government, the Chairman of the Government, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee, is responsible for this decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung