Decision 97/2015/qh13: About The Questions And The Answers To Questions At The Session 9, The National Expo

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 97/2015/QH13: Về chất vấn và trả lời chất vấn tại kỳ họp thứ 9, Quốc hội khóa XIII

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RESOLUTION Of questions and answers to questions in the National Assembly, 9 session XIII course _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM, pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
Pursuant to the law the monitoring activity of the Parliament no. 05/2003/QH11; Resolution No. 7/2002/QH11 issued rules Congress session;
On the basis of the results questioned and answered questions at the session 9, the national Expo, PARLIAMENT: 1.
Parliament noted the efforts of the Government, the ministries, agencies, relevant organizations in the implementation of the resolutions of the National Assembly on questions and answers to questions; answer and resolve more than 2,100 comments, recommendations of voters all over the country sent to the National Assembly in session 8. At the same time, asked the Government, the ministries, agencies, relevant institutions urgently research to answer, resolve the comments and recommendations of the electorate sent to the National Assembly at the ninth session and the comments and recommendations of the electorate sent to the previous session have not been resolved to the congressional report.
Article 2.
Parliament noted the solution that the members of the Government have committed before Congress and testify when required: 1. for the agricultural sector and rural development – Has drastic measures make restructuring the agricultural sector associated with improving the quality, competitiveness of agricultural products. Reviewing and adding the relevant policies to make better the link between agriculture, State, scientists, business and banking. Encourage enterprises, the economic sectors to invest in agriculture and the countryside. Promote research, science, technology application in agriculture, conservation, industrial processing. Construction of the high-technology application in agriculture. Actively seeking markets for agricultural, forestry and aquatic products.
-Continue implementing effective national program of building new countryside associated with restructuring the agricultural sector.
-Organize, innovate and improve the performance of the agricultural, forestry and industrial companies; accelerate the delivery of forest land for organizations and people; promptly modify, Supplement to the policy management, reforestation, forest protection get income from forest to ensure stable life. To the end of 2016, basically complete the planting of forest clearing is lost when performing the hydropower projects. Soon there are solutions to overcome water shortages, water production for people in the region frequently occurring drought; is the solution in science, technology.
-Review and eliminate unreasonable fees in agriculture; completion and implementation of the policy, effective support for the State's farmers, Matchstick people, fishermen, especially the fishermen caught offshore, safety, confidence and motivation to the people clinging to the sea, participating in the protection of the sovereignty of the sea, the island.
2. With regard to industrial and commercial sectors-organizations, commercial distribution system in the country in a scientific way, effectively, ensuring smoothly from production, processing, machining, to circulation, consumer; There are specific, positive measures to promote trade, creating upheaval in the consumption of agricultural products in the country, to adapt to the requirements of development and extensive integration into regional and world markets.
-Promote advocacy to people and enterprises about the relevant markets when Vietnam signed or joined the bilateral trade agreement, multimedia, the information related to the formation of the ASEAN economic community in late 2015. Provide timely, comprehensive information on analysis, market forecasting, policy, law and business practices of each market. Focus on the key markets, much potential. Export-oriented, import of timely, appropriate.
-Encourage all investment capital, along with the support of State policies, strive to complete ahead of time for rural electricity supply program, mountain and island the 2016-2020 period. Ensure to 2016 have pilot markets wholesale electricity competition, before the year 2021 there power retail market competition. Strengthen management, ensure safety, operating procedures, Lake dam.
-Industry collaboration with the financial services industry and related sectors implemented stricter management reviews the essential items according to market principles, ensure transparency, publicity, the management of the State.
-Prevent, repel the status of smuggling, counterfeiting, shoddy goods in each region and in the country; support the branding of every Vietnam high quality.
-Continue to improve the system of policies, law, planning, guidelines for creating a positive turnaround, strong in the development of industry support.
3. With regard to the field of science and technology-urgently reviewing, improving the system of mechanisms, policies and laws related to science and technology; market development of science, technology, operating under the market mechanism; perfecting and developing the network of intermediary organizations of science and technology in the market.
-Promote advocacy, popular science and technology; construction of the mechanism of incentive policies, apply science, technology, technology is the best in the country, to enhance productivity, quality and competitiveness of products; the timeliness issue, the policy supports scientists, businesses of all economic sectors and the people in the study of patent applications, scientific innovations, technology in production and life.
-The Organization and operational innovation, accelerate the implementation of the mechanism of autonomy, responsibility in organizations of science and technology. Promote the implementation of the tasks of the science, the technology according to the ordering mechanism; the effective use of scientific research results, the investment budget for scientific research and technological innovation; innovation of financial mechanisms, the delivery and settlement of funds perform scientific research mission.
-The Ministry of science and technology is actively coordinating with other ministries to promote the deployment of the program national products, products with high quality branded Vietnam, meet the requirements of domestic and international markets; build technical barriers to restrict the import of machinery, equipment and backward into Vietnam; strengthen management, ensure the safety equipment for the science, the technology, the equipment, the material contains radioactive material.
4. With regard to the field of education and training – continue implementing the resolutions of the National Assembly on the renewal program, educational textbooks; build and organize the implementation of the project of the renovation program, educational textbooks in accordance with objectives, requirements of the resolution; prepare the conditions of staff, infrastructure, equipment to implement sync, effectively the renewal program, educational textbooks.
-The Organization performed well, sum, reviews the results high school exam in the country by 2015 to complete the renewal scheme secure exam held steady during the exam next year, reducing the pressure for students, reduce the cost to society.
-Complete text system about evaluating elementary school students according to the new method; the direction and support of the Department of education and training, continued training experiences about student evaluations for teachers, managers; Guide and encourage students to develop the ability of ourselves; propaganda, explaining to parents understanding the meaning, the purpose of the evaluation method of primary school students.
Article 3.
The Congress Committee of the National Assembly, the National Council of the Congress's Committee choose those issues are concerned Congress and voters to propose to organize questions at the session of the National Assembly Committee, the award at the National Council of the Congress's Committee and report the results to Parliament.
Article 4.
The Government, the Prime Minister, the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court, the head of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the State Auditor General, agencies, relevant organizations within the scope of the task, their powers are responsible for implementation of this resolution; report to the National Assembly in the October session of the results and his responsibility in implementing the resolutions of the Congress, the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on thematic monitoring activities, activities to questions from early term lock XIII until 2015.
The Commission of the National Assembly, the Council of the nation, the Committee of the Congress, the delegates of the Congress, the deputies and the Vietnam Fatherland Front in the scope of the task, their powers are responsible for monitoring the implementation of this resolution and the resolutions of the Congress , the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on monitoring activities since the beginning Of term Expo to date.
This resolution was the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam locked XIII, 9 session through June 26, 2015.