Circular 32/2015/tt-Bnnptnt: Regulation Listing The Location And Duration Of Work Periodically Switch Positions The Work For Public Officials, Staff Of The Agriculture And Rural Development.

Original Language Title: Thông tư 32/2015/TT-BNNPTNT: Quy định danh mục vị trí công tác và thời hạn định kỳ chuyển đổi vị trí công tác đối với công chức, viên chức ngành nông nghiệp và phát triển nông thôn

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Number: 32 /2015/TT-BNPTNT
Hanoi, October 6, 2015


Define the business location portfolio and the recurring deadline for conversion of a work position

for the public, the ministry official and rural development.


Base of Protocol 199 /2013/NĐ-CP November 26, 2013 of the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

Base of Protocol 158 /2007/NĐ-CP October 27, 2007 of the Government stipulated the portfolio of business positions and the period of periodic conversion of the workplaces to cadres, civil officials, officials; the digital decree. 150 /2013/ND-CP November 1, 2013 of the Government amended, adds some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol. 158 /2007/NĐ-CP;

On the recommendation of the Chief of the Organization of the Organismen;

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the Fourth of the Fourth Consultancy Regulations and the timing of the planning of the transition to civil service, agriculture and rural development.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. The adjustment range

This information provides a portfolio of work and time-to-term transition positions in the agencies, units of agriculture and rural development.

2. Subject applies

It applies to civil service, officials do not hold leadership, management within the agencies, units of agriculture and rural development.

What? 2. Principles, content, form and responsibility that perform the periodic transfer of the work position.

The principle, content, form and responsibility makes the periodic transition of the position to work in accordance with the regulation at the Digital Protocol. 158 /2007/NĐ-CP And the digital decree. 150 /2013/NĐ-CP.

What? 3. The Location of the Conversion Periodic location

1. On the field of agriculture: The workplaces work on the appraisal of the acute, radical, renew, recovery of the types of licenses, certificates, certificates, documents, certificates of:

a) License, animal translation certification; animal testing, animal products (including fisheries);

b) The imported tree-like import permit in the category of cultivable crops is allowed to produce, business in Vietnam; by tree-like protection; the certificate of service of the service represents the breed; the text recognizes the tree. crop is allowed to produce, business and use in Vietnam;

c) The import of the fertilizer; the certificate of free circulation for cultivable crops and fertilizers exports; the text recognizing fertilizers is allowed to produce, business and use in Vietnam;

d) Food protection drug testing; the license to import the food protection drug; the certificate is eligible for the production of food protection drugs; the certification certificate is eligible for trafficking of the drug protection; the certification certificate for the protection of the food. animal;

Permits, certificates in the field of livestock, livestock feed, livestock environment;

e) The license to import the drug, the raw material, the vaccine for the animal; the veterinary treatment license; the certificate of veterinary hygiene; the certificate of veterinary medicine; the certificate of veterinary practice;

) The certification of the facility is eligible for food safety; food safety certificates (certificate); corporate recognition is allowed to export the goods of animal origin to Vietnam under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

2. On the field of forestry:

a) The work positions that implement the granting, level, extension, recovery of the types of licenses, certificates, certificates in the forestry sector include: Mining, logging and forestry products; licenses, export certificates, export of animal samples. animal, wild plants;

b) The positions of work in the ranger force include: Special Forest Service; active ranger and fire department, forest fire healing; forest ranger stations; Forest Service stations, and facilities.

3. On the field of fisheries: The workplaces that perform the appraisal of the grade profile, resupply, renew, revoking the types of licenses, certificates, certificates, certificates, certificates of:

a) The license to exploit the fisheries, which operates in the waters of the country or other territories;

b) The import permit breeds of fisheries, aquacal food, and processed products,

The renovation of the aquacultural environment for the study, the study, the introduction of the exhibition fair; the publication of the quality of imported aquatic quality; the text of the validation of fisheries; the text announcing the results of the quality of processing product quality, improved create an imported aquatic environment; the text recognizes the aquacultural food; the certificate of handling processed products, the renovation of the aquacultural environment is allowed to circulate in Vietnam; the paper confirms the extraction of aquacoproducts; the certificate. The aquacoship is mined; the certificate is made of shellfish two pieces of sheath;

c) A fishing vessel registration certificate, fish raft; safety certificate of fish ship engineering, fish raft;

d) A certificate of the captain and the ship's captain;

) The text defines the testing, testing, and recognition of the basis for the certification of export-based export fisheries.

4. On the field of irrigation: The workplaces that perform the appraisal of the grade profile, resupply, renew, revoking the types of licenses include:

a) The licence to operate within the scope of irrigation works;

b) A wastewater discharge permit into the irrigation works system.

What? 4. The deadline for conversion of job placement

The timing of the transition period is 3 years (36 months) for the public positions specified in this Article 3.

What? 5. Terms of execution

1. This message has been in effect since December 1, 2015. Abolition of Decision No. 3486 /QE-BNN-TCCB on 5 November 2008 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the portfolio of business positions in agriculture and rural development having to make the transition periodically.

2. The head of the agency, the unit of agriculture and rural development responsible for the construction of planning and organization to implement the periodic shift of work to the public, the officer of the authority to use; the combined report of the ministry report. Agriculture and Rural Development results on 15 November each year.

3. In the course of execution if there is an entangrium, the agencies, the unit reflect on the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for review, resolve.



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