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Circular 09/2015/tt-Bkhđt To: Enact Text Patterns Make Offshore Investment Procedure

Original Language Title: Thông tư 09/2015/TT-BKHĐT: Ban hành mẫu văn bản thực hiện thủ tục đầu tư ra nước ngoài

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Number: 09 /2015/TT-BKHT
Hanoi, October 23, 2015


The original implementation of the procedure for foreign investment.


Investment Law Base Stain. 67 /2014/QH13 November 26, 2014;

UN Base, 83/20. 1 5/ND-CP on 25th Ah! 9 of 2015 Government of Regulation v Okay. the investment abroad;

Base of Decree Stain. 116 /2008/NĐ-CP November 14, 2008 by the Government rules the function, mandate, jurisdiction and the t structure. socket function of the K Ministry What? You know, the investment,

The Minister of Planning and Investment issued a document pattern implementation of the investment procedure abroad,

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. The adjustment range: This message issued a text template implementation of the procedure for investing abroad under the provisions of the Digital Protocol. 83 /2005/NĐ-CP September 25, 2015 of the Government rules foreign investment.

2. The applicable object of this Smart is the organizations, individuals associated with foreign investment activities such as regulation at Article 2 of the Census of Numbers. 83 /2015/NĐ-CP September 25, 2015 of the Government rules foreign investment.

What? 2. M There. The text of the procedure, the procedure of investing abroad.

1. The written form of the procedure for the procedure of investing abroad with this message included:

a) Model 1: The offer to grant a registration of the investment certificate to foreign countries (applies to all foreign investment projects);

b) Model 2: Proposal of foreign investment project (applied to projects must have a decision to make an investment decision abroad);

c) Number 3: The offer to adjust the Head Registration Certificate to foreign countries (applies to all foreign investment projects);

d) Model 4: The presentation of the Certificate of Registration Certification to foreign investment (applies to projects must have a decision to master foreign investment);

Model number 5: Text to commit self-making currency;

e) Model 6: The text is committed to the foreign currency of the credit organization;

f) Model 7: Text confirmation of the investor implementation of the obligation to pay tribute to the state;

g) Model 8: Form of registration certificate investing abroad;

h) Model 9: Notice of investment activity abroad;

i) Model 10: The report periodically quarterly implementation of the situation abroad;

) Model 11: The annual periodic report of the implementation of the project in foreign countries;

l) Model 12: Text-to-shift text conversion of water;

l) Model 13: Text-approved text conversion conversion;

m) Model 14: The investor's notification sample sent the State Bank of Vietnam applies to the case where the investor transfers all foreign investment capital to foreign investors;

n) Model number 15: Text template recommended termination of the Certificate of Registration Certificate to foreign investment;

o) Model 16: The text template expiration of the Certificate of Registration Certification for foreign investment;

p) Annex 1: Guide to writing specified text templates for investors;

q) Annex 2: Guide to the Registration Pattern of the Certificate of Registered Investment Abroad for the basis of the Certificate of Investment Certificate.

2. In the above samples, the order numbers in parentheses on the left side are for the reference to the Annex Guide.

What? 3. Effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since December 8, 2015.

2. Repeal Decision No. 1175 /2007/QĐ-BKH October 10, 2007 by the Minister of Planning and Investment for the Board of Documents Implementation of the Head of the Head of the Foreign Office.

What? 4: Children Don't Let's go

1. The minister, the head of the peer-agency, the Head of the Government of the Government; Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People, the Central City of the Central Committee and the agencies, the organization, the individual who is involved in the responsibility of this private practice.

2. During the execution process, if there is an entangrium, the offer sends opinions on the Ministry of Planning and Investment to timely review, adjust ./.