Resolution 98/2015/qh13: On The Plan Of Socio-Economic Development In 2016

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 98/2015/QH13: Về Kế hoạch phát triển kinh tế - xã hội năm 2016

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Resolution on plans for socio-economic development in 2016 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM, pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
On the basis of consideration of the reports of the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Agency of Congress, authorities and opinion deputies;
RESOLUTION: i. on the RESULTS of the PLAN for socio-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT by 2015 in 2015, the world and regional situation has many complications that have a negative impact on the socio-economy of our country. Under the leadership of the party and the efforts of the whole political system, the business community and the people, the country's social-economic upheaval has positive, basically accomplish the overall goal, expects to attain and exceed 13/14 targets of the plan. The breakthrough strategy, economic restructuring associated with the renewal of growth models are promoted and achieved some initial results. Culture, society, education, health, institutional reform, administrative reform, judicial reform, the business environment, competitiveness of positive transformation. Resource management, environmental protection and response to climate change has turned. Order, security, basic social safety be guaranteed; Defense resources continue to be enhanced to create the defense posture the entire population, the people's security posture increasingly solid, especially the geographical strategy. Foreign Affairs and international integration as important, empowering our country on the international scene.
However, the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy is still low. In the water sector, the agricultural sector, especially export of agricultural products still stand before great challenges, difficult. Of the business ceased operations, abolition of the lot, the service sector growth is lower than the previous period. Balancing the State budget is still difficult, irrational structure, overspending is also high. Rapidly increasing public debt, large repayment pressures. Mobilize external investment resources limited, the State deficit falling back. Innovation model of growth have yet to define clearly, restructuring in some sectors, the field slowly, not yet reached the goal of the resolution of the National Assembly. Credit quality is not high, the handling of bad debt and restructure the commercial banking weaknesses so much confusion. The type of market development still slow, yet operating smoothly. The ability to absorb the economic initiative, availability to further integration many inadequacies. New rural construction is also more difficult, especially in terms of resources. Also some social status, the district capital in advance of construction have yet to be the source of payment. Poverty also grew, yet sustainable poverty reduction results, the rate of poor households in the ethnic minority is also high. Supply and demand on the labor market is still lopsided, jobs for students are also more difficult, low manpower quality, results of scientific applications, the technology is still more limited, slow labour productivity improved. Effective management and use of resources not yet high, pollution, environmental degradation also occurs in many places. Resources for disaster prevention and response to climate change is not yet guaranteed. Administrative reform, prevention of corruption, wasted on some areas do not meet the requirements, discipline, discipline administration yet. Cultural development and the progressive implementation of social justice, care, protect people's health have limited hand, fix the still slow. Ensuring food safety and hygiene left much weak. Security, social order and safety, some places also complications. Many bad moral expression, lifestyle cause pressing in people. The task of protecting the sovereignty, national security, especially on the sea, the island is standing before new challenges.
II. OBJECTIVES and TARGETS MAINLY the YEAR 2016 1. Overall goal hold stable macro economy, striving for higher economic growth in the year 2015, focuses on improving the quality of growth, ensuring sustainable development. Boost made the breakthrough strategy, economic restructuring associated with the new growth model change, improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Difficulty for businesses, boost production, business. Cultural development, make progress toward social justice, guarantee social security, improve social welfare and improve people's lives. Management and efficient use of resources, proactive disaster prevention, coping with climate change, protection of the environment. Speeding up administrative reform, strengthening discipline, social and administrative discipline; enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the State management; create sharp turnaround on prevention of corruption, practice thrift and fight waste. Strengthening national defense, security, persistence struggle firmly defend national sovereignty; the political and security order, social security. Improve the efficiency of public relations and international integration.
2. The principal indicators Of domestic product (GDP) increased by 6.7%.
The total turnover increased by about 10%.
The rate of deficit compared with export turnover of under 5%.
The consumer price increase below the rate of 5%.
The total development investment of the whole society about 31% of the GDP.
The rate of energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased 1.5% compared to the year 2015.
The rate of poor households under the poverty line decreased 1.5% 1.3-multi-dimensional, poor districts own rising 4%.
The unemployment rate in urban areas to below 4%.
Trained labor rate reaches 53%, including: labor rates through training from 3 months and over have written evidence only recognize results training: 21%.
Number of beds over a thousand inhabitants reached 24.5 bed.
The proportion of the population to join health insurance reached 76%.
The rate of industrial zones, export processing zones and the active wastewater treatment systems focus environmental standards reached 85%.
The forest cover rate reached 41%.
III. TASKS and SOLUTIONS in the Congress endorsed basic tasks, Government solutions, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuracy, and the bodies of the National Assembly of recommendations in the report, the thematic monitoring report, and require focused implementation of the task solution: 1. flexible, effective operating monetary policy, fiscal policy and other policies to achieve and exceed targets through Congress. Interest rates, operating rates, credit growth is appropriate, handle the bad debt effectively. Tightly controlled public debt, government debt, the country's external debt in the limited resolution of the National Assembly, enhance efficiency, increase the loan monitoring, testing, use and repayment of loans, especially for new loans, the lenders have the guarantee of the Government, continue to restructure the loans of the loan increases towards the Middle long term, with appropriate interest. Continued restructuring, the State budget guarantees the reasonable ratio between investment expenditure, regular and paid the debt, towards investment spending rose faster; the basic processing of the biggest construction debt, not to incur new debt, decision process and debt collection, tax form closely managed the advance estimation and source switch, thoroughly implement save regularly, ensure discipline, discipline, fiscal revenues, the State budget must be estimated. Mobilize, attract and effectively use the resources for investment and development, focusing on attracting foreign investment projects using high technology.
Building a legal framework ensuring the implementation stores state assets under focus from 2016, applied to the property has several shopper numbers, great shopping value, are commonly used in many agencies, organizations, units. Continued implementation of modernization of the management of public assets and upgrade the national database of State assets, ensuring each step of the national database contains full information about the property.
2. Ensure the great balance of the economy. Concentration difficulty, promoting the sector in developing countries, implement effective solutions to support farmers, businesses in the manufacturing, product sales, expand the market. Strengthen the prevention of smuggling, commercial fraud, imitation does not guarantee food safety and hygiene, especially in the online, in key areas; Open the intense struggles and resolute handle violations. Export, import, has good management solutions improve strong imbalances in trade relations with some markets have big trade deficit.
3. Continue implementing the Constitution by 2013, improve the legal system, terminate slow status text issued detailed rules, guidelines for implementing the law, prohibiting text issued contrary to the spirit and contents of the Constitution, laws, ordinances, decrees of the Government, the Prime Minister's decision. Synchronous implementation provisions of the law related to business and investment continue to implement effective solutions to improve the business environment, strive for reaching the business climate index of the average of the top countries in the ASEAN group. Reviewing, improve law implementation of international commitments, the free trade agreement.

4. Develop and enhance the performance of the types of markets, ensure equal competition, transparency. Implementation of market mechanisms, research and implementation of separate public services out of State management; promoting socialized for the provision of public services, the renovation of the Organization and activities of the business units. Accelerate and improve the effectiveness of the arrangement, the restructuring of State enterprises, especially in the agricultural and forestry companies. Continue to sell stake in State enterprises in which the State does not need to hold under market mechanism and use part of the proceeds for investment in development, accelerate the progress, completion and quality assurance programs, projects, key projects, transportation , health, education. Improve the policy of improving the efficiency of the management, exploitation and maintenance of infrastructures effective. Promote decentralized management and socialization of resources associated with enhanced oversight, ensure the effective use of investment capital for infrastructure development.
The National Assembly plans to restructure the economy of the 2016-2020 period. Reviewing, enacting additional policies, strong enough to push the deployment project to restructure the agricultural sector to create distinct turnaround on indicators of production, competitiveness, market stability and link model production, continue to improve the income of farmers. Reviewing, supplementing the industrial development policy support, and high-tech industries, agriculture and high-tech applications, small and medium business, starting a business. Modernization, grows fast the services of high value. Continue to review and improve the legal framework, restructuring, cross-ownership and disposal of bad debt. Facilitate credit organizations and property management companies of credit institutions in Vietnam (VAMC) substantive activities, safety, efficiency and the international standards. Strengthen to supervise the transition of ownership and management of credit institutions are weak; regular inspections, monitoring, timely processing, strict according to law for the violations; assure the commercial banking system.
5. To further improve the Organization and effective implementation mechanisms, the policy of State support for the poor, according to new poverty, ensuring social security, improve social welfare and tackle better supply and demand on the labour market. Continue to promote innovative education and training to improve the quality of human resources associated with the job. Combine the new rural construction programs, sustainable poverty reduction support policy with fellow ethnic minority and mountainous region, the difficult; support, create the conditions to encourage businesses to invest in agriculture, rural areas, the geographical conditions of socio-economic constraints and particularly hard. Implement the solution, extended support policy audience participation in social insurance, health insurance; There are solutions to make medical insurance under household; focus decreases overload of hospitals, improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, preventive medicine. Strengthen control on safety, hygiene and labour. Creating powerful shifts in applied science, technology advancement and vocational skills to raise productivity in each industry. Speeding up the process of shifting workers into the economic sector has high value as early as 2016. Continue putting drug addicts do not have a stable residence on the basis of compulsory detoxification under resolution No. 77/2014/QH13 on 10/11/2014 of Congress until the relevant laws are amended, additional effect.
6. Enhanced resource management, mining, environmental protection; the exploration of new resources, minerals are made public, transparent bidding, State administration directly related industries and strengthen inspection, inspection, monitoring the process of implementation, handle the violation; build, deploy effective, focused, targeted programs that focus on prevention of natural disasters, responding to climate change, to increase investment in infrastructure where the weak pulse, avoiding damage to the person and property of the people. Focus handling environmental pollution, especially in rural areas, villages, local industrial clusters and the basin of the river. Persistent struggle to protect national interests in the management, sustainable use of water resource of Mekong River. Speeding to soon complete construction of database systems, information systems, modern land; continue to promote the basic investigation on resources, especially resources of the sea.
7. Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and administrative background and administrative reform, strict implementation of resolution 39 of the politics of downsizing and restructuring team of staff, public servants. Strengthening the checking, inspection, capacity monitoring, enforcement, reviews of essence staff, public officials, determined to remove people who hinder, the shaft, making it difficult for business people. Improve the effectiveness of prevention of corruption, practice thrift and fight waste and the work citizens, complaint resolution, accusations of citizens.
8. Improving the efficiency of diplomatic activities; continue to put relations with the partners to go in-depth, practical, efficient; promote the foreign State and people. Continue to implement effectively undertakings of the party and the State on international integration, implementation of resolution No. 1052/NQ-UBTVQH13 on 24/10/2015 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on a number of orientations, tasks and solutions promoting the process of international economic integration. Conduct of the procedure under the regulation approved by Congress and build a specific action programme to implement the new agreement and the deployment project target, 169 17 indicators in the text "conversion of our world: the agenda for 2030 sustainable development" of the United Nations.
9. Predictions and assumes the happenings and foreign situation, closely match between defence, security and Foreign Affairs to actively resolve all situations happen, firmly safeguard the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity hold firmly peaceful environment for the development of the country. The effective implementation of policies implemented "Vietnam Sea strategy until 2020", particularly the implementation of Decree No. 67/2014/ND-CP and 89/2015/ND-CP of the Government on a number of fisheries development policies created powerful transformation about economic development to ensure the defence and security of sea area , island. Efficient handling of pressing social issues; ensuring security, safety and order of society, strengthening the checks and handle breach traffic legislation; There are specific, effective solutions to reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams; fire extinguishing, positive results. Absolute safety protection Congress national election, the party's XII Congress and the people's Council levels. Strengthen State management of media information. Proactively provide information about social-economic situation, the party's undertakings, law, policy of the State, social opinion matters of interest, create high consensus in society.
IV. IMPLEMENTATION of the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the State auditors according to their functions implementation effective resolutions of the National Assembly.
The Commission of the National Assembly, the National Council of the Congress's Committee, the delegation of the National Congress, deputies to supervise the implementation of this resolution.
The Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the front's member organizations and other social organizations are established according to the provisions of the law to monitor and motivate all walks of people make resolutions of the National Assembly.
The Congress called on fellow soldiers all over the country and compatriots abroad promote the spirit of emulation, solidarity, the promotion of internal forces, capitalize advantages, overcome difficulties, challenges, implementation plan for socio-economic development in 2016 for the highest results achieved.
This resolution was the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the tenth session XIII course through November 2015.