Circular 05/2015/tt-Bnv: Document Listing Rules Limiting The Use In Historical Archives

Original Language Title: Thông tư 05/2015/TT-BNV: Quy định danh mục tài liệu hạn chế sử dụng tại lưu trữ lịch sử

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The CIRCULAR stipulated the limited material list used in the historical archive _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to the law No. 01/2011/archive QH13 on February 11, 2011;
Pursuant to Decree No. 58/2014/ND-CP dated 16 June 2014 Government's functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of the Interior;
At the suggestion of the Director and the State archives, the Minister of the Interior issued a circular regulating document category limitations used in historical archives.
Article 1. Scope and objects 1. This circular document listing rules on restricted use are preserved in the historical archives.
2. This circular applies to the National Archives Center in the Department and State archive and historical archive centre in department-store Department, central cities (hereafter referred to as the historical archive).
Article 2. Explanation of terms In this circular, the terms below are interpreted as follows: 1. use restrictions document is the document does not belong to the category of documents stamped secret levels but only have information content if widely used can affect to the interests of the State , the rights, legitimate interests of agencies, organizations and individuals; or affect the physical status of the document storage and processing services for the archives.
2. Limit the use of the materials is the authority based on the information content of the document, the document's physical condition and required professional handling for archives allowing or not allowing the agencies, organizations, personal use of archives in the scope of management.
Article 3. Document category limitations of use 1. Documents about the border, the national territorial sovereignty a) documentary about the political security situation in the border areas of countries;
b) document the negotiations with these countries on the borders of the country;
local contacts, document c) the administrative boundary of the administrative units of the national border;
d) material about establishing, enforcing the sovereignty of national territory;
DD) document in the project, project, program, plan and scientific research on issues related to the sovereignty of national territory;
e) document of individuals, foreign organizations provide are related to the sovereignty of national territory.
2. The document on the issue of ethnic, religious, a) document information on the content of activities, provoking the split national unity, religion;
b) material on the activity of unauthorized religious organizations;
c) material on the activity of religious organizations, individuals are related to national security;
d) material about the property by religious organizations manage, use;
DD) document in the project, project, program, and plan scientific research relevant to the issue of ethnicity, religion.
3. The document on economic, science and technology-a) documentary about the Treaty, the Treaty between Vietnam and countries, with international organizations;
b) aggregate materials of investigation resources, geology, minerals, environment;
c) documents the design of the national key works on economics, security, defense, culture and society;
d) records to build the headquarters of State agencies, political organizations, social-political organizations, social-political organizations;
DD) document relating to trade secrets;
e) documentary about Vietnam for loans, aid for foreign countries and loans, foreign aid to Vietnam;
g) documents related to the national reserve (reserve of foreign currencies, gold, silver, precious stones, precious metals, food);
h) material about export, import of the vehicles, equipment, technical service for security and defense.
4. Documentation for land reform a) documents related to the issue of attribution of land reform;
b) corrective document in land reform.
5. The document on the subject of politics, culture, social security, defense, the other a) foreign materials contained information distort history; deny the achievements of revolution; outraged, the great national hero; slander, insult the reputation of the Agency, organization or honor and dignity of the individual;
b) document that the content of information relates to national security and defence;
c) documents of the individual, personal document collection was to have content affects the interests of the nation, the nation;
d) material about the work, negotiations with senior foreign delegation, reports on Foreign Affairs;
DD) document on the issue of evacuating foreign expatriates;
e) profile complaints, accusations;
g) the inspection records of agencies, organizations;
h) profiles the case formed after the August revolution in 1945;
I) documents related to the political history of the individual.
6. The documentation for the individual's personal life a) documentary about wedlock, out of wedlock;
b) personal correspondence;
c) original records of officers, civil servants, public employees;
d) other documents contain information in personal secrets protected by law.
7. Archives were damaged or risk damage not yet restored, restoration.
8. the archives are in the process of handling.
Article 4. Effective enforcement of this circular are effective from 1 February 2016.
Article 5. Implementation 1. The Interior Ministry modified the additional document directory, limit use in historical archives to match socio-economic conditions in each period.
2. In the process of implementing this circular if there are obstacles, suggest the bodies, timely to reflect the Organization of the Ministry of the Interior to study additional amendments./.