Circular 03/2016/tt-Tandtc: Enacting Regulations Of The Board Examination To Select Judges, Judge Intermediate, Senior Judge

Original Language Title: Thông tư 03/2016/TT-TANDTC: Ban hành Quy chế hoạt động của Hội đồng thi tuyển chọn Thẩm phán sơ cấp, Thẩm phán trung cấp, Thẩm phán cao cấp

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Number: 03 /2016/TT-TANDTC
Hanoi, February 3, 2016


Issued Q I don't know. Oh. It ' s a selection.

I The primary, I Neutral, I High-level humidity.


The Civil Court of the People's Court in 2014;

The Basic Law Executive Act of 2008;

At the request of the Chief of Staff,

The Supreme Court of the Supreme Court decided:

Number one. The Board is accompanied by the Information Regulation of the Board of the Acute Jury, High Court Justice, High Judge.

Second. This announcement came into effect on March 17, 2016.

Third. Chief of the Bureau, the Chief of the Organization-Officer, the Chief of the Agency, the relevant unit responsible for this private execution.



Zhang Xiaoping


Activity of Oh. It ' s a selection. I Primary, T Neutral, I High-level humidity.

(The Board is attached to the Digital Information 03 /2016/TT-TANDTC the date 03/02 /2016 of Chief Justice of the Supreme People ' s Court)

Chapter I


Number one. Ph. Yes. Micro-tuning

This statute rules the organizational structure, functions, duties, powers, and activities of the Board of the Board to select the primary judge, senior judge, senior judge.

Article 2. The Rules of Operations of the Council.

1. The council works in accordance with the principle of democratic centralism, the decision by majority. The voting case with equal number of opinions is determined by the opinion of the Chairman of the Council.

3. In the course of the operation, the Council is used the seal of the Supreme People ' s Court.

Chapter II


What? 3. Organization Structure

Jury selection of the primary judge, senior judge, senior judge of the jury. (The following is called the Council. Oh. Ng) include: Chief Justice of the Supreme People 's Court as Chairman; 01 Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme People' s Court and representative of the Department of Defense, Department of the Interior as commissioner.

The Council's specific list is decided by the Supreme Court of the People's Court. The change to the councillors was decided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after the suggestion of the agency that the commissioner represented.

What? 4. Mission, authority of the Council

The Council has the following duties and powers:

1. Order selection of the primary judge;

2. The Organization for the Lifting Threshold from the Preliminary Judge to the High Court Judge, from the High Judge to Senior Magistrate;

3. The selection of the selection exam on the High Court of Judges, Senior Judge for the Prescribed Cases at paragraph 3 and paragraph 5 Article 68 of the Law of the People's Court;

4. Internal order, rules for selection of primary judge, senior judge, senior judge;

What? 5. The mandate, the powers of the Chairman of the Council

1. Command, run the work of the Council;

2. Deliver the task or authorization of the Commissioners of the Council;

3. Gather members to the meeting of the Council;

4. The decision to grant the certificate to the intended recipient;

5. Content Decision, Session Session Time;

6. Decision on other matters.

What? 6. Councilman

The Council Commissioners perform the mandate under the assignment or authorization of the President of the Council to ensure the implementation of the functions, the Council's mandate accordingly.

What? 7. Board Session

1. The Council meets a minimum of 2 sessions for each exam (before and after the exam). In addition, the review required, the President of the Council had the right to convene a joint session. The sessions must have enough members of the Council, except for the case of Chairman of the Board of the Commission for the Vice Chairman of the Council.

2. The session of the Council discussed and decided the following content:

a) Decision of the year, time, venue of the exam, the discipline of the disciplines;

b) Appropriation of the training, fostering or moderation program of the Court Academy for the predicate;

c) Decided to authorize the Academy to open the training class, fostering or moderation and organization of selection, examination of the Judge;

d) Regulations specific conditions of the project subject to each exam;

Browse the list of persons with sufficient criteria and conditions;

e) published a list of the matrices following the results of the exam by the Competition Board of the Court Academy;

g) decide other issues as prescribed.

Chapter III


What? 8. Council ' s Help Panel

The boards for the Council were decided by the Chairman of the Council.

These include:

1. Secretariat What? Council

1.1. The Secretariat of the Council consists of the Head of the Board, the Deputy Head and the members.

1.2. The mandate, the powers of the Secretariat of the Council:

a) Take over the documents issued by the Organisation-Officer, the Academy of the Court to the Council;

b) Preparing the documents, documents required for the sessions of the Council, which helps the Chairman of the Council to convene the sessions, enumerate the sessions of the Council;

c) Help the Chair of the Council to resolve the work between the sessions; keep a regular contact with the members of the Council; perform the report on the activities of the Council as defined;

d) Save the documents of the sessions and documents during the operation of the Council;

e) Do other tasks according to the assignment of the Council.

2. Board of Committee

The organizational structure, the mandate, the powers of the Ombudgitra are carried out under the provisions of the Rules for the Examination of the primary judge, the High Judge, the High Judge.

What? 9. Council operating budget

The operating budget of the Board of the Jury Selects the primary judge, senior judge, senior judge due to the state budget and is in the budget of the activities of the Supreme People's Court.

The Chairman of the Board of directors performs and is responsible for the use of the funding in accordance with the regulation of the financial regime.

What? 10. Don't I do.

The agencies, the unit that joined the Council are responsible for facilitalation of the members to complete the task.

Councillors and committees are responsible for implementing this process.