Haiti. Mission Peace Military Onu.contingente. Permanence. It Extends.

Original Language Title: Haiti. Mision Paz Onu.contingente Militar. Permanencia. Prorroga.

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Read the untranslated law here: https://parlamento.gub.uy/documentosyleyes/leyes/ley/19309

EFFECTIVE belonging to LAS forces armed national in LA mission of the Organization of the Nations United in LA Republic of HAITI extension of the PERMANENCE within the Senate and the Chamber of representatives of the Republic East of the Uruguay, gathered at General Assembly, Decree: article 1.-the stay outside the country of 100% (one hundred percent) of the military contingent deployed in the Republic of Haiti be extended until February 28, 2015 licensed by the laws we. 17.785, 22 June 2004, 17.860, 28 December 2004, 17.926, of 15 December 2005, 17.992, July 20, 2006, 18.163, on July 29, 2007, 18.225, on December 22, 2007, 18.443, December 24, 2008, 18.655, April 9, 2010 18.727, January 5, 2011, 18.864, December 23, 2011, 19.053, of 4 January 2013 and 19.186, of December 30, 2013. Article 2.-as of February 28, 2015 will reduce the amount of military personnel deployed, extended until 31 December 2015 the stay abroad of two hundred and fifty members of the military contingent deployed in the Republic of Haiti to the standards referred to in the preceding article. Article 3.-without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding articles, the Executive may at any time, within the terms of the planned extensions and informed decision, reduce more deployed troops and even proceeding with the total removal of them, communicating to the General Assembly.     Hall of sessions of the Senate, in Montevideo, December 29, 2014. DANILO ASTORI, President.
Hugo Rodriguez Filippini, Secretary. Ministry of defence National Ministry of the INTERIOR Ministry in relations outside Montevideo, 7 January 2015. Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish, and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees, the law that extending the term of stay of the troops belonging to the national armed forces in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Republic of Haiti (MINUSTAH). JOSÉ MUJICA.