Judiciary Officials And Mec. Retribution. Adjustment.

Original Language Title: Funcionarios Poder Judicial Y Mec. Retribucion. Ajuste.

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Read the untranslated law here: https://parlamento.gub.uy/documentosyleyes/leyes/ley/19310

OFFICIALS of the power JUDICIAL and Ministry of education and culture setting of remuneration for the cases that is determine the Senate and the Chamber of representatives of the Republic East of the Uruguay, gathered at General Assembly, Decree: article 1.-ratified the validity of article 85 of law No. 15.750, of June 24, 1985. Article 2.-interpreted that the endowment of the members of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Court of the contentious administrative referred to in article 85 of law No. 15.750, of June 24, 1985, is composed of all sums which for any reason can receive them, regardless of their source of financing Group, or object of expenditure that imputing, or individuals not reached by the contributions to social security and taxes. The additional annual salary, premium for seniority, social benefits and general increases that correspond can only add. The interpretation established in subparagraph first of this article, does not modify the shape of the current calculation of the remuneration of other charges related to them, and for the purposes of the equalizations and remuneration that are set according to others on the basis of percentages or that is required to determine a calculation basis, will be to have current legal standards on the date of enactment of this Act. Article 3.-empowering the Executive Branch to assign paragraph 16 "Judiciary", charged to general revenue, in the year 2015 and advance of provisions of Article 383 of the law Nº 19.149, of 24 October 2013, a game total, in every respect of $246.000.000 (two hundred forty-six million Uruguayan pesos), to distribute to all its officials. This item will not integrate the basis for calculation of others that are calculated in percentage form. The General accounting of the nation will enable, charged to general revenue, appropriations in order to meet the expenditures that may be required in implementing units 017 "Prosecution of Government of first and second shift", 018 "General direction of registers", 019 "Of court and Attorney of the Attorney-General", 020 "Attorney of the State in the contentious administrative" and 021 "General direction of the record of State Civil" from paragraph 11 "Ministry of education and culture" , and section 19 "Of lo contentious Administrative Tribunal", as provided above. Increases may exclusively derived from comparison between all of the respective allocations, as any officials of the above-mentioned Executive units, can receive regardless of their source of financing, group, or object of expenditure that imputing, and the relevant officials of the judiciary regulations on the date of enactment of this Act. The Executive branch shall regulate the provisions above, determining the form and the amount enabled by the Contaduría General de la Nación. Article 4.-amending article 24 of Decree-Law Nº 15.365, of 30 December 1982, which will be drafted in the following way: "article 24. "(Equality).-functions of the public prosecutor's Office and Prosecutor are treated as income providing the judiciary, for the purposes of seniority and promotion in the respective careers, the same that with respect to staffing, retirement and removal". Article 5.-modify articles 401, 403 and 411 of the law Nº 15.809, of 8 April 1986, which shall be drawn up in the following way: "article 401-budgetary allocations, progressive salaries, pensions, retreats and other benefits of Government prosecutors, Deputy Prosecutors and lawyers Secretaries, shall be equivalent to the of the Ministers of courts of appeals" ", Judges lawyers of first instance of the Capital and actuaries courts lawyers of first instance of the capital, respectively".

"Article 403.-Members of the ladder" n "of the public prosecutor and Attorney: prosecutors, Secretaries and Prosecretarios, prosecution lawyers in court and Attorney-General of the nation, will enjoy budget allocations, progressive salaries and other benefits that the laws agree officials of equal hierarchy of the judiciary".

"Article 411-Secretary counsel budget allocations and the accompanying lawyers of the Attorney of State contentious administrative will be matched to the Secretaries lawyers of the Supreme Court of Justice". Article 6.-repeal articles 410, 419 and 435 of the law Nº 15.809, of 8 April 1986. Article 7.-A from the promulgation of this law, remuneration of officers excluded from the rules amended article 5 (of the Government procurators, prosecutors and Attorney, the State Attorney, General Directorate for the registration of Civil status and the General direction of registers) will be adjusted at the same time and with the same criteria that fit General remuneration of officials of the subparagraphs 02 15 of the national budget, without prejudice to the provisions of article 3. Article 8.-empowering the Executive Branch to assign to 16 subsection "Judiciary" a game of extraordinary and one-time of up to $459.000.000 (four hundred and fifty and nine million Uruguayan pesos), the effects for the year 2015, the resulting BREW - in the case of the Supreme Court of Justice agreeing a solution General that with the accession of at least 70% of officials from subsection 16 , to the problems generated as a result of the interpretations, resolutions, liquidation of assets or other actions concerned during the validity of the article 64 of law No. 18.719, on December 27, 2010, and modifying-, by establishing a special procedure to this effect. Adherence to the solution proposed with that procedure followed by the acceptance of the sum that results from it, will involve, full-fledged, the resignation of the officer to promote any kind of claim in administrative or jurisdictional headquarters or the withdrawal of which they shall eventually promoted. Analog solution may adopt the Executive power, if any, with respect to the situations that may arise, for same reason with officials of the Ministry of education and culture. Article 9.-excluding the 16 subsection "Judiciary" as provided in article 400 of the General code of the process (Law No. 15.982, of October 18, 1988, in the wording given by the law No. 19.090 of June 14, 2013). From the promulgation of this law, all execution of judgment of conviction, arbitration awards and judicially approved transactions requiring the judiciary to pay a quantity of liquid and exigible become signature, will be paid charged to the budget of the subsection. Eventual action replay referred to in article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic shall be exercised by the services of the judiciary against the officials responsible for advocacy, when the doomed body is the judiciary.     Hall of sessions of the Senate, in Montevideo, December 29, 2014. DANILO ASTORI, President.
Hugo Rodriguez Filippini, Secretary. Ministry of the INTERIOR, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of economy and Finance Ministry of National Defence Ministry of education and Culture Ministry of transport and public works Ministry of industry, energy and mining Ministry of labour and SOCIAL Security Ministry of Health Ministry of livestock, agriculture and fishing Ministry of tourism and Sport Ministry of housing, TERRITORIAL planning and Environment Ministry of SOCIAL development Montevideo 7 January 2015. Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish, and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees, the law that set the remuneration of officials of the judiciary and those of certain officials of the Ministry of education and culture. JOSÉ MUJICA.