National Secretariat Of Sport. Deconcentrated. Creation.

Original Language Title: Secretaria Nacional Deporte. Organo Desconcentrado. Creacion.

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Secretariat national sport creation the Senate and the Chamber of representatives of the Republic East of the Uruguay, gathered at General Assembly, Decree: article 1.-the national sports Secretariat as deconcentrated dependent directly create the Presidency of the Republic, taking as their mission the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of plans in the sport, as well as the implementation of the policy , among which included the development of an integrated National Plan of sport and the promotion of measures conducive to the comprehensive security in the sport. All the tasks and powers that laws and decrees in the sports to the Ministry of tourism and sport will be responsibility of the National Secretariat of sport. Article 2.-delete the subsection 09 unit Ejecutora 002 "Directorate of sport" "Ministry of tourism and sport", through the redeployment of its duties and powers the secretariat established in article 1 of this law, as well as all assets, credits, resources, games, budget, rights and obligations, relating to the exercise of the powers attributed to the aforementioned Secretariat. Public records will proceed to registration of the goods that match the single submission of notarial testimony of resolution to be held. Article 3.-officials belonging to the subsection 09 'Ministry of tourism and sport' unit Ejecutora 002 "National Directorate of sport", will be incorporated into the organism created in article 1 of this law through the mechanism of the redistribution provided for in articles 15 and following of the law Nº 18.719, on December 27, 2010 , in as appropriate. Article 4.-the national sports secretariat will keep all the powers assigned to the National Directorate of sport that is deleted. It will be directed by a National Secretary of sport, a national Deputy Minister of sport, a national manager of sport, a coordinator of the Department of community sport, a coordinator of the Department of sport and education, a coordinator of the Department of sport and a coordinator of the Department of special programs, appointed once compliance with the arranged by article 6 of this law. Article 5.-the Executive power, on the initiative of the National Secretariat of sport, with the previous advice of the national Office of the Civil Service, shall approve the structure of posts and functions necessary to fulfill the assigned tasks, which will be suited to the jobs of its new organizational structure. Article 6.-the Executive power shall be sent, in budget authority, the legislative branch payroll charges of particular trust requiring the Organization, with the corresponding fees and the respective financing, for its approval. Article 7.-established regime of diets to administrators or auditors that corresponds to designate, in accordance with existing rules, by the Executive branch or the national sports Secretariat, where appropriate. These diets are cumulative with any other consideration of activity or passivity by the person. Your maximum amount is fixed in up to fifteen databases of benefits and contributions. Article 8.-authorize the national sports Ministry to sign agreements with national and international organizations for the fulfilment of its tasks, for which purpose shall obtain previously the conformity of the Presidency of the Republic. Article 9 - the Honorary Committee for the prevention, Control and eradication of violence in sport, established in article 2 of the law No. 17.951, on January 8, 2006, will be chaired by a representative of the National Secretariat of sport. Article 10.-Amending article 3 of the law Nº 17.951, on January 8, 2006, which will be drafted in the following way: "article 3. "(Committed).-the Commission shall aim advising the Ministry of the Interior and the Presidency of the Republic on the study, prevention and control of violence in sports events, as well as the adoption of measures aimed at implementing the comprehensive sports safety". Article 11.-The Ministry of education and culture, for the purposes of complying with articles 118 and 119 of the Constitution of the Republic, will be who provide, on sport, all the information to the legislature required on this matter. Article 12.-The Ministry of tourism and sport will be renamed "Ministry of tourism". Article 13.-The Executive power will regulate this law in the period of sixty days from its enactment.     Hall of sessions of the House of representatives, in Montevideo, 8 July 2015... ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ, President.
Virginia Ortiz, Secretary. Ministry of the INTERIOR, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of economy and Finance Ministry of National Defence Ministry of education and Culture Ministry of transport and public works Ministry of industry, energy and mining Ministry of labour and SOCIAL Security Ministry of Health Ministry of livestock, agriculture and fishing Ministry of tourism and Sport Ministry of housing, TERRITORIAL planning and Environment Ministry of SOCIAL development Montevideo 20 July 2015. Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish, and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees, the law that creates the National Secretariat of sport, as a decentralized body directly from the Presidency of the Republic. TABARÉ VÁZQUEZ.