On Ratification Of The Convention On Transnational Corporations

Original Language Title: Про ратифікацію Конвенції про транснаціональні корпорації

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With a k o n u r as th h s on ratification of Convention on transnational corporations (Supreme Council of Ukraine (BD), 1999, N 36, 323) (amended by law N 1294-IV (26-15) on 28.08.2003, VVR, 2004, N 13, art. 181) of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine n o s t a n o in l I are: Convention on transnational corporations (997_193) , signed on March 6, 1998 in the city. Moscow to ratify with reservations: 1. Transnational corporations in the territory of Ukraine and abroad when their creation can lead to monopolization of commodity markets in Ukraine, affects or can affect economic competition on its territory, with the consent of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine on protection of economic competition.
(Paragraph 1, as amended by law N 1294-IV (26-15) on 28.08.2003)
2. Ukraine undertakes to apply the provisions of the Convention on transnational corporations except the second and eighth paragraphs of the preamble and the words in article 19 "the Economic Court of the Commonwealth of independent States or another."

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine o. TKACHENKO Kiev, July 13, 1999 N 921-XIV