About State Support Of The Publication Business In Ukraine

Original Language Title: Про державну підтримку книговидавничої справи в Україні

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Read the untranslated law here: http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/601-15

With a k o n u r as th h s on State support of the publication business in Ukraine (Supreme Council of Ukraine (BD), 2003, N 24, art. 162) {Law stopped in 2003 according to law N 380-IV (38-15) on 26.12.2002, VVR, 2003, N 10-11, 86} {amended according to the law N 1300-IV (1300-15) on 28.08.2003, VVR , 2004, N 14, 195} {Act stopped for 2004, except the making of student notebooks, textbooks and teaching materials of domestic production according to law N IV-1344 (1344-15) of 27.11.2003, VVR, 2004, N 17-18, 250} {Act restored according to law N 1801-IV (1801-15) from 17.06.2004 VVR, 2004, N 43-44, art. 493} {amended in accordance with the laws of the N VI-521 (521-17) of 18.09.2008 , VVR, 2009, N 6, 20 N 2289-VI (2289-17) from 1 June 2010, VVR, 2010 N 33, item 471 Code 2755 N-VI (2755-17) from the 02.12.2010, BD, 2011, N 13-14, 15-16 N, N 17, article 112 of the law N 3352-VI (3292-17) from 12.05.2011, BD, 2011, N 45, item 486 Code 4495 N-VI (4495-17) from 13.03.2012, VVR, 2012, N N, 44-45, 46-47, N 48, 552} this law determines the principles of the State support of the publication business in Ukraine and aimed at overcoming the crisis in domestic publishing and creation favourable conditions for its development.
Chapter I General provisions article 1. Definitions of terms and concepts in this law the following terms and concepts according to state standards are used in the following meaning: book Edition-Edition feature material structures which are dotted sheets in the spine of the cover or opravoû. Book publishing can be a text, fine, music, mapping;
Book products-a set of publications issued by the Publisher (publishers) or assigned to the issue.
Other concepts and terms used in the Act in values, determined by the legislation of Ukraine.
Article 2. Knigovidavniča it Knigovidavniča it as an integral part of publishing industry public relations that combines organizational and creative and production-economic activity of legal entities and individuals involved in the creation, production and distribution of book products.
The integral parts of the book business is publishing, production and distribution of publishing products, defined by the law of Ukraine "about a publishing deal (318/97-VR) in respect of the publications.
Article 3. The goal of the State support of the publication activities aim to support the publication of the case in Ukraine are: recognition of the spiritual function of books in society;
meet the spiritual, educational and cultural needs of the Ukrainian people with books;
ensure public interests to protect the national information space;
promote increased release of book production in Ukraine, reduce it costs and increase competitiveness both on the domestic book market and abroad;
upgrade and re-equipment of publishing and polygraphic base subjects of publishing and the creation of favourable conditions for their development.
Article 4. Sphere of Action Law Action of this Act apply to the subjects of publishing that conduct their activities according to the law of Ukraine "about a publishing deal (318/97-VR).
Article 5. State policy in the knigovidavničìj case of the State policy in the knigovidavničìj case is based on the recognition of the spiritual, scientific, educational, cultural and artistic function of books in society and on the principles of adherence to freedom in knigovidavničìj case, counteracting its monopolization, strengthening of material and technical, organizational, legal, and scientific principles of the book business, guarantee social and legal protection of its employees.
State policy in the knigovidavničìj case is aimed at supporting the development of national books, meeting the spiritual, educational and cultural needs of the Ukrainian people with books.
State policy in the knigovidavničìj case in accordance with this goal is realized by means of tax, customs, currency and other types of regulation, as well as by Government order on the publication of the book.
State procurement services, manufacturing (preparation, production and dissemination) of book production is carried out in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "on public procurements" (2289-17), "on copyright and related rights" (3792-12), other laws of Ukraine with regard to features defined by this law. When carrying out the procedures for the procurement of services, manufacturing (preparation, production and dissemination of) book products procurement procedures Member independently determines the suppliers required to issue (preparation, production and dissemination of) materials, but the customer set the requirement for the mandatory use of a participant of the procedures for the procurement of printing paper and cardboard binding domestic production. Providing benefits to the participant the procurement procedures depending on the form of ownership is prohibited.
{Article 5 update part 4 according to law N 1300-IV (1300-15) on 28.08.2003; amended by law N 2289-VI (2289-17) from 1 June 2010} after the execution of the Government order the contractor has the right to

the production for own funds on conditions determined by the author's contract, the additional copies of the publication, released by Government order, to fill the book market and meet production needs.
{Article 5 update part five according to law N 3352-VI (3292-17) from 12.05.2011} article 6. Legislation in the field of the book Business Relations in the field of publication of the case shall be governed by the Constitution of Ukraine (254 k/96-VR), the Commercial Code of Ukraine (435-15), the laws of Ukraine "about a publishing deal (318/97-VR)," on information "(2,590-12)," on copyright and related rights "(3792-12)," on State secret "(3,855-12), this law and other legislative acts.
{Article 6 amended by law N 521-VI (505-17) from 18.09.2008} Chapter II FINAL PROVISIONS 1. This law comes into force from the day of its publication, except for paragraph 3 of section II "final provisions", which comes into effect from January 1, 2004.
2. the enforcement of laws and other normative-legal acts in compliance with this law they are used in the part that does not contradict this law.

{Paragraph 3 of section II repealed based on Code 4495 N-VI (4495-17) from 13.03.2012}

4. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the two-month period from the date of the enactment of this law: to develop and bring in conformity with this law its normative-legal acts;
ensure the review and cancellation of ministries and other central executive authorities accepted them regulatory legal acts that contradict this law.

The President of Ukraine l. Kuchma Kiev, March 6, 2003 N 601-IV