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On Combined Heat And Power (Cogeneration) And The Use Of Waste Generation

Original Language Title: Про комбіноване виробництво теплової та електричної енергії (когенерацію) та використання скидного енергопотенціалу

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About the Combined Heat Production
and electrical energy (cogeneration)
and the use of a discount energy potential
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2005, N 20, pp. 278)
{With changes under the Act
N 2592-VI ( 2592-17 ) of 07.10.2010, BBR, 2011, N 10, pp. 63
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010, VR, 2011, N 13-14,
N 15 -16, N 17, pp. 112
N 2856-VI ( 2856-17 ) from 23.12.2010, VR, 2011, N 29, pp. 272
N 3610-VI ( 3610-17 ) from 07.07.2011, VR, 2012, N 7, pp. 53
N 663-VII 663-18 ) from 24.10.2013, VCE, 2014, N 22, pp. 781}
{Concerning the loss of entry Act N 2592-VI ( 2592-17 ) of 07.10.2010
Additionally, see Law N 763-VII 763-18 ) from 23.02.2014, VR
2014, N 12, pp. 189}
{With changes under the Act
N 191-VIII ( 191-19 ) from 12.02.2015, BBR, 2015, N 21, pp. 133}

{In the text of the Law of the Word "National Regulation Commission"
Ukraine " in all differences replaced
" The national commission responsible for the
energy regulation " in the appropriate case
under the Law N 3610-VI ( 3610-17 ) of 07.07.2011}

This Act defines legal, economic and organizational
The establishment of energy conservation actors in relation to the
use of cogeneration plants, regulates relationships,
associated with the features of production, transmission, distribution and
supply of electric and thermal energy from cogeneration
Installations. {The paragraph of the first preamble to the changes made by the
with Act N 663-VII ( 663-18 ) From 24.10.2013}
The purpose of this Act is to create legal gardens to raise
the efficiency of fuel use in energy production processes
or other technological processes, development and application
technology of combined production of electric and thermal
energy, improving reliability and security of energy supply to
regional level, attracting investments to create
Cogeneration plants.
Section I
Article 1. Term Definition
In this Act, the terms are used in this way:
dissolved energy-electrical or thermal energy, which
supplied to consumers from a cogeneration installation;
extra fuel-fuel burning permanently or
Temporarily in the products of combustion of main fuel in order to raise
Electrical and/or thermal power of the cogeneration plant;
efficient use of fuel
volume of volume released within a year of electrical or/or
thermal energy from the cogeneration installation due to
burning additional fuel for a given line, up to energy
This additional fuel;
Cogeneration installation qualification-installation
The central organ of the executive branch in the field of energy conservation
matching conditions and indicators of operation of the cogeneration
To set the requirements of this Act;
qualified cogeneration-cogeneration
setting, conditions and performance metrics to match
The requirements of this Act;
A cogeneration installation-a complex of equipment that works for
a way of combined production of electric and thermal energy
or transforms the discount energy potential of technology
Processes in electrical and thermal energy;
Combined production of electric and thermal energy
(cogeneration)-a way of simultaneous production of electric and
thermal energy within one technological process in the
The result of burning fuel;
The main fuel fuel, which provides the robotics
A cogeneration installation, including a discount
The potential of technological processes
The discount energy potential of technological processes-
secondary energy resources that can be used for
production of electric and thermal energy in cogeneration
Installations. List of these secondary energy resources
is set by the central body of the executive branch in the field of
Energy saving.
Article 2. Scope of the Act
This Act governs the relationships arising from the
energy conservation between the owners of the cogeneration plants and
Energy supply services
transmission or supply of electrical energy, regardless of form
The action of this Act in part of the incentive to use
The cogeneration is distributed to the installations introduced in
The Law of the Law of the Republic of the United States of America
Article 3. Law on Combined Thermal Production
and electrical energy (cogeneration) and use
Nuclear power supply
Relationships in the field of combined heat production and
Electric energy is regulated by the laws of Ukraine " On
energy saving " ( 74 /94-PL ), "On electricity"
( 575 /97-PL ), by law, by other regulations.
Article 4. Use and operation features
Cogeneration plants
The use of cogeneration plants has features that
are due to such factors:
the consumption of traditional organic fuels or
using the dumping energy potential of technological
Possibility of applying additional fuel;
the possibility of dropping electric power from the cogeneration
installing in local (local) electrical networks or consumption
its own needs for the object on which the
Cogeneration installation;
diversity of energy objects, based on
Cogeneration plants are being constructed;
the presence of significantly different requirements to the ratio of volumes
electrical and thermal energy produced by the cogeneration
The operation of the cogeneration plants is subject to the following conditions:
maintaining the necessary balance of power and quality
electrical energy produced by cogeneration plants, for
Ensuring the reliable functioning of the energy system;
preventing a non-legal intervention in a system
Anti-crash automation.
Chapter II
Article 5. Principles of public policy in use
Cogeneration plants
State policy on the use of cogeneration
The plants are based on the basis of the following:
development and balanced use of cogeneration
Installations in the national economy;
promote the rebuilding of the diversion of the thermal generating facilities in the
installation of combined production of electric and thermal
energy in order to increase fuel efficiency and
Improving environmental security;
creation of distributed (local) power generation
capacities as a condition for improving reliability and security
Energy supply at regional level;
State regulation of relations in this sphere;
Economic stimulation of the use of cogeneration
Installations on enterprises independent of the form of property and
The branch office;
provide free access to the authorities
state control, to information on the state of the cogeneration
Installations and volumes of electric and thermal energy production.
Article 6. Financing of the creation of cogeneration plants
Funding for projects, procurement of technology
equipment and construction of cogeneration plants is carried out in
the account of its own and borrowed funds of enterprises, partial
use of special accounts of technoparks, physical
individuals, including foreign investors, energy service loans, and
companies, as well as with the funds of the respective budgets.
Article 7. Ownership Relations When Creating and Use
Cogeneration plants
When creating cogeneration installations, including at the base
active energy facilities in the industry or in the communal
heat supply, attracting investor funds such an investor
can acquire copyright (co-owner) of the cogeneration
An installation on the conditions defined by the investment agreement.
Authorized by the owner of the owner (co-owner), an investor
The cogeneration installation is granted the right to access the territory, to
premises and equipment (equipment) for energy facilities
Construction and maintenance of a cogeneration plant
on the conditions defined by the investment agreement.
Owners (co-owners), cogeneration investors
The installation is provided in accordance with the Land Code of Ukraine
( 2768-14 ) right to use the land area on which the
is a cogeneration installation, including a security unit
zone with restrictions (s) in accordance with the law or
The cogeneration owner decides to use
The cogeneration installation on its own discretion, and co-owners for
The relevant agreement, subject to the restrictions prescribed by the law.
Chapter III
Article 8. State regulation of use
Cogeneration plants
State regulation in the use of cogeneration
Installations implement the central executive body in the field of
energy conservation, national commission
energy regulation, and authorized by the President
Ukraine Central Executive Authorities in the Relevant Areas
in the order defined by the legislation of Ukraine. {Part of the first article 8 with the changes made under the Laws
N 2592-VI ( 2592-17 ) from 07.10.2010, N 3610-VI ( 3610-17 ) From
State regulation in the use of cogeneration
The installations are:
Qualifying for the cogeneration installations;
Licensing of economic activity with the combined
Production of thermal and electrical energy;
setting up tariffs on electrical and thermal energy, which
are made by cogeneration installations;

{Paragraph 5 of the fifth part of the second article 8 is excluded from the
Law N 191-VIII ( 191-19 ) 12.02.2015}

Supervision and Control of Safe Work Execution at
Construction or reconstruction of cogeneration plants.
Issuance of licenses and installation of electricity tariffs
thermal energy produced by the cogeneration plants,
Commits a national commission to regulate the
Energy sector.
{Article 9 takes effect from 1 January 2006} Article 9. State incentive to create and use
Cogeneration plants
The owners of the cogeneration installations independently of the installed
Electrical power is given the right to unimpeded access to
local (local) electrical networks and the sale of goods produced by
electrical energy to individual consumers by contract, including
the right to supply the consumer electric energy in the hour of the day
the largest or average electric power network (peak)
and half peak periods of day) simultaneously (additionally) with the main
A supplier of electric power.
Owners of qualified cogeneration units in
Government of Ukraine established in the order of order with others
enterprises of business with production and supply
electric power is given the right to sell the entire volume or
parts of the electric energy produced in the wholesale market
Ukraine's electric power supply, local power supply
organizations, to the electrical networks of which are attached to the cogeneration
Installations, as well as by consumer agreements throughout the area
Ukraine regardless of the electrical power of the cogeneration
tariffs set by the national commission that the
" State regulation in the field of energy.
Up to tariffs on electric and thermal energy produced by
qualified cogeneration installations, not included in the
Prior to 2015 the target allowance established by Article 17
Law of Ukraine "On Electricity" (PDF) 575 /97-PL ), as well as
Other regulations. {Part of the third article 9 with the changes made under the Act
N 2856-VI ( 2856-17 ) 23.12.2010}
Article 10. Cogeneration in communal heat supply
Conditions of the municipal enterprise
Heat supply, defined by regulations,
stored in the case of modernization of these enterprises based on
the use of cogeneration plants and distributed to entities
The households that provide thermal energy to the population and
social sphere objects from separately constructed cogeneration
Chapter IV
Article 11. Qualification of cogeneration plants
Cogeneration plants that release part or all of
the amount of electric energy produced by consumers other than the needs
its own consumption, may be recognized as qualified if
they correspond to the qualifying indicators of one of two such
1) as the main fuel is used by a discount energy
the potential of technological processes; for such installations of production
Thermal energy is not mandatory.
If extra fuel is applied, the efficiency
use of extra fuel for one year from the day
entering into the service of this installation and every future
12 months must be at least 42%.
In case the burning of additional fuel is applied for
maintaining the projective electrical power of a cogeneration
installing with a temporary reduction of thermal power of a discount
energy potential regarding its value adopted by the
Technical project of cogeneration installation, volume of cost
additional fuel shall be agreed with the central authority
Energy Conservation Executive;
2) as the main fuel is used by traditional (organic)
fuel, in which the amount of thermal energy released should be
not less than 10 percent of total electricity production and
thermal energy for one year from the day of its introduction to
service and for every next 12 months; during
the given line of the amount of electrical and thermal energy released
with respect to the energy of the main and additional fuel shall
get at least 42 percent.
Qualification of cogeneration plants operates central
power-saving authority in order of order
( 1670-2006 , approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Rows
The qualification action is one year. Cogeneration qualification
The installation, which first entered service, is failed.
design and test results
installing on operational modes. Cogeneration qualification
installable on each next year after a split string thereof
prior qualifying is carried out by actual indicators
Maintenance of a cogeneration unit in the previous 12 months.
Article 12. Features of the attachment of cogeneration plants up to
electrical and thermal networks
Technical conditions on the accession of cogeneration plants to
electrical and/or thermal network is provided by its owner in
the order established by regulatory acts not later than 15 days from
day receipt of the appropriate request. Accession is made by
with the accession agreement, an integral application to which is
technical terms.
In the case where the technical conditions are anticipated
reconstruction or modernization of distribution electrical networks or
the technology equipment of the owner of the electrical network associated with
with a cogeneration installation, a cogeneration owner
The installation has the right to address the national commission, which
Exercise of State Regulation in Energy, by Expert
Conclusion on the technical validity of technical requirements for
accession, volume of work.
The power grid owner is required to connect
A cogeneration installation to its electrical network in order,
Regulations on the basis of the implementation of the
accession and after approval of the technical commission act on
The readiness of the cogeneration installation before taking into service.
Rules for joining the cogeneration plants to electric
networks ( z0097-06 ) establishes the national commission of
State of the United States of America.
In the case where the technical conditions are anticipated
reconstruction or modernization of thermal networks or technology
hardware owner equipment associated with adjoining
The cogeneration installation, the cogeneration owner has
right to address the central authority of the executive branch
heating at the expert conclusion on the technical
The validity of technical requirements on accession, volume of work.
The thermal network owner is required to connect the cogeneration
installing to its thermal network in the order installed
Regulatory acts, subject to the implementation of the Treaty on Accession and
after approval of the Technical Preparedness Act
a cogeneration installation before taking into service.
Rules for joining the cogeneration plants to heat
networks ( z0778-09 ) establishes the central body of the executive branch
in the field of heat supply.
Article 13. Public health care
Cogeneration plants
State care in the use of cogeneration
Installations implement the central executive body in the field of
energy conservation and other empowered by the President of Ukraine
The central authorities of the executive branch in the respective spheres
activity. {Article 13 of the changes in accordance with the Act N 2592-VI
( 2592-17 ) 07.10.2010}
Section V
Article 14. International cooperation in the field of use
Cogeneration plants
Ukraine participates in international cooperation in Ukraine
the combined production of thermal and electrical energy and
use of secondary energy resources, according to
legislation of Ukraine and international treaties of Ukraine.
Article 15. International Affairs of Ukraine in the field of use
Cogeneration plants
If the international treaty of Ukraine, consent to duty
which are given by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, established other rules,
than those contained in this Act, the rules apply.
International Treaty of Ukraine.
Chapter VI
1. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication, except
Article 9, which takes effect from 1 January 2006.
2. To make changes to such laws of Ukraine:
(1) In the Law of Ukraine "On Energy Conservation" 74 /94-PL )
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1994, N 30, pp. 283):
Article 3, add to the paragraph "and" of the following:
" and) promoting rational use
fuel and energy resources by combined production
Electrical and thermal energy (cogeneration) ";
the "b" part of the first article 17 complemented by the words " for their
consumption of more than the nutritional cost of the system
standards, and to the introduction of standards of standards in action-norms
of the cost of energy resources, as well as for non-compliance
The indicators of the cogeneration installations of the qualifying indicators ";

{Sub-paragraph 2 of paragraph 2 of Section VI lost the validity of
The Code N 2755-VI 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010}

(3) Part of article 17 of the Law of Ukraine " On
electricity " ( 575 /97-PL ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 1998, N 1, pp. 1; 2000, N 38, pp. 319) complement
words " except electricity produced by qualified
Cogeneration installations. "
3. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in a six-month period
The Act:
to ensure the development of normative acts stemming from
Of this Act;
bring their legal and legal acts into compliance with this
By law;
Provide guidance to the central authorities
Adoption of the agenda.
By law.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 5 April 2005
N 2509-IV