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On Amendments To Certain Laws Of Ukraine On Stimulating The Production Of Motor Gasoline Is Mixed

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до деяких законів України щодо стимулювання виробництва бензинів моторних сумішевих

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On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine
to stimulate the production of benzene
Motor vehicles
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2006, N 33, st. 278)
{With changes under the Laws
N 398-V ( 398-16 ) from 30.11.2006, VR, 2007, N 3, pp. 31
N 797-VI 797-17 ) from 25.12.2008, VR, 2009, N 18, pp. 246
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010, VR, 2011, N 13-14,
N 15 -16, N 17, pp. 112}

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Amend the laws of Ukraine to be amended:
1. In the Law of Ukraine " On the rates of excise collection and on
Commodities on some goods (products) " ( 313 /96-PL ) (Information
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1996, N 42, pp. 201; 1999, N 52,
Oh, 464; 2001, N 24, pp. 125; 2002, N 50, p. 365; 2003,
N 33-34, st. 267; 2005, NN 17-19, pp. 267, N 21. 304):
(1) In Article 1:

{The paragraph of the second-ninth item 1 is excluded.
Law N 797-VI ( 797-17 ) 25.12.2008}

two last paragraphs to replace the paragraphs of this content:
" Making oil products are carried out by enterprises that
have all stages of the technological process from their manufacture, for
a list defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Bioethanol is alcohol ethyl devolved, made with plastic.
Biologically renewable raw materials. Bioethanol produced
State liquor plants, and additives based on bioethanol-
of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of
Prior to obtaining bioethanol oil refineries (or others)
The subjects of business activities) are given to the tax
The vexel, avulated by the bank, at the amount of excise collection provided by
The volume of bioethanol. Crash Lines
A tax bill, cannot exceed 90 calendar days.
The issuance of the tax bill is made up to the time of receipt
Bioethanol. A tax bill can only be issued legal.
a person who is a manufacturer of motor-mix gasoline or additives
up to petrol, based on bioethanol.
A promissory note is the public tax service authority.
The location of a promissory note.
Tax bill is considered to be repaid in case of
documentary proof of the use of bioethanol on
fabrication of motor mixtures with bioethanol content-
2% or ETBE is 5%.
The specified position may be applied with the order of the above.
Excise collection on petrol, motor mixtures with content
Bioethanol is from 2%. (Article 1 of this Act.)
In relation to the production of bioethanol at liquor plants:
prohibit simultaneous production of alcohol ethyl and
ban bioethanol storage on manufacturer ' s warehouses without
Her gasoline (1% petrol);
during bioethanol production to ban storage on
Warehouses of alcohol manufacturer ethyl "; {Sub-paragraph 1 of section I, as amended by
Law N 398-V 398-16 ) 30.11.2006}

{Sub-paragraph 2 of paragraph 1 is excluded under Act N 797-VI
( 797-17 ) 25.12.2008}

2. Parts of the fourth and fifth Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine " On
enterprise " ( 698-12 ) (Information of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR,
1991, N 14, pp. 168; Security Council of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2000
N 36, st. 299) in such an editorial:
" Activities related to the production of motor vehicles
A mixture of additives based on bioethanol manufactured from
biologically renewable raw materials whose content is in the specified
The gasoline is from 2 volume percent or with ether content
The ethyl-butyl-butyl (ETBE) of 5 volume percentages is carried out
Organizations whose list is defined by the Cabinet of Ministers
Activities related to bioethanol production are carried out.
State alcohols whose list is determined by the
"Ministry of Ministers of Ukraine".

{Paragraph 3 of section I lost the validity of the Code
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010}

4. In the Law of Ukraine " On State Regulation of Production and
The circulation of alcohol of ethyl, horse and fruit, alcoholic beverages
and Tobacco Products " 481 /95-VR ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 1995, N 46, pp. 345; 1997, N 45, pp. 286; 1998,
N 26, st. 168; 2000, N 30, pp. 240; 2001, N 11, pp. 45;
2002, N 26, pp. 175, N 50, st. 365; 2005, N 4, pp. 91,
NN 17-19, st. 267, N 52, st. 565):
(1) Article 1 after the paragraph of the fifth complement to the new paragraph
such content:
" bioethanol is alcohol ethyl devolved, made with water.
Biologically renewable raw materials. Bioethanol produced
State liquor plants, and additives based on bioethanol-
of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of
Ukraine ".
Due to this paragraph, the sixth is the thirtieth to be considered respectively
Paragraphs seven to thirty-first;
(2) Part of the first Article 2 is taught in such an editorial:
"Production of alcohol ethyl (including as a hospital)"
(...) (...) (...)
The grape, alcohol of the ethyl-adjusted fruit can be
to be carried out only on state enterprises in the presence of
License. List of enterprises with the right to produce bioethanol,
Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ";
3) in part one article 14 words "enterprises or"
Organizations "replace" by "enterprises (organizations)";
4) in part of the third article 16 words " quarterly, to
The 10 first month of the quarter "replace the words" monthly, to
"The 10th of the Moon".
II. This Act will take effect from 1 January 2007, except
points 2 and 4 I, which take effect from the day of its
Publication, and paragraph 1 of chapter I, which takes effect after
Approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
have the right to produce motor motor mixtures with additives
the basis of bioethanol, whose content in weighted gasoline is from
2 volume per cent or with ether content-teret-butyl ether
(ETBE) 5-volume Percent: A-92 Eq, A-95 Eq, A-98 Eq
( 1375-2007 ), and the rules of storage and implementation of such gasoline
in the retail network. {Section II in the edition of Act N 398-V ( 398-16 ) 30.11.2006}

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 23 February 2006
N 3502-IV