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Amendments To The Civil Procedure Code Of Ukraine

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Цивільного процесуального кодексу України

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About making changes to the Civil
of the procedural code of Ukraine
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2006, N 35, pp. 298)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Contribute to the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine
( 1618-15 ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2004, NN 40-42,
Oh, 492) Such changes:
1. Article 43 of the Drafting Committee shall:
" Article 43. Assigning or replacing a legitimate representative
1. In case of absence of a third person recognized as a
Incapacitated or limited in civilian capacity, legal
a representative of the court for the submission of the body of custody and the care of
assigns guardian or trustee and involved them to participate in the
As a legitimate representative.
2. If the case is considered to be an infant or
A juvenile, deprived of parental care, has no idea.
A legitimate representative, the court decrees it accordingly.
Custody or Care for the Care and Care of,
assigns guardian or trustee and involved them to participate in the
As a legitimate representative.
3. In case a legitimate representative has no right to conduct the case
in court with the grounds established by law, the court for the representation of the body
Custody and Care replaces the legal representative.
4. Liberation of the guardian or the trustee in case them
have appointed a court, and the appointment of other persons to
of the order established part of the second article 241 of this
2. In paragraph 5 of the first article 201 words " parties or
third parties in cases set up by the article "to be replaced by the words"
"in cases that are predicted in parts of the first-third article".
3. In Article 241:
part of the first to replace two parts of this content:
" 1. Court upholds the decision to limit civilians
The capacity of a physical person (including restrictions or
Deprivation of the rights of an underage person to self-order
by their incomes) or the recognition of a physical person incapacitated,
sets it in accordance with the care or custody and the post
The organ of custody and care appoints her a trustee or guardian.
2. The Court under the application of the body of custody and of the care and person,
designed by a trustee or guardian, the lunar term frees
it is from the authority of the trustee or the guardian and appoints for
The representation of a body of custody and taking care of another person
I did. The trial of the statement of the person on which the care is established may be
free the trustee from his authority and to appoint
The representation of the body of trustees and the care of another trustee,
He's making a decision.
The Court examines the issue of the release of the guardian or
the trustee in the court meeting with the message of interest
People. The failure of these individuals does not prevent the question of
The liberation of the guardian or the trustee. "
In this regard, parts of the second are the fourth parts
the second sentence of the fifth to exclude.
4. Part of the first article 293 should supplement paragraph 30 of
"30) The Liberation (appointment) of the guardian or the trustee".
II. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 16 March 2006
N 3551-IV