Amending Article 28 Of The Budget Code Of Ukraine Regarding Access To Information About Budget Figures In The Form Of Open Data

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до статті 28 Бюджетного кодексу України щодо доступу до інформації про бюджетні показники у формі відкритих даних

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The LAW of UKRAINE on amendments to article 28 of the budget code of Ukraine regarding access to information about budget figures in the form of open data (Supreme Council (BD), 2015, no. 25, article 189) of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides: I. To article 28 budget code of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2010, # 50-51, 572) as follows: 1. in the second paragraph of part two of the word "information" "placed" and "seven days", replace the words "in accordance with the Budget requests, including information", "posted" and "three days."

2. the third paragraph of part five to replace three paragraphs the following contents: top officials of the State budget (local budgets in the case of program-target method in the budget process): carry out a public presentation and publication of information on the budget for State-financed programs and indicators, budgetary assignments for which are defined by the law on the State budget of Ukraine (decision of the local budget), in accordance with the requirements and according to the form established by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine , by 15 March of the year following the reporting;

making by placing on their official websites passports budget programs for the current budget period (including changes to direcot budget programs) in the three-day period from the day of approval of such documents and reports on the implementation of passports budget programs for the reported budget period in three-day term after submitting such reports to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (local financial authorities). "

In this regard, paragraphs fourth-sixth considered in accordance with paragraphs sixth-eighth.

3. Add part of the sixth such content: "6. information on the budget, determined by this article is published with compliance with the requirements of the law on access to public information in the publication of public information in the form of open data.

The conditions and procedure for the provision of access to information about the use of the funds of the State and local budgets are determined by the law of Ukraine "about the transparency of the use of public funds."

II. Final provisions 1. This Act shall take effect from 1 September 2015.

2. the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the MIT of the enactment of this law: to bring their regulations into conformity with this Act;

ensure the enforcement of regulations of ministries and other central bodies of the Executive power in compliance with this law.

The President of Ukraine p. POROSHENKO Kyiv April 9, 2015 # 313-VIII