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On Amendments To Certain Laws Of Ukraine Concerning Prevention Of Negative Consequences Of The World Financial Crisis On The Development Of Agroindustrial Complex

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до деяких законів України щодо запобігання негативним наслідкам впливу світової фінансової кризи на розвиток агропромислового комплексу

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{On the loss of force of the Act, as not relevant
Constitution of Ukraine (unconstitutional), see. Decision
Constitutional Court N 29-rp/ 2009 (c. v029p710-09 )
On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine
to prevent negative consequences
of the global financial crisis
Development of Agro-Industrial Complex
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2009, N 26, pp. 323)
{With changes under the Act
N 2591-VI ( 2591-17 ) from 07.10.2010, BBB, 2011, N 9, pp. 58
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010, VR, 2011, N 13-14,
N 15 -16, N 17, pp. 112}

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Amend the laws of Ukraine to be amended:
1. In the Law of Ukraine " On State Support of Rural
Ukraine ' s economy " 1877-15 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 2004, N 49, st. 527; 2005, N 29, pp. 381):
(1) Paragraph 9.2 of Article 9 should be supplemented by paragraph 9.2.6. of
" 9.2.6. To ensure that the funds go to
The special fund of the state budget Agrarian Fund is entitled to
To implement the state of the state price of regulation,
using a favorable market conjunction ";
(2) In Article 14:
in paragraph 14.2:
Sub-paragraph 14.2.4., set out in this edition:
" 14.2.4. Grain, which is the object of a state price
regulation or under which the budget loan is received in
state-made procurement mode, stored exclusively in
Cereals (granular, grandeur). Payment
for such storage cannot exceed 2 percent of the value
of such a grain calculated from the minimum purchasing price (in
calculating for every 30 calendar days of such storage each
Metric units of measurement of its volume) ";
Complement sub-paragraph 14.2.5 of this content:
" 14.2.5. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine establishes the mode of price
regulation of cost of such services:
Veterinary medicine (laboratory research,
Veterinary certificate or certificate of certificate);
(b) Bread inspection (certificate review and certificate);
(b) Quarantine inspection (review and certification of certificates,
(...) (...)
At this cost, the cost of such services could not exceed the price,
calculated by the 20 per cent norm of profitability before the
costs to provide them. Failure to comply with the requirements of this article
The responsibility established by the law ";
3) in Article 17:
The name of the editor is as follows:
" Article 17. Agricultural exchanges ";
in paragraph 17.1:
"b" to exclude;
in the first sentence of sub-item "in the" word "there is the Cabinet of Ministers"
replace the words "may the Cabinet of Ministers" and in the second
Sentence "at the expense of its reserve fund" to exclude;
The first sub-item "g" should read:
" (g) if the founder of the agrarian exchange is the Cabinet of Ministers
Ukraine in the person of Agrarian Fund, others than Agrarian Fund, members
The agrarian exchange has no right to make decisions regarding ";
(4) Paragraph 5 of Article 18 is excluded.
2. In section III, "Final provisions" of the Law of Ukraine of
October 31, 2008 N 639-VI ( 639-17 ) " To the First World
to prevent the negative consequences of the financial crisis and the
"Making changes to some of the legislative acts of Ukraine":
(1) Paragraph 2 will complement the words and numbers " except items 4, 5 and
"11 Section II of this Act";
2) complement the paragraphs 11 and 12 of this content:
" 11. Treaty between the National Bank of Ukraine and the Bank of Ukraine
maintain liquidity through appropriate tools
refinancing (including in the provision of a stabilization loan)
concluded with the following features:
(a) If the bank has a credit portfolio of debt
The borrowers are agricultural goods, then such
The debt is considered voluntarily prolongated by this bank.
rows, not a smaller row on which the refinancing is provided
(but not less than 365 days);
(b) The "and" rules of this paragraph are extended to
The debt that is classified by the National Bank of Ukraine as a
substandard or doubt that has emerged as of 1 January
(c) adequate refinancing (in part)
substandard or questionable debt) is considered a double
A warehouse certificate, bail, as well as a deposit of property and property
The rights of the agricultural commodity producer of such a bank;
(g) In receipt of refinancing from the National Bank
Bank of Ukraine over the next five working days
tells the plaintiff about the possibility of making changes to the credit
(an additional contract) with the purpose of its prolongation
(restructuring) under the terms of this paragraph. Regardless of
the actual date of making such changes (extra)
contract) the loan is considered prolonging since the receipt of the
bank of relevant refinancing from the National Bank
Violations by the bank of the order of providing such communication or
the refusal to make appropriate changes to the credit agreement (concluded with
a positioning of an additional treaty) for 30 working days from
The number of refunds is considered
Breach of the substantive conditions of the treaty between the National Bank of Ukraine
and such a bank about the maintenance of liquidity through the
the refinancing tools (including the
stabilization credit), which entails the unconditional finish line
return of such refinancing to the National Bank of Ukraine in
A common sum.
The National Bank of Ukraine provides the implementation of the norms
11.1. Prolongation is done on the following conditions:
(a) by the interest rate that existed at the time of the delivery
such a loan if the later smaller rate was not agreed upon
Parties to the Credit Treaty;
b) during such prolongation the cost of bail (for its
the presence) is not overestimated to the side of the reduction. In this case, if
The staleman violates the terms of the prolongated credit contract,
The bank ' s bank holder has the right to offer a stampede
Complement such a credit treaty (make an additional treaty) with
warning about the satisfaction of the needs of the pre-trial
Order from which the right to enter the charge
The application is not before 90 calendar days,
following the day in which such a violation is assumed;
(c) the form (s) of the counting and repayment of interest, as well as
The repayment of the main debt can only be changed by the approval of
the plaintiff and cannot be promoted as a prerequisite for obtaining such a
(g) is not allowed to implement any additional
commissions, pay and reimburse in favor of the bank, as well as
applying penalties to the plaintiff in relation to such
Prolongation. This rule also applies to pre-term cases.
the repayment of such a borrowed loan by the position of the plaintiff.
11.2. It is not considered a basis for an increase in the risk category
by credit that has been prolongated or restructured by
reduce the size of interest or the principal amount of debt
An agricultural commodity manufacturer.
11.3. Bank, which has a portfolio of credit portfolio
Debt arretures-agricultural
products manufacturers, but did not address the National Bank of Ukraine
for the acquisition of refinancing, is required to offer such a
the plaintiffs to make changes to the credit agreement (concluded)
An additional treaty) on the conditions of the prolongation defined by this paragraph.
The presence of such changes (additional treaties) is a basis for
providing such a bank of appropriate refund from the National
Bank of Ukraine
11.4. For the purposes of this item, the agricultural
The goods manufacturer is considered a person defined in Article 8-1 of the Act
Ukraine "On Tax for the added value" (PDF) 168 /97-PL ).
11.5. The rules of this point are also subject to debt.
Agricultural producers in front of Lyingoers-
banks of Ukraine for financial lising of agricultural
machinery for the UTC Code of ICT 8432-8436, 8801 10-8701 30, 8701 90
( 2371g 14 ).
11.6. Laws of Ukraine "On National Bank of Ukraine"
( 679-14 ), "About banks and banking" ( 2121-14 ), " On
bail " ( 2654-12 ) acting on the rules of this item.
11.7. Recommend banks to provide trade and recycling
Target loans for vendors
of the dairy and meat products and with peasants for raw materials.
12. To predict a ban on land sales
of an agricultural destination until 1 January 2010 ".

{Paragraph 3 of section I lost the validity of the Act
N 2591-VI ( 2591-17 ) 07.10.2010}

{Paragraph 4 of section I lost the validity of the Code
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010}

II. Final Position
1. This Act will take effect from the day of its publication.
2. Set that the rules of the Law of Ukraine " About Transactions on
"Davalnytsia in foreign economic relations".
( 327 /95-VR ) do not apply to goods that fall under
determining 1-24 ICT groups ZED 2371a 14 ).
3. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:
provide funding for outstanding support programs
development of agro-industrial complex enterprises in the monthly
The murals;
Based on data from the National Bank of Ukraine
calculations on loans provided in favour of
Agricultural goods producers, and if necessary
It is urgent to submit a bill to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
A continuation of the procedure for settlement of the following
of the credits in the manner provided by paragraph 11 of section III
"Final provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On first-term measures
to prevent the negative consequences of the financial crisis and the
to make changes to some legislative acts of Ukraine " ( 639-17 );
provide input for 15 days from the day of dress
the effect of this Law of Elaborated Public
Meat Standards: DSTU 4427:2005 " Covbasi
And then they're raw and raw. General technical conditions ";
DSTU 4433:2005 " Cowboys are fried. General technical conditions ";
DSTU 4435:2005 " The Cowboys are semi-smoked. General technical conditions ";
DSTU 4436:2005 " Cowboys are boiled, sausages, sardines, bread crumbs.
General technical conditions ".

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 4 February 2009
N 922-VI