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On Amending The Law Of Ukraine "about Libraries And Library Thing"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про бібліотеки і бібліотечну справу"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine
"About the Library and Library"
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2009, N 39, pp. 557)
{With changes made according to the Code
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010, VR, 2011, N 13-14,
N 15 -16, N 17, pp. 112}

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Commit to the Law of Ukraine " On Library and Library
case " ( 32 /95-PL ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2000,
N 23, st. 177; 2001, N 2-3, pp. 10; 2002, N 12-13, pp. 92;
2003, N 10-11, pp. 86, N 24, st. 159; 2004, N 17-18,
Oh, 250; 2008, NN 5-8, st. (78) Such changes:
1. Article 1 of the Board of Editors:
" Article 1. Term Definition
In this Act, the terms below are used in this respect.
library-information, cultural, educational institution
(institution, organization) or structural unit of
an orderly fund of documents, access to other sources of information
and the main task of which is to provide information,
research, educational, cultural and other needs
Library users
A depot library is a library that provides permanent
storage of a library fund formed from documents that
are rarely used and have scientific and/or artistic value;
library service-the result of library activities from
enjoyment of information, research, educational, cultural
and other users ' needs of the library;
The library system of Ukraine is a branch network of libraries
of different species, related interactions and interuse
Library resources;
library on the right-the branch of information, cultural and
educational activities of society, aimed at creating and
development of library network, forming, processing, ordering
and storage of library funds, library organization,
information and reference bibliographic services
library users, training and promotion
Library, scientific and methodical
Ensuring the development of library activities;
The library fund is an ordered collection of documents
in the library;
library resources-ordered library funds
documents on various media, database, network
information resources, reference tools,
material and technical means of processing, storage and transfer
document is a material form of recipient, storage,
the use and dissemination of information recorded on paper,
magnetic, film, photo tape, optical disk or other media;
The distribution is a form of compilation and distribution of handwritten
Work, mostly scientific;
a library user is a physical or legal entity that
Library services.
interlibrary loan-form of library
service based on mutual use of library services
The libraries and the reference and search engine of the libraries;
centralized library system-union of libraries in
The only structural and contiguous formation of the central
library ".
2. In the paragraph of the fifth part of the second article 4 words " on
" exclude.
3. Part of the third article 6 is set out in this edition:
" For the purpose of the library, the library is divided into:
public (publicly available), including specialized for
Children, persons with physical disabilities;
special (academies of sciences, research institutions,
Educational institutions, businesses, institutions, organizations) ".
4. Part of the first article 7 shall be taught in such an editorial:
" The National Library of Ukraine is a leading cultural,
Educational, Scientific and Information State
the function of the research, methodical and focal point
For librarianism, bibliography,
documents, participates in the development of public policy in
the areas of the library and its implementation ".
5. Part of the second article 8 to exclude.
6. Part 4 of Article 12 to exclude.
Article 13 is set out in this edition:
" Article 13. National Library Registration
Public registration of libraries independently of the form of property
is held under their location in accordance with the law. "
Article 16 after part of the third complement
such content:
" To ensure the preservation of documents and collections,
and/or which are subject to the State Registry
national cultural gain, their insurance copies are created
in the order prescribed by a specially authorized central
an executive body in the sphere of culture. "
Due to this part, the fourth is sixth to be considered.
The fifth is the seventh.
9. Part of the first article 17, to be published in this edition:
" The building of library funds is carried out by means of
receiving a mandatory copy of the document (s) in the order
established by law, documents issued by the target
program books or purchase according to the state
target programs, purchasing documents in cash and
No cash accounts, documents, receipt of the gift,
The law and other sources. "
10. Part of the second article 24 after the paragraph of the sixth complement
a new paragraph of this content:
" holds the certification of library personnel and determines the order
"Her conduct".
In this regard, the seventh-tenth of this paragraph would be considered to be the same.
Paragraph 8, paragraph 8.
11. In Article 25, the words "and supervisory" are excluded.
12. Part of the first article 29, to be published in this edition:
" Libraries do their hosts according to
legislation and their statutes (provisions) with the requirements of the
The preservation of library funds. "
13. In Article 30:
1) in part two of the words "which work in villages and villages"
replace words " which work in rural areas and villages
Urban-type ";
(2) The last part of the teaching in such an editorial:
" Library workers have the right to health care
when providing an annual vacation in the amount of boarding, and
(a) Support for the purpose of the
questions and payment of the age of the year in size and order that
is set up by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. "
14. The text of Article 31 is set out in this wording:
" The state contributes to the expansion of international cooperation in
The library case.
Main areas of international cooperation in the
The library case is:
Conducting joint scientific research;
international conferences, symposia, congresses
And other measures;
Participation in the work of international organizations;
Document exchanges
A joint publishing house.
Libraries with legal personality status have the right to teach
talk about collaboration with the libraries of other states
according to the legislation. "
II. Final Position
1. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication, except
Article II, paragraph 2, paragraph 2, paragraph 2, paragraph 2, paragraph 2, of the "Final"
the provisions of " this Act, which will take effect from 1 January

{Paragraph 2 of Section II lost the validity of the Code
N 2755-VI ( 2755-17 ) 02.12.2010}

3. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for six months from the day
The Act:
develop and bring in compliance with this Act of
Legal and legal acts;
provide a view and cancellation of ministries and other
the central authorities of the executive branch of their legal and legal
Acts contrary to this Act.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 21 May 2009
N 1388-VI