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On Amendments To The Law Of Ukraine "on State Secret"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про державну таємницю"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine
"State Secret"
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2010, N 46, pp. 537)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Introduction to the Law of Ukraine "On State Secret"
( 3855-12 ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1999, N 49,
Oh, 428; 2004, N 23, pp. 320; 2008, N 27-28. 252)
1. In the part of the first article 8:
paragraph 1 of the fourth paragraph 1 of the text of the session:
" about dislocations, characteristics of controls, content
Public and regional measures, if necessary
the city and district level, regarding the primality of the readiness of a unified
public system of civilian protection of the population and territories to
execution of tasks in special period and system organization
(op-ed) in a special period, the possibility of human settlements
items, regions and individual facilities for the evacuation,
The focus of the population and ensuring its life;
Securing the production activities of the national economy
Military time ";
in paragraph 2:
Paragraph 2:
" on the content of mobilization plans of state bodies and organs
local government, mobilizing power, measures
mobilizing and mobilizing and the volume of their funding,
reserves and volumes of the supply of strategic types of raw materials and
materials and summary information about items and levels
Accumulating, total supply volumes, waste, laying,
refreshing, placing and actual stocks of state material
in the paragraph of the fourth after the words "execution of the state"
complementing the word "defensive" and the words " to provide the needs
Defence and Security " to exclude;
in paragraph 4:
Paragraph 2, after the words "prompt-search",
"or reconnaissance or counterintelligence";
the paragraph of the third after the words "operative-solved" in all
The differences will complement the words "intelligence and counterintelligence" in the
The corresponding mark.
2. In Article 9:
1) in part four:
Item 2:
" (2) prepares the conclusion concerning the national security of Ukraine
damage in case of declassification of classified information or loss
The material media of such information ";
In paragraph 4, the word "conclusions" should be replaced by the word "decision";
Item 9:
" 9) is involved in developing the harm definition criteria, which
may be caused by national security of Ukraine in case of dissolving
the secret information or loss of material carriers of such
information ";
2) in part five:
In paragraph 2, the words "and conclusions" should be replaced by the word "or";
Item 3:
" 3) to consider within one month of the Service proposal
Security of Ukraine on the removal of information to public secrecy,
cancel or continue the term of the previously adopted decision
"Information to the State Secrets";
In paragraph 4, the word "conclusions" to exclude;
Complement paragraph 6 of this content:
" (6) Initiate the question of the involvement of liability
Officers who violate the legislation of Ukraine on the State
Secret ";
3) in part six:
in paragraph 1 of the word "conclusions" to exclude;
paragraph 2 to complement the words " conclusions concerning awareness
a state secret of citizens who have or had admission to
public secrecy as well as to prepare appropriate conclusions in the
The case of declassification of secret information or loss of material
Carriers of this information ";
4) in part seven, the word "legislation" is replaced by the words
"Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine";
5) in part eight of the word "conclusion" to exclude.
3. In Article 11:
1) the paragraph of the first part of the first after the word "mystery"
supplemented with the words " about the rejection of information to the State
Secrets ";
2) a part of the second teaching in such an editorial:
" The decision to bring information to the public secret,
continue line of action previously accepted due
information to public secrecy, changing the degree of secrecy
the cancellation of the previously adopted decision on the revocation
information to public secrecy is taken by a state expert on
the questions of secrecy for one month from the time of the entry
The appeal of the state body, the authority of local government,
enterprises, institutions, organizations or citizen. Such decisions
are subject to the registration of the Security Service of Ukraine and is the basis for
The formation of information that constitutes a state secret, and
Make changes to the specified Zwater, to industry or agency
An unfolding list of information that constitutes a state secret.
Order of registration of public policy experts on questions of secrecy
By definition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ";
3) The third is the fifth to be excluded.
4. In Article 12:
1) in part one:
"and published in official publications" to exclude;
Complement the sentence of this content: " The Zut and the changes
to take effect from the moment of publication in official
Publications of Ukraine ";
2) in part 2, the word "published" will be replaced by the word
"in fact" and the words "or the conclusion" to exclude;
(3) In part three, the word "(conclusions)" to exclude.
5. Part of the second article 13, the words "concludes"
Replace the words "decision making".
6. In part one article 14, the word "conclusion" is replaced
the word "solution".
7. In Article 15:
1) Part of the first and second of the teaching in such an editorial:
" The declassification of material carriers of information is carried out
by providing information on the basis of the Information
the state secret (unfolding of the details of the
the state secret), the relevant document, the production or the other
the material news of the information of the griff of secrecy by the official,
which prepares or creates a document, cut or other material medium
The griff of secrecy of every material carrier of a secret
information must conform to the degree of secrecy of information that
It's contained, according to the Call of Information,
state secret,-"special importance", "wholly secret" or
"Secret". Requits each material carrier a secret
Information consists of:
The grief of secrecy;
The instance number;
The Articles of Information, which constitute a state secret,
The basis of which is exercised;
naming and signature of the person who provided the fungus
secrecy ";
2) in part five of the words " which give the right to the officials,
what they occupy "to replace" with the words that they have
Officials of the Law ";
3) part of the sixth after the word "set" to supplement
The words "by means of the appropriate conclusion".
8. In Article 20:
(1) in the paragraph of the fourth part of the third word "use"
of state ciphers and cryptographic tools, etc. " to replace the words
" as well as the order of technical and cryptographic protection
2) second sentence of the fifth complement of the words " and also
the category of secrecy mode ";
3) after part of the fifth complement to a new part of this
" Permission to fail the activities associated with the State
a secret, not granted unless there is no condition for the failure of such a
activities envisaged by this article, as well as the manager
enterprises, agencies, organizations are not a citizen of Ukraine or
does not have a tolerance for state secrets. "
In this regard, the sixth is considered to be the ninth.
A seventh-tenth;
(4) Part of this after the word "abolished", supplement the words
"or its action can be stopped";
(5) Part of the eighth after the words "category of the regime of secrecy"
Complement the words "(first, second or third)";
(6) Part of the tenth after the word "stop" complemented with the words
"and Renewal".
9. In Article 21:
1) part of the first complement by the words " which obey
directly to the manager of the state body, the local authority
self-government, enterprise, institution, organization ";
2) the second sentence of the part of the seventh set in this edition:
" If the state body, the local government authority,
enterprise, institution or organization will not fail
secret information that has degrees of secrecy "entirely secret"
and "special importance", the RSO of such a body, enterprise,
institution or organization is equipped with specialists provided
Admission to public secrecy with the degree of secrecy "secretly";
(3) "e" of the part of the eighth after the word "organization"
I'm going to add to the words and the words
10. In Article 22:
1) in paragraphs the seventh and eighth parts of the first digit "10" and
"15" Replace according to figures "7" and "10";
2) a part of the second teaching in such an editorial:
" The admission to state secrecy is granted to dietary citizens.
18 years of age who need it under their terms
Professional, production, scientific or scientific and technical activities
or training, bodies of the Security Service of Ukraine after holding them
checks. Order of admission to public secrecy
By definition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ";
(3) Part of the fourth edition:
" To review the issue of granting citizens admission to
State secrets by state bodies, local authorities
self-government, businesses, institutions, organizations, where
work, service or studying citizens, are decorated
Documents sent to the Security Services of Ukraine.
Lists and forms of such documents as well as order of delivery
"The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine";
(4) To be excluded.
11. Part of the first article 23:
Item 4:
" (4) The presence of a citizen's criminal record or especially
Serious crimes not repaid or removed in the prescribed order ";
In paragraph 5, the word "diseases" should be replaced by "disorders".
12. Article 24:
1) a part of the second complement of the sentence of such content: " Beyond
the results of inspection by the Security Service of Ukraine
for five working days from the day of its end to the state
organs, local government bodies, businesses, institutions,
organizations that have appealed to the granting of citizens to the
state secrets, the notice of grant or failure in the
"Such admission";
(2) Part of the fourth edition:
" Message of the Security Services of Ukraine on refusal to
The provision of citizens to state secrets shall contain citizens
Reference to the relevant provisions of Article 23 of this Act. Failure
does not exclude recount of state bodies, organs
local governments, businesses, institutions, organizations,
in the event of a change of circumstances under which the admission to the
"State secrecy was denied".
13. The text of Article 25 is set out in this edition:
" The State Authority, the authority of local government,
enterprise, institution, organization are required in a five-day period
lines from the day of the receipt of the message of the Security Service of Ukraine
concerning the failure of the citizen's admission to a state secret
to report such a citizen for reasons and reason.
Citizen has the right to challenge the denial decision
Admission to the State secrecy in the order established by law. "
14. Article 26:
1) the name of the teaching in this edition:
" Article 26. Redesign the clearance to public secrecy,
increase or decrease its form
and repealing ";
(2) The paragraph of the third part of the first set in this edition:
" in the case of the need to increase or decrease the citizen form
Top or lower secret information
the degree of secrecy ";
(3) A part of the second teaching in such an editorial:
" The abolition of the previously provided admission to the state secret
Carried out by the Security Service bodies of Ukraine in case of occurrence or
Detection of circumstances prescribed by Article 23 of this Act, or
after an end to a citizen of activities, in connection with which he
was granted tolerance, loss of citizenship or recognition of it
Incapacitated on the basis of information received by the Services
the security of Ukraine or received from government bodies,
Local government, businesses, institutions, organizations ";
(4) Part of the fourth meeting in such an editorial:
" The message of abolition of the citizen admission to the State
the secrets with reference to the relevant provisions of Article 23 of this
The Law Authority of the Security Service of Ukraine sends to the state body,
Organ of local government, enterprise, institution,
organizations where such a citizen will fail
A state secret. Citizen has the right to challenge the abolition
He'll get to the state secret in order set out.
by law. "
15. In Article 27:
1) a part of the second teaching in such an editorial:
" The decision to grant access to a specific secret
information (category of classified information) and its material
The speakers accept the leaders of the authorities,
local government, businesses, institutions and organizations, in
Work done relating to the state secret, or
Stored material media of classified information ";
2) after part of the second complement two new parts
such content:
" The heads of state bodies, except for persons predicted
part of the sixth of this article, local government bodies,
enterprises, institutions and organizations access to public secrecy in
relating to the activities of the state body, the body
the local government, enterprise, institution and organization,
receive by the office after giving them admission to the state
the mystery behind the appropriate form.
Order of access to public secrets to individuals,
Involved in confidential cooperation with operational
Law enforcement units and other specially authorized
organs that conduct an operational-search, intelligence or
Counter-intelligence activities, determined by the leaders of the specified
The authorities are in pursuit of the Security Service of Ukraine. In Service
Security of Ukraine is such an order for access to public
"The President of the Security Service of Ukraine".
In this regard, the third is considered to be the same.
The fifth is the seventh.
16. In the paragraph of the sixth article 28, the word "tolerance" would be replaced by the word
"access" and after the words "and also" complement the words " report to
in writing. "
17. In the text of the Law of the Word "organ of state power" in all
differences and numbers replace the words "state body" in
in the same case.
II. Final Position
1. This Act takes effect six months from the day of its
2. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in a six-month period
The publication of this Act:
to ensure the adoption of legal and legal acts foreseen in
The Law;
bring their legal and legal acts into compliance with this
By law;
Provide guidance to ministries, other central
the executive branch of their legal and legal acts in the
A compliance with this Act.

President of Ukraine V. YASUKOVIC
Um ... Kiev, 6 July 2010
N 2432-VI