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About Some Issues Of Debt For Consumed Natural Gas And Electrical Energy

Original Language Title: Про деякі питання заборгованості за спожитий природний газ та електричну енергію

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{The law ceased action. See paragraph 1 of article 3 of this Act}
Some issues of debt
for natural gas and electricity
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2011, N 45, pp. 476)
{With changes under the Laws
N 3682-VI ( 3682-17 ) from 08.07.2011, VR, 2012, N 14, pp. 91
N 4277-VI ( 4277-17 ) from 22.12.2011, VR, 2012, N 31, pp. 387}

Article 1. Scope of the Act
1. The action of this Act applies to enterprises independently of
their forms of producing, transporting and supplying
thermal and electrical energy, provide dispatching services
management of the unified energy system of Ukraine, entities
the supply of natural gas and
electrical energy per regulated tariff, the National
Stockholding company Naftogaz of Ukraine and its subsidiaries
DK "Gas of Ukraine", DC "Ukrtransgaz", DK "Ukrgazhedozinting", DATE
"Chornomornaflugas" and "Energy-market".
Article 2. Cancellation of debt
2.1. Under the terms defined by this Act, the list is as follows:
2.1.1. Natural gas debt (including gas)
restructured), producing, transport and
provide thermal energy, including liquefied enterprises,
Natural gas supply entities
for regulated fare, National Joint Stock Company
"Naftogaz of Ukraine" and its subsidiaries DK "Gas of Ukraine", DK
Ukrtransgaz, DK "Ukrgaodovitroing", DAT "Chernobyl", which
held on 1 January 2010 and not yet paid for
Date of entry into force:
2.1.1 State debt to the "Gas of Ukraine" before the National
Joint stock company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" (including
restructured) decommissioned within the amount of sums that are retired to enterprises,
that produce, transport and supply thermal energy, and
The subjects of the household, carrying out the supply of natural gas
For the regulated tariff, before the HC "Gas of Ukraine";
2.1.2 funds that are subject to host entities that
make the supply of natural gas under the regulated tariff, from
Consumers to pay for the natural gas consumed,
that was reported as of 1 January 2010.
a separate current account of these subjects and used by them
To perform an investment program.
2.2. Debt (including established)
decisions) with foam, penalties and financial sanctions (three percent)
and the inflation index), which are listed by enterprises,
defined in Article 1 of this Act, at the highest level of
Gas consumed in the period from 1 January 1997 to 1 January
2011, and not paid for the date of entry into force.
By law.
2.3. Electrical power in the warehouse:
2.3.1. Debt-to-use entities
supply of electric power by a regulated tariff, before the DP
"Energy market" in volumes that do not exceed the amount of debt,
which are written off by these entities, under sub-paragraph (a) sub-item
9.1.2. Article 9.1 of the Law of Ukraine " On measures aimed at
to ensure the sustainable functioning of enterprises
fuel and energy complex " ( 2711-15 );
2.3.2. "Energy market" in front of enterprises,
that produce electricity in volumes that do not exceed
the amount of debt that is restructured by these enterprises,
Under article 10 of Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine " On measures,
aimed at ensuring the sustainable functioning of enterprises
fuel and energy complex " ( 2711-15 ) ta/or
restructured debt to the State Agency
The Reserve of Ukraine on the execution of decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; {Sub-paragraph 2.3.2. of paragraph 2.3. of Article 2, as amended by
with Law N 3682-VI ( 3682-17 ) From 08.07.2011}
2.3.3 "Energy market" in front of the enterprise
Performs the transfer of electric energy to the magistrate and
Interstate Electric Networks;
2.3.4. DDP "Energy market" obligations for construction
wind power plants under the Integrated Construction Program
Wind power plants;
2.3.5. the debt that shall be written in accordance with
sub-items 2.3.1-2.3.4 of this article, includes
debt (including restructured) by electric power
Energy and Services to Control Management
energy system of Ukraine and the transfer of electric energy
6. Road electric networks that have arisen
1 January 2010 and not paid to the date of entry into force
This is the Law.
2.3-1. Decommissioned for stone and charcoal,
gas refineries, oil products, natural gas of enterprises,
produce electricity, before the State Reserve Agency.
Ukraine, restructured according to the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers
Ukraine. {Article 2 is supplemented by paragraph 2.3-1 according to Act N 3682-VI.
( 3682-17 ) From 08.07.2011}
2.4. The cost of counting the tax on the added cost,
pre-posted to tax credit and tax credits
Commitment to participants in pay-by-payers
tax, defined in accordance with paragraph 19 of subsection 2
Section XX "Transitional provisions" of the Tax Code of Ukraine
( 2755-17 ).
2.5. Disposals of the debt according to this Act
Done in order ( 894-2011-P ) established by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine.
2.6. Host entities defined in Article 1 of this
Law, restructure the debt for natural gas and natural gas
electrical energy that formed as of January 1, 2011 and
not paid to the date of entry into force under this Act, according to
Article 3. Final Position
1. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication and acts
on 30 June 2012. {Paragraph 1 of Article 3, as amended by the Act,
N 4277-VI ( 4277-17 ) From 22.12.2011}
2. Part of the first article 49 of the Law of Ukraine " On executive
Failure " ( 606-14 ) (in edition of the Law of Ukraine on 4 November
2010 N 2677-VI) 2677-17 ) complementing paragraph 14
"(14) Write-offs under the Law of Ukraine" On some issues
The debt of natural gas and electricity "
(3319-17) The debt set by the decision of the court
"The execution of the instrument on the basis of the executive document".
3. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in a two-week term from the day
to take effect by the Act to approve the order of the write-off
It is owed to natural gas and electricity.

President of Ukraine V. YASUKOVIC
Um ... Kiev, 12 May 2011
N 3319-VI