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On Amendments To Certain Laws Of Ukraine On Questions Of Activity Of The National Bank Of Ukraine

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до деяких законів України щодо окремих питань діяльності Національного банку України

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On the introduction of changes to some laws of Ukraine on specific issues of the activities of the National Bank of Ukraine

(Information Of The Verkhovna Rada Of Ukraine (VR), 2012, No. 40, pp. 479)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ruling :

I. Amend the following legislative acts of Ukraine:

1. In "National Bank of Ukraine". (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1999, No. 29, art. 238):

(1) In part three of Article 20, the words "representatives of the National Bank" would be replaced by the words "representatives of the National Bank or in which are shares (parts, pauses) belonging to the state";

(2) Part of the first article 42 to complement paragraph 8 - 1 such content:

" 8 - 1 ) Provides activities related to intelligence, extraction, production and use of precious metals in order to replenish gold-currency reserves, make bank metals ";

(3) Paragraph 2 of the second article 48 supplements the words "and operations to ensure the activities of the National Bank within the sum of the costs of the National Bank's revenues and expenses";

(4) Part of the second article 68 is taught in such an editorial:

" The National Bank informs the public about their activities by publishing relevant information on the pages of the official Internet representation of the National Bank and on the official edition of the National Bank, by conducting executives. National Bank of Press conferences, radio and television programs, program creation and broadcasts of the National Bank and other predicted law ";

(5) Part of the second article 71 shall complement paragraph 4 of this content:

"(4) Production activities of the Banking and Mint, a factory of banknotes paper and the State Treasury of Ukraine, which is carried out in accordance with the provisions approved by the Government of the National Bank."

2. Abazzi second-fourth part of the fourth article 4 Law of Ukraine "On State Regulation of extraction, production and use of precious metals and precious stones and control of operations with them" (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1998, No. 9, pp. 34; 2003, No. 39, pp. 332) replace one paragraph of this content:

" 4. Athens is precious metals in a standard form, as well as extracted from superpower or repurposed precious stones in sorted form when selling subjects of their extraction and production, clusters not bought out of bail and household goods. products of precious metals, scrap precious metals, and precious stones of the first order of the first order are offered by the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. "

II. Final Position

1. This Act will take effect from the day, the following day by the day of its publication.

2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for three months on the present day of the Act to develop and bring in compliance with the Act of its Regulations, to ensure the development and adoption of ministries and other central bodies The executive branch of the law, under this Act.

3. The National Bank of Ukraine for three months from the day of entry into force is to bring its legal and legal acts into compliance with the Act.

President of Ukraine

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Um ... Kyoto
February 9, 2012
No. 4395-VI