On Amendments To Certain Laws Of Ukraine Regarding The Safeguarding Of Pension Assets

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до деяких законів України щодо убезпечення пенсійних активів

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The LAW of UKRAINE on amendments to certain laws of Ukraine regarding the safeguarding of pension assets (Supreme Council (BD), 2013, no. 15, 117), the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides: I. Make changes to the following laws: 1. The law of Ukraine "on banks and banking" (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 2001, no. 5-6, 30; 2002, no. 5, 30; 2006, no. 8 , art. 90, no. 13, art. 110, no. 16, item. 134; 2010, no. 2-3, art. 11): 1) Article 93 supplement part of the ninth the following contents: "Pension assets are not included in the liquidation of the custodian Funded Pension Fund, pension fund, and other banks. Disposal of pension assets Accumulation Pension Fund and the assets of private pension funds is carried out in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "on mandatory State pension insurance" and "non-government pension provision";

2) the first part of article 96 to supplement paragraph 2-1 the following contents: 2-1) the requirements of the Pension Fund of Ukraine concerning the obligations to Cumulative pension fund requirements and private pension funds.

2. Paragraph 4 of part three article 45 of the law "on non-State pension provision" (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 2003, # 47-48, art. 372) lay in the following wording: "4) introduction of the custodian of the temporary administration, introduction of the procedure of the custodian, violation of the bankruptcy custodian, making a decision on its liquidation."

3. in paragraph 1 of part two article 99 of law of Ukraine "on mandatory State pension insurance" (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 2003, no. 49-51, article 376; 2012., no. 7, article 53, no. 12-13, art. 82) words "licence, issued by the National Bank of Ukraine", replace the words "a banking license."

II. this Act comes into force on the day following the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Kiev 24 may 2012 # 4841-VI

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