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On The State Budget Of Ukraine For 1992

Original Language Title: Про Державний бюджет України на 1992 рік

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About the State Budget of Ukraine in 1992

(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1992, N 35, pp. 513)
(With changes made in accordance with Dec.
N 23-92 31.12.92, BBR, 1993, N 11, pp. 93)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
Article 1. Approve the State Budget of Ukraine for 1992
Income in sum of 657,752.3 million And on the basis of the
684 471.2 million The carbovans Establish that funding is outstanding
be made within the actual application of the actual income generated by the application
the rigid regime of the economy.
Article 2. Set the State Budget revenues of Ukraine to
1992 on the main types of revenues in the following areas:
(Million. (b)
Tax on added value 339 906.6
Tax on income of enterprises and 121 158.1 organizations
Excise collection 18 245
Pay for the land in part that centralized in state Budget 6 039.9
State mito 56.1
Customs income 13 989
Revenue from the host 15 000 Ministry of Defence Ukraine
Application 24 000 Special exchange rate (currency exchange)
Use of the 300 Security services
The Origin of the Republican 31 monetary lottery
Fees and other non-tax revenues 3 000
Geologist 7 250.8 General
Contributions of enterprises and farms-107 810 Organizations to the Fund for the Take action on The elimination of the effects of the Chernobyl disaster. Disaster and Social Security Disaster Population
Article 3. Set in the State Budget of Ukraine for 1992
For the implementation of such measures:
(Million. (b)
Social protection of the population-total 108 239.3
of these to:
Income indexing costs and 6 246.4 Payroll (scholarships) workers (students) and institutions funded by the budget
Payment of compensations to the population at 5,400 children, acquisition of school uniforms and Children's range, on Purchase of tickets for aviation Rail transport and rail transport
Military personnel pensions Armed Forces pensions-26 347 Territory of the Republic of Ukraine, of Ukraine and the National Security Service of Ukraine, Security Service Ukraine, Private and Primary- Organs of the Interior Affairs of Ukraine and to their family members, Payment of compensation as well as payment Military personnel and their members families
Maternal and childhood protection, 32 233 Assistance to the poor the population and other measures to social security
Financing of activities related to 37 012.9 of the State Regulation.- of prices (state board for Food, medicine, Fuel for the population, services Public housing Cost-cheaper cost Building Youth Housing housing units, etc.)
Transfer to the State Fund 1 000 Employment Promotion
Financing of socio-cultural 94 619.8 Sphere-total
Public education, training personnel 60 706.8
culture, art, mass-14 779.3 Information
with them to produce films 592.8 and press support
Health, Youth Prog 19 133.7 arts, physical culture and sports
Funding for research 33 920 works
Funding for the people ' s house 157 777.4 Total Darcas
of these to:
capital 54 916.9
Including social media 34 173
The development of the village and the
Technical and technical base of agro-
Industrial complex
Financing of measures related to 3 042.7 in-service output CHEC objects
Funding for emergency measures 20 338.7 for the reconstruction of enterprises, Production of goods produced People's Consumption and Products production destination
State loan. 10 000
of these to:
capital investment. 5 000
Financing of the Geological Survey Work
Financing of approved programmes 22 513 Conversion of the United Nations of the complex
Land ordering costs, 7 395.7 anti-episodic measures, exploited- and maintenance of irrigation systems, veterinary network and other costs of the agro- Point complex
Redevelopment and improvement of family-414.5 Land
Forestry, 5 823.4 Protection and Protection of Forests
Conduct of Land Reform 677.3
Reimbursement of travel 900 Tribal cattle
Protection of the Environment environment
A partial payment of interest on you- Credit data:
Entrepreneurs 900
Peasant (farm) 1 000
Collective Agriculture 400
Economic and social services
Financing of activities related to 7 716.8 with the return of the Crimean Tatar who, the German and other Peoples
capital investment 6 260
Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, 108 215.3 National Guard of Ukraine, Border Forces of Ukraine, Civil Defence Staff of Ukraine, Academic institutions of the Society Promoting the Defence of Ukraine
Maintenance of legislative, 13 760.6 and judicial authorities
Maintenance of the Security Service of Ukraine 8 935.6
Detention Of The Prosecutor's Office 1 711.5
Detention Of The Ministry Of Internal 20 970.1 Ukrainian Affairs
Expenditure on transport national of which currency, purchase of equipment for the production of securities and coins
Mobilization costs 977.8 The thickness of the branches of the people Dara
Expenditure on the provision of state 3 338 Reserves
Contributions to international organizations 64
Reserve Fund of the Cabinet of Ministers 9 500 Ukraine
Expenditure related to liquidation 107 810 Repercussions of Chernobyl rophus and social protection of nasa- Division
of them on
capital 53 804.7
To enable the Program Stabilization of the economy:
Republic of Crimea 3 200
City of Sevastopol 1 500
Article 4. The total amount of appropriations for organ maintenance
legislative, executive and judicial authorities to approve the
(Million. (b)
legislative power 445.7
Executive Officer 11 040.1
Judicial authorities 2 274.8
Article 5. Set temporarily for 1992 to be made
rental of rental enterprises created on the basis of
public enterprises, associations and organizations, to appropriate
Budgets are based on the subordination of enterprises.
Article 6. Set to be a tax on added tax
cost provided by the Law of Ukraine " On the tax on addenda
the cost " ( 2007-12 , provided for the implementation of products,
carrying out work and providing services to consumers within Ukraine,
in addition to exports for free convertible currency, if not
There's an agreement for the intergovernmental agreements.
Article 7. Approve regulations for 1992
budget of the Republic of Crimea and local budgets of areas, cities of Kyiv
and Sevastopol: (a) The value added tax:
(percentage) Republic of Crimea 58.6
Vintage 82.0 Volyn 82.7 Dnipropetrovsk 15.8 Donetsk 15.5 Zhytomyr 84.3 Zakarpattia 95.5 Zaporozhye 14.5 Ivano-Frankivsk 81.5 Kyiv 43.8 Kirovohrad 100.0 Luhansk 15.5 Lviv 44.0 Mykolaiv 72.6 Odesa 54.3 Poltava 38.7 Rivne 92.9 Total 66.0 Ternopal 93.7 Kharkiv 57.0 Herson 97.2 Hmelnytsky 79.4 Cherkassa 65.7 Blueberry 93.6 Chernihiv 56.3 Um ... Kyiv 41.9 Um ... Sevastopol 73.0
b) from income tax (except for those businesses that
enter the composition of the local estate and communal property,
and their structural units, newly created small businesses, and
also joint ventures in accordance with the share in them
(percentage) Republic of Crimea
Vinnytsia 50 Volyn 50 Dnipropetrovsk 40 Donetsk 20 Rye Carpathian 100 Zaporozhye 20 Ivano-Frankivsk 50 Kiev 70 Kirovohrad 100 Luhansk 35 Lviv 50 Mykolaiv 50 Odessa 50 Poltava 50 Level 70 Sumian 50 Ternopilsk 70 Kharkiv 50 Herson 100 Khmelnytsky 50 Cherkassa 50 Black 100 Chernihiv 70 Um ... Kyiv 50 Um ... Sevastopol 100
(c) from excise collection to the budget of the Republic of Crimea, local
the budgets of areas and cities of Kyiv-50 percent and up to budget
Zakarpattia, Kirovohrad, Kherson, Chernivtsi regions
and the cities of Sevastopol are 100 per cent.
Article 8. Establish that in 1992: (a) Land charges are credited to local budgets.
self-government, of which 30 percent are subject to centralization in
State Budget of Ukraine; (b) the regulatory income between all levels of the budget of the Republic
Crimea, local budgets of areas, cities of Kiev and Sevastopol are:
income tax from citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and
Stateless persons; (c) Income tax from casinos, video salons, video shows,
Mass shooting, mass concert
procedures, the order of payment of paragraph 4 of Article 4, paragraph 4
Law of Ukraine " On taxation of income of enterprises and
organizations " ( 2146-12 , to be fully budgeted
National Council of People's Deputies.
Article 9. Establish that the National Bank of Ukraine and
Republican commercial banks carry out in 1992 distribution and
Payment of taxes, fees and mandatory payments to the State
budget of Ukraine, the republican budget of the Republic of Crimea and the
Local budgets of areas, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol
According to the regulations approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,
The Supreme Council of the Republic of Crimea and the Local Council.
Article 10. Establish that proceeds from privatization
State property in the respective territories of 10 per cent
directed to local budgets and are used on social
protection of the population
Article 11. Set the 1992 reference to the State
The Fund for the Promotion of Population 0.1% of
volume of outstanding expenditures of the State Budget of Ukraine. Count dimensions to
The fund for the assistance of local budgets is determined
independently by the respective councils of local and regional
Article 12. Transfer to funding from local budgets
Republic of Crimea, Regions and Cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol Excellence in the
monthly cash payments to the low-income citizens for
purchase of food and compensation payments to families from
Underage children:
Monthly cash compensations
Pay for the ad-payments on non-stop
Children's goods
(Million. (b) (Million. (b)
Republic Of Crimea 1662.4 646.5
Vinnytsia 1553.2 662.7 Volyn 980.2 432.0 Dnipropetrovsk 3098.9 1288.0 Donetsk 4127.8 1916.8 Ryotomyr 1343.8 553.8 Zakarpattia 1224.3 492.4 Zaporozhye 1669.0 590.8 Ivano-Frankivsk 1286.0 493.2 Kiev 1590.4 707.0 Kirovohrad 994.2 475.8 Luhansk 2286.7 954.5 Lviv 2381.8 919.7 Mykolaiv 1118.3 434.0 Odessa 2097.5 817.3 Poltava 1338.2 532.3 Rivne 1124.6 404.8 Sumskaya 1118.1 482.7 Ternopal 1012.9 382.2 Kharkiv 2404.8 1075.4 Herson 1102.5 483.7 Khmelnytsky 1244.2 418.4 Cherkassa 1219.3 502.7 Chernivetsk 839.2 274.7 Chernihiv 1057.1 466.6 Um ... Kyiv 2063.5 864.6 Um ... Sevastopol 349.1 130.3

Article 13. Transfer to funding from budgets of the Republic
Crimea, areas, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol are outstanding on the dosage of
Enterprises and organizations of housing and communal services,
Transport, Metropolitans and Sevastopol
Maritime trade in the amount of $34,195.7 million The carbovans
Article 14. (The validity of part of first article 14 stops with
January 1, 1993 by Decree N 23-92 31.12.92)
Extend to medical professionals the validity of Article 52 of the Law of Ukraine
"On Education" 1060-12 ) part of the installation of medium-rate and
Boarding pass at the level not lower than average wage
Pay the employees of industry
To be paid to medical staff for January-April
1992 to the average wage of workers
industry in the order defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Article 15. Establish that the return of funds received by the Council
Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, executive committees of the regional,
Kiev and Sevastopol City Council of People's Deputies
Ukraine's State Budget as a loan and debt
mutual calculations, fail in 1992 monthly equal
Article 16. Predict in the State Budget
Ukraine is a subventing of the Kirovograd region at a total of 292.3 million soums.
The carbovans are at the expense of local budgets that are not covered
Income, as well as in the financing of stabilization activities
the Economy of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol respectively
3.2 billion. $1.5 billion. The carbovans
Article 17. Approve the limit size of the deficit State
The budget of Ukraine's budget for 1992 was 26,718.9 million. The carbovans Set the limit of participation of the National Bank of Ukraine in
credit of budget expenditures not more than 2 percent of gross
National product.
Article 18. Set to Article 5 of the Act
Ukraine "On rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Ukraine"
( 962-12 ) payment of monetary compensation, as well as return of property
Or refunds its value only by rehabilitating
to the people or heirs of the first line.
Article 19. Save in 1992 the order of accounting and reporting
National Bank of Ukraine and Republican Commercial Banks
on the execution of the State Budget of Ukraine, which was active in 1991.
Article 20. Set that in cases where subjects
the legislative initiative to be introduced to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the granting of benefits
Taxation of enterprises, organizations, or allocation of additional
On the budget, they must submit proposals at the same time,
directed to replenish income or reduction
The State Budget of Ukraine.
Article 21. Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Dimensions of contributions to the State Budget of Ukraine
enterprise activities by the State of the State
Exchange of monetary funds of Ukraine.
Article 22. To instruct the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to exercise
Intercalculations between the State Budget of Ukraine and the budgets
Republic of Crimea, areas, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, stemming from the
From the decisions made on the formation of communal property, and
In accordance with approved regulations
public taxes and fees to the budgets of the Republic of Crimea,
areas, cities of Kiev and Sevastopol.
Article 23. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministries and
To the Council of States, the Supreme Council and the Government of the Crimea
and representatives of the President of Ukraine in areas, cities of Kyiv and
Sevastopol, districts, districts in Kiev, Ukraine, all enterprises
(union), institutions and organizations to ensure tough
mode of economy and thrift in public spending,
increased efficiency of production, strict retention
-Tax law.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 18 June 1992
N 2477-XII