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On Amendments And Additions To The Law Of The Ukrainian Ssr "on Protection Of Consumer Rights"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до Закону Української РСР "Про захист прав споживачів"

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About making changes and additions to the Act
Ukrainian SSR "On Protection of Consumer Rights"

(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1994, N 1, st. 1)
(Entered by the Resolution of VR)
N 3684-XII 3684-12 ) from 15.12.93, BBR, 1994, N 1, st. 2)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
Make changes and additions to the Ukrainian SSR Law " About
protection of consumer rights " ( 1023-12 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
The USSR, 1991, N 30, pp. 379), teaching it in such an editorial:

Consumer Rights Protection

This Act governs the relationship between consumer goods (works,
services) and by the workers, performers, sellers in the conditions of different
property forms, establishes the rights of consumers and determines the mechanism
implementation of the state protection of their rights. In this Act, the terms below are used in this respect.
value: consumer is a citizen who acquires, orders, uses
or intends to acquire or order goods (works, services) for
Their own household needs; Cash flow, institution, organization, or
Citizen-entrepreneur who produce goods to implement; Executor-enterprise, institution, organization or
Citizen entrepreneur who perform or provide services; sales venture, institution, organization or
Citizen entrepreneur who implements goods under contract
Purchasing sales; a contract is a oral or written agreement between the consumer and the seller
(performer) about the quality, terms, price and other conditions under which
Buy-sell, work and services. Written Agreement
can be decorated with a receipt, a trademark or a cash check or other
Documents; drawdown-a separate disparity of a product (work, services)
the requirements of regulatory documents, terms of treaties or requirements that
are charged to him, as well as information on the goods (work,
(a) that is provided by the cash (by the seller); a substantial flaw is a flaw that makes it impossible or
invalid use of commodity (work, services) according to
its target destination, or cannot be removed about it
consumer, or to remove the necessary large labor costs and
time, or it makes the goods (work, service) other than
have a contract, or is shown again after its removal.

R O and L I

Article 1. Legislation for the Protection of Consumer Rights
Ukraine ' s legislation on consumer protection consists of
with this Act and other acts of legislation issued
It's all right.
Article 2. International treaties
If the International Treaty of Ukraine establishes other rules,
than those in the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of consumer rights,
In its territory the rules of the international treaty apply.

R O and L II
Article 3. Consumer rights
Consumers who are in the territory of Ukraine, during
purchase, order or use of goods (works, services) for
The satisfaction of their household needs is entitled to: State protection of their rights; Guaranteed level of consumption; the proper quality of goods (works, services), trade and
Other types of maintenance; Safety of goods (works, services); needed, available and reliable information about the number,
the quality and range of goods (works, services); Reimbursement of loss caused by goods (robots,
services) of inappropriate quality, as well as harm caused by
dangerous for life and health of people in goods (robots,
(a) The question of the question; an appeal to the court and other authorized public bodies for
Protection of violations of rights; association in public consumer organisations (union)
Article 4. State protection of consumer rights
1. The State provides citizens to protect their interests as
consumers, provides the possibility of free choice of goods (works,
of the services), acquiring knowledge and qualifications required to adopt
independent solutions during the acquisition and use of goods
(works, services) according to their needs, and guarantees acquisition or
receiving other legitimate means of goods (works, services) in
volumes that provide the level of consumption sufficient for
To maintain health and life. 2. State protection of the rights of citizens as consumers exercise
For the sake of the People's Deputies, their executive and orderly bodies, the Council
Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, local government administrations,
State Committee of Ukraine on the Protection of Consumer Rights and its
organs in the Republic of Crimea, areas, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol,
State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and
certification and its territorial bodies, bodies and institutions
of the State Department of Public Administration of Ukraine, other organs of the State
Executive Power on Quality and Security
goods (works, services) intended for consumers, as well as the court.
Article 5. Powers of the State Committee of Ukraine in cases
protecting the rights of consumers and its bodies in the Republic of
Crimea, areas, cities of Kiev and Sevastopol
State Committee of Ukraine on the Protection of Consumer Rights,
its organs in the Republic of Crimea, areas, cities of Kyiv and
Sevastopol is carrying out state control of the interrogation.
legislation of Ukraine on the protection of consumer rights in the central and
Local Government and the Local Government
entities-enterprises (their associations), institutions,
organizations independent of the forms of property,
by entrepreneurs and foreign legal entities that
Doing business activities in the territory of Ukraine,
provide the implementation of public policy on the protection of rights
consumers and have the right to: 1) to give master entities mandatory for fulfillment
(b) Orders to end violations of consumer rights; 2) to check in the economic entities of the sphere of trade,
public food and service quality of goods (works, services),
Retention of the mandatory requirements for the safety of goods (works,
services), as well as the retention of trade and provision of services.
To go unhindered and circumcate, according to the legislation,
any production, storage, trade and other premises of these
Subjects 3) relocating in the host entities of the sphere of trade,
public food and services of goods, raw materials,
materials, semi-factories, kits for inspection
their quality at the site or conducting independent expertise in
Relevant laboratories and other cost-paying institutions
samples and conducted research (expertise) at the expense of
the master who is being tested. The selection order of such samples is determined by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine. Conduct calculation control checks from
by consumers for providing services and implemented goods. In case
Failure to return the cost of their reimbursement
refers to the results of the activities of the host entities.
The order of conducting such inspections is determined by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine; 4) receive from the host actors who are tested,
the required regulatory documents and other information that
characterize the quality of goods (works, services), raw materials,
materials, composing products used for the
the production of these goods (execution of works, provision of services); 5) stop shipping and the implementation of goods not
meet the requirements of regulatory documents, to the elimination of
The host subjects of discovered deficiencies; (6) To prohibit host actors from implementing consumers
Goods (works, services): on which there are no documents that certify their compliance
Regulations; on which in the acts of legislation, regulatory documents
Mandatory requirements for the safety of life,
health, consumer property and environmental protection
the environment if these products (work, services) do not have a certificate
Correspondence; the territory of Ukraine without documents
Confirm their proper quality; (7) To make decisions: on the termination of trade, public nutrition and
services sales and production of goods, performance and delivery
services that do not meet the requirements of normative documents-to
Elimination of detected flaws; on temporary termination of trade enterprises
(sections, departments), public nutrition, services sectors, warehouses
enterprises of wholesale and retail and organizations independently
from a form of property that systematically implements non-benign
goods, violate rules of trade and provision of services, conditions
storage and transport of goods,-to eliminate detection
Shortcomings 8) be fertilized in order provided by legislation,
areas of trade, public nutrition and production services,
warehousing, trade and other premises, and incorrect,
Malfunction and non-infringement.
the terms of the measuring instruments by which the
provided consumer services, with the following message
The State Committee of the State Committee of the State Committee of Ukraine
for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, its territorial
Organs for the conduct of slow works and compilations; 9) remove unqualitative goods, documents, other items
Indicates a violation of consumer rights; (10) to sue the protection of consumer rights; (11) Transfer the materials to the actions of persons containing
Signs of crime, knowledge authorities, or prior investigation; 12) impose on guilty persons in cases that are predicted
Legislation, administrative deferment; 13) impose on the economic entities of the sphere of trade,
public food and services, including on
Civil-entrepreneurs, charging provided by Article 23 of this
The law is in order defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Results of the inspections of host actors
by the State Committee of Ukraine for the Protection of Human Rights
consumers and its organs are decorated with acts that are approved
The officers (their deputies) of the established bodies. Order to stop the upload and implementation of goods
General, temporary termination of production
goods, performing work and providing services, activities of enterprises
trade, public nutrition and services sectors, as well as
remove the necessities of goods, documents and other items
Evidenced by consumer rights violations, determined by the legislative
Acts of Ukraine.
Article 6. Powers of other governmental bodies
power to protect the rights of consumers
Other state executive bodies are carrying out state
protection of rights of consumers within their competence defined by
Applicable legislation.
Article 7. Duties and responsibilities of the officers
the state executive who exercise the protection of
consumer rights
Staff members of the State Executive
perform protection of consumer rights, are required to be strictly proof
legislation of Ukraine, as well as the rights of citizens, businesses, institutions
and organizations that are protected by law. They're not required.
share the information obtained during the exercise of their
the authority and who constitute a state or other secret that
protected by law. For non-execution or non-non-execution
Officers of their duties are drawn to the
responsibility in accordance with the current legislation.
Article 8. Review of complaints of government bodies
Rights of the United States of America
consumers, their employees, and on the actions of such
Complaints of the State Executive Bodies ' s decision to be made
to protect the rights of consumers, their official persons, and to
the actions of such persons are considered in the order defined by
Legislation. Filing a complaint does not stop the decision of the state body
The executive branch of the executive branch,
Persons, as well as actions of such persons.
Article 9. Relations of the State Executive
Exercising consumer rights protection, with
Law enforcement agencies
Law enforcement officers provide assistance to the serviceman
To the authorities of the State executive
rights of consumers, in the execution of their official duties and
stop illegal actions of citizens who prevent execution
The functions of these are functions.
Article 10. Legal protection of staff members of the State Committee
Ukraine in the Defence of Consumer Rights and its
bodies in the Republic of Crimea, areas, cities of Kyiv
And Sevastopol.
1. Service of the State of the State of the State for the Protection of Human Rights
The consumers are under control of their duties.
Protection of the law. The state guarantees protection of life, health, honor, dignity and
Property of the Public Authority for the Protection of Human Rights
consumers and members of her family from criminal attacks and others
Counteract. 2. All staff members of the public protection bodies
rights of consumers are subject to the state mandatory insurance for
State budget. Order and Conditions of Insurance of the Public Service
human rights protection authority is set by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine. 3. Referral of the civil servant of the public authority for protection
consumer rights, as well as resistance, threats, violence and other actions,
what prevent the execution of the tasks put on it, to pull over
A statutory responsibility. In the case of potassium or disability, have been in connection with
Execution of civil servants, civil servant
To protect the rights of consumers
from the annual to five-year cash flow depending on
the degree of loss of performance, and in the case of death of the specified
the causes of the family ' s death are paid out disposable in size
a ten-year-old cash payment in the last position. Damages inflicted by the office entity of the public body in the
protection of the rights of consumers or members of her family in connection with
By the execution of her duties, to be compensated in full
the budget of the state budget with the following charge
that's the sum of the guilty people. 4. Office of the State of State for the Protection of Human Rights
Consumers have the right to use the service free of charge
Activities in Ukraine by all kinds of urban areas
passenger transport (excluding taxis), electric trains
Commuting and bus services
Article 11. Assured level of consumption
The guaranteed level of consumption is provided by: stimulating the production of goods, performing work and providing
Services; the introduction if the normalized distribution is required
goods if there is no guarantee of their free acquisition by each
The consumer; the introduction of compensation payments, various types of aid and
The benefits of the citizens.
Article 12. The right of the consumer to the proper quality of goods (works,
1. The problem has the right to require a seller (cash flows,
(a) to have the quality acquired;
The services) met the requirements of normative documents,
terms of contracts, as well as information on goods (work, service),
This is the sale of the seller (cash flow, artist). 2. Help to a commodity (work, services) regarding its security for
life, health and consumer property, as well as the
The natural environment is established by normative instruments. Specific groups of goods (works, services) specified
are established by legislative acts of Ukraine. Realization of consumer interests in setting requirements up to
the quality of goods (works, services)
Consumer associations in the development of regulatory documents according to
Applicable legislation. 3. Seller (Cash, Artist)
the consumer product (work, service), which is by quality
the requirements of normative documents, the terms of the treaty, and
information about the goods (work, service) provided by the seller
(in cash). Goods that are imported into the territory of Ukraine must be
Stipulated by the current legislation that confirms their
Adequate quality. 4. Cash (performer) is required to provide
the ability to use a commodity (results of executed work) per
Assignment during the term of his service,
a regulatory document or established by an agreement with
the consumer, and in the absence of such terms-for 10 years
Years. The cash flow is required to provide maintenance
and warranty repair of the commodity, as well as issue and supply for
enterprises which carry out maintenance and repair, in
required volumes and assortment of spare parts throughout
the term of its production, and after production-during
the term of service, in the absence of such a term-for 10 years
Article 13. Guarantee obligations
1. Cash (performer) provides a normal job
(application, use) commodity (work, services), in volume
including components, during the warranty of the term,
established by legislation, and in the case of its absence-
by the treaty. Warranty terms on complex products should not be
less than the warranty term on the main solution if the other is not
There is a statute of legislation or legislation. 2. A guaranteed term should be specified on the goods passport
(a job, a service) or on its label or any other
the document added to the product (work, services). For medicines, food products, household goods
chemistry, perfumery and other goods, consumer and
properties of which can eventually worsen and become
danger to life, health, property and the environment
environment, sets the term of suitability that is noted
on labels, packaging or in other documents added to them.
for sale, and which is considered a guarantee term. Term
The suitability is computed from the production date, which also has to be
specified on the label or in other documents, and is defined or
time for which a commodity is suitable for use, or
The date before which the product is usable. The sale of the goods, the term suitability of which is passed, is prohibited. For seasonal goods (clothing, fur goods and other) warranty products.
the term is computed from the beginning of the corresponding season, which
is set up by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 3. When selling goods by samples by mail, as well as
cases when the purchase purchase time and the time of the contract
consumer transfer does not match, warranty terms
calculated from the day of delivery to the consumer, and if the goods
requires a special installation (connection) or assembly-from
the day of their exercise. If the day of delivery, installation (connectivity), or
the assembly, as well as the transfer of real estate to establish
impossible or if the property was in the consumer prior to the application
contract purchase-from day of contract
Buy sales. 4. About goods (works, services) to which guarantees
time is not set, the consumer has the right to offer a seller
(to the artist, the executive) the relevant requirements if the flaws were
discovered for six months, and regarding real estate-not
later three years from the time of transmission to the consumer. 5. Under warranty repair, warranty term
increased for the time of the commodity (work, services) in
Okay, repair The specified time is calculated from the day the consumer has turned
With the requirement to remove the shortcomings. 6. When trading a commodity, its warranty term is calculated
reed from day of exchange.
Article 14. Consumer rights in case of purchase of goods
Inappropriate quality
1. Disputes on the detection of goods or falsification of goods
for warranty or other terms set up
mandatory for parties by rules or contract, has the right to
your choice to require a seller or a reseller: (a) To remove the shortcomings of goods or reimbursement;
costs to fix them by the consumer or the third person; (b) Replacement for similar product quality; (b) To reduce its price; Replacement for the same product of another model with the appropriate
Counting the price of the price; (d) The dissolution of the treaty and damages which he had
Got it Concerning non-food goods that were in use and
implemented through retail commissions trade enterprises,
The consumer requirements specified in this item are satisfied with
with the consent of the seller. According to this paragraph, the customer requirements for the
goods, the term of guarantee that is not over. 2. Help the consumer set out paragraph 1 of this article,
are charged with the choice of a consumer to the seller by the place of purchase
a commodity, a vibe or enterprise that performs their functions abroad
The location of the consumer. The meaning of the requirements for the locality of the consumer is performing
also created by the owner of a merchant enterprise and
branches that carry out a sale of similar acquired consumer
goods, or businesses on which these functions rely on
treaty. The company's companies are represented by
their representation and affiliations created by the students for this purpose,
or enterprises that perform the specified requirements on the basis of
Cash flow agreement. Sales and Cash Sales (Implementation) Commodity
are required to inform the consumer about businesses that perform
the requirements established by paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article. Unv Case
Such information, they carry the responsibility established by the article
18 of this Act. 3. Seller, reseller (the enterprise that performs them)
functions) are required to accept the goods of inappropriate quality in the consumer
and satisfy his demands. Delivery of large-scale goods and goods weighing more than five
kilograms of salesperson, to the company (an entrepreneurial)
functions) and their return to the consumer are carried out by forces and
by the means of a seller, a reseller (enterprise that performs them)
functions). In case of not fulfilling this commitment, as well as a lack of
A seller, a cash retailer (an enterprise that performs their functions) in
The whereabouts of the consumer delivery and the return of goods may be
be committed to the consumer at their expense. 4. In the presence of a commodity, the requirement for the consumer of its replacement
Subject to immediate pleasure, and in case of the need to verify
the quality is for 14 days or by arrangement of the parties. In case of a lack of a product, the requirement for the replacement consumer
is satisfied with the pleasure of a two-month term from the time of the appropriate
Statement. If you can satisfy the consumer to replace the product in
set the term impossible, the consumer right behind your choice
show a seller, a company (an enterprise that fulfills them)
functions) other requirements provided by subparagraphs "a", "b", "g", "d"
item 1 of this article. 5. When replacing the goods with underlines on a similar product
the proper quality, the price of which changed, the calculation of the cost is not
Come on. When replacing a commodity with underlines on the same product of another
Cost-counting models fall from the price of the operating system
An hour of exchange. When you break the contract with the consumer,
Increase the price of goods from its value to
the timing of the relevant requirement, and in case of a lower price-
based on the value of the commodity at the time of purchase. 6. In case of acquisition of food goods
An inappropriate quality seller is required to replace them with quality
goods or return to the consumer paid by it if given
Weaknesses detected within the term of suitability. With this
Consumers ' need to deal with the consumer order
part of the third paragraph 5 of this article. 7. Subject to the consumer of the removal requirements
The shortcomings of the goods they must be removed within 14 days or by
from the consent of the parties to another term. At the request of the consumer at the time of repair it is provided (with
(a) A similar commodity, regardless of the model. For This
the cash flow along with the seller is required on a contractual basis
To anticipate the exchange of goods. List of such goods
is defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. For each day of delay the execution requirements
a similar commodity and on every day of the removal of the disadvantages
more than a fixed term (14 days) to the consumer is paid
A non-persistent value of one percent of the cost of a commodity. When removing the flaws by replacing the composing
or parts of the commodity on which the warranty is established
terms, warranty term for a new complex solution and
the ingredient is calculated from the day to the consumer of the product
after repairs. 8. The situation has the right to present a visa-free requirement for
remove the removal of the goods after the warranty is completed
the term. This requirement can be charged during installation.
the term of service, and if not established-for 10 years,
if there were substantial flaws in the commodity, admitted to guilt
The cash flow. If this requirement is not satisfied with the terms predicted.
item 7 of this article, the consumer is entitled to its choice
To produce the demanding other requirements set by paragraph 1 of this
Articles. 9. The requirements of the consumer are treated after the view
the consumer of a receipt, a commodity or a cash check or another
in a written document, and for goods which are established
warranty terms,-a technical passport or other document that
-He's replaced. During sale, the seller is required to issue
A consumer receipt, a trademark or a cash check or other written
a document that will ascertain the purchase fact. In case of loss of a technical passport or other
a document that replaces it, their recovery is done in order,
to be determined by legislation. 10. Cash is required to reimburse all the damage to the seller
(an enterprise that performs its function) which views the claim
the consumer to the product produced. The seller (in cash) of goods is required in the monthly term
reharm to the businesses fulfilling its functions, damages which are
It's been in touch with the pleasure of the consumer,
To be foreseen by this article. 11. Requirements set out paragraph 1 of this article on goods,
manufactured outside Ukraine or acquired in
The facilitators are satisfied with the seller's account. In this case, the seller may require redress to the task
He's got a lot of damage to him. 12. The demand of the consumer provided by this article is not
are subject to pleasure, if the seller, the company, the company,
that performs their functions) will prove that the deficiencies of the product have arisen
resulting in a consumer violation of the use of goods or
His storage. The consumer has the right to participate in the inspection
the quality of a commodity personally or through its representative.

Article 15. Consumer rights in case of violation of the executive condition
work and service delivery
1. The person has the right to withdraw the execution contract
work and provision of services and to demand damages, if
The executor does not accept the contract or the
executes the work so slow to finish it in the defined term
is not possible. 2. If during work or service delivery
apparent that they shall not be executed under the terms of the treaty,
The consumer has the right to assign the appropriate term to
eliminating the drawbacks, and in case of non-compliance with this requirement
the deadline is to break the treaty and demand damages or
Tasked with fixing the flaws in the third person at the expense of the performer. 3. If the performer withdrew from the terms of the treaty, which led
to the deterioration of the work done (services), or the other
disadvantages in doing work (service), the consumer has the right behind its
choose to require free removal of these failings in
the appropriate term or reimbursement of the expenses he has experienced
eliminating their means of malnutrition or appropriate
Reduce the reward for work (service). 4. In the presence of the works (services) substantial retreat from
the terms of the contract or other substantial weaknesses of the consumer are entitled
require a contract to be terminated and damages. If substantial retreat from the terms of the contract or other substantial
the flaws were found in the work (service) performed from the material
consumer, the consumer has the right to demand for its choice or
execute it from the same material of the artist, or the break
And damages. 5. If a performer does not perform or does not properly perform
the obligation under the law or the treaty, it pays
The consumer is unstable (fine, foam) if it is predicted
by law or by the treaty. Payment by the executive officer of the non-rack (penalty, penny) installed in
The case of prostroration or other non-fornable
does not release him from fulfilling the commitment to the nature of the ballot. 6. Artist is not responsible for the shortcomings of
executed jobs or given services if prove that they are
arose from the blame of the consumer itself. 7. To withdraw from the terms of the contract and other shortcomings in the work,
which could not be discovered in the ordinary way of its acceptance,
The consumer is required to notify the executive not later than three days
after their detection. 8. The orders of the customer provided by this article are subject to
satisfaction in the case of detection of flaws during warranty or
other terms set by the treaty. 9. Artist is required for a month to reimburse
Loss of loss, drink or damage
things adopted by it from the consumer to perform work or provide
Services. A performer is not exempt from liability if
the level of his scientific and technical knowledge failed to reveal
special properties of the things taken from the consumer to
performing work or service delivery. 10. Artist is responsible for the damage inflicted on
life, health or the mayday of the consumer arising from the
using things, materials, equipment, appliances,
tools, adaptations, or other means necessary to
performing it work or providing services, regardless of knowledge
an artist of their properties.
Article 16. The right of the consumer to the safety of goods (works, services)
1. The situation is entitled to goods (work, services) for
the usual conditions of their use, storage and transport were
safe for his life, health, the environment
The environment also did not damage his jersey. In the case of absence of regulatory documents containing
binding requirements to a commodity (work, service), the use of which
may harm life, health of the consumer, the environment
the natural environment as well as the consumer ' s master, the relevant organs
the State Protection of Human Rights
consumers, are required to immediately ban the release and the implementation
of such goods (execution of works, provision of services). 2. On goods (consequences of work), the use of which
The defined term is dangerous to life, the health of the consumer,
the environment or may harm the mine
the consumer, the term of service (the term of suitability). These
requirements can be distributed in both the solution in general and at individual
His parts. The cash (performer, seller) must be warned
the consumer about the term of service (suitability) of a commodity
(the effects of work) or its parts, the mandatory conditions of its
the use and possible consequences in the case of their failure, as well as
on the necessary action after the expiration date. 3. If for the safe use of goods (works, services),
their storage, transport and disposal to be added
special rules, cash (performer) obligation to develop
such rules and prove them to the seller or the consumer, and the seller
-to the consumer. 4. Goods (work, services) on which acts of legislation or
other normative documents set mandatory requirements
regarding the safety of life, consumer health, their property,
natural environment, subject to compulsory
certification under the current legislation. Implementation & &
use of such goods (including import), execution
work and delivery of services without a matching certificate
Forbid. The basis for permission to import such goods into the territory.
Ukraine is bound to the customs authorities of the certificate of conformity,
issued or recognized by the authorities. Liability for violations of goods safety requirements
(works, services) stipulated by this paragraph is determined by this
By law and other legislative acts. 5. If it is established that when added to the consumer
Use, storage or transport of goods
works) they are inflicted or may harm life, health, or
the master of the consumer or the environment of the natural environment, the cash flow
(artist, seller) is required to cease immediately
production (implementation) until the cause of harm, and in the necessary
cases-take steps to remove them from the turnover and recall
From consumers. If the causes are detrimental, it is impossible to eliminate,
The cash (performer) is required to remove such goods (work,
services) from production, remove from turnover, withdraw from
consumers. In the case of non-execution of these duties the removal of goods
(works, services) with production, removal of turnover and recall
from consumers to stop the organs of the state
of the executive branch of the executive branch
(works, services). The cash (performer) is required to redo in full
the volume of the losses caused by the recall of goods
(works, services). 6. Creating a new (upgraded) product, developer must
submit technical documentation to the appropriate body for the
Public expertise on its compliance with security requirements
life, health and consumer property, as well as the
natural environment. 7. Cash (performer) is required to inform the consumer
the possible risk and safe use of the commodity (work,
services) with the help of an international practice of notation.
Article 17. Major responsibility for the damage,
goods (robots, services)
1. Shame, inflicted on life, health or the master of the consumer
goods (robots, services) containing constructible,
production, prescription or other shortcomings, is subject to damages in
full if the legislation does not provide a higher
measure of responsibility. 2. The right to request damages to be harmed
for each loss of the consumer, regardless of whether it has been
or not in a contractual relationship with the cash flow
(Artist, seller). This right is kept for
the established term of service (the term of suitability), and if any
not set-for 10 years since the product was made
(Work, services). 3. Responsibility before the consumer for the damage specified in
Point 1 of this article, carries the side that has taken it. 4. Cash (performer) is responsible for the damage
By sharing your life, health, or master of the consumer in connection with
use of materials, equipment, appliances, tools and
other means necessary to produce goods (execution)
work, providing services), regardless of the level of its scientific and
technical knowledge.
Article 18. The right of the consumer to information about goods (work,
1. The situation is entitled to obtain the necessary, accessible and
reliable information on goods (work, services) providing
the possibility of their competent choice. Information on goods (works, services) should contain: the names of normative documents whose requirements should be
Respond to goods (work, services); listing the basic consumer properties of goods (works,
of services), and for food-composition (including lists)
used in the process of making other food products
and food additives), calories, the content of harmful to health
of substances compared to the mandatory requirements of regulatory documents
And contravening the application; The price and conditions for the purchase of goods (works, services); Date of manufacture Guarantee of cash (performer); rules and conditions of the effective use of goods (works,
Services); The term (suitability) of the goods (s),
information about the needs of the consumer after its end, a
See also the possible consequences in case of non-performance of these actions; naming and the address of the cash officer (performer, seller) and
an enterprise that provides its functions to make claims
From the consumer and the maintenance, maintenance. Regarding goods (works, services) that are subject to mandatory
certification, the consumer should provide information about their
certification. Regarding goods (works, services) which under certain conditions can
be dangerous to life, the health of the consumer and his property,
The cash (performer, seller) is required to prove to the knowledge
consumer information about such goods (works, services) and possible
the consequences of their influence. 2. Information provided by paragraph 1 of this article is added
to know consumers by cash (performer, seller) in
technical documentation added to goods (consequences)
works, services), on a label, as well as marking or other
a way that is acceptable to individual kinds of goods (works, services) or
in separate areas of service. Food, packed or dislocated in Ukraine,
They must provide information about the location of their origin. 3. The citizen who commits business to
The product label (work, services) must provide information about
the number of the document that certify the right to an enterprise
activities, and the naming of the organ issued, and in the case of
Necessity-Information about its certification. 4. If granting inappropriate or incomplete information about
commodity (work, service), as well as cash (performer,
The seller) caused: purchase of goods (work, services) that does not have the necessary
consumer properties, the consumer has the right to break the treaty and
To demand damages to the damage caused by the authorities; Inability to use purchased product (work, services)
by appointment-Consumer has the right to demand the granting of reasonable
short, but not more than a month, the term of proper information. If
information in due date will not be granted, the consumer has the right to
Break the treaty and demand damages; harm to life, health or the master of the consumer-he
has the right to present a seller (to the executive, the executive) of the requirement,
Under article 17 of this Act as well as request
Damages caused by natural resources
in its possession of property rights or on others
The grounds prescribed by the law or the treaty. 5. Strikes caused by the consumer goods (robots,
(a) acquired as a result of unfair publicity;
They are subject to the rejuvenation of the guilty person in full. 6. Under consideration of consumer demand requirements
damage caused by untrusted or incomplete information about
goods (work, services) or unfair advertising, necessary
go out of the assumption that the consumer has no special knowledge about
properties and characteristics of goods (works, services) that it
Purchased. 7. The State creates conditions to acquire consumers needed.
Knowledge on the implementation of their rights.

Article 19. Consumer rights in trade and other sectors
service types
1. All citizens are equally recognized by the right to
meet their needs in the field of trade and other species
Maintenance. Setting any benefits, direct or
indirect restrictions on consumer rights are not allowed, except in cases,
As predicted by legislative acts. 2. The problem is entitled to free choice of goods and services in
convenient for it time with the seller ' s mode of operation
(Artist). Seller (performer) is required to all promote
consumerism in free choice of goods and services. It is forbidden to force consumers to buy goods and
The services of an unsuitable or unnecessary assortment. 3. The seller (performer) is required to provide the consumer
reliable and available naming information, belonging and
the mode of operation of its enterprise 4. The problem has the right to check out quality, complex,
measure, weights and the prices of goods acquired, a demonstration
safe and correct use. On demand for the consumer
The seller is required in these cases to grant him
Test-measuring instruments, price of goods. To
In the case of the determinate of the term "
causes the loss of quality of a commodity, the seller is required in the three-day with
the day of receiving a written statement from the consumer the term to direct this
product for expertise. The expert will be charged with the seller. 5. In case of consumer protection on enterprises of the sphere
Merchant and other services of the seller (performer)
and the workers of these businesses carry the responsibility set up
Article 20. Consumer entitlement for a product of a proper quality
1. The person has the right to exchange non-food goods
quality to a similar seller in which it was acquired if
merchandise did not fit in form, gabarites, phason, color,
size or for other reasons it cannot be used for
Assignment. The consumer has the right to exchange a commodity of proper quality during
14 days, not counting the day of the purchase. The exchange of a commodity of proper quality is fail if it is not
consumed and if stored by its merchandising look, consumer
properties, seals, fairs, as well as a commodity or cash check or
other documents issued to the consumer along with sold goods. List of non-exchange goods (return) from
The basis specified in this article is approved by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine. 2. If there is no comparable commodity at the time of exchange,
consumer has the right or purchase any other goods from available
assortment with appropriate cost enumeration, or recipient
back money in the cost of the return commodity, or make
the exchange of a commodity on a similar basis at the first of the appropriate
a product in sales. Seller owes the day to the receipt of the commodity
in the sale to report this to the consumer, which requires a commodity exchange.
Article 21. The validity of the terms of the treaties restricting rights
Terms of the contract restricting consumer rights compared to
The rights established by the law are not valid. If
as a result of the application of treaty terms limiting the rights of the
consumer, the consumer is inflicting damage, then they should be
The damaged wine in its entirety. The consumer has the right to reimburse the damages given to it
by the cash (artist, seller) in connection with
the latest benefits of its position in production or trade
Article 22. Rules of trade, household and other types
Rules of trade, household and other types
maintenance (execution of work, provision of services) approved
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Rules cannot be specified
Against the legislative acts of Ukraine.
Article 23. Responsibility for violation of the legislation on
consumer protection
In case of violation of consumer protection legislation
The host subjects of trade, public nutrition and
services, including citizen entrepreneurs carrying responsibility
For: The failure of the consumer in the implementation of its right, set
paragraph 1 of Article 14,-in the ten-fold value of the value of this
A commodity; release, the implementation of goods, execution of works, the provision of services,
that do not meet the requirements of normative documents-in size 25
percent of the cost of the realized goods performed by the
Services; implementation of goods, performing work, providing services that
subject, but did not pass mandatory certification.
25 percent of the value of the realized goods performed by
Services provided; Implementation in Ukraine by importing food and food
non-food goods which do not meet regulatory requirements
the documents that act in Ukraine, regarding safety for life,
the health and property of consumers and the environment
-in the amount of 50 percent of the value of the implemented goods; implementation of goods, performing work, providing services,
prohibiting the release and implementation of relevant public
organs, which is 100 per cent of the value of the realized goods,
Executed works provided by the services; the implementation of dangerous goods (poisons, toxic chemicals,
exploding-and firewater, etc.) without proper use
warning markings, and without rule information
and the conditions of safe their use-up to 50 percent
Cost of implemented goods; failure to provide the necessary, accessible and reliable
information on goods, works, services-at 30 per cent
cost of a commodity offered to the consumer to purchase
(performance, granting);