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On Amendments And Additions To The Code Of Ukraine On Administrative Offences

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до Кодексу України про адміністративні правопорушення

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About making changes and additions to the Code
Ukraine on administrative offences

(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1994, N 49, pp. 431)
(Entered in Action by VR N 245 /94-PL From 15.11.94.
AVR, 1994, N 49, pp. 432)

In relation to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine " On assistance
the social development and development of youth in Ukraine " ( 2998-12 )
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1993, N 16, pp. 167)
Council of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
Contribute to the Code of Administrative Violations of Ukraine
( 80731-10 , 80732-10 ) (Information of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR, 1984,
Supplement to N 51, p. 1122) such changes and additions:
1. To complement the Code of Article 24-1 of this content:
" Article 24-1. Impact measures applied
to minors
For the study of administrative offences to minors
the age of sixteen to eighteen may be
The following measures have been applied: 1) commitment publicly or in another form to ask
An apology from the victim; (2) Warnings; (3) a dogan or a strict dogan; 4) transfer of minors to the care of parents or individuals,
that replace them, whether under the supervision of pedagogical or labour
collective by their consent, as well as individual citizens on their
2. Articles 13, 40, 184, 214, 221 post to read:
" Article 13. Liability of minors
To persons aged sixteen to eighteen, who are
Committed administrative offences, apply measures
The impact provided by Article 24-1 of this Code. When committed by age from sixteen to eighteen
years of administrative offences prescribed by articles 51,
121-127, parts first and second article 130, articles 173, 174,
185, 190-195 of this Code, they are subject to administrative
responsibility on the common grounds. Subject to character
Law enforcement and the person of the offender
persons (except for persons who have committed the offences prescribed by
Article 185) may be applied to the effects provided by
article 24-1 of this Code. "
" Article 40. It's a duty to pay the damage to the damage.
If an administrative offense is committed
To the young school of citizen, enterprise, institution, or
organizations, the administrative commission, the executive committee
The rural, village Council of People's Deputies, during the
The question of overtaking administrative offences
has the right to simultaneously resolve the issue of redress
Major harm if her sum does not exceed two minimum
the size of the wage, and the judge of the district (city) court-
regardless of the size of harm other than cases provided by
the second of this article. When a school is caught up with a minor that reached sixteen
years and has a self-contained salary, and the amount of harm does not exceed
minimum wage size, the judge has the right to put on
Underage reimbursement of injury or obligation
To fix it with her work. In other cases, the question of reparation is harmful,
By administrative offense, resolved in order of
"Civil Procedure".
" Article 184. Non-performing parents or individuals
replace, the duties to raise children
Eviction of parents or persons who replace them, from execution
Prescribed by the legislation on the provision of
the necessary conditions of life, training and education of underage children- Pulling out a warning or a fine of up to 0.3
the minimum wage size. Same actions, committed again within a year after imposing
administrative deferment, pull the penalty of up to 0.5 minimum
the size of the wage. Children aged from fourteen to
Sixteen years of offense, responsible for which
is provided by this Code,- Pulling a fine on the parents or persons who
replace, from two to four minimum wage dimensions
Hey, Committing to minors that contain signs of crime,
Responsibility for which is predicted by the Criminal Code of Ukraine
( 2001-05 , 2002-05 ), if they have not reached the age of which the
criminal liability,- Pulling a fine on the parents or the persons who
replace, three to five minimum wage dimensions
" Article 214. The separation of organs authorized by the
consideration of administrative matters
Law enforcement
Administrative commissions under the executive committees of the district,
urban, district in cities, rural, village councils
The President of the General Assembly decides on all matters of administrative offences,
with the exception of this Code before the departure of other organs
(officers). Executive committees of rural, village councils
deputies, judges of district (urban) courts, internal affairs bodies
affairs, public inspection bodies and other empowered organs
(paragraph 5 of Article 213) considering cases of administrative
A violation of the Code before their departure ".
" Article 221. District Courts (referees)
Judges of district (urban) courts view cases of
administrative offences provided by Article 42-2, part of
first article 44, articles 46-1, 51-51-2, part of the fifth article
121, Part Two of Article 130, Articles 145, 157, 160, 160-2,
160-4, 164-3, 173, 173-1, part of the third article 178, parts
first, second and third articles 181, articles 184-185-8, 186-2,
186-4, 186-5, 187 and 208-1 of this Code, and the case of
administrative offences committed by the age of
"sixteen to 18".
3. In part of the second article 6, the words " Constitution of the USSR and
The Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR "replace the words" of the Constitution
"України", and "Commission on Juvenile Affairs" to exclude.
4. In parts of the second and third article 21 words and figures
"part of the third Article 184" to be excluded.
5. In Article 213: Point 3 to exclude; In paragraph 4, exclude the word "people"; in paragraph 5 of the words "legislative acts of the USSR"
The words "this Code".
6. In Article 215: in part one of the first words of "Ukrainian SSR" to replace the word
"Ukraine"; Part of the second exception; Because of this part of the third part is considered part two,
Replacing the words "Union of SSR and the Ukrainian SSR" in the words of
7. In Article 216: in part one of the first words "and the Juvenile Commission"
exclude; in part of the second word "Union of SSR and Ukrainian SSR" to replace
8. In part two of Article 217, the words "USSR and the resolution of the Council"
Ministers of the USSR "replace the words" of Ukraine and the instructions of the Cabinet
"Ministers of Ukraine".
9. Articles 220 to be excluded.
10. In Article 222: part of the first word and the numbers "part of the second article 184"
exclude; in part 1 of the second word and the numbers " part two
" Articles 184 to be excluded.
11. Part of the first article 255: in paragraph nineteenth paragraph 1 of the words and numbers "part"
The fifth article 184 will be " excluded; in paragraphs 3 to 4 the word and the numbers "Article 185-4" replace with words and
"Part 4 of Article 184, Article 185-4".
12. In Article 276: in part four words " and commissions in cases.
minors to " exclude; in part 5 of the words "Union of SSR and Ukrainian SSR" to replace
13. In part of the seventh article 283 words " Union of the RSR and
14. Part of the first article 284 after paragraph 1,
Paragraph 2 of this content: " (2) on the application of the effects of the impact of the
"24-1 of this Code". In this regard, paragraph 2 was considered as paragraph 3.
15. Part of the first article 288: in paragraph 1 of the words "Juvenile Commission" to exclude,
a "People's Court" to be replaced by the word "court"; In paragraphs 2 and 3, the words "People's Court" would be replaced by the word "court".
16. Name and part of first article 294 in such
& Revision: " Article 294. Authority of the Judge, Chief of Authority
internal affairs, head of the above
Court and Chief of the Superior Organ
internal affairs to view the case
Judge ' s Ordinance on Administrative Offences,
provided by Article 42-2, part of the first article 44, articles
46-1, 51-51-2, part 5 of Article 121, part two
130, Articles 145, 157, 160, 160-2, 160-4, 164-3, 173,
173-1, part of the third article 178, parts first, second and
third article 181, articles 184-185-8, 186-2, 186-4, 186-5, 187
and 208-1 of this Code, as well as regulations on
administrative offences committed by the age of
Sixteen to eighteen years, may be cancelled or
changed by the prosecutor ' s protest by the judge himself, as well as independently
from the presence of the protest prosecutor-the head of the fiery court. "
17. In Article 307: a part of the second teaching in such an editorial: " In case there is no independent wage in persons age
Sixteen to eighteen years of the administration
The offence, the fine is levied by the parents or persons who
Replace "; in part the third word "Savings Bank of the USSR" to be replaced by the words
"Bank of Ukraine".
18. Paragraph 1 of Article 313 words and numbers " part 5
" Articles 184 to be excluded.

President of Ukraine L. QUEUING
Kiev, 15 November 1994
N 244 /94-VR