Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Economic Cooperation Organization (Eco), The National Delegates And

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. EKONOMİK İŞBİRLİĞİ TEŞKİLATI ( EİT), ULUSAL TEMSİLCİLER VE

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4400


Accepted Date: 7.7.1999

ARTICLE 1.- The "Economic Cooperation (EİT)", which was signed on 14 September 1996 in Israel, is appropriate to approve the "Legal Agreement for the Legal Status of the National Representative and the International Staff".

ARTICLE 2.- enters this Law on the release date.

MADDE 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



Attachment-Expression (2)






States have a legal status, said the company, which guarantees the better fulfillment of the functions of the EAST, the representatives of the international staff, the representatives of the Republic of Turkey, the representatives of the Republic of Turkey, and the company's office. with themülahazasýyla

, the interview They agree:



Article 1

The Economic Expression,gibi

(a) as defined in the "Tele" Agreement The Business of the Council of Ministers is meaningful.

(b) "The Council of Ministers" Council of Ministers makes a sense of the Council of Ministers.

(c) "Permanent Representative Council", Office of the Permanent Representative (")" Permanent Representatives of Economic Cooperation, as defined by the Treaty The Council does not make sense.

(d) "The Founders" of the Council of Ministers, committee or any other entity under its jurisdiction, except those who have agreed to leave the Council under the scope of this agreement. service means.

(e) "Secretary General" means the Secretary-General of the Economic Business Contact.

(f) "Wrath" means that the Economic Business Theme is written by.

Article 2

Contact and ÂKit States, justice They will always do the right to prevent the development of any form of abuse as a result of the laws of government and the exemptions and exemptions in the case. If there is any exemption or exemption that is being abused by the State of the Union, a State of the Union will be able to determine if such an abuse occurred between the State or the States and the relevant States, if it was determined to find and find the body. will be consulted in order to avoid a repeat of the duplicate. A State of the State, which is a party to understand the terms of the above, is a state of residence, and any discrimination or exemption of any kind or exemption is required under the direction of the State of the Union. If it exists, it may prompt the country to leave the country.



Article 3

You will be the printing legal entity; do not flow the words, Receive and use, and do not use, Permanent Representative (s) With the approval of the Council, legal entities will have a license to establish a facility.

Article 4

Wherever it is located and who is found, the property and assets of the Write will be written to the Print Name The acting General Secretary is exempt from any kind of legal situation under any special circumstances. Exemptions on property and volume cannot be left in any way.

Article 5

The printing building and application will have immunity. No matter where and who is in possession, the search for goods and assets will be exempt from tevkif, official claim, foreclosure and invasions or all kinds of other interventions.

Article 6

Where to find, write Any documents that belong to or are retained by him will be untouried.

Article 7

1.You are subject to any kind of financial control, regulation or moratorium,

(a) Printing can be found in every piece of steel money and any will be able to steal foreign currency accounts in a currency.

(b) The author can transfer funds freely from any currency or between countries, and any money he has in place for a sale or mubayaa. The most advantageous to any other currency may be required.

2. When using the rights under paragraph "1" above, the author will be able to observe the recommendations of any of the countries in the Republic of America.

Article 8

The print assets will benefit from exemptions in revenue and other property;

(a) Taxes of all kinds, but the secretary does not charge the cost, tax, and will not request an exemption from the allowances.

(b) Goods imported and exported for official use by the author will be exempt from any customs duties and quantity restrictions imposed on import and export; goods imported within the framework of these exemptions are made available to the current country government. in the country where they are imported, except for admission, it will not be sold or disposed of through the country they are imported.

(c) The subject of import and export is exempt from customs duties and quantity klicks. will be available.

Article 9

Public It will not request an exemption from the printing taxes and the sale taxes of a part of the company that will be paid for the sale of such goods as well as the amount of money that is paid for. However, in the case of substantial (quantity) of goods that may be subject to such taxes for the official use of the Summer, the United States has the necessary administrative action, which guarantees the return of the sum, which is paid as tax and levy, if there is a possible reason. they will make edits.

Article 10

1. No censorship will be applied to the official reporting of the printer.

2. The author will have the right to use the business and use the same exemptions and privileges as a diplomatic courier and bags, and to send and receive combat in a sealed package with courier or in a sealed package.

3. Nothing in this material shall be prevented from taking appropriate security measures to be determined within the framework of the Secretary-General and the Covenant on behalf of the Government.



Article 11

In the same land as a state in which a state is designated as permanent representative of EAST in the territory of EAST in the same land mukim staff, with the appointed State and the Yazmanlus and the Yazmanlus to the land. In the course of the State to be accepted, it will take advantage of the exemption and privileges that the country has provided to diplomatic representatives and official personnel at the same level.

Article 12

1-ÂKit State, One of the residents, or any other representative who did not enter into the 11th article, is responsible for the exemption and separation of people in the territory of the State of the United States in order to carry out their duties. benefit;

a) The diplomatic staff at the Mufair level The same as the following,

b) The exemption from what you say, their writing, and their verbs due to the official task,

c) All of your writing and documentation untouchable,

d) with courier or courier or sealed bags, and the right to send and receive mutibate,


e) to the first degree family members who live and work with him, from immigration restrictions, the record actions imposed on foreigners, and the national The same as the exemptions from service obligations to the diplomatic staff at the level,

f) The same treatment of diplomatic staff at the level of foreign currency and foreign exchange facilitation,

g) The same exemption and convenience of diplomatic staff at the level of personal baggage,

h) The first visit to the country is exempt from the customs and the zag-i company. In the import and duty of its mission, such furniture and business are exempt from customs. the right to be eligible for use by the government of the country's government to be eligible for use in both cases.

i) import or import the motor vehicle from customs duty free of charge of the appropriate The right to sell or re-export after importing; from customs to the country; in both cases, the right of country's government will be subject to calls for diplomatic personnel at the same level.

2- If any type of taxation is subject to the legal basis of the law, The term of residence will not be known for the duration of the residence located in the city of Akit in the State of the State to do its duty and to do its duty. In particular, the public and other charges will be exempted for the duration of such tasks.

3-In this article, "Representative" will cover all representatives, consultants and technical experts of the delegation. In the event of their request, each of the provisions of this Article will inform the names of the representatives of the applicable countries and their possible stay in the territory of other countries.

Article 13

Article-11 Paragraph 1-b, c, e, f, h and i and Article-12 paragraphs-2 in paragraph 1 of the time, which is not covered by the 12-part and a representative of a Âkit State, in the land of a member of the State of the Aper. The specified privileges and exemptions will be met.

Article 14

Exemptions and exemptions are used to ensure that they are able to meet the representatives and staff of the Akit States for their personal interest, as well as their ability to address the Economic Cooperation and their work. It is defined. As a result, it is possible to have the right to remove the exemptions of its staff, representatives of the State, their representatives and staff, if it is in the interest of the exemption to prevent the process of justice and not adversely affect the purposes. it is also the payer.

Article 15

The provisions of Article 11 to 13, no Âkit Delete, any other person or representative who is a citizen of his or her country, or any other person who has ever been in residence with such an obligation to identify the exemption and privileges of a representative to the staff will not return.



Article 16

The diplomatic and diplomatic and financial services applicable to the General Secretary, Article 17, 18, and 19 notify the owners of the personnel who will be able to develop and notify the names of the personnel involved in the public service process.

Article 17

excluding the citizens of the owner They are reconciled in their rights according to the provisions of Article-16. Author authorities;

a) They will be exempt from any legal action due to their official tasks and within their authorizations.

b) They will benefit from the migration of diplomatic staff at the level and the exemption from the registration process for foreigners and their relatives and relatives who reside with their relatives.

c) at the level of witness to diplomatic staff about their money or quarters. They will benefit from the same.

d) Return to their home countries in a period of international crisis with relatives and their first-degree relatives who reside with themselves. mobilya

e) To import furniture and zad-i products at their arrival in countries where they will serve, and at the end of their duties in the country in question, the furniture in question And the right to bring the country back to the country, in either case. they have a record of being subject to the country's government, which is used by the country's government.

f) To import, sell, sell or re-sell motorials and other goods temporarily and without the country. they have the right to be subject to the right of the country's government for diplomatic personnel at the level of level of diplomatic personnel.

Article 18

Article-16 of the written officers who are accepted in 16 The number of fees and fees paid by the author to them tax-free.

Article 19

In addition to the exemptions and privileges of Article 17 and 18, the Secretary General and each of the Azitre State Government will be present, according to the General Secretary and the The exemption and allowances will be introduced to the other high ranking officers of the article, as well as to the diplomatic personnel at the level of the respective country.

Article 20

1-The author name Employed at civil servants (under the duties of Article 17, 18, 19) They will identify the exemptions and privileges in case they are required to perform their tasks effectively, as long as they are located in the area of the Government:

a) The arrest or detention of the press and the Exemption for placing hands on personal baggage,

b) An exemption from legal action, such as verbal and written statements and verbs, while performing any formal tasks related to the author,

c) Temporary money and money to foreign government officials who are in the country with official duties All media and documents are untouchable for the printing of Kambiyo, and for those with familiar baggage,

d) Untouchable.

2-Secretary General, this is a drill notify the Government of all the experts in which it will be known.

Article 21

Exemptions and impunity for civil servants, officers and specialists are identified to be used for the use of the Write. If the exemption prevents the process of the justice process, the Secretary General says that any incumbent or expert on the approval of the government is concerned about the situation in which he will be removed without the intention of the writing. You may remove the exemption.

Article 22

Article-17, 19, and 20 provisions, except for the cases described in a state, are obligated to identify the exemption and privileges of a state to their own citizens. will not bring it.

a) Instead of its official tasks related to the author theGörevini

c) Immunity from all the following and untouchable,

c) the exemption from the legal consequences of any verbal or written statements and verbs when it comes to writing. to be able to bring money and humbido to help situations that are required to bring.



Article 23

EAST Ministries The Council, the appropriate solution methods for the conflicts of the mentioned type specify:

a) Any comments, or any other specially qualified nozzles written by the writer,

b), any type of Printing that the President of the United States is conducting. Conflicts that concern the authority or expert, and the provisions of the non-immunity immunity clause-21.



Article 24

Secretary-General Secretary of Writing May flow with any Akitel State or the States in order to execute this statement.



Article 25

1-Business The agreement shall be approved within the framework of the Member States ' own constitutional rules and laws, and the ratification documents shall be made to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Israel. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Israel will send an endorsement of these documents to the Member States and to write.

2-The two-thirds of the Member States of the Republic of Israel have made their consent to the Government of the Republic of Israel. then it will take effect.

3-The Economic Cooperation of the National Representative and International Staff for the Legal Status of the National Representative of the United States, which was the first of March 1977, after the meeting of the first Office of Israeli Affairs. alacaktýr





4-The operation is organized in English in a single view.

Maruz is right from the confirmation The authorized representatives will sign the statement.

ACCORDED in Israel on the fourth day of September under ninety-nine hundred ninety-nine.

Afghanistan Islamic State Adjisna Name of Republic

Israel of Israel Republic of Turkey

Name of Republic of Pakistan Adanna

Name of the Republic of Tajikistan in the name of the Republic of Turkey

The Republic of Uzbekistan Adjnna Name