Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Between The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey And The Government Of Mongolia Or

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ VE MOĞOLİSTAN HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA YA

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun #4406


Accepted Date: 8.7.1999


MADDE 1. - "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Government of MoIolistan, which was signed on 16 March 1998 in Ankara, have the right to approve the Agreement and Protection of the Government".

MADDE2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



Attachment-Expression (2)









After this, the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Turkey, which will be known as "Parties",

Especially about the actions of a Party yachtship that will do in the country of the other with the desire to increase the economic business between them,

acknowledged that the current practices will improve the economic development of the parties with the flow of capital and technology. ,

You are mutabled to create an anti-security environment and use the most effective forms of economic resources, subject to fair and proper treatment of your yachting. and

The following reports and protection of competencies kararýyla



in the following:

1 in the following way. The term "yacht":

(a) the actual business of each of us according to its current law,

(b) is in a third state where a yacht of one of the parties has an important share of On the side of any legal entities that are installed, each of the Parties may refer to the corporation, the companies, or the partners of each of us in accordance with the applicable law.

2. The term "significant share" in paragraph provision of Article 1 refers to a share in the scope that will permit a control or a definitive impact exercise on that legal entity. A "significant share" of a share of its citizens or legal entities will be determined by the negotiations, in each case, through negotiations to be made between the Parties.

3. The term "yacht" covers all kinds of goods, including but not limited to the law and the nizamis in the country of the host.

(i) stocks, capital shares, or companies. Other parts of the business;

(ii) the revenues used in the reyacht, money receivables, or other product-related rights;

(iii), and noncombatable goods, same as the same rights as time;

(iv) copyrights, Patents, licenses, scion designs, technical prosounds, also trademarks, peer-to-peer and intellectual property rights and other intellectual property rights and other intellectual property rights;

(v) the future of each Party in the future of its Any other privileges, including the search, execution, execution, or execution of resources.

4. " The term "revenues" refers to profit, interest, and dividends, especially profit, interest, and dividends, which are obtained from a yacht.

5. The term "country" means sovereignty over land, sea areas and yachts, as well as sovereignty over the international law, as well as the right to be agreed upon by the relevant parties. property.


The contents and protection of the competencies

1. Each Party is permitted to comply with the yachts and other activities in its own country, in accordance with the laws and nannies of any third country in which the yachts are less likely to have yachts than those imposed. .

2. Each party is being treated to these yachts that are being treated as if they were more likely to have their own yachts or other third-country yachts applied in similar circumstances-whichever is more preferential.

3. In accordance with the laws and nannies relating to the entering, staying and employment of the countries of the Parties;

(a) Each of us has a significant level of activity regarding the operation of a yacht in its own country. The capital and other people who have committed to transfer funds or who are in the business of making a commitment to enter their country with intent to install, develop, manage and support the country. it will allow them.

(b) One of the parties will be allowed to employ their chosen administrative and technical staff, nationality, regardless of nationality, which is legally established within the framework of the current law and nizamis.

4. The provisions of this Article will have no effect on any of the following:

(a), a customs union, regional economic, or future customs International understanding of the organization or similar nature;

(b) those who are completely or fundamentally taxable.


Public and Compensation

1. The terms of the public use, in the course of time, adequate and effective compensation, in accordance with the applicable law and in accordance with the general principles set forth in Article 2 of the article, the public benefit, and the public's use of the public benefit. will not be exposed to applications that create impacts or other or indirect effects.

2. The compensation will be available to the actual deportations prior to the implementation or other implementation of the public notice of the public. The compensation will be paid as a delay and may be freely transferable as defined in paragraph 2 of Article 4.

3. The yachts of one of the parties that cause damage in the country of the other Side due to war, rioting, rioting, or other similar events, rest by themselves, or others, may or may not be used by the other side. if no less than the treatment of any third country yachters, the record will be subject to the treatment, whichever is more important.


Country of Iade and Transfer

1. Each Party will allow for good faith to allow all transfers relating to a yacht from within its own country and to the current and without a reasonable delay. Such transfers include the following:

(a) revenues,

(b) the sum of any portion of a yacht or a portion of a portion,

(c) within the framework of Article III damages to be paid,

(d) the main money and interest payments arising from the loans related to the yachting,

(e) is a part of the country that has received appropriate work permits relating to a yacht. Received, fee, and other revenue of citizens,

2. Otherwise, the transfers will be made with the concurrency currency or any concurrency currency or the exchange rate that is valid at the date of the transfer, if the host party is not agreed to.



1. If Licensee's yacht is insured within a non-commercial risk system, it will identify any rights of the insured arising out of the relevant insurance claims.

2. The insured will not be entitled to any right of rights under the rights to be authorized to use the yacht.

3. The sleeping between a Party and the insured, the other seven. The provisions of the clause will be resolved in accordance with the provisions.



This means that they will be treated more immediately by means of such situations and related activities. Of course;

(a) The law and the nips, administrative applications or procedures, or administrative or administrative or judicial decisions of each of the parties,

(b) International legal obligations, or

(c) A yacht or yacht of a yacht, by either party or by any other party included in the scope of the permission)


The Compliance of a Party with a Party


1. Disputes relating to one of the parties and the yacht of that yacht will be reported as written by the yacht to include information on the part of the yacht host. The yacht and the relevant Party will try to resolve these indeceties through good faith, negotiation and negotiations as they are possible.

2. If the following statements cannot be resolved within the following way from the notice date specified in the first paragraph, the following may be submitted to the following:uyuþmazlýk

(a) Diaries with States. International Center (ICSID),

(b) of the United Nations International Trade Law Commission, for the Solution of the Yazidis Sleep-Aid Solution, which is installed by the Citizens 'Citizens' Agreement to Resolve the Solution to the Solution Arbitration Rules will be established according to the Arbitration Rules (UNCITRAL),

(c) Stockholm Chamber of Commerce ArbitrationEnstitüsü

is the final decision in a year if the yacht has been brought to the judicial courts of the Party that is not sleeping. must be received.

3. Arbitration;

(a) provisions of this Statement,

(b) will be based on the laws and nimms of the country that has been made to sleep in its country, including the rules of the Law conflict.

4. The arbitration decision will be final and final for all parties of the sleepler. Each Party shall fulfill the given decision within the framework of national law.


The Solution of the Parties Between the Parties

1. The parties will seek a quick and fair solution, in good faith and in spirit of any kind, of any kind of sleep regarding the interpretation or application of the business. From this point of view, the Parties agree to make sense of the nature and means to reach such solutions. If they do not reach an extension within a six-month period from the date of the meeting, the Ederer Parties may be taken to a three-member arbitration delegation at the request of any of the following parties.

2. Each party will appoint one arbitrator within two months of the request. Those two arbitrators will elect a third referee, a third-country citizen, as the President. If one of the parties fails to appoint an arbitrator within the specified time period, the International Court of Justice may request that this transfer be made.

3. If two arbitrators cannot agree on the selection of the delegation within two months of their appointment, the Delegation will be selected by the International Court of Justice at the request of one of the Parties.

4. If the Minister of Justice of the International Court of Justice is taken out of fulfilling its duty in the people referred to in the following paragraph (2) and (3), the citizen of one of the parties will be made by the President of the election and the President of the United States If the judge is also taken away from fulfilling the task, or if one of the parties is a citizen, the party will be made by the most senior Divan member who is not a citizen of one of the members.

5. Within three months of the date of the election of the Board of Delegation of the Board of Arbitration, the Board of Arbitration will be able to agree on procedural rules that will be consistent with the language of the province. If not, the Arbitration Delegation will request the International Court of Justice to determine the rules of the procedure by taking into account the international arbitration rules.

6. Otherwise, within eight months of the election, all statements will be made, all statements will be completed, and arbitration will be completed, whichever is later, after the final statements or two months after the end of the hearing. It will come to a decision. The Arbitration Delegation will receive the final and final decision with the votes of the vote.

7. Each Party shall address the expenses of its own member in the delegation and the expenses associated with the representation in the arbitration process; the expenses and the remaining expenses will be met by the Parties as a result. However, the Arbitration delegation may decide if you have a larger share of the expenses, and this decision will be on both sides.

8. An international arbitration has been submitted to an international arbitration tribunal in accordance with Article 7 of this statement, and is still waiting for a solution there, and will not be presented to an international arbitration court in accordance with the provisions of the same article of sleep-in-law. This will not prevent the use of both parties between both parties and through meaningful visions.


Entering Effective

1. This will take effect on the date of the completion of the approval documentation. The agreement will remain in effect for a period of ten years, and will remain in effect until the Article 2 of this Article is not terminated according to paragraph 2 of the term. This will also apply to the yachts available on the current date of entry or in the current date of entry.

2. Each party may receive an annualized notice from one year ago, at the end of the first ten years, or any time thereafter.

3. It can be understood by a written agreement between the parties. Any deportivity will take effect upon any of the Parties to notify Licensee of completing all of the internal formalities required for the effective entry of each other.

4. The provisions of all the terms of this agreement are in effect for an additional ten years prior to the end of the term, or in relation to the terms of which the State of the United States of the State is concluded. The full authorized representatives of these Parties will be signed in their presence.

In Ankara, 16.3.1998, all in Turkish, Moderate, and English languages are all signed.

Text is based on English if it is different remove.


The Government of the Republic of Turkey to the Government of Adana, Burhan Kara Sh. Altangerel Ministry of Foreign AffairsDýþ