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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4407


Accepted Date: 8.7.1999


MADDE 1. - It is appropriate to approve the "Colleague Colleague 's Rehabilitation and the 49th ILO' s Promise of Islamic State", which was adopted in the 69th meeting of the International Development (ILO) in Geneva in 1983.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Law

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





159 COUNT OF ILO 159,

Internationalized Bureau The Board of Directors invited the meeting in Geneva on June 1, 1983 by the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the 69th Meeting,

Colleague Rehabilitation of 1955 (injuries). and the Human Resources Development Advice Decision of 1975. By keeping international standards,

The scope of rehabilitation and organisation of rehabilitation services in the understanding of rehabilitation requirements after the acceptance of the Colleague Rehabilitation (disability) Advice Decision of 1955. On the issues addressed in the Advice Decision, many member states have taken into account the significant development of the country's laws and practices,

Full Catholicism of the United Nations General Assembly's 1981 "Full Catholicism and Sovereignty" contact Ullarararasa Sabatlar was declared, and extensive, The World Action Programme for mutilations is a social spread of the injury and the "full contribution" to the lift and the fact that effective measures are taking place on the way to national and international realisation of the purpose of the "remedial". move,

New information on the topic, which considers these improvements, particularly in rural areas and cities, to be employed by injuries and to be treated with disability and treatment for their communities. environmental standards agreed to be considered. hareketle

Decide to accept some of the recommendations made by the fourth article of the session agenda.

The suggestions of this are a transnational commitment. Binnylünsensenthree of June 20th of June 20th-year Colleague Rehabilitation and Commitment, 1983, agreed to the following:



Article 1

1. For the purposes of this Glossary, the term "crippled" refers to an individual whose expectations are significantly reduced due to an acceptable physical or mental apology, whose expectations for a proper business supply, preservation, and progress in progress.

2.  For the purposes of this Word, each member country facilitates the purpose of the professional rehabilitation, an injury, proper business acquisition, sustaining and progress of the injury, and facilitating the integration or reintegration of the injury to the community. geliþtirmek

3.  These Glossary provisions are implemented by each member in accordance with national and national exercises.

4.  These Glossary provisions are applied to the injuries in each category.





Article 2

Each member formulates, implements and periodically reviews a professional rehabilitation and employment national policy for injuries, according to national business, exercise, and resources.

Article 3

The policy in question, every Appropriate occupational rehabilitation measures for the disabled in the category and are intended to increase employment opportunities for disability in the open power market.

Article 4

The policy is generally disabled It is built on the principle of uninjured workers and the principle of the firsat. The crippled woman and the male workers are in the spotlight.

Special positive patronage measures for the facility of effective testing and treatment of Sakat and other workers are against non-workers who are not crippled. will not be accepted as a detail.

Article 5

In coordination between public and private organizations that are involved in a number of occupational rehabilitation activities, including measures for coordination and development of a business representation of business and business in the implementation of such policies, including He is a traitor to his qualification organisations. It is also intended for organizations to use their own organisations to make use of them.





Article 6

Each member is required to put Articles 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the exercise position. Statutes are necessary with the ability to do so, or with national violence and exercise. koyar

Article 7

Authorized Makams, professional guidance, occupation, business, to ensure they have found, retain, and improve their business. It takes measures to place employment, employment, and other related services; services available for the overall business community are possible and used for injuries by making necessary changes to the available state.

Article 8

Remote and remote It will take necessary measures to improve the facility and development of the occupational rehabilitation and employment services for the disabled in the centres of the country.

Article 9

Each member, injury, professional guidance, will be required to It will take the measures to ensure that the rehabilitation and supply of eligible qualified officials and other eligible qualified agents are responsible for employment, employment, and employment.



Article 10

The official confirmation of this Glossary documents are sent to the General Manager of the International Bureau of Investigation for registration.

Article 11

1.  This Glossary will only confirm the Glossary from the members of the International Union, and will press for the approval of the General Manager.

2. The approval of the two members is effective twelve months after the registration of the approval of the General Manager.

3. If it is for any member registered after this date, the Glossary will be effective after twelve months from the registration date.

Article 12

1. After ten years from the first date of this Glossary, a country approved by this statement may request a repeal of the country's official record, with an official article to be sent to the Director General of the International Bureau of Information. This termination will not take effect until a year has elapsed since the official registration date.

2. A member who does not use the annulment of this material in a year after the expiration of the ten-year term, which has been approved by the previous paragraph, is less than a ten-year period and is less than ten years old, and so on. at the end of the term, within the framework of the provisions stipulate in this Article, it may terminate the Glossary.

Article 13

1. The Director General of the Internationalet Bureau will notify all members of the Internationalet Contact (s) of all approval and annulment records transmitted to him by the Contact Members.

2. While the General Manager is aware of the members of the second approver transmitted to him, they will also pay attention to the date of the date that the Glossary is effective.

Article 14

Internationaltlycu In accordance with all the details of the approval and annulment notices he had obtained in accordance with the provisions of the office, General Manager of the Bureau, in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Main Promise, to be registered, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. gönderir

Article 15

At the time required, the Office of the Internationale Bureau of Management presents a report to the General Conference on the right of the word of the word, and the issue of whether or not to have a complete or part of the word on the agenda is on the agenda.

Article 16

1. If the conference agrees to a new commitment that has completely or condemned the Glossary, no provision for the new,

a) has been approved by a member of the new commitment, new At the effective entry of the word, you are looking at the 12 articles that are listed above, which will not be immediately known by the member country.

b) The new version of the statement will be effective immediately. from the date onwards, the state of which the member states have the right to approve remove.

2. For members who do not approve of the new Glossary, but are not able to approve the new Glossary, this Glossary is in effect with the current and informane.

Article 17

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