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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ KANUN KARADENİZ EKONOMİK İŞBİRLİĞİ ÜL

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Kanun No. 5404


Accepted Date: 6.10.2005      


ARTICLE 1.- Within the Black Sea Economic Organization Organization It is appropriate to contribute to the "Emergency Response and Emergency Response to the Governments of the Black Sea Economic Countries ' Governments," which was signed on 15 April 1998, to be signed.

MADDE 2.- enters this Channel's release date.

TICAD 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



















(S. Number: 740)





Governments, hereinafter, as the Parties It will be understood.

acilIt is an emergency that they will not be able to overcome their own power and capabilities. to consider the possibility of emergency prevention and intervention to occur in such cases as well as in such cases;

The arrival of the arrival of the United States on emergency situations in an emergency and wish to help the affected population, by wishing the help;

Support the efforts of the UN in the international emergency zone, and the nations of the United States to contribute to the development of national legislation and to contribute to the development of national legislation, including the regulations and rules that are generally accepted within the framework of regional and sub-regional organizations; and respect for the development of the relevant national legislation;

Nations First Black Sea Cross and Red Crescent in an emergency emergency area Based on the number of entries in the Communities Conference (1997), and supporting further development;

countries and other similar Nations Centres have been acquired by the Centers for By expressing their support for the idea of establishing a International Black Sea Recovery Center by resigning from experience;

people are involved in the understanding:

Clause 1

Application Space

1. This understanding determines the principles and frameworks for the actions of the Parties in disasters caused by natural and human disasters.

2. This means that the Parties will not be able to overcome them with their own forces, and will be implemented in the event of a number of people's disasters.

Article 2


For the purposes of this understanding, the meanings shown in the following definitions will be owned by:

"Yard"-Claiming Benefits to help Entities, materials, personnel, and services provided by us;

"Side-by-Side Party"-Help Party;

"Help Team"-The experts from the Yeden Side are expected to The group has been deployed and equipped with all necessary facilities;

"Authorized Organ"-coordination of activities related to the implementation of this statement and the unit that is assigned to each party for its implementation;

"Disaster"-greatly physical, social, economic and environment to life or environment. cultural harm; an event caused by an accident, an accident, a harmful phenomenon, disaster, natural or human beings in a particular region;

"Emergency"-all of a sudden, which requires intervention in the moment, with a lot of a dangerous event;

"Emergency Zone"-an emergency zone;

"Emergency Intervention"-Minor damage to emergency zone in case of emergency To minimize environmental, cultural and material losses, including the protection of public health and the purpose of saving lives, recovery and recovery of life in the region, including the effects of the public.

"Materials"-materials, technical and delivery facilities, appliances of the Emergency Staff Team and the members ' personal materials;

"Yard Mallari"-Free and tax free of the population among the felled population Maddian resources;

"Personal Data"-a specific emergency that is subject to this understanding. Any kind of information about the people;

"Claim Party" -Badian party for the benefit;

"Search and Rescue Activities" -Authorized nations in the Emergency Zone activities aimed at saving people identified by organizations, financial and cultural assets, and environmental protection;

"Transit Country"-"Demanding Party" and "Party of Benefit", Government any country that is a party to understand its territory, its air, or any other country that passes the goods and goods through its air, air, and its territory;

Clause 3


1. The parties agreed to have the necessary information and assistance to the provisions of the State of the United States until the most recent, if any, or the possibility of disasters caused by natural or human beings, the necessary information and assistance provided in the most recent years. They will do the work in accordance with the regulations and principles.

2. If one of the parties is in need of assistance with natural or human disasters caused by the territory, this party will be able to request assistance by sending a national effort to the other Party (s). The Licensee (s) will assist the party (s) in the request to prevent or eliminate the damages caused by the disaster.

3. The parties will help each other in the measure of their means. The help will be available free of charge unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.

4. The requesting party will receive the help of the help of the aid and will have to prevent the individual from being affected by the individual disaster affected. The help of the aid will be done without further details of the religion, language, political or other elements.

Clause 4

Help for Help and InformationDeðiþimi

l The parties will be authorized organs to request assistance in the Emergency Situations.

2. The help will be on demand; the claimer must point out the following considerations:

-The location, time, structure, and dimensions of the event and the immediate emergency in the damaged area status,

-Determined priorities in the claimed disaster relief, requested help description, the activities that have been done so far,

3. For assistance, Licensee will make a decision at the moment of assistance and communicate the benefits, sizes, and conditions of the assistance Licensee may receive.

4. The information contained in the 2-part paragraph of the article will be renewed following the arrival of the state.

Clause 5

Transit Passed

on the request of the claimed party, the territory of the above half of the building The Government of the country will be in transit through its national legislation, with all necessary support in accordance with national law and practices.

Clause 6

Authorized Macs and Focal Points

1. All parties will specify (or will form) one or more authorisation authorities to coordinate the implementation of the business agreement.

2. Notwithstanding the current number of binary and multi-party meanings, all parties will either identify or create one or more of the authorized focal points for the purpose of providing the help and information of the Emergency.

3. The parties will notify each other of diplomatic channels as part of the authorities and their focus on the focal points.

4. All parties will ensure that the competent authorities and the focal points are continuously operating.

Clause 7

Emergency Management Group (Committee)

To implement this statement, the competent national authorities will be able to install a representative They will be assigned a relevant partner organa (Emergency Management Committee) to be installed.

Article 8

Coordination and Coordination of the Yarn in Emergency Situes Ýþletilmesi

1. The requesting side will coordinate, push, and control the activities of the authorized office of the Benefit Teams, through the leaders of the teams.

2. The claimer will inform the leaders of the Recovering Party ' s Teams about the situation in the Emergency Zone and, if necessary, use the Centre to translate and rescue and implement all search, rescue and other emergency activities. They will be able to communicate with them.

3. Aid teams are required to be equipped to serve in the Emergency Zone for at least 72 hours from their arrival date. At the end of that time, he has made demands, The requesting Party will renew all necessary materials for these teams.

4. The claimants are responsible for the safety, free assistance, return and stay of the teams and the materials that are of priority importance if the team members are exhausted by their own inventory.

Article 9

Revive Transitions and Benefits of Teams Rules

1. Whether the members of the Yardım Teams, the Demanded Party or the Transit of the Transit Country, the Demanded Party or Transit is determined by the country's own national legislation, the international law and the bilateral understanding.

2. The search dogs group will be determined by the quarantine rules in the territory of the country that are demanding in each defense of the Demanded Country ' s land, as well as in the territory of the Demanded Party.

3. Members of the Yardım Teams are obligated to comply with the Claim Eden and/or Transit Country ' s own laws and rules. The Help Teams are subject to the benefit of the Party, at the same time, by the benefit of the work and the relevant legislation.

These teams are for civil defense/civil protection money-military personnel. The parties and activities will be agreed upon earlier by the parties and will be subject to the national legislation and rules governing the status of such personnel.

4. With the purpose of the delivery of the help of the Yarn Teams, materials, and parts of the food, the appropriate means will be available to the crime scene at the time of the most appropriate time.

To use the designated delivery tools to ship the appliance. It will be determined by the authorities.

Clause 10

Useful Material and Mallarn, Israel, and the Transit Passes

1. Any customs duties and goods that will be imported or exported will be exempt from any customs duty, levy and fee, according to the company's statement.

2. The customs inspection and control of the Yarn Material and Products, the construction of the Assistance Teams of the Parties, and following the issuance of the imported and exported material and the specification of the assistance of the assistance of the assistance, priority And it's going to do it in a simplified way.

3. Sleeper and psychotropian substances can only be imported in quantities necessary for the purposes of the Turkish peninsula, and can be used by specialist medical personnel. In this case, the leader of the aid team will be able to specify the nomencers and quantities of sleeper and psychotropian substances to the customs con-role authorities.

The relevant authorities of the Claim, the use of the material above and the They will be able to control the housing.

The amount of sleeper and psychotropes that are not used within the task period It will move from the side of the ground. Following the completion of the task, the application of the used sleeper and psychotrop articles was signed by the leader and physician of the aid team and requested by the Demanded Side by the Claimant, the customs control of the Demanded Side to be available to the authorities.

Article 11


1. Help crews will be able to build a shipment of yardwork and a shipment of half-of-the-half goods.

2. The Resident's Official, Demanding Side, is determined to use the aircraft to provide assistance, the area to take off from the air, the route of flying, the type of flight and the work of the crew, the toll of the crew, the nature of the cargo, the ruling party, the official said. report on the hours and the list of passengers (staff, technical staff, journalists, etc.).

3. The flights of civilian or government aircraft will be regulated in accordance with the legal regulations of the International Organization for Civil Airmen (ICAO) and Parties. State planes will require diplomatic clamor.

4. Under this understanding, the Department of Eden will be exempt from paying a top flight, parking, lift, and navigation services for the immediate assistance aircraft.

5. For emergency help, the emergency power and maintenance services of the flight will result in a separate event in each case by the authorities of the relevant parties.

Article 12


l The assistance will be met within the framework of the principles described in the 3rd article of the business.

Article 13

In the Emergency of Emergency Expenses Refund

1. The claimer may cancel the request for assistance at the time of the request. The requesting Party will immediately notify the Judgement Eden Party about its decision, and the Yard will be able to claim the refunds of the charges until then.

2. The following will be included in the public invoice that will be insured by the members of the Yards Team and will be held as part of the benefit of the benefit.

3. At the end of the task, the Judge will notify the competent authority of the competent authorities of the Eden's authority to be written to the competent authority.

4.claimer authorized by the Eden authority to the competent authorities of the The qualifications and causes of the situation will provide nihous information about the construction and the quantity of the construction and the results of the completed task.

Article 14

Damage to the Envelope

1. The claimant will be charged with the assistance of members of the aid teams if they are injured or dead in the course of activities related to the implementation of the business. The Related Parties will agree on the amount to be paid.

2. If a member of the Yarn ' s Teams damages the claims or losses of the claims on the territory of the Demanded Party during the activities related to the implementation of the company, the claimer warns that the applicable legal legislation is not will indemnify as it is done in damages to its own citizens.

3. If the damages caused by the members of the Help Team, or by negligence, are proven by the Demanded Party by the national court, you will be indemnify by the Assistance Of The Eden Team.

Article 15

Transferential Data Transfer

This means that the transfer of personal data to the other Parties under this Means It will be executed according to the Appendix l' s which generated an unallocated leper.

Clause 16

With the International and National Organizations/Institutions BusinessÝþbirliði

On the basis of the regulations, interested parties are interested in the international and They can invite national organizations/institutions to take part in activities related to the implementation of the business.

Article 17


This means that each member of KEemer opens the country's signature.

Article 18

Approve, Accept, Approve, Appropriate Find or folding

l   It will be subject to acceptance, approval, acceptance, approval, appropriate find and contribution. Approval, acceptance, approval, proper finding and folding documents will be communicated to the following message.

2. The President's Tevdi Mercii will be the Government of the Russian Federation and will communicate the approved examples of the above-exposed cases to the Parties.

Article 19

Entering and Expiration Time

1. The following will be effective and infinitely applicable to the approval, acceptance, approval, appropriate finding and folding documents of at least six countries.

2. The approval, acceptance, approval, approval of the country's approval, acceptance, and approval of the country's approval, acceptance, approval, and acceptance of the country's approval, acceptance, approval, and acceptance of the country's approval of the country's approval, agreed, and the right to a proper finding. It will be effective.

Article 20


1. Any Party, without meaning, may be withdrawn by notifying the tevdi leciine. Tevdi Mercii will notify the other parties in this regard.

2. The withdrawal will be effective 90 days from the date of the date of the date such notice is made to Tevdi Merciine.

3. Any Party wishing to withdraw at an earlier date will notify the tevdi leciine as a written statement. The notice is scheduled for at least 30 days after the withdrawal of the withdrawal.

Article 21

Deviations To Be Understood

1. The parties may recommend that this is a statement of work.

2. All proposals for proposals will be communicated in article 7 of the article, which will be communicated to the Committee on Emergency Situances (Committee). The Committee shall notify all Parties of these proposals. Any subsequent action in this frame shall be determined by the Emergency Circumstances Committee (Committee) within the framework of the authorization to be granted by the Parties.

Article 22

People with Disasges InternationalAnlaþmalar

Licensee's rights and rights arising from each of the Parties may be will not affect its obligations.

Article 23

Sleuthing Solution

on the interpretation or application of a business or more party If a sleight of sleep, the relevant Parties will resolve to resolve the Diplomatic Channels through negotiations and if deemed necessary.

Article 24

Language of Meaning

The assent text is prepared in English as well.

.............. 1999 ... on the date ......................................... signed.

The product on the socket, in accordance with the procedure, is in the authorized part of They will sign this statement.

, Republic of Albania

Armenia Republic

Azerbaijan Republic

Bulgaria Republic


, Republic of Greece

Moldova Republic


Russian Federation