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Kanun No. 5406


Accepted Date: 6.10.2005      

MADDE 1.- Signed in Ankara on 21 April 2004 The Government of the Republic of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria have the right to confirm the "Maritime Trade".

MADDE 2. -This will take effect on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



















(S. Number: 788)








with the Government of the Republic of Turkey, to be referred to as Government of the Republic of Bulgaria,

To support, develop, and specifically support the relations between the parties to strengthen the business in the maritime area, with the desire to encourage the development of bilateral trade-fish,

International is a member of the law, and especially of both parties. Taking into account the policies that are specified,

in accordance with marine safety and marine environment, relevant international commitments by noting the importance of protection,

people are reconcilable with the following considerations:



In the framework of this expression:

1. The term "Lover Ship" means any ship that has been registered to the ship's registry by one of the Skit Parties, and will have the flag of international rules and regulations under the warning.

The ship's record and the flag of a Fuel party, both of which have been registered by the Sitite The ships will be identified as "the ship's ship."

However, the term will not cover the following numbers:

a) naval ships and yardship ships,

b) sledgehammer boats,

c) ships that make hydrographic, oscillography and scientific research, and roseyship,

d) ships that provide administrative or governmental services.

2. The term "crew member" will make any sense, including the captain and the ship's stolen duties and services, to the list of crew members, including the crew list, and the required identification document.

3. The term "Internationalship ship" will make sense of the construction of any ship, only during the construction of the ports in the territorial waters of the Skit Side.

4. The term "kabotage" is the property of any of the entities, regardless of the entity and the location of the cargo, as well as to transport goods from a ship to the port, or indirectly from the port, to a port to a port, regardless of the location of the cargo. location. The same provisions apply to passengers, even if they have the transfer tickets.


Scope of Meaning

1. The job is to establish and develop maritime relations between the Skit Parties, and to prevent marine pollution and improve technical and business cooperation and joint yachts in maritime areas, the company said. It is intended to encourage the construction of the product.

2. The Lovers Sides will base the development of their relations in the maritime area on the free and fair competition's freedom of navigation and the international maritime policy.

3. Government Provisions:

a) It will not apply to ports that are not open to foreign ships.

b) will not affect the national rules regarding the entry and substitution of wildlings.

c) In your experiment, you can use kabotage, battery, trailer, rescue, and sea help, and every It will not be applied to ships, companies, or other activities that are used by a Dealer to install their own flags.


Proxy Makamps

Jurisdiction of the Fuel Parties, regardless of the implementation of the document;

-In the Republic of Turkey, "Undersecretary of Maritime Maritime Affairs",

-In the Republic of Bulgaria, " Authorized by the Ministry of Intelligence and Reporting Agents ",

In the case ofYetkiliAuthorized Authorities ' names and tasks, in the case of any other information, The parties will provide the necessary notification of diplomatic means.


Apply to Application Precautions

Parties, in the measure of the means, and to the international obligations. Without bringing it, it would be mutabled to authorize the implementation of the measures in order to implement the implementation of the business:

a) to ensure that it is not fully implemented. to make the necessary arrangements to the extent that the laws are not available,

b) In the shipping area and related areas, Increasing contacts on information that will help ease the need for it,

c) In the area of education, the technical imposition of the education of the egianers installation,

d) Service for commercial goods by sea, and services sold in ports to make it easier,

e) To strengthen the business of the international community.


InternationalSea Industry-based Principles

1. In order to comply with free and fair competition, the Parties to the international ship will avoid measures that may hinder the development of the international maritime transport and allocate the Fuel Parties to their own ships, either wholly or in the region. They would be mutabled by the sea through the sea, trying to keep the international goods and passengers from trying to remove all sorts of things.

2. The provisions of the business will not affect the right of third country ships to engage in the maritime trade between the ports of the Akit Parties.

3. Nothing in the course of this will prevent them from taking the necessary precautions to ensure that their commercial fleets have to trade in international trade on the basis of commercial competition.


GemilereTo Ships in Ports Applied Treatment

l Each of the Travellers has entered into the ships, ports, ports, ports of land, loading, loading, loading, shipping, passengers boarding and landing, all kinds of charges, and payment of all kinds of tariffs, and payment of any kind of payment. It will do the same to the use of the navies to the ships of the international sea trade.

2. The Parties shall facilitate maritime traffic in their ports, to facilitate maritime traffic within their ports, to address the necessary actions, as well as customs, health and police checks, within their obligations, the laws of the port rules and international law. They'll make an effort to simplify things when they're able to.

3. Each of the Azite Party ships are found in a country or country in a different country, without paying any additional fees, after they have met the laws and rules of this country, in order to paint a part of the port's port. They can either keep their cargo on board, or transfer it to a ship. In the same way, each of the Azoys ' ships have received one or more ports, including one or more of the cargo that will go to the foreign ports, or any portion of the cargo that will go from their ships in similar situations. can be downloaded at no additional charge.


Ship Documentation

1. The documents show the nature of the ship or the documents of the ship and the other documents that belong to the ship will be recognized by a Aper Party, which will identify or identify the ship's nature.

2. In particular, the documents required by the cruise and environmental security on the ship's ship were organised by two lovers, and said that they were organised by the two authorities. It will be recognized.

3. In the event of the Love Parties, the Tonnage of the 1969 Ship's Tonnage International Agreement, the raw ships will not be remeasured at the ports of the other Aper Side. Ships with less than 24 meters of length will be identified as being provided by national legislation.

4. In mandatory terms of a court ruling, the ships of any of the Convicted Parties have been issued to the Authorised Possession of their ships, and they are not included in a document they have been deleted from the Ship Registry. Otherwise, they will not be registered on the ship's registry.


Ship ID Documentation

1. Each of the Authorities will accept the shipping identification documents of the competent authorities for the members of the crew of their own, and the rights of those who have been identified by the company, as well as in the IX and X of the following, It will be recognized as a result of conditions that are contained in the same materials. Documents in question:

-"Ship-to-ship Wallet" for the Republic of Turkey,

"Bulgarian Ship's Wallet" for the Bulgarian Republic of Bulgaria.

2. It's the VIII and the IX in the Narrative. Provisions of the articles are required of the required identification documents of both the Republic of Turkey or the Republic of Bulgaria, both of which are not citizens, but in accordance with the provisions of the relevant international commitment that is played on the ships of the Fuel Side. It will also be applied to the owner of the owner.


Shipping of Ships Port Rights and Obligations

1. This Is The State Of The Union, Vlll. The crew members of the ships of one of the ships, which are described in the Articles of Identity identified in its Article, are located in the ports of the other in which the names of the ship ' s captors are authorized by the ship's captain to the port authorities. They can stay within the framework of the permit to land on temporary land without a visa, with the registration of the crew on the list of crew members that are presented in the warning.

2. Members of the crew will be subject to air and customs checks, when they land and return to their ships.


TransitCrew Members Transit Past Rights

1. This Is The State Of The Union, Vlll. The people who are familiar with the ship's identification documents, identified in the article, will be looking for the type of access used, riding their own ships or moving to a shipboard, returning to their own country or moving through an emergency or country of emergency. They will be allowed to enter their country or leave the country in order to go to any other country where their entry has been placed under the guarantee of acceptance.

2. In each of the cases specified in this Article, the shipmen will have the necessary means of financial means to meet the required visa and journey expenses. Such visas will be given by competent authorities at the time of the most possible time.

3. VIII. Authorities are authorized to contact the hospital if a crew member who has been identified in the material has been evacuated from the ship for reasons of sale by the other, or by authorized authorities, for a possible admission. it will allow the stake in the country to stay in the country and return to its own country through any means, or to go to a different port to get on its ship.

4. This is what we understand, VIII, and IX. The provisions of the Articles were found on the ships of the Akite Sides, which were not members of the crew member or registered on the crew list, but were involved in a special list of tasks related to the service or ship's execution during the journey. It is also applied to people.


Crew Members Rights to the Rights of the Rights

1. The AKit will continue to apply to the countries of the countries in the territorial waters of the Themselves Without a successor to the provisions of the United States and the provisions of Article IX.IX

2. Each of the Azois, VIII. The item with ship-man identification documents defined in the item reserves the right to refuse entry to any unsolicited country.


About the Crew Member Criminal Prosecution

1. One of the crew of one of the ship's ships is in charge of the dianer state, except when the ship was found in the territorial waters, except for the state authorities in the state where the ship was located, if they were to blame for the crime. They will not go to the diplomat or the consulate officer or ship's captain to be fired for this part of the company, but;

a) to demand that the ship's Captain be charged for the crime or fault of the ship,

b) the sovereign rights of the country where the results of the crime or fault are found, and To affect other rights,

c) In the case of criminal or misdemeanour, the public order of the country in which it is located or has an impact on the trust,

d) You need to fire criminal charges to stop the drug trafficking

e) Crime or fault is part of a ship's crew members. It is not possible.

2. I'm the only one. The provisions of the paragraph shall not affect the rights of the relevant authorities of the relevant authorities to conduct any audit or reasoning with the intent of implementing the applicable national laws and regulations.

3. Under the national legislation, each of the Azoys uses the legal, legal, judicial jurisdiction, and will take the necessary precautions to avoid when it is possible to take the ships of the other in the other. If necessary, each Party will allow the ship to be allocated or allow for the ship to be issued or given a warranty period written by the other in the World of Love.


Legal Cases

The judiciary and/or administrative authorities of each of the Parties are the flag of the ship. Unless requested by the competent diplomatic or consular officer of the country, members of the crew will not look into legal cases among the members of the crew, or the case of the crew member of a ship's work, unless requested by the authorized diplomatic or consular officer.


On the Endangered Ships Help

1. In case the ship of one of the Lovers Parties is to land or sit on land in the territorial waters of the Turkish World, or face an accident or any other sudden danger;

a) Gemiye, its crew, its passengers and its load, will always be helped, and It will be the same as the treatment of a national ship.

b) The ship, which is sitting on land or in an accident, is part of the rescue. Their rash, accessories, equipment, equipment, supplies and goods contained, ships or ships that were in the sea, or were sold by ships in this state, or sold in the same time as they were sold, but also made landfall. Or any of the ships that were inside the ship that put the accident on the ship. documents will be delivered to the owner or representatives of the time requested.

2. The provisions of this Article are required for the recovery of the ship or the benefit of the ship and its authorized party, or any other party authorized by it, to the Recovery Party, or by any other party authorized by the Second Benefit. It does not affect the right to claim compensation.


Translate Revenue and Shipping Carriers, Didier Damage

1. Each of the Azores will give the shipping companies the right to use revenue and other damage from maritime activities in order to pay for their part in the shipping area.

2. Each of the Proceeds will give the same companies the right to transfer revenue or damage after deductions of all payments mentioned above in accordance with the laws and regulations of the individual Party of America.

3. Each of the Parties will facilitate these kinds of transfuges.


Sea Cycle ProtectKorunmasý

1. Each of the Fallen Sides will take the necessary precautions to prevent environmental pollution within the territorial waters of the World of Sites.

2. Each of the Azite Party ships will comply with the national laws of environmental protection when they are in the territorial waters of the World of Love.

3. In the event of a damage caused by environmental pollution by the ship of the other in the land of the other in the region, the ship that caused damage would be responsible for the related international commitments and the laws of the Aper Party.


Dikternation Obligations Arising From Understanding

The United States of Human Means International is a party to both of them. It does not bring halal to its obligations.


Do not understand Resolution

1. Any understanding of the implementation and interpretation of the business will be resolved through the use of the Fuel Parties directly between the Authorized Mahamari.

2. It will be resolved through diplomatic channels if it cannot be concluded with the results from the current state.

3. In the event of future obligations in the future, the issue will be reissued and edited with bilateral negotiations, as needed, and due to the future.


Nihai Provisions

1. The Parties shall report to each other diplomatic channels as soon as possible the completion of the ratification of the entity's approval countries. Thirty (30) of the last notice of the Statement It will take effect later in the day.

2. This will apply for a time period of time.

3. Each of us will have the authority to dissolve the company in a written statement. The termination of this statement will take effect from 12 months after such a notice.

4. The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the People's Republic of Bulgaria on April 20, 1979, will lose the automatic provision of the Sea Trade, signed by the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the People's Republic of Bulgaria on April 20, 1979.

Remarktor signatories sign a statement of the business.

........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ In two countries, Turkish, Bulgarian, and English are organized in English, and all three texts are equally valid. English text will be valid if it is not asleep.


Government of the Republic of Turkey Bulgaria Government

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