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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ULUSLARARASI KARAYOLU TAŞIMACILIĞI YAPAN TAŞITLARDA ÇALIŞAN PE

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Kanun # 4411


Accepted Date: 20.7.1999

MADDE 1. - It is appropriate to contribute to the European Union (AETR), which was held in Geneva on 1 July 1970 and was entered on January 5, 1976.

The European Council of Staff (AETR) is not added to the employees.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.








Dependency 1 *

Devity 2 *

Devisibility 3 *






* 3 Effective August 1983

* * entered April 24, 1992

* ** 28 August 1995 entryyürürlüðe


Play in the Repairs That Make

Stealing Personnel

European Meaning


Âkit Parties,

The arrival of the international passenger and freight to improve and improve

The need to increase the security of highway traffic is to bring and comply with some of the international road traffic areas, regulations and regulations in accordance with the policies of the International Organization of China (ILO). occurrences of:

Article 1


The phrase (a) "move" will become a set of shipping tools. Any motor transmission or trailer;

(b) "motor", including any one of its units, is normally used in passenger or cargo on the highway, except for the tractors, or the passenger or the Moving and moving the trailers used in the load. power-off shipping;

(c) "trailer" is the term "trailer", immolated to withdraw from a motor side, including half-trailers;

(d) "yarn-trailer" is the term "half-trailer", itself and The significant portion of the load and the significant portion of the load that will be installed on a portion of the motor are installed;

(e) "birthing" the term "birthing" is a single unit on the road. add to each other;

(f) " maximum allowed "the term" is the maximum amount allowed for the delivery of the loaded vehicle with the load, declared by the authorized dealer of the state where the plan is registered;

(g) "ground-to-land", is publicly available, A loaded or unloading trip of a vacation, passenger or freight boarding;

(h) "international road construction" [ "highway construction"] is the route to which at least one step has been passed. tagline;

(i) "scheduled flights" are the passengers have been downloaded and put in previously set stops, with specific searches, the passenger boarding service on the specific route,

, if not determined by a law or charter, approved by the authorized authorities of the Convenience Parties. The rules, which were issued before the start of the operation, were subject to the documents requested by these rules, their conditions, especially the left of the flights, the price list schedule, and the passenger service. required to specify the obligations.

Who If it is regulated by normal passengers, certain types of passenger boarding services will be considered a scheduled time if this is the first time that this description is made available in the first part of the product. Such expeditions will, in particular, bring the people to their places, their schools and their services, from now on.

(j) "driver" is the term "driver", whether it is a genius for a while, paid or not for a while. Kits or kishas, including:

(k) "service personnel", paid or not, drive, orolmasýn

(i) driver help, as long or as possible, to drive the current or requirement of the event. (CID muavini), even if it is not the driver of this matter (j), do it in the process of getting involved. The active task of the active task, who is responsible for some maneuvers on the drive;

(ii) the conductor, who is assigned to the passenger boarding vehicle, and especially from cutting tickets or tickets. The person responsible for doing the check or checking for passengers on the move;

(l) "week" is the term "week" between 00:00 and 24:00 on Monday, Monday at 24:00;

(m) The term "rest" is any continuous operation of the driver's ability to use freely. used at least one hour ofsüre




Article 2


1. This information is applied to all international road tracking activities in each of the countries ' country, which is executed by any other part of the individual in which it has lost or otherwise registered.

2. However,

(a) are not leaving the national territory where they normally perform one or more of their occupations normally during the operation of international road traffic, in which case the party will not They are free to apply and apply the provisions of, within the national world, in any of their countries.

(b) If the Involved Parties are not understood in the form of the other;Anlaþma

1. 3, 5 shades not passed, including maximum permitted, trailer, or semi-trailers,

2, used in load tracking. Ship-to-passengers, including drive-to-boarding and equipment-including drives, have been used for boarding and equipment maintenance,

3. Repairs that are used for passenger flights, which do not take the route 50 kilometers, and are configured with scheduled flights;

4. Repairs that are not up to 30 kilometers per hour areMüsaade

5. Armed forces, civil defense, fire and public order, use of force or control of the force;

6. They include sewer, flood, water, gas and electricity services, highway maintenance and control, garbage collection and stauning, telephone and telegraph services, mail posts, radio or television broadcasting, and radio or television stations or their alicas. Details used in correlation with detection;

7. Tools used in emergency services and recovery operations;

8. TIP specific details;

9. Details of the circus and Luna parking equipment;

10. Special repairs;

11. Technical improvements and maintenance-repair are subject to the road test and are new or renewed, but have not yet entered the service;

12. Repairs used in a personal load on the ticket;

13. It does not apply to the international road that is performed by

the concessions used in collecting and collecting milk products used in milk or animal feed from farms.

Article 3

Apply some of the provisions of the statement in the country of the non-party states

implementation of road repairsicra

1. The 5th, 6th, 9th, 9th and 10th items of the international road to the international highway in the country of the United States, each of which is the country's country, which is not party to the point of use, each of the countries.

2. For a loss to a state that is not a part of this deal, the Parties will only be able to request the daily impression form of such a holiday driver, which will suit the characteristics of the control device in the appendix. They are free.

Article 4

General Alloys

Each In Party may apply minimum and maximum provisions greater than 5th, 6, 7 nci, and 8th Article provisions. However, these provisions will continue to be applied to the drives that are played on the route of the international road in terms of Party or Non-Party registration.

Article 5


1. 18;

(b) for the maximum number of times, 7, 5 tons }

(b) for the maximum number of drives that are running at least

(a), if any, of the load is currently running:

21, or

a professional qualification that confirms that it has finished an opening course for the drivers of the system to use for load on the ground. 18 if it has a certificate. In accordance with this agreement, the Parties shall report to each other the minimum levels of distribution and other conditions that are still applied at the national level.

2. Every driver in the passenger boarding house is 21.

Each drive that is stolen from the passenger in a normal distance of 50 kilometers from where the appliance is normally used cannot be met;

(a) the maximum number of 3, 5, 5 a minimum of one year or authorized authority in the vehicles that are driving at least one year as the driver of a tone, as well as theton

(b), which conducts passenger flights more than 50 kilometers from where the car is normally used. At the same time he received the experience that he had the experience to be so used to it. At least one year in other passenger flights that did not work out;biri

(c) is one of the following, confirming that it has completed an open education course for the drivers of passengers for the purpose of boarding passengers. the professional qualification certificate recognized by it.

Article 6

Use times

1. The duration of the duration of the period during the rest of the period during the rest of the holiday period, or the duration of the period during the rest of the holiday period, will be called "daily use time", not nine hours. This time can be up to ten hours in any week.

A drive uses a half-day period specified in the third Article 3, without taking the time to use a six-day interval.

Referring a maximum period of time to use a maximum period of time for a maximum period of under-day period.

The international passenger in a number of different flights. instead of the "gold" and "gold" clause in the second and third spots in the process, "twelve" and The "twelfth" clause is used.

2. No more than 90 days can exceed ninety hours per day.

Article 7


1. If the drive is not going to be able to use a rest stop at the end of the four hours and thirty minutes of use time, at least the minimum amount of minutes will take a break.

2. This break can be done with breaks, each of which may be at least 10 minutes to be used at the immediate end of this time, in accordance with the rule of use, or in accordance with the 1st term.

3. During these breaks, the driver will not be busy with any other diklers. In relation to this matter, the time period is not known as "other than" for the duration of the duration of the ferry or the duration of a transaction during a transaction in the transaction state.

4. Breaks in this item cannot be considered as a daily rest period.

Article 8

Listening times

1. In every twenty-four hour period, the drive uses at least one eleven-hour daily rest time. This period will not be more than three times during any week, but may be reduced to at least one nine hours without interruption of the warranty that is compensated before the week ends following the end of the period.

If not reduced rest time with the first one specified in the first self, one may be used in two or three separate parts during the twenty-four hour period, unless one is less than an eight-hour period without interruption. In this case, the minimum duration of the rest will be reduced to twelve hours.

2. Each drive uses a nonstop rest period of no less than eight hours if the vacation is driven by at least two drives during each thirty-hour period.

3. During each week, one of the rest times mentioned in the 1st and 2nd friars will be added to the rest of the week, adding to the rest of the week. If this rest time is to be spent on a regular basis, or in a normal location, it can be reduced to at least twenty-four hours without interruption if the drive is to be migrated normally where it is at least 30 hours. Each of these discounts will be compensated for the amount of time it takes to use in a single state before the third week of rest of the week after which they are due to rest.

4. It can be correlated to one of two of the weeks of rest of the week that wrap up in a week.

5. In the event of a week-old passenger on the sixth of the 4th article, the 4th ingredient was added to the week following week after week following week that week after week of rest of the week after week of rest of the week after week of rest. can be deferred.

6. At least eight hours of rest, any rest used to compensate for outages during daily and/or memory rest time at the request of the related winter, is one of at least eight hours of rest, and the vehicle is in a parking lot or a drive's base. on the site.

7. Daily rest time may be used if it is in motion, and is equipped with a bunk.

8. If the drive that is on the top of the 1st cent of the above, or the drive that is being transported during a passenger installation, is involved in a transfer that is being transported by ferry or train, the daily rest period may be divided by more than one time, depending on the number of days of recovery.

Blackout part of the daily rest period is no longer available before or after the part that is passed on the ferry or on the train,

these two parts of the daily rest period are remaining possible up and down the border and customs formalities are included in the loading and downloading aþmamalýdýr

the drive must be able to use a bunk or a lap on both of these rest times.

The daily rest period divided by this period. two hours extension.

Article 9


The drive is required to ensure that passengers, vacation or load, are trusted by the record not to threaten path security. required, if required, to comply with the provisions of this statement until a proper stop. it might not. The drive specifies the nature of the violation of the mentioned provisions and the reason for the control device record or the task table.

Article 10

Control device

1. The World Parties to install and use a control device that suits the loss of enrollment in their own country;

(a) Control device; construction, installation, usage, and testing of the site and requirements of an unallocated part of this statement.

This is a control device that complies with 20th of December 1985 date and (EEC) No. 3821/85, from the view of testing, usage, and testing. agreed to.

(b) If normal and appropriate use of the installed control device is not possible, each team personnel will use the appropriate graphical demonstration to manually install the details of their professional activity and rest time.

(c) They use the control device to use the control device because they are remote from the process, manually using the appropriate graphical representation to the registration card with the scheduled time record of their professional activities.

(d) task staff, the week in which they were put on time, and the previous the registration cards for the last day of the week are in possession and check-in at any time.

(e) staff personnel should be able to play the control device and use the correct drive, if the correct type is not used, the minimum It must be fixed in time.

2. Adequate drives are available for personal use of these record cards, keeping them available when they are destroyed or if they are destroyed by the card or the authorized control officer can be taken. The number of records will be on the count. Employers will only install accepted types of record cards that can be used in the drive-through device.

3. The product has been periodically retained for a period of time until at least 12 months after the last time the last action was done, which was properly populated with the 1 pearl (b), (c), and (d) items that were specified in this Article. At the request of the authorities.

Article 11

The control of the administration

1. Organisations are in the process of trying to use the road overflow activity to meet the provisions of the training staff.

2. The administration periodically checks on all the documents that are available for savings, such as a personnel report, and regularly checks for usage times, and other times, and rest times. The execution will take the necessary measure to end this violation and prevent the wheel if it detects any violations, such as the execution hours and route of the route.

3. Payments made to paid drives are prohibited from being charged with the distance and/or charge that may be included in the bonus or additional charges. Such payments do not apply to this ban.

Article 12

Measures to implement the meaning

1. Each of them will ensure compliance with the provisions, especially adequate measures, such as adequate control of road controls and construction sites, as appropriate measures. The authorities of the Akit will notify the authorities of the general measures taken for this purpose.

2. The Lovers Parties help each other in the implementation of this statement and under the control of the application.

3. In the framework of this decision, the violations of those who have not complained in the competent authorities of the Akite Sides and the punishment for these violations are in the hands of the Dealer Who has given their own rights to the penalties for which they are sentenced to such violations in the country of the Party of the Party. information on a regular basis.

Includes such information that is provided when serious violations are addressed.

4. The findings of a road-size control of the driver of the country's registration drive in a country of the country's country have caused undeteable violations due to the lack of data needed in the control process, causing the potential of the evidence to be made. They help each other to ensure that the authorities are opening the status of the authorities. For this purpose, the authorized dealer will notify you of the results of the inspection at the site of the audit.

Article 13

Provisional provisions

New 10-check detail clause This means that it is mandatory until 24 April 1995 for the countries that are in compliance with the terms of this meeting. The former 12 nci forward personnel report and the old decider 12 nci control device are still applied for prior to this date.

Article 14

Recent provisions

1. It will be signed until March 31, 1971, after which the states of the European Economic Commission and the Commission, which are part of the Commission's directive on the 8th of the Commission's directive, will be folded in accordance with the 8th of the Commission directive.

2. This will be confirmed.

3. Approval or contribution documents are intended to be stored in the United Nations Secretary General.

4. This means that the eighth approval or contribution document will take effect on the next century after the date of the application.

5. This statement is intended to approve or understand the State of the State from each State of the State, which approved or contributed to this statement after the eighth approval or contribution document was approved in the 4th chapter of this article. The day after the date of the contribution of the contribution (s) will be entered by the following days.

Article 15

1. Any of the Parties may terminate the Notice with a notice under the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

2. Annulment shall prevail 6 months after the date of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment.

Article 16

This means that you will not be able to use the Article by any means if the number is less than three.

Article 17

1. The signing of this statement or confirmation of the confirmation document is responsible for any State of the State of the State of the Republic of which the ratification of the ratification or inclusion of the Council of ratification documents is responsible for the later date. to all countries or any of them, with a notification to the Secretary General of the United Nations, with a notice. Understanding is that the country or countries specified in the notice are not yet effective after the day of the date that the notification is received by the Secretary of State or if the statement is not effective until the day after the statement is taken by the Secretary-General to the General Secretary. applies to the day after the current date of entry.

2. Any State that declared that it could be implemented in the country where it was responsible for their drench was responsible for the implementation of this statement, and it was determined that it would be responsible for the implementation of the country's fifth article. .

Article 18

1. The interpretation of this statement and its implementation will be resolved through the use of two or more of the In-Party (s)).

2. One or more of the other people whose understanding is airlifted to the umpire over the claim that one of the other countries that cannot be resolved with the resolution is in order to avoid the referee's request. As soon as the agreement is requested, the arbitrators will not reach an agreement on the arbitrators or referees within three months from the date of the request, and any of these parties will decide that the Secretary-General of the United Nations will not may require a single arbitrator to appoint.

3. The decision of the arbitrator or arbitrators determined by the above alert will be understood.

Article 19

1. The signing of this statement, whether it was approved or in the course of this statement, any state may say that it is not able to explain itself to the 18th article 2, and its 3rd fives, which are located here. The Interested Parties are not interested in any of the countries that have put it in such a draw.

2. If a State of State, approval or contribution documents the 1st of this Article in a motion to be specified in the 1st of this Article, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has previously approved the approval or inclusion of this Statement of State. And since then, he has been telling the States that he hasn't annulled, and he's been talking about the reservations. If any of the states mentioned within 6 months of this kind of declaration do not declare their opposition to the residence, it is a matter of acceptance of the point of view. Otherwise, as soon as the check is accepted and the state is unravelling, the state does not accept the withdrawal of the state, which is not the provision of the approval or the contribution of the contribution documents. For the implementation of this material, the opposition of the opposition states, or the approval of ratification documents, if they are sovereign because of the reservations they have put in place, the opposition of these states is ignored.

3. The State of the United Nations accepted a hammer that accepted the hammer in the Israeli protocol, or put it in a drawer that matched the 1st of the pearl of this material, or the State of the United Nations, which is considered a hammer that fits the 2nd of the article. It can withdraw the hammer at any time.

Article 20

1. If any of the Eskit Parties may request a conference call after three years of implementation of this statement, the Secretary General of the United Nations may request it with a notice of the Secretary General. The Secretary-General reports the request to all the Testicus Parties and, as of the date of the Secretary-General's notice date, which is not less than 1/3 of the 4-month period, the Aware Parties have found the conference request positively, and they arrange a conference call.

2. If a conference that fits the previous fund is held, the Secretary-General invites the parties to submit their proposals in a three-month period, in which they want to address the conference. The Secretary-General will announce the issue of the conference agenda less than 3 months before the conference will be less than 3 months from the date of the conference.

3. The Secretary-General invites all of the states specified in the 14th section of the 14th clause of this statement to any conference held with this clause.

Article 21

1. Any Other Party may recommend one or more delics in this Expression. Any recommendation will be formally notified to all the Teskit Parties and officially notified to the Secretary General who will notify all other states of the motion, as specified in the 14th article 1.

2. In a period of 6 months after the Secretary-General was formally notified by the Secretary General, the Secretary-General:

(a) has been appealed to the dislocation proposal, or;

(b) to accept the proposal, it will notify that it is not yet complete in the country of the code required to meet the requirements of such an admission.

3. If an Ederer sends an official notice to the General Secretary for the reason specified in the 2 (b) section of this Article, the State Department does not notify the General Secretary that it has agreed to the General Secretary, so that it may notify 2 (b) of this Article. notify the Secretary-General for an objection to a proposal for a motion within a nine-month period following the expiration of a minimum period of time for his finding.

4. If the proposal is an objection to the suggestions of the 2nd and 3rd fans of this Article, the recommendation will be disregarded and unacceptable.

5. If the proposal is not an objection to the proposal of the 2nd and 3rd feks of this Article, it is expressed as to the following date:

(a) Never, General Sekretere, 2 (b) In the expiration date of the second term described in the second phase of this Article,bildirimde

(b) If any, the General Secretary may have a notice that complies with 2 (b) of this Article. Which of the following dates is before:

-all Âkit The date they reported accepted by the parties was accepted as a result of the completion of all admissions before the end of the under-month period in the 2-part time period, as the following is a final term.

-at the end of the nine months period specified in the 3rd \n section of this Article.

6. Any deity that has been ruled by its acceptance will be effective three months after the date it is assumed to be accepted.

7. The Secretary-General will inform all of the Aware Parties at the time of the article 2 (a) of this Article that the proposal is an objection to the proposal of a deity and whether or not it has received notice from one or more of the Teskit Parties according to the article 2 (b) of this Article. If the Secretary-General has received statements that comply with one or more of the provisions of the Article 2 (b) of this clause, all the Akitite Parties may or may not object to or whether the Party or Parties present such notice may be appealed or not. notify them.

8. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 2nd, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 6th, According to his internal legislation, the authority of the Ederer is authorized by the Turkish authorities to confirm that the legislative body will approve the specific authority or legislative body that the legislative body has to issue with its approval. The comment will not be made available until the appropriate special authority or approval of the required special authority is provided to correct the subject. The understanding of the presence of the authorized governments will determine the effective date of the current, and may allow for a temporary period of time, an old attachment, or a full co-operation.

Article 22

1. The 1st and 2nd attachments to this section may be tasered according to the procedure specified in this clause.

2. The recommended actions for additional 1 and 2-ci attachments are reviewed by the European Economic Commission Highway, and recommended by the European Economic Commission for additional 1 and 2.

3. If it is accepted by the majority of members who are prepared and contributed to the vote, and that most is ready to vote and vote, it will be accepted by the Secretary-General to the competent authority of the Akitans. it is reported to be received.

4. In less than one-third of the Âite Parties in the next six months after their notifications are made, they will be accepted if they report their objections to the General Secretary.

5. Any accepted dexterity will be notified by the Secretary-General and will be effective until three months after the notification is made.

Article 23

The Secretary of the Union, this In addition to the statements mentioned in articles 20 and 21, the 14th article 1 will notify the States of the 1st article.

(a) the approvals that comply with the 14th article of this statement or multiplicity;

(b) in accordance with the 14th clause of this the effective date of }

(c) the annulment decisions that comply with the article 15;

(d) end of this section;16

(e) this is the 17 nci notices;

(f) dexations and statements according to the 19th clause of this Statement;

(g) any other means made according to the 21st clause of this Statement entry.

Article 24

This is the The Israeli Protocol, which is considered as an unreserved part, has the same power, validity and duration.


Article 25

After March 1971, this The original text of the statement is intended to be saved to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who will forward the approval of the business to the United States Secretary-General, who will forward the 14th article to the States as described in the 14th article.

Maruz From aunty to aunty, he is the subject of proper signage, the official said. They signed a statement.

The first day of the Binn9th century is organized in Geneva, in English and French, to be original on the first day of July, with both text being original.


Attachment-Control device



Article 1

Any type of control device or form registration card with attached features to be approved by the manufacturer manufacturer or its representative It will be done. No more than one of the same type of control device or the same form record card can be done.

Article 2

The approval of the generated model is suitable for the approved prototype. Any type of control device or any form registration card that works with the requirements specified in attachment 1 is the approval of any form, if the position is in the control of the attachment.

Any description or attachment to be made in a approved model, first approval an additional type of approval from the Issuing Party.

Article 3

The Users Parties give each type of control device or a confirmation that matches the model shown in attachment 2 for the approval that matches the item 2 for each form record card.

Article 4

The approval of the Type approval by authorized authorities or by adding a copy of the characteristics of the approval data for each type of control device or form record card that they do not approve of. they send in a month to the competent authorities of the Certificate of a certificate, or to to these authorities in the event of rejection, they are not approved, along with the justification for these decisions.

Article 5

1. If a certain type of control device or record card that gives a type approval according to clause 2 is determined not to conform to the approved prototype, the models will ensure that the generated models are in compliance with the approved prototype. take the measures. The received measures can be extended until the approval of the type of approval is required.

2. If the type is approved, the control device or the record card is not eligible for this attachment and its attachments, or if it is intended for use because of any general deficiency in use.

3. If the type is informed by the Party of 1 and one of the cases mentioned in the 2nd and 2nd series, it is related to the situation with the 5th party, after which it has been notified by the Party. Assigns the names that are mentioned in the aforementioned practices.

4. In fact, one of the cases mentioned in the 2nd party may forbid the control device or registration card to be sold and used in the marketplace until a second notice. If the manufacturer does not comply with the approval model or the requirements of this attachment, the manufacturer may indicate that the control device or the record card will differ from its current account, which was mentioned in the 1st state of the measure. is implemented.

You must notify each other within a month of any other measures taken in accordance with the authorized authority of the Convenience Parties or in accordance with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fridays of the Convenience. statements.

5. If the type approver is not accepted by the person who is notified of the 1st and 2nd fans as reported by the Party, they will strive to handle the following.




Article 6

1. Specifies the type of approval that is available for the form record card, in which type or type of control it is available to use in the control device, and is the type or type specified for the test of the card. of equipment.

2. Authorized by each of the Merchants, they specify the control device of the type or type that the form card uses in the certification certificate they give for the form record card.

Article 7

Never in any way Such a device may not refuse or deny any such device registration for reasons such a device is installed if the control device is currently installing the check mark on the 3rd item and the installation plaque specified in item 9 is the same type of device. cannot ban any use of the device from service.

Article 8

The control device type, or form record, issued in this additional alert, is specified as the basis for reasons that are based on either rejection or rollback decisions. The decision is communicated to the relevant party and the relevant party will be informed about the compensatory ways to use according to the 3rd Party Law and how much of these compensatory statements should be actuated.


Article 9

1. The installation or repair of the control device can be done at the expense of the authorities as authorized by the authorized authorities for this job, as well as by the authorized authority by the workshops or by the workshops.

2. Hits a custom stamp on top of seals with a certified montor or workshop. The authorized dealer of the value authorized a record of these stamps used.

3. The authorities of the Akit will send copies of the stamps used with a list of approved montors or workshops to each other.

4. The installation plate in attachment 1 is mounted on attachment 1 to confirm the proper control setup for the requirements of this attachment.


Article 10

People and drivers are responsible for providing the correct operation.

Article 11

1. Drivers do not use a dirty or damaged record card. These maintenance cards are protected in an appropriate way.

If damage to a record card is damaged, the drive will be damaged by a backup card that is used instead of the damaged card.

2. Drivers use a record card every day from the time they take over from the part. The registration card will not be released until the log ring expires unless you allow it to be issued. No record card will be used for longer than when the card is edited for the duration period.

If the drive is not able to use the installed device as a result of the drive away, the process will be read-free without defiling the registration card. manual or automatic registration.

Drivers will not be responsible for the use of more than one drive in the attachment II, part II of the attachment II, part II (1), (2), (3) of the information described in (3) record cards so that the driver can be enrolled in the card

3. Control devices will not fail, cards will not be damaged, cards will not be damaged and will not be contaminated if the authorized examination officer should open the device to read the nine-hour records prior to the time the check was made. design.

This will be designed to show if control devices are not recording.

4. In the request of an authorized examination officer, the drive must be able to address the record cards of the current week and the last day of the last day of the previous week.




Eke Attachment 1



In this attachment,

(a) "control device", the automatic or semi-automatic or semi-automatic representation of the operation of the movement of the road plans and the drivers of those users who are running. the equipment that will be installed on the road to be saved;

(b) "registration card" is a permanent record of the information that should be included in the control device and recorded on it by the part of the control device. data, data that can be saved and saved intended for a card that is designed to hold it;

(c) "Control device constant" is the numeric characteristic that gives the input signal the required input signal to register and show the distance of the 1 kilometer range. This constant must be expressed in kilometers (k = ......... rev/km) or mileage impups (k = ......... imp/km);

(d) "Character multiplicity" is a kilometer in normal test conditions of a The numeric character that gives the control device, which is sent by the part of the control device (the gear box, table, or axle) that installs a distance, is the numeric character that gives the control device (Look. The VI part of this attachment is section 4 of the attachment). This factor is shown as a milestone (w = .......... rev/km) or mileage impups (w = ......... imp/km);

(e) "real-wheel environment", a full return of the steel wheel (attractive one) moving the move The distances have been greater than the duration of the cathearaat. The measurement of these distances is normally done under normal test conditions. (Look. This attachment is shown in section 4 of the VI section) and 1 = .... mm.


The control device must be able to register the following:

1. distance traveled;

2. hýzý

3. drive duration;

4. other job or task days;

5. stop and log rest times;

6. açýlýþý

7. for electronic control devices, which are stolen by electrical signals from distance and speed sensors, with a disruption of the power supply of the recording equipment (excluding the first) and any 100 milliseconds of the distance and speed sensors in power. Any interruption to the cable to the distance and speed sensors.

The control devices used by the two drive-to-drive service devices have left the same number of cards that have been deleted in 3, 4 and 5 months, but have separate details. record.



1. Control devices must contain:

(a) Indicators

-cathedialdistance (distance counter)

-speed (kilometers clock)

-time (hour)

(b) PrintYazýcýlar

-a cathedral distance writer

-number printer

one or more time writes in section III C 4.

(c) is the only one single-write tool

-card found every opening of the enclosure

-the control device for the electronic control devices described in section 7 (excluding the first) is a further outage of more than 100 milliseconds that occur in the power of the fuse. This should not be late after the power-off has been reactivated,

-the distance and speed sensors for the electronic control devices described in section 7 are more than 100 milliseconds at the power boil. Any interruption to the signal cable to the distance and speed sensors with the interruption.

2. Equipment to be placed on the above will not be forced to properly play or read.

The check device with additional parts of this type is done for approval.

3. Materials

(a) all parts which have a control device are not capable of adequate bandwidth and mechanical durability.

(b) The control device is generated for the values of the materials that are used in any of the parts of the materials that are used in any of the parts, before production is passed, the control device is intended to be approved by the manufacturer of the type of approval.

4. The measurement of the distance fromKatedilen

can be measured and recorded with one of the specified formats;

-in the form of a combination of forward and back transactions, or

- in the form of measuring forward motion only.

The registration of the Reaction should not affect the current and clarity of the record.

5. Speed measurement

(a) The rate between which to measure will be specified in the certificate of approval.

(b) The current frequency and frequency distortion of the measurement, showing and recording instruments, measurement results. will be able to follow up to 2 m/s2 of speed increases in acceptable tolerance.

6. The measurement of time (in hours)

(a) The control of the mechanism used must be placed inside the enclosure where the record card is located at the same time. Each angle of the enclosure must be automatically saved to the record card.

(b) If the forward motion mechanism of the record card is controlled by the clock, when the clock is fully installed, the time of the device will be stolen to the maximum card load of the device. At least 10% of the duration of the record must be no more than 10%.

7. Protection and protection

(a) Control device indicators will not be dazzled.

(b) All internal parts of normal use of the device are protected from humidity and dust. In addition, it should be protected by a lockable enclosure marshal.


1. Distance indicator (distance meter)

(a) The minimum rating of the smallest rating that represents the distance traveled in the mirror is 0.1 kilometers. The figures showing the hekometers are not exactly the ones that represent the full mileage.

(b) The numbers above the distance counter should be easily read and the height of the visible size is at least 4 mm.

(c) The distance counter must be able to show at least 99.999.9 kilometers.

2. Speed gauges (speed counters)

(a) In the scope of the measure, the rate must be divided by 1, 2, 5, or 10 kilometers per hour. The maximum rate shown in the rate of split ends cannot be greater than 10%.

(b) There is no need to show the measurements at the time of these measurements with the numbers.

(c) The length of the break that shows a 10 km per hour speed difference should not be less than 10 mm.

(d) On the Israeli indicator, the control device surface and the blight between the ibre must not exceed 3 mm.

3. Time indicator (time)

The time indicator is unreadable, plain, and ambiguous from the control device.




1. General considerations

(a) A sign is placed to ensure that all equipment, if the record card is available (such as a power or disk), will be driven out of the registry. The time indicator is that the time on the time indicator is intended to keep the pointer on the card.

(b) The mechanism that moves the record card will not move and is easily driven. The forward movement of the record cards in theDisk

(c) must be controlled by the clock mechanism. In this case, the return movement of the card must be continuous and ununiform and measured to a minimum of 7 mm per hour indicating the area of the space that is allocated to the speed record.

The mechanism that regulars the forward movement of the cards is by the clock the advanced mobility in type equipment is at least 10 mm per hour.

(d) Record of the distance of the distance, vacation, and card or cards are automatically registered automatically.

2. The record of the caveat distance

(a) must be represented by at least one millimeter in the appropriate coordinate when saving each kilometre.

(b) distances up to the maximum number of meters that reach the maximum extent of the measurement. record, it is not readable.

3. Sign up

(a) If the format of the record card, the printer must normally move to the transaction direction and act on a flat line.

This is the case of the following the movement of the printer can be elliptical:

-perpendication of the printer line, on the disk-formatted cards, on the mean circle, on cards in the form format,

- between the diameter of the number of the printer line and the area of the area that is allocated for the speed record. rate should not exceed 1 ratio of 2, 4 to 4, regardless of the format of the card,

-the record area will be covered in order to do the same as the diameter of the line drawing the lines of time onslaps. The lines between the lines in the time-over lines must represent an hour that does not take place.

(b) At the speed of 10 kilometers per hour, at least 1, 5 millimeters of execution should be represented at the appropriate coordinates in the recording.

4. Time record

(a) The control device is always automatically configured to save the time period automatically and for the duration of the operation, with a key that is indicated by a key.
















(b) The number of states in the line of lines, their relative position, and if needed, the fourth (a) paragraphs in the Clearly, it should be possible to separate.

Conflict durations from each other to any other way, at least from the convenience of the relevant line callers, or the ease of reading and interpreting of the registry. inexpandable.

(c) More than one Records given at 4 (a) in a tasting crew from the drive should be treated on two separate record cards as each card is allocated to a drive. In this case, the forward movement of these separate cards is either by a single mechanism or by a single mechanism or with the same mechanism to be defined.


1.  The mechanism to install the registration card or cards and time has been unlocked.

2.  All open cards or cards must be automatically registered with the location of the record card and the mechanism to install the clock.


1.  The following inaction should be seen on the face of the control device.

-The distance measuring unit indicated by the distance "km" of distance count,

-the km/s image of the storm

-" Vmin, Vmax ......

This is not required if the equipment has a description of the equipment.

These conditions are not required before 10 August 1970 Approval is valid for alms.

2.  The diagnostic plaque must be created in conjunction with the device and are visible to the conflict.

-the name and address of the manufacturer of the equipment,

- the number and construction of the manufacturer,

-approval of the control device type,

-the number of the device in the "k = .... rev/km" or "k = .... import/km" font,

-requested in the same state as specified in 1 best measure,

-the same angle as the device The following is in the following:











1.  On the test counter before installation

(a) Caused distance:

% 1% greater than or less than the actual distance;

(b) Hüz:

Real speed 3 km/s or less;

(c) Time:

After installation, the clock is ± 2 minutes per day, 7 days less than 7 days.



2.  In setup

(a) Katerelen distance:

Less than or less than 2% of real distance;gerçek

(b) Hüz:

More than 4 km/s from actual speed less;

(c) Time:

± 2 minutes per day, or

seven days ± 10 minutes

3. Use

(a) Distance:

% 4% more or less than real distance;

(b) Hüz:

More than 6 km/s, or less than the actual speed of 1 km less;

(c) Time:

± 2 minutes per day, or

seven days ± 10 minutes

4. The maximum tolerances in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seals are valid for the 00 and 400 C range, although measurements are made from a nearby location at the same time.

5. The maximum tolerance measurements given in the 2 nci and 3rd frakors VI. It will be done under the conditions described in the section.



1. The record cards will not disturb the normal sound of the device, and the records on it will not be deleted and will be easily read.

Record cards are normal and above the size of the humidity must be able to maintain records.

In addition to these, each individual team must be able to process the information in the following without breaking the cards and reducing the readability of their records;

(a) using a card last name and last name;

(b) the date and date of use of the date and expiration of the date;

(c) is the number of the license plate number assigned to both the card and the time the card was used, as well as the amount of time the card was used. If it did, then the license plate number;

(d) reads the distance count;

the first time the card was started,

the last time the card was saved,

one the indicator on the part of the play, if it is being set up during the day of the day the number of indicators in the numbers and the number of times;

(e) time has changed.

The record is kept in mind for at least one year in a normal storage state.

2. The minimum loss capacity formats of the cards are 24 hours no matter what.

More than one disk, if sustained, without the interference of the drives, is being used to increase the continuous loss of capacity. the media in the search will not be in a number of slides or consecutive binds when switching from disk to disk.


1. Must include record fields on record cards;

a special area for correlated data,

a special area for correlated data with a cathedial distance,

time to use, and so on One or more areas of preparation, breaks, and rest periods.

2. The field that is allocated to the speed record must be rated at 20 km per hour or more to represent more than a half hour. Every sign on the ruler should be expressed in the figure in the day of the event. The symbol "km/s" has to be located at least once within this area. The final step on the ruler must be a maximum of the measure.

3. The area that is allocated to save the traveled distance must be edited in the same way that the amount of distance traveled can be read without difficulty.

4. The field or fields that are reserved for the record of the durations specified in item 1 should be easily separated.


Each record card must contain information about the following as a printer;

-the manufacturer's name, address, or trade name,

-form card approval mark,

-check details of the type and types of control that are available for the card,

-the maximum number of kilometers per hour,hýz

-with a record of requiring minimum plug-ins, each card Each 5 minutes is easier to understand, and 15 minutes are expected to be It should have a graded timesheet on a printer.


There is a free space to allow drivers to manually process the following information:

-the last name of the drive, name,

-to use the card site and date and date ended and date,

-the license plate number or number of the driver's deployment or numbers,

-card, during the time the card was used. distance or distance from the driver's deployment during the time of use deðerleri

-order of the counters.



1. The control device must be mounted in a place where the drive can easily see the kilometer clock, the distance counter, and where the clock is sitting. At the same time, all parts of the device, including parts of the device, must be protected by accident.

2. The control device has to be made with an appropriate tool known as an adaptor to adjust according to the characteristic multiplicity of the table.

Two or more backaxle ratings are the control device for these rates. Failed to be tepied with a key that will allow it to automatically adapt to the rate set by the order.

3. After the control device is controlled in the installation, a setup plaque must be mounted on the vehicle, either side of the control device, or on top of it, as described in the installation. The new plaque must be mounted in place of the old plaque after each examination that requires the approved montor or workshop to be set up.

The plaque must show at least the following:

-approved monttor or the name of the workshop, or the name of the workshop,

-"w = ... rev/km" or "w = ... imp/km", the characteristic factor of the table,

-"1 = ... mm" the actual time environment,

-sign The identification of the characteristic factor and the measurement of the measured real wheel date.


Parts should be sealed;

(a) if the print on the installation plaque is undamaged, the installation plaque isbaðlantýsýnýn

(b) the control device has been removed Two ends,

(c) adaptor itself and adapter in point,

(d) key mechanism in two or more axle ratios,

(e) control adapter and key mechanism with other parts of the device, including (f) III Section A 7 (b) also requested vault

In special cases, the control device type approval may be requested for more seals. In such cases, the locations of seals must be specified in the approval certificate.

In case of an emergency, only the seals mentioned in (b), (c), and (e) may be dismanted. For each of these situations, such as the seal has been removed, a tutanak that describes the reasons for it must be organized and made available in order to be able to be deposited with the authorized authority.


In order to perform control and examination of the Âkit Party.

1. Documenting new or repaired devices

New or repaired, each individual device III. Within the limits specified in Section F 1, the correct operation will be certified by the maintenance of the appropriate sealing for V. Section B (f) with read and save.

For this is the type approved for the new or repaired device. The model and/or this attachment may require a preposition to indicate that compliance with the attachment requirements has been checked and confirmed. The Program may transfer this authority to the manufacturer or authorized representative of the manufacturer.

2. Setup

The control device and the entire mechanism will be installed in III. The section F 2 does not conform to the maximum tolerances specified in F 2.

examination tests are performed on the responsibility of the approved montor or workshop.

3. Periodic examinations

(a) periodic examinations of the installed control devices are performed at least two years and can be performed together with the following path conformance testing.

These examinations are controls:

-the control device has been stolen,

-the control device type approved,">

-the install plaque is installed,

-control device and sealing of seals on other parts,

-the actual surroundings of the wheel.

(b) An examination of the maximum tolerances that apply to the maximum tolerances of Section III, F 3, is a minimum of six years. However, with each of the countries registered in the country, it may be able to start this examination, with a further investigation into the vehicles. A renewal of the installation plaque must be included in such an examination.

4. Metering of errors

The measure of installation and usage is made in the following conditions that are considered to be standard test conditions:

-in order of unloading and normal play,

-the action of the rubber air pressure manufacturer,

-the movement of a rubber band,

-the transaction is on a flat floor, on a flat line, 50 ± 5 km/s They take power from the engine. This test can also be done on a proper test counter if it is expected to be in a similar precision.













Eke Attachment 2



1.  A confirmation of approval is likely to be a conflict. :

A rectangle where the letter of "e" and the country that certify its response is a conventional number of the following:

Germany 1 Romania 19

France 2 Poland 20

Israel 3 Portugal 21

Netherlands 4 Russian Federation 22

Israel 5 Greece 23

Belgium 6 Israel 24

Czech Republic 8 Croatia 25

Spanish 9 Slovenia 26

Yugoslavia 10 Slovakia 27

United Kingdom 11 Belarus 28

Austria 12 Estonia 29

Luxembourg 13 Moldovan Republic 30

Norway 16 Bosnian Herzegovina 31

Denmark 18 Latvia 32

remaining numbers;

(i) 1958 Motor Home Appliances, Material and Acme Approval, and Decision Of This Approval Agreement on the Adoption of the Adoption to the Party (s), which is allocated to the numbers will be allocated.

(ii) 1958 is allocated to non-Party countries according to the date time.


This rectangle is near the same approval number as the approval certificate number for the control device and the registration card prototype.

Note: In the future, in order to ensure compliance in the future between the conventional impedities of the 1958 AETR, the new Teskit Parties will also have the same numbers in both meanings.

2.  The approval flag is found on each control device ' s identification plaque and each record card. This action must not be deleted, and it should always keep it in a clear format.

3.  The measures are given in millimeters in the current drawing of the approval process. These measures are minimal. The ratio between the dimensions is protected ..

(1) The numbers are given as examples.


























































A confirmation granted by the approval party will identify a certificate of approval. The model of this certificate will be over. The certificate will use the use of this certificate when reporting it to the parties identified or deemed necessary.


Name of the authorized authority

The essence of the notification: *

Control device type approval

Control device type approvaliptali

Form record card approval

Form italt of record card confirmation

Approval No . :

1.  Trade brand or noun

2. Type of model type

3.  Name of the nameÝmalatçýnýn

4.  AddressÝmalatçýnýn

5.  Check date

6 for approval.  Tested lab

7.  Date and number of test report

8.  Approval date

9.  The dateOnayýn

10 is cancelled.  Control device type or typeskullanýlabileceði

11.  Location

12.  Date

13.  Attached definitions documents

14.  Notes


(*) Unsuitable rows.














In International Road-to-Road People who are part of the European Affairs in full charge of the Stolen Holiday Staff are entitled to:

The Parties are more qualified because of this understanding, when necessary, because of its time and duration. then declares that it does not return to the provisions to be edited.

Additional to Article 4 of the Meaning

4th item 1. The provisions of the fund have led to an exercise in a country in a country where certain days or certain hours of traffic are being used to carry out exercise activities, in a country where it is being used to operate. It is not interpreted in the form. The provisions of the 4th article 2 are in the process of ensuring that the provisions of a Fighter are to be applied on their territory, in certain days or in certain hours, of which the provisions of the internal legislation are to apply.

This is a part of the State of the State, which allows the country to operate and allow the country to operate on the international road that ends and ends in the territory of the country's country. The 4th article of the understanding is that each of the special meanings, as specified in the 2-nci fund, a special understanding of the country's country's activities in the territory of the country's territory, to allow such activities to be understood, to allow such activities to be understood, to be understood. getirebilir

Additional to 12 ncrMaddesine

The company is about to replace the current personnel board after the decision was entered. a deity that will allow use of a control device of an approved type of control, or agree to take additional input with a clause.

The 14th Clause of the Meaning

Âkit Parties

-Each of the Competencies are registered by the Ingredient Party The provisions of an international highway activity in which the provisions are meant to be used only if they are meant to be violated in their territory, but also in the territory of a province of other state. establish the measures to be used;

-Castedilen They agree that they are }

desirable to each other for violations.

Attachment Attachment

Switzerland is the 4th item in this Annex to the provisions of the relevant report on the part of the personnel report to the provisions of the report.

Marauz, the appropriate person, who has signed up, signed, and signed, the following protocol. signed.

Binnylüzmithu July the first day of the first day of the year in Geneva, in the English and French languages of the United States, both text and the original.