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Kanun No. 5410


Accepted Date: 6.10.2005      


MADE 1. - "The European Forest Institute", which was signed by the Republic of Turkey in Joensuu, Finland on 28 August 2003, is appropriate to approve the "Human Glossary".

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.























(S. Number: 795)







The parties of this Glossary will now be known as "the Fuel Parties", and so on.

In the United Nations Environment and Wake Conference,

1992, the agreed decisions of the forests were adopted; The Action Bids, prepared by the Governments Forestry Forum and the Intergovernmental Forestry Panel, reflect the World's Biological Government's Biological Vocabulary, and the World's Day of Violent Development. By means of the results of the Summit of Sustainable Wake;

Implementation of the commitments made in the Ministerial Conference on protection of forests inAvrupaEurope By accepting the progress and progress;

Europe's forest and forestry issues and concerns in the community are to be able to decide the right way. because of the need to produce the necessary scientific data;

The European Institute of Forestry is investigating the protection of forests, forests, and forests at the European level. under the laws of Finland in 1993 to contribute to the contribution; by making it known as an association;

A contributor to the international level of forestry and forests related to the international level of forests. In the consciousness of the genius;

has done an international level of research in reforestation and forests, and at the same time. by the desire to avoid a repeat of the efforts;

people are understood to be on top of the issues.

Article 1. -The Institute.


European Institute of Forestry (Institute for this) is set up as an international organisation with the promise of the Institute. The central Joensuu will be in Finland.

Article 2. -Purpose and Activities

1. -For the purpose of the institute's protection and sustainable use of forests in Europe, including environmental impacts on ecology, the policies monitored by forests across Europe are multifacethan in the forests of Europe. The use of the resources, resources, and the supply and demand of timber and forest products and services to address the demand and demand for them.

2. -The Institute to get to the cause;

gereklia) Forest and forest industry need for policy construction and decision-making in European countries. information;

b) to the topics mentioned above;

c) develop methods for the search;

d) arrange scientific meetings and contribute to these meetings; and

e) organizes and resets the results of the operation and the work.

Article 3. -Information

The parties are reasonably unpredictable at the request of the Institute, which cannot be obtained from the organizations that collect data. They support the Enstitü's work by providing information about the available forest. To avoid repetition of efforts, the Institute aims to ensure that it is necessary with other international installations, including those that collect data.

Article 4. -Members of the Institute, Co-Members, and Members of the Badus

1. -Parties are members of the Institute.

2. -The co-membership of the Institute, the institutions of research, the institutions of education, trade organisations, the forest authorities, civil society organisations and other countries in the States of Europe will be open to similar installations (which will now be known as Common Members). Membership opens to similar installations in the States in Europe (which will now be known as Leg Members). Other members do not endure the decision-making process of the Institute.

Article 5. -Organs

The organs of the Institute, a Council, Conference, Board and a Secretaria to be administered by a Director It will be.

Article 6. -Council

1. -The Council is one of the representatives of the Members, and will be collected as one in three years. A possible session can be made with the approval of a member or a member of the Council, at the request of the Board.

2. -Council,

a) discards the members of the Board under Article 8, paragraph 2 a), c), and d);

b) approve the appointment of the Director in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 4, subparagraph d;

c) create a policy framework for the work of the Institute;

d) General issues in the technical, financial or administrative aspects raised by the Conference or the Board decision on the right;

e) certify the guiding principles that may be necessary for the work of the Institute and the Organisation of the organs with simple plural; and

f) confirms and deans its own Rules of Use with simple polyps.

3. -Every member will have a vote. Decisions will be received by a vote, unless otherwise stated in the Word.

Article 7. -Conference

1. -The conference will be one of the representatives of the Common Members. The conference will be convened by a full authorized session in the year, and will decide with a simple plural. Members of the Printed Members Conferences can be held at full authorized sessions. In accordance with the rules set out by the Joint or Non-Member States of the Institute, regional or international organisations may be invited to attend the full competent sessions of the Conference in accordance with the rules set out by the Board.

2. -Conference, next to the other tasks,

a) assign board members in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 2 b, c), and d;

b) Determine the membership dues of the partner and the Partner;

c) advises the Institute to provide recommendations for operating the reallocation of the purpose of the purpose;

d) certify audited financial statements;

e) approve the next year's execution plan from the Board;

f) Review and approve the Yank Report on the activities of the Institute;

g) will certify and approve its own Rules of Usul.

Article 8. -Board.

1. -The board will be one of eight people who are competent in the areas of the Institute's operating activities. The board members ca n' t serve more than two semesters in the artars.

2. -

a) Four members of the board will be appointed by the Council for a period of three years.

b) Four members of the board will be appointed by the Conference for a period of three years.

c) Council and Conference assigned to nominate members and agree to the rules of rotation.

d) Temporary boilers are filled with the written method, and the Council or Conference by the line.

3. The board convenes at least once a year, and the decisions are made with simple plural.

4. Board,

a) In the framework of the policy on which the Council is Generates and reviews the administration and management program of the Institute's work;

b) Make all necessary internal regulations under the direction of the Council;

c) approvals budget and accounts;

d) Appoints the Director with the approval of the Council;

e) approve the memberships and membership of the Partner and Members of the United States;

f) Report to Council and Conference;

certify that the current direction of the Council, as well as the probability of a statement, is the statement that is referred to in Article 12;

h) will certify and defile its own Rules of Use;

i) Item 7 will make the rules referenced in paragraph 1.

Article 9. -Sekireya.

1. -The Secretaria administered by the Director will make up the personnel of the Institute.

2. -In accordance with the Council, the Conference and the General Directions of the Convention, the Director is to perform the duties determined by the Institute, in order to fulfill the duties of the Institute, for the purpose of the purposes of the Institute, It will

Article 10. -Malical Resources.

Resources required for the Institute's office

a) by the Common and Partner members through membership dues;

b) by members through voluntary contributions.

c) is to be found in the other paths that occur.

Article 11. -Budget and Accounts

The Institute's budget and accounts are approved by the Board with a simple number upon the proposal of the Director.

Article 12. -Legal Entity, Mirror, and All-Bailies

TheEnstitüInstitute will be the international and national legal entity. In the territory of Finland, it will have the separation and the pressure necessary for the fulfillment of their work. It will be defined by the Institute of Finland and the Government of Finland with an understanding of the Institute.

Article 13. -The Solution of the Meanings

to interpret and implement the Business Glossary, and through a goodwill attempt by the Board of The unresolvable means will be made in the framework of the conflict, and will be offered within the framework of the Israeli Rules of Arbitration for the Jurisdiction of the Religious Harem Court.

Article 14. -The Rage of Israel and the Proliferation

1. -Israel will sign for European regional economic integration organisations with the European States in Joensuu on 28 August 2003. After this date, the Glossary will be open to the signature of the Ministry of Finland in Helsinki until 28 November 2003.

2. -It is the approval, acceptance, or appropriate of the signature of the so-called signed-out states and regional economic integration organisations. The approval, acceptance, and appropriate find documents will be stored by the Government of Finland, which is in the position of storing documents.

3. -The United Kingdom will be in the process of contributing to European regional economic integration with the European States, which has not signed the word. The Folding Documents will be saved by the Saver.

4. -In the framework of the United States, the State of Europe is the country that is qualified to become a member of the European Economic Commission as the European State.

Article 15. -Current Entry

1. -The eighth approval, the eighth approval, or the following day of the day of the withholding of the document, will be effective at the following day.

2. -Eighth approval, approval, approval, appropriate find, for each State and regional economic integration organization that certify, confound, or has contributed to the Glossary after the eighth approval, appropriate find, or stacking of the folding document is hidden from the Or the following day, the following day, the following day of the day of the hiding of the cover of the certificate of inclusion will be effective.

Article 16. -Provisional Provisions

1. -According to the laws of Finland, the President of the European Forest Institute, which was established as an association in 1993 by the laws of Finland, has not filed a petition to the European Forest Institute, which has been established as a member of the European Forest Institute, and has not filed a petition to the President. Institutions of education, trade organizations, forest installations, non-governmental organizations, and other organizations similar to the European States will be a Common Member of the Institute. The United States will be a member of the Institute if they do not wish to give a petition to the European Forest Institute, which is a joint member of the European Forest Institute, a member of the European Forest Institute said.

2. -Negotiations, funds, assets and debts of the association with the European Forest Institute, established in 1993 as an association by the Institute of European Forestry, following the entry of the United States, the Institute said. It will.

Article 17. -Deviations

1. -A commitment may be made in accordance with the votes of the members prepared in the meeting of the Council or by the written procedures. Dealic bids will be available for at least eight weeks in advance by the store.

If the written method is not applied, the last date for the responses will be determined by the Saver.

2. -The following will take effect on the sixth day, following the fact that all parties have met the requirements of the national law to ensure that they have met the requirements.

3. -As long as the conference does not approve, the decisities will not affect the corporate status of the Partner or Partner Members.

Article 18. -Withdrawal


Business Parties may withdraw from the notice by notifying you of the Sakallatiam withdrawal. The withdrawal will be effective one year after the notification is delivered to the Saving Service.

Article 19. -End

The statement ends when the number of parties is under way in any period following the current entry. will be terminated.

As a part of this, those who have signed up are duly authorized by their Government They will sign the statement. It was signed in the English language in Joensuu, 28 August 2003.