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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ELEMAN TEMİNİNDE GÜÇLÜK ÇEKİLEN YERLERDE SÖZLEŞMELİ SAĞLIK PERSO

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Kanun No. 5413


Accepted Date: 20.10.2005      


ARTICLE 1.- dated 10.7.2003 and 42424 in Labor Temp, Spoken Vocabulary The second sentence of the 4th article of the Law is the second sentence of the Law on the Baking of Personnel and Devitation of the Law, Bazil Law and Law.

emeklilikMedical services, excluding Nature, from any social security institution as a non-retirement or policy-free personnel They are not employed.

MADDE 2.- The first sentence of the bottom five section of the Code 4924 is the sixth It is added to the current and item-in-material plug.

The required personnel of the Glossary are the same as the government officers who have been required to play the week.

Glossary of personnel is required in the service unit in which it is employed, and the chief assistance and assistance to be deployed. As long as they execute these tasks, they will not be charged for their duties.

MADDE 3.- The final and second feats of the 7 nci Code of 4924 and the final of the fourth It has been reported in its sentence.

The Glossary of personnel is always the sole part of the two months ' notice of printing. It can be dissolved. It is not possible to comply with the conditions specified by the strict or disciplinary supervisors due to the lack of compliance with the conditions specified in the service statement, as well as the condition of the normal position of the normal, whether to turn off the units that are visa-free, or to abandon the employment of non-verbal personnel in these units, or to give up on certain titles in such units, in order to give up, for a month in advance notice of the commitment of the staff to the It can be dissolved. If the Minister wants to end the promise, he must report his motive to the other side.

deðiþiklikNorm should be out of position, shutting down units that are currently visa-to-talk. or waive personnel employment in these service units or, in such units, such nonverbal personnel positions, such as: 1 and 3 of this Law. It can be re-established within the framework of the essentials In this way, the Council of Ministers will receive a decision of the Council of Ministers and the Finance Minister if needed within the year for the redetermined personnel positions. In the event of a redetermined personnel position, the canceled personnel will be repositioned within three months of their choice of job-based personnel positions. In these cases, the operation is done with the kura method for the positions that are foreseen to be assigned by the kura, according to the sannav score for the positions that are foreseen to be assigned to the sannas. Excluding the ones in this situation, the termination of the service with the annulment of the annulment shall not be employed in the term of two years of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment. They are not eligible for the time periods when they have been reassigned to the retold personnel positions.

The commitment of the personnel to obtain this right is to punish or mention the state officer in accordance with the number 657. It cannot be unilsided by the Ministry until it has started a verb that would require the termination of the pension.

ARTICLE 4.- 4924 is the third part of the Code's Code 9, which is the third in the world.

When you are working as a

State officer, those who are subject to the status of spoken staff within the framework of this Law are In the case of their respective provisions of the 657 Code of Law, they are transferred to the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey. However, they are assigned to the staff of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Minister for the appropriate relative provincial order in which the condition is not available and in the case of the attention of the attention.

MADDE 5.- dated 13.12.1983 and 181, on the Right of the Law and Tasks of the Ministry of the Sabres Additional items are attached to the decision.         

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 3.-The number of health services specified in article 36 of the State Officers Act of 657, with the registration of fees for the revolving capital, without the possibility of employment of Kadroku. According to the results of the central site to be played in the titles of the help of the help of the help of the judge, personnel shall be stolen, subject to the receipt of Article 4 (B) of the Code 657. Additional payments may be made to the personnel involved in this language, as well as in the revolving capital, which is the same title in the same unit and has the same record of service, as well as the revolving capital of the unit in which it is served. Any additional payment may not exceed the maximum amount of payment that may be made to them.

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 4., and the public institution and the other in the Tüpta Tüzülü provisions Personnel who are qualified to do so in their installation or who want to make a lateral branch; all kinds of financial and social rights, except for the revolving capital, are intended to be met by the Ministry, as well as in institutions and installations related to this purpose. be deployed and in the end of their remission They are obligated to serve as the Minister for the duration of the assignment. In addition, he was drafted by the Finance Minister, and received "Muteber Banana Modest Bail" on the "Reservoir". Leaving the service obligation without fulfilling or completing the service obligation, discounting the future, discontinue or disbursements from the Government, any payments that are made available to the Ministry of the Ministry of The balance quantity is collected from the sum of the amount calculated for the completed part of the service, after the sum of the sum. The collection is based on the amount of the debt and the state of the interest, which will be reduced to the maximum five years.

is in the case of an expert in English or if they are specialized in their own. It is mandatory to serve as the Minister for the duration of the assignment. Any expense that is made to those who do not want to serve as the Minister for the specified service period will be paid according to the first of the first year.

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 5.-The expert says that the expert is more advanced in the field of specialization The Ministry of Assisals for the next branch education is done or done by the Ministry. The principles and principles of these countries will be prepared by the Ministry and will be determined under the date of the release of this Law under the effective date of the month of publication.

ARTICLE 6.- The first of the additional 1st item of the Base Code of 3359 and number 3359. The phrase "cadres" included "cadre" and 399 (II) in the rule of Law, as well as the "role-play" positions, and the end of the second phase.

A branch of clinical and clinical staff in the health and research hospitals, professors or docs who are experts in the related branch. an assignment from the Ministry. However, experts who do not have the title of professor or associate professor are assigned to the clinical and clinical trials of the medical examiner, and are looking for a way to be done in the areas of the city. The principles and principles of the S' s are determined by the Regulation, which is prepared by the Ministry and within the six months of the date of publication of this Law.

ARTICLE 7.- This is effective on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 8.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.