The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The International Treaty On Plant Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. GIDA VE TARIM İÇİN BİTKİ GENETİK KAYNAKLARI ULUSLARARASI ANTLAŞMASI

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Kanun No. 5414


Accepted Date: 28.10.2005      


MADE 1. - It is appropriate for the approval of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources of the Republic of Turkey, signed on November 4, 2002 in the name of the Republic of Turkey.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.








The Glossary Parties,

vehas a special dose of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, with its own features and features.

believes that their problem has its own solutions.

Concern that these resources are constantly erode erozyona

wherever the boil is concerned, plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are the subject of interest in all countries. in all these countries, as well as plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture as an example of the need for

Protection, investigation, aggregation, characterization of plant genetic resources for the

and agriculture. With regard to the progress and documentation of the World Gutda Summit Action Plan, with the Roman Declaration of Rome, the World's Security Summit, which is the sustainable and sustainable development of future generations and future generations of sustainable agriculture. the capacities of the countries that are in the process of transition, they are about to kabullenerekAccept;kabullenerek

to support the task of performing the tasks that are going to be performed. This is the Global Action Plan with the Protection and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources forGýdaGym and Style a framework for activities in the international arena, specifying a frame;

plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, farmer selection, classical herb or modern biotechnologies. kabulagree that it is an indispensable raw material for their use of genetic development, and that it is essential for future humanitarian requirements by adapting to unpredictable environmental deformations. by;

The preservation, development, and use of these resources, and specifically origine and steel, the crossing of farmers all over the world, including those in the central state, today and their future contribution is the basis for Farmers ' Rights by confirming;

Use and process plant genetic resources fairly and in a fair manner for

Groom and agriculture. The conservation, use, trade, and selling of the seed, which is maintained in farm companies with the multiplicity, is the national and international realisation of the Farmers ' Rights and the Farmers with the rights of the Treaty. It's important to look at it. style = 'mso-bidi-font-style: normal' >confirms;

This agreement and the other international understanding of this agreement can be used to achieve sustainable agriculture and security. by accepting the requirement that it should be supported as a

The rights and rights of any of the people involved in this Agreement have met with international meanings, and challenge a comment that it recommends any liability in obligations ;onaylayarak

The presentation of thesunumunabove is a hierarchical basis for international understanding between this Treaty and other international understanding. on the display of your application

The agriculture, environmental, and trade sectors related to the management of plant genetic resources for the

Gym and agriculture In the Differentiation;

that it is at the point of meeting and creating a synergy between these industries.

has passed over the world for protection of food and plant resources, and future generations are taking responsibility.


Using sovereignty rights over plant genetic resources forGýdaGida and agriculture, these resources of the states to facilitate the use of an effective multifaceted site to facilitate the ease of access and use of such resources as a fair and equal form of the benefits of the use of such resources. kabulaccept acceptance by;and

In the framework of the United Nations Organization of Nations and Tarim, which will be known as FAO, Article XIV of the FAO Tüzün an international understandingakdetmewith the intention ofanlaþma

An understanding of the following considerations:


Article 1-Objectives

1.1 The purpose of this Agreement is to protect and maintain plant resources for the purpose of agriculture and agriculture, and For sustainable agriculture and security, the benefits of using these resources in accordance with the Biological Commitment Promise are fair and in a way that is not expected.

1.2 For such purposes, this Agreement is the United Nations Organization and the Organisation of the Tarim and Biological It will be accessed closely with the commitment of the Allegiance to the Glossary.

Article 2-Using Terms

For the purposes of this agreement, the terms of the following terms are intended to be used. These are the definitions that do not involve trade in goods.

"In situ containment", the preservation of ecosystems and natural habitats. It means the execution and recovery of environments in which species are alive and in their own natural environment; and they develop their distinctive features from the other in human-to-be-to-be-culture plants. It is coming.

"Ex situ Conservatum", plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. will make sense of protecting them in the environment.

"Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture", a real or potential degaseer plant for food and agriculture. It means genetic material of origin.

"Genetic Material", which is capable of producing functional calcium units and including vegetative production material, It means any kind of plant-origin material.

"Reaction" is a single botanical taxonomy at the lowest level known for its different reproductive privacy and other qualities. It is a group that is grouped into a group.

"Ex situ collection", in the current state of the network, and agriculture For example, a collection of plant genetic resources has been used.

"Orijin Center" is the first to gain the characteristics of culture or wild plant species as the first time. It makes sense.

"Product Conflict Center" is the area where product types contain high levels of genetic reformation in situ conditions. It makes sense.

Article 3-Scope

This agreement is related to plant genetic resources for Gutda and agriculture.


Article 4-General Obligations

Each party that has signed an agreement complies with the obligations of the law, regulations and regulations in this Agreement. They will not be able to.

Article 5-Gent and Tarim Plant Genetic Resources Conservagainst, Survee, Collection, Character, Devitation, and Dokmantation

5. 1. Each of the parties that have signed the agreement, subject to national legislation and in appropriate situations, increasingly, has the right to protect, protect and protect plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture in the country. will develop a common approach to sustainable use.

(a) plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, including types with potential to use, inventory, and within the opportunity, to deoriate exposure to exposed threats;

(b) Plant and agricultural plant genetic resources and potential for use in threatened or using plant genetic resources. a reintroduction of information related to it;

yönetimi(c) Management and management of plant genetic resources for farmers and local communities, for agriculture and agriculture. protected efforts, to the extent, to be unfavourable, to support and support;

(d) In conjunction with other activities, wild relatives and wild relatives of products for the production of local and local communities. including protected areas for theürünlerinin situ housing;

yeterli(e) Enough to develop the sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture By taking into account the documentation, characterization, regeneration and degasification, it has made the case for the development of an effective and sustainable ex-situ containment system, and for that purpose. technology development and the transfer of appropriate technologies If you want to

(f) Monitoring the level of life, genetic integrity and steelness of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture;

5.2. The Commitments will take the necessary precautions to minimize the dangers of plant genetic resources, to the extent they are unfavourable, or if possible, if possible, to minimize the dangers of plant genetic resources.

Article 6-Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources

6.1. They will develop and implement appropriate policies and legal measures for the purpose of sustainable use of plant genetic resources for the Party and for the course of the term.

6.2. May include the risk of sustainable use of plant gene resources for the food and agriculture;

(a) is different to the extent that it is likely to increase the number of agricultural bibliographic and other natural resources. monitoring the execution and development of farm systems;

(b) is particularly sick, with foreign weed to sustain soil efficiency in the fight against harm. Efforts to develop and develop biological steel by maximifying the intra-species and species-of-the-species that make them in ecological principles and use their own government to maximize the use of the species and species.

teþvik(c) is a particularly important part of the development of farmers in countries that are developing, increased capacity to develop government compliant with social, economic, and ecological conditions, including marginal areas;

Increase the genetic basis of

(d) products and increase the benefit of genetic redeemable farmers;

(e) do not use the scope of local and adapted products, reproducts, and neglial species the extent that it is possible to be reworked as

(f) is a different kind of argument and field in the direction that the world's production is sustainable to be sustainable management of the management, protection, and sustainable use of the product as a result of the development of product inefficiency and genetic erosion, to create a strong lead in the search for plant-growth and agricultural development;

(g) the strategies and regulations in relation to the increase in the increase and seed time of the inspection and viewing if appropriate.

Article 7-National Commitments and Internationalites

7.1. To the extent to which the activities specified in Article 5 and 6 are appropriate, each Party shall include the protection and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture, to the extent that it complies with the activities specified in Article 5 and 6. It will do business with other Glossary or FAO or other related international installations.

7.2. Specifically, the international community will be in the following areas:

ve(a) the protection and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture, and capacity building and development of economies in the transition process;

(b) In accordance with the knowledge and technology of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, conservation, disinfiting, increase international activities in accordance with Section IV of documentation, genetic development, plant management, seed production, and share of seed production. yapýlmasý(c) the construction and development of the corporate regulations that are specified in Section V, and

The implementation of the financial strategy in

(d) Article 18.

Article 8-Technical Yardage

The Glossary Parties may or may not apply to facilitate the implementation of this Glossary. Technical assistance will be provided to the Glossary Parties, especially to countries that are already in progress, or to countries that are in the process of transients through the process.


Article 9-Farmers Rights

9.1. The Mention Parties specifically include local communities in the center of product development, and farmers in all regions of the world have contributed significantly to the plant genetics, which is the basis for food and agricultural production all over the world. Agree to continue with this contribution to protect and develop resources.

9.2. They are mutabled by their relationship with plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, and that the responsibility for the implementation of the Farmers ' Rights is in national governments. In accordance with its requirements and priorities, each Party that has signed the Glossary is subject to national legislation and to the extent appropriate, including those at work, to protect and encourage Farmers ' Rights. receivemed:

(a) Protection of traditional information on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture;

(b) about the use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture as a result of the use of the and

(c) National on issues related to conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. on the level of decision making.

9.3. Any provision contained in this material is subject to national law and, to the extent appropriate, farmers ' rights to hide, use, change, trade and sell separate seed production material. It will not be interpreted in the process of being deleted.


Article 10-Multi-Party Access For Information And Payment System

10.1.The Glossary of States, states own agriculture and plant genetic resources. Agree that the provisions of the monarch are within the authority of the governments in accordance with national legislation, including making decisions on the issue of meltdown.

10.2.When using the sovereignty rights, the use of the Glossary Parties to plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture. Effective, effective, and fair share of the benefits and fair share of the benefits of using both of these resources, they are reconcilable to the need for an efficient system.

Article 11-The Scope Of A Multi-party System

11. 1 .In the protection and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture specified in Article 1, for the purposes of a fair and a fair share of the benefits of using these resources, The Multi-Party System, which is being used in accordance with the security of the trust and the other, contains plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture provided in the Annex I list.

As defined in

11.2.Article 11.1, the Multi-Party System is public and Parties to the Glossary It contains plant genetic resources for all the food and agriculture in the Annex I, which is controlled and managed. Plant genetics for food and agriculture so that the scope of the Multi-Party System can be kept wide, in order to be able to include the plant genetic resources in the Attachment I specified in the Annex I and the plant genetic resources for agriculture. Invited by other entities to retain their resources.

11.3.The sides of the Glossary retain plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture in the Attachment I. to be able to take appropriate measures within their jurisdiction so that all real and legal entities can be incorporated into the System so that they can be included in the Multilateral System.

11.4. Within two years of the effective entry of the word, the Governing Body will be credited with making progress on the inclusion of plant genetic resources in the Multi-Party System for the period specified in paragraph 11.3 and for agriculture. After that, you know, The governing body and agriculture plant genetic resources do not include the real and legal entities mentioned in paragraph 11.3 that do not include the Multidirectional System, or whether the appropriate relative measures should be taken.

11.5. As specified in the multi-party System Article 15.1 (a), the International Conference of Spatial Research (s) is located at the hands of International Spatial Research Centres and ex-International The situ collection will include the plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture of the collection, which it meets in accordance with Article 15.5 and is given in the list at the Appendix I.

GenetikArticle 12-Gun and Style Plant Genetic in a Multilateral System Content Easy Access To Resources

12. 1. They remain mutable that the ease of the ease of the use of the Multiparty System at the time and agricultural plant resources specified in Article 11 of the Agreement will be made in accordance with the foregoing in the Promise of the Promise.

12.2. They have agreed to take the necessary legal or appropriate measures to allow access to the other Party of Promise Parties through the Multiparty System. This one's in my leg. Subject 14.4, subject to the foregoing, actual or legal entities that are under the jurisdiction of any of the Glossary will also be accessed.

12.3.The availability will be available in accordance with the following:

(a) Access only to the exception of chemical, pharmacological and/or non-feeding industrial use for the registration, maintenance and protection of the network and agriculture, and for the preservation and preservation of the country. Multi-purpose products (including the food and food) are deterministic for inclusion and ease of access to the Neutral System that these products have in the care of the trust;

(b) during the period of time of access, individual access is not required to be monitored, without a fee, or If a price is to be desired, the minimum cost is not to be made;

(c) All passport data in the hand, subject to the relevant law, must be provided with the plant genetic resources for all non-privacy information in the accompanying language.

(d) The plant genetics for intellectual property or food and agriculture as specified in the Multipart System. will not be able to find resources or gene parts or labor for other rights that have been left out of the labor. The material is in demand for intellectual property rights or other rights, with the material available from the Multilateral System, plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture, or the genetic parts of them, or the way they will melt down on their genetic material. will not be found;

(e) The development of plant genetic resources for the development of the plant and agriculture will be in place during the development period, including those that are developed by the farmers;

(f) Plant genetics for food and agriculture, which is protected by intellectual property or other copyrights. Access to resources will comply with international understanding and related national law;

(g) Plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture, which are provided and preserved by Multiparty System. Warranty of the Multiparty will continue to be made available to the System as a result of the provisions of the Treaty; and

(h) The parties to the Glossary without halal to the other (s) stipulate in this item style = 'mso-bidi-font-style:normal' >in situ in accordance with the standards set out by the Governing Body if the plant gene resources for the food and agriculture are in place, in accordance with the national legislation or without such legislation. They will be mutabled.

l2.4. This agreement provides for the share of the benefits stipulated in Article 13.2 (ii) with 12.3a, d, and g clauses in this Agreement which will be executed by the Management Organisation, which is facilitated in accordance with Article 12.2 and l2.3 above. The standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), which includes articles and other related items of the Treaty, will comply with plant genetic resources for Gutda and agriculture, which is a source of the MTA's resources, or the transfer of the company to the company. And the next time plant genetic resources for agriculture are likely to be the next time. will be applied to the system.

12.5. The commitments made by the MTA are only among the parties that govern the MTA, agreeing to the legal system within the framework of the legal system under the MTA's legal system, agreed to the legal system. They will have a receipt for it.

12.6. In the event of disaster situations, disaster co-ordination has been increasingly dependent on plant genetic resources for the network and agriculture within the Neutral System, in order to contribute to the reinstallation of the agricultural system. as a result of the convenience of the server.

Article 13-Payback on the Multiparty System

13. 1. Multiple parties involved in the System and plant genetic resources for plant genetic resources for agriculture, agreed to benefit the Multi-Party System, but did not receive any of the following. They will be mutabled in a fair and fair share of the tiles in accordance with this article in the matter.

13.2. By taking into account the priority areas of the Global Action Plan for use of the use of the Multilateral System, including the commercial use of plant genetic resources for the Gutda and tarum within the Multilateral System Management Organized guidance provides fair and fair share of information, information, technological access, and transfer, capacity building and commercial activities within the process of sharing the benefits of the business. Reconciles:

(a) Information Information

The Glossary of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture within the Multi-lateral System catalog and inventory, technological information, technical, scientific, and socioeconomic research related to their use of topics, and agree to provide information about the results of their technical, technical, scientific and socioeconomic research. Such information will be prepared to give to the current law and national level in case it is not confidential, subject to the powers of the national authority. This information will be provided to all parties of the Glossary through the information system, which is focused on in Article 17.

(b) Technology transfer and technology transfer

(i) Glossary of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture that is part of the Multiparty System They commit to giving their technology, characterization, and use of their technology and/or to ensure that it is easy to access. Some of the technologies may be transferred only with genetic material, with the use of plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture within the Multilateral System, in accordance with Section 12 of the Glossary of the Parties. It will provide genetic material with the use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, with ease of access to such technology and genetic material, as well as development of genetic material. Access to these technologies will be applied to development and genetic material from one side to property rights, as well as respect for access to national capacities from the other side, and/or It will be easier.

(ii) Technology transfer in countries that are in the process of transitive to developing countries, especially in developing countries with Product-based product lines, research and development of plant gene resources for agriculture, commercial co-entries established in relation to all partners and aliment material, development and development of human resources. installation, management and management of effective research facilities It will take a series of measures with the contribution.

(iii) in countries that are currently in progress, especially in countries that are in the process of transients and economies, up (i) and (ii) the technology transfer and access specified in their self, including those that are protected by intellectual property rights, are reconcilable with the Multi-Party System and to ensure that it is reconcilable with the channel. and, preferably, including the conditions of with countries and countries that are in the transition of developing countries and economies in the past, the farmers will benefit and/or facilitate the most equitable and appropriate development of these technologies. The transfer and access of the intellectual property rights shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the right and effective protection of the rights of the intellectual property.

(c) Capacity building

Plans and programs have priorities for developing plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. Taking into account the needs of countries in progress and their economies in progress, the Glossary of Promise Parties is a priority for those looking at plant genetic resources for such food and agriculture that are part of the Multi-Party System. will give; (i) scientific and technical education programs and And the development and/or strengthening of plant genetic resources for agriculture in a sustainable manner and/or strengthening, (ii) in countries that are developing countries in the process of transitive and/or strengthening the country's economies. Development and strengthening of plants for the protection and sustainable use of plant gene resources, and (iii) with institutions in countries whose economies are in progress with the countries that are developing primarily and where possible to the extent that it is increasingly possible to do scientific research and to the extent possible Development of their capacity for such mediations in the areas they need.

(d) Share monetary and other benefits in the trade

(i) The Glossary of Promise Parties is in progress in the areas of research and technological development. measures to share commercial benefits with the public and private sectors in the areas specified in this Article, including the private sector in the countries whose economies are in transition with countries, including the private sector in the past. It agrees to take it.

(ii) The Glossary Parties are plant genetics for food and agriculture, which contains a material that is procured from the Multi-Party System. The result of a commercial product arrival, Article 19, which results in the use of resources. The product will pay the mechanism as specified in 3f, where it will benefit from commercialize it, with the exception of the condition to be given for further investigation of such a product, with the exception of the record, They agree to include the standard MTA provisions, including the fact that the commercialize quote is not paying for the receiving end.

Management Organisation is the level, level, and format of the payment in parallel with commercial applications in the first meeting set. The Management Organisation may decide on different levels of payment of the number of people in the categories of their trade, which are in need of a small number of countries in the process of transients and economies in the process of transients. will be able to take the decision to exempt farmers from these payments. The Management Organisation will take time to review the payment levels to ensure that the benefits are fair and effective, and more research and production of that product during the period of five years since the effective entry of this Treaty. It will also discuss whether to implement the mandatory payment options in the MTA if trading without bringing any disservice to its other countries for its construction.

13.3. The benefits of using the Multilateral System scope of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, such as those that maintain and sustainate plant genetic resources for such food and agriculture. They agree that all countries, including those in the transition to their economies, need to go first and foremost to their farmers, including those in the process of passing the economies.

13.4. In the countries that have special requirements in the first meeting of the Board of Directors, and/or in the process of developing countries that contribute to the government of plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture, in the countries that are in the process of transitive to the economy, will address the special assistance policy and criteria for the financial strategy specified in Article 18, in order to ensure the preservation of plant genetic resources for agriculture.

13.5. A full review of the financing strategy in this Article and the financing strategy in Article 18 of the ability of countries to implement the Global Action Plan of the countries in particular with the countries that are in particular with the countries that are being developed. is applied to the meaning of the application.

13.6. They will deliver on a voluntary benefits strategy model, while delivering on the promise of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, while delivering a contribution to the Multi-Party System.


Article 14-Global Action Plan

The role of the Global Action Plan for Protection and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources inGýdaand Tarim by taking into account the provisions of Article 13, taking into account the provisions of Article 13, the capacity facility, the transfer of technology, and in the event that it is appropriate to provide a harmonitive framework for the transfer of information, technology transfer and information, It will also include the international channels of the international community. The Glossary of the Global Action Plan (s) should be actuaried by the results of the implementation of the Global Action Plan.

Article 15-International Dance Group-International Dance Group-International Collections of Spatial Research Centres and Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources, owned by the Spatial Research Centres and Diverse Plant Genetic Resources

15.1 Glossary Parties to the International Conference on Spatial Research (CGIAR) -International Search for Tararial They are aware of the importance of the collections of plants preserved in the location of plant genetic resources for the safety and agriculture of its centers (IARCs). In relation to the collections maintained in this place of the Parties, the International Centre for Spatial Research has been able to provide Administrative Organs in accordance with the provisions and conditions of the following:

(a) Attachment: 1 in a list and for food and agriculture in the hands of the Internationalized Tartic Internationale plant genetic resources, this is the IV of the Promise. It will be available in accordance with the current state of the world.

(b) That is different than the ones listed in this Glossary and before the end of this glossary, and The Material-based Spatial Research Centres and plant genetic resources for agriculture and the Centers for Spatial Research, and the Material that applies to the studies between the Organization and the Tarim and the Tarim. Prepare for Transfer Readiness It will be contained. The Material Transfer Agreement is specifically the 12th with the relevant business of this Promise. And 13. Subject to the terms of the event, the Internationale will be viewed with the International Search Centers without a regular second session, which is regularly performed by the Management Organisation.

(s) International Centre for Spatial Research enters records based on the schedule that is prepared by the Management Organisation notify the Management Organisation of the Material Transfer Means;

Meeting and agriculture of

(ii) on-line (ii) To the Glossary Parties with plant genetic resources, in case of their claims, samples of plant genetic resources will be provided for the collected food and agriculture, without the Material Transfer Agreement;

(iii) for food and agriculture, which is a problem in national and regional programs, preservation and sustainable use Countries that are developing plant genetic resources, and their economy is in the process of transition to countries that are in the past, and especially in cases where they meet the mechanism specified in Article 19.3f, in cases where they are mentioned in Article 19.3f. Benefits covered by Material Transfer will be applied to;

(iv) International Centre for Spatial Research is an effective tool for the conditions advanced in the Material Transfer Statement. receive appropriate measures within their own jurisdiction, to notify the Management Organisation without the appropriate hours of use, as well as the proper compliance;

(c) International Spatial Research Centres in their hands, subject to the foregoing foregoing bulundurduklarýex situ is the owner of the management body, which provides political guidance on collections.

The scientific and technical facilities held in the collections of

(d) Ex situ , These x situ collections are considered to be internationally accepted standards, especially the Gen Bank Standards set by the Gida and Tarim Organization and the Tarnim Genetic Resources Commission. are committed to the management and management of It will remain at the authority of the International Center for Spatial Research.

(e) Technical support appropriate to the Secretary upon request made by the Spatial Research Centres It will be done.

(f) Topics related to the protection and protection of the material covered by the Secretariat of this Article. It will always have the right to examine all activities and enter the facilities.

düzenli(g) These resources are held by the Artistic Research Centres and are regularly available to If the balance is blocked or for reasons such as a reason for the reason, the secretary is helping the secretary of the country with the approval, to the extent that it is possible, to evacuate or to transfer funds to a place where it is possible. will be done.

15.2. Members of the Glossary are plant genetics for food and agriculture in Annex 1 within the framework of the Multipart System to the International Conference on Spatial Research in accordance with this Glossary of Directors. They will be able to access resources. Upon the request of the Word Parties, these Centers will be included in the list of a Spatial Search (s) listed by the Secretariat of the Intersecting Party.

15.3. The material in accordance with the material, Biological Reaction, or current law in accordance with the material, Biological Reaction, or current law in the E-1, which is held under protection from the Centers for Tarim and protected by the Centers for Spatial Research following the effective entry of the President's current statement. The field of Tararial Araşme and the country with these resources will be made available for access on the basis of the country that has these resources, based on the basis of the country's country.

15.4. Agricultural Research Centers, which have signed the Administration Organisation to deal with the Management Organisation, plant genetics for food and agriculture, which is important for the activities and programs of the Tararial Research Centers, and is not included in the Appendix. They are more than expected to access resources based on the basis of the presence of the company.

15.5. The Governing Body will attempt to establish understanding for the purposes envisioned in this Article with relevant international organizations.

Article 16-Plant Genetic Resources of InternationalAðý

16. 1. Current regulations in accordance with the current state of the plant genetic resources for international food and agriculture, and plant genetic resources for agriculture and agricultural genetic resources, are available in accordance with the foregoing, current regulations. It will be tasteed or developed.

16.2. The State of the Word will provide a measure to the extent that all relevant installations, including the state, private, government, research, production, and other installations, are appropriate to contribute to plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture.

Article 17-Gem and Tarism Plant Genetic Resources Global System

17.1. With the hope that the knowledge of plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture by making it ready by all the Promise Parties will contribute to the benefit of the benefits, To facilitate and strengthen information on scientific, technical and environmental issues related to plant genetic resources for agriculture, to develop and strengthen a global information system based on current information systems. They're going to do something. In the development of the global information system, the commitment of the Biological Conflict will be required by the Information Devitation Mechanism.

17.2. Subject to the reporting by the parties, an early warning will be given to situations that threaten the effective maintenance of plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture, in order to protect the material in a secure manner.

17.3. The Parties to the Periodic Table and the Agricultural Organization are periodically deoriensing the status of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture around the world in order to execute and update the Global Action Plan specified in Article 14. And it will work with the Tarism Genetic Resources Commission.


Article 18-Financial Resources

18.1. In accordance with the projected results in this Article, a financing strategy will be determined by the implementation of this Glossary.

18.2. The purpose of the financing strategy is to ensure the availability, effectiveness, and effectiveness of the financial resources of the activities to be carried out within the framework of this Glossary.

18.3. The Governing Body is funded by the Global Action Plan, especially in countries where it is coming, and the Global Action Plan is considered to be a priority for activities, plans, and programs that prioritize the transition from the economic balance. will periodically set a target for it.

18.4. Adapt this financing strategy;

(a) Promises are predetermined to enforce plans and programs contained in this Glossary and will take all measures deemed necessary and appropriate for the Management Organs of the international mechanisms, financing installations, and institutions to ensure effective, careful use of the accepted resource allocation.

olan(b) in the framework of the United Agreement, which will effectively implement the obligations they have undertaken. Countries or the Glossary of countries who live out of economic progress will remain dependent on the actual appropriation of the resources specified in this Article, especially those of the countries that are coming from. The country or country of the country, whose country or economy is in the transition process, will meet the priorities set up in their plan and program for capacity in plant genetic resources for the food and agriculture.

(c) Promises in the country's economic transition with the country or the country that is in progress They will finance the execution of this Glossary with unilateral, regional, and multilateral channels. These channels will include the mechanism specified by Article 19.3 f.

(d) Each Party that is signatories to the promise of national capacities and financial resources, and plant for food and agriculture to protect and use the genetic resources in a sustainable manner and to commit to the activities to be carried out at the national level and to commit to these resources. The available financial resources will not be used in an inappropriate manner, especially in areas related to the international trade of the goods.

(e) agree that the benefits of the Glossary of 13.2d are part of the financing strategy

(f) The voluntary contribution is under consideration in Article 13, the private sector in the countries that are Parties to the Word, government and other resources may be available from government. Members of the Word agree that such contributions will be made by the Governing Body as a strategy model.

18.5. The agreed plan and plan for farmers in developing countries and especially in countries that are in the transition of developing countries and the economy that keep genetic resources in place and use it sustainally. They agree that they will be given priority to implement them.


Article 19-Governing Body

19.1. For this Agreement, a Management Organisation is the complete set of words for this Agreement.

19.2. The Governing Body will be unanimous in all decisions, but there will always be a vote in relation to Article 23 and 24, as a result of a decision to reach a decision on certain matters.

19.3. The Management Organisation tasks will be to apply specifically to the full implementation of this Agreement, especially in matters of the right;

(a) Policy for the implementation of this Treaty, specifically for the implementation of Multilateral System orientation and guidance, and adopt similar advice in the required situations,

(b) Acceptance of plans and programs for the implementation of this Treaty;

In accordance with the forecasted in

(c) Article 18, in the first session of the financing strategy for implementation of this Agreement acceptance and periodical review;

(d) Acceptance of the budget of this Treaty;

(e) Looking at the required resources, making sure to build side-installations if needed and determining the structure and tasks of these subsidiaries;

(f) receive and use the financing resources required with the purpose of implementing this Agreement, to be installed in the appropriate measures, such as the Foundation Account, on the requirement;

(g) Biological issues, including the contribution of the Glossary to financial strategies, in particular Biological To establish a business with relevant international organizations and business organizations, and maintain the presence of the relevant international organizations, including the Conference of the Parties to the Conference of the Parties;

(h) to the extent that they are deemed to be able to do this Agreement in accordance with the plans envisioned in Article 23 To take and apply deification;

(i) in accordance with the forecasted increases in Article 24, to the extent that they are not eligible to do so in the following attachments, To take and apply deification;

j) A strategy model to offer voluntary contributions to Article 13 and 18 for voluntary contributions. developing;

(k) fulfill similar other tasks that may be necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Treaty;

(1) Biological Commitment to the Parties Conference and other related international installations and promises. Enrollment in the relevant decisions of the organs;

(m) Biological Commitment Remarks on issues related to implementation of this Treaty of Parties to the Parties Conference and the other to inform international organizations and to the extent that they are unfavorable; and

Understanding of International Spatial Research Centres and other international installations underMadde(n) 15 To examine the texts and the Material Transfer Matters mentioned in article 15, and to make deference.

19.4. Subject to 19.6, it will be a single vote of each party that has signed the treaty, and will be represented by a representative in the Governing Body sessions and will be able to address the representative as an alternate representative, experts and consultants. There will be alternative representatives, experts and consultants in the executive organised by the governing body, but they will not vote, unless the delegation is fully authorized to replace them.

19.5. The United Nations will be able to, with its expert installations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, be able to contribute to the hearings to be conducted by any State Governing Body, which does not sign on to this Agreement. Whether it is the state organization and the government, it is said to contribute to conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for agriculture and agriculture, which the government wants to take as an observer in organised sessions. At least one-third of the countries that have signed up to the other organ or the establishment will be considered to be able to contribute to the session, as they have no objections. The acceptance and contribution of the observers will be subject to the Procedure Rules adopted by the Organisation for Management.

19.6. Party to the Treaty and the Organization of Tarism, which is a member of the Enterprise and will use the rights of the states to join the Agreement, and are required to comply with the General Rules and Violation of the Organization of Tarim and Tarim. They will meet their membership obligations.

19.7. The Executive Organisation will be able to implement and implement the Procedure Rules and financial rules, which are not consistent with this Agreement.

19.8. In order to generate sufficient numbers in any session, the delegates will be required to represent the existing number of delegates of the Board of Directors with the majority of the Treaty Parties.

19.9. The Governing Body regularly will conduct at least one session every two years. To the extent that they are possible, these sessions should be held in arrears with regular sessions of the National Commission on Genetic Resources and Tarism.

19.10. The special sessions of the Executive Organisation are in accordance with the fact that the Governing Body is deemed appropriate, or that there is a demand supported by at least one third of the countries that are Parties to the The written request of the Parties shall be held at the request of the author.

19.11. The governing body will select the President and the President of the Procedure ("Bureau") in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

Article 20-Secretary

20.1. The governing body's secretary will be determined by the approval of the Board of Directors, and by the General Directorate of the Organization of Tarim and Tarim. The secretary will receive the projected staff help to the extent needed.

20.2. The secretary will perform the following tasks:

(a) providing regulatory and administrative support for the sessions of the Executive Organisation and the co-installed;

In the fulfillment of these tasks, including the special tasks that theYönetim(b) Management Organisation has intended to execute. To be a judge of the Management Organisation;

(c) Report activities to the governing body;

20.3. The Secretary will communicate with all Parties and the General Manager:

kararlar(a) Decide decisions made by the Governing Body during the sixty-day period in which life is passed;

Information that falls into the hands of the Glossary in accordance with theAntlaþmanýn(b) Antlaparty.

20.4. The Secretary will prepare documents for the Management Organisation sessions in the underwritten language of the United Nations.

20.5. For the purposes of the Agreement, the Secretary will make a case with other organizations and other organizations, particularly including the Secretariat for Biological Conflict Glossary Secretariat.

Article 21-Compliance

In the initial session, theYönetimGoverning Body provides for the resolution of incompatible topics and to ensure compliance with the conditions envisioned in this Agreement. will take into account the holistic and effective procedures and the islastic mechanisms and certify it. These procedures and mechanisms are particularly important in developing countries with developing countries, where needed, advice or assistance, including assistance and assistance in legal matters, is to be taken to monitoring and monitoring. will be included.

Article 22-Solutable Resolution

22.1. If there is no agreement to comment on the interpretation or implementation of the United States, the parties will use any effort to resolve the agreement through any of the following. will be shown.

22.2. If relevant parties fail to resolve the solution, they may want the third party, along with its well-meaning approach, if they do not resolve it.

22.3. If at any time by the agreed agreement, acceptance, acceptance, or approval, or if granted, one of the parties that signed the Glossary is a non-resolution that is not being resolved in accordance with Article 22.1 or Article 22.2 above. It represents one or both of the ways of the solution, including one or two of the ways in which they are required to address the seven.

(a) Arbitration actions in accordance with the procedure included in this Treaty ' s KI Annex II,

(b) How to send the meeting to the International Court of Justice.

22.4. If not, the parties that do not agree with any procedures or above, in accordance with Article 22.3 above, do not agree to the contrary or otherwise, in accordance with Section 2 Annex II of the Glossary It will be airlifted to the mediation commission.

Article 23-Deficiencies in the Glossary

23.1. Any of the Glossary Parties may offer a recommendation to make the statement.

23.2. Any comments that may be made in this Glossary will be accepted at any session of the Management Organisation. The text of any proposed deposed text will be forwarded to the Glossary by the Secretary at least six months prior to the session.

23.3. All deporations to be done on this Glossary will only be made with the voting Party (s) of the Glossary of Directors who are being folded into the Governing Body session.

23.4. Any other statement adopted by the Executive Organisation is within two-thirds of the document's Glossary, acceptance or approval of the document as of day, day by day, acceptance or approval of the Glossary of the Word. It will be effective. After that, it will take effect on the ninety days after the country's decision to approve, approve, and accept the document, as well as the country's promises.

23.5. For the purposes of this Article, a document issued by the member set up to the FAO will not be counted as a document issued by the member states.

Article 24-Attachments

24.1. The Attachments of this Treaty will generate an unallocated part of the Glossary, and these treaties will also be made to any of the attachments at the same time.

24.2. Article 23, which is related to the implementation of this Treaty, will also apply to other items that will be imposed on the attachments in the article 23.

Article 25-Israel

This Glossary 3 November 2001 until 4 November 2002, not a member of FAO and a non-FAO member. Nations or expert installations, or members of the International Atomic Energy member, are signposted to the signature.

Article 26-Taser, Acceptable, and Approval

is subject to the approval, acceptance and approval of non-FAO members who are members of the FAO as specified in this Glossary of 25. The Tasdik will be sent to the seven of the approval and acceptance documents. .

Article 27-Contributable

This Agreement has since signed on to FAO members and non-FAO members, but not the United Nations or experts. The International Atomic Energy member states or the States will be on the floor of the International Atomic Energy.

Article 28-Entering Current

28.1. Subject to the results envisioned in Article 29.2, this Treaty, at least one of the FAO Members, was sent by at least a clear statement, acceptance, approval and contribution document, and twenty drafts of them, after the approval, acceptance and contribution of the certificate of contributions. It will take effect on the day.

28.2. In accordance with Article 28.1, members of the FAO, the FAO members and the FAO member who submitted the agreement, accepted, approved, and non-members of the United Nations or experts who were not members of the United States, or the International Atomic Energy member, were not members of the United States. In conjunction with the issuance, acceptance, approval and contribution document, the ninety-day period of the approval or acceptance of the Treaty will take place on the day of the ninety-day period.

Article 29-FAO Member-Founders

29.1. If the FAO Member gives a draft, approval, acceptance or contribution to this Agreement, the Member States of the Treaty of 1 11.2 of the Institution may be required within the framework of the acceptance of this Treaty, in accordance with the results stipulin in Article 11.7 of the Kuruluk FAO. It will also notify the authority of the authority under the authority granted under the notice of the notice. Any state that is a party to the treaty may at any time be informed of an FAO Member who is a party to this Treaty, and which of the states are responsible for the applications covered by this Treaty. request. The member setup will provide this information within a reasonable amount of time.

29.2. A draft, acceptance, approval, contribution, or withdrawal certificate issued by an FAO member shall not be counted as a document issued by the Member States of the organization.

Article 30-Czech

cannot be put on any traction over the United Agreement.

Clause 31-Non-party

A non-party to the Glossary of FAO, or a different State, will be used to accept this commitment.

Article 32-Withdrawn

32.1. One of the members of the Glossary informs the Department that it has withdrawn from this Agreement at any time in two years from the current date of this Glossary. Promptly notify all parties of the Service of the Glossary.

32.2. The withdrawal will be effective within a year from the date of notice of the notification.

Article 33-Fesih

33.1. As the remaining parties vote no otherwise, the agreement will be automatically dissolved due to the withdrawal of the Counting Party due to the withdrawal of the Counting Parties.

33.2. Information will be provided to all of the remaining Parties in the event of a discounting of the commitments by the Word.

33.3. In the case of annulment, the management of the active assets shall be conducted in accordance with the financial rules adopted by the Management Organisation.

Article 34-Yediemin (Kayarium)

The FAO General Manager will act as a Seven-in-One Agreement.

Article 35-Original Text

The Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish text of theÝþbuBusiness Glossary is originally original.




Gym Products

Product Genus (Cens) Observations

Bread pain                                    Artocarpus is the fruit of the bread.


Oatmeal Avena

Pancar Brassica et al Cinsler includes: Brassica, Armoracia, Barbarea, Camelina, Camble, Diplotaxis, Eruca, Isatis, Lepitum,                                                                                                                                                                      Raphanobrassica, Raphanus, Rorippa, and Sinapis. lahana, pendant seed, mustard plant, tere, roka, tourp, and auralgam                                                                                                                               And it contains products of vegetables and vegetables. Lepidium methyenii (maca) types are kept in the process.

Bezelye Caj anus

Nohut Cicer

Narcissist                                         Citrus Poncirus and Fortunella genus are incorporated as anaç.

Coconut Cocos

Aroid                                                   It contains Colocasia, Aid Kulkas, kokoyam, dasheen, and Xanthosoma.

Carrots                                                 Daters                                                  

Japanese potato                                  Dioscorea                                            

Akdari                                                 Top                                                

Strawberry                                                     Fragaria                                                

Ayflower                                              Helianthus                                            

Arpa                                                    Hordeum                                              

Product                        Gen Observations

Sweetpotato                                      Ipomoea                                               

Server Bezelye                                   Lathrus                                               

MercieI                                         Lens                                                        

Apple                                                    Malus                                                     

Manno                                              Manihot Yalnica manihot esculenta

Bananas                                                     Except Moses Moses textilis.

Rice                                                   Oryza                                                    

National Acme                                        Pennisetum                                          

Beans                                               Except for Phaseolus Phaseolus polyanthus.

peas                                              Runway                                                     

Rye                                                Secale                                                    

Potato                                                Solanum phureja, including the Solanum Tuberosa


Patrlrican                                               Including the Solanum Maeongena.

Vacuumer                                   Sorghum                                               

Triticale                                              Triticosecale                                       

Bukday Triticum et including Aghopyron, Elymus, and Secale.

Balance/Yem                                       Vicia                                                       

Cowpea et al Vigna

                                                    Zea Zea perennis, Zea diplooperennis and Zea

excluding luxurians.

Yem Plants

Genera Species


Astragalus chinensis, cier, arenarius

Canavalia ensiformis

Corona varia

Hedysarum cicera, cilliolatus, hirsutus, ochrus, odoratus, sativus

Lespedeza cuneata, striata, stipoulacea

Lotus corniculatus, subbiflocus, uliginosus

Lupinus albus, angustiflorus, luteus

Medicago arborea, falcata, sativa, scutellaa, rigidulla, truncatula

Melilotus albus, officinalis

Onobrychis vicimolia

Ornithopus sativus

Prosopis affinis, alba, chisensis, nigra, palida

Pueraria phaseoloides

Trifolium alexandrinum, alpestre, ambigium, angustifolium, arvense, agrocicerum, hybridum, ancarnatum, pratese, repens, repapinatum, rueppelianum, semipilosum, subterraneum, vesilosum.


Andropogon gayanus

Agropyron crictatum, desectorum

Agrostis stolonifera, tenuis

Alopeculus pratensis

Arrhenatherum elatius

Dactylis glomerata

Festuca arundinacea, gigantea, heterophylla, ovina, pratensis, rubra

Genera Species

Lollium hybridum, multifiorum, perenne, rigidum, temulentum

Phalaris aquatica, arundinaceaa

Phleum pratense

Poa alpina, annua, pratensis

Tripsacum laxum


Atiplex halemus, nummulaia

Salsola vermiculata


November 1


Article 1

The party Secretariat found in the claim will not understand, but will not understand it under Article 22. He'll let you know. The notification will indicate the subject to be taken to the arbitration, and especially those related to the implementation and interpretation of these Articles of Agreement. If the Board of Parties cannot agree on the agreement in front of the Board of Arbitration, the arbitration board will determine the subject of an understanding of the board of arbitration. The Secretary will forward all the information to all parties of this Treaty.

Article 2

1. If the understanding is between the two sides, the arbitration board will be three members. Each party will appoint an arbitrator each, and the two appointed arbitrators will be reached and will determine the third umpire and act as the third arbitrator. Any other party will not be able to reside or be employed by any of the following parties, or any other party will not be employed by any of the other parties, nor will any of them be employed by any of the other parties. It will not be involved with the receipt.

2. If more than two percent of the commitments are found, the arbitrators will be able to agree to an arbitrator together.

3. Positions that are left in the same way as specified in the first assignment will be filled in.

Article 3

1. If the arbitration board of the Ederer board is not assigned within two months of the determination of the second umpire, the FAO will assign the President within the next two months, upon request of any of the parties to which the General Directorate is not understood.

2. If any of the following parties cannot appoint an arbitrator within two months of the request of the request, the next two months will notify the FAO General Manager who will do so in the next two months.

Article 4

Arbitration board decisions shall give this Agreement and international law according to the provisions of the law.

Article 5

The arbitration board does not arrive at any other agreement, and the arbitration board will not be in any way.

Article 6

Arbitration is based on intermediate protective measures, on the request of one of the following parties. will be recommended.

Article 7

The parties that are not involved will use all the resources they have in their own hands, and the arbitration board has been stolen. power-on:

(a) they will provide all information, documents, and make it easy.

(b) If the need arises, the express and the expert will be required and the proof will be requested from them.

Article 8

To keep confidential information they obtained during execution of the arbitration board of the parties that are not being understood will be responsible.

Article 9

If the case was private, the arbitration expense was not found in the opposite direction, but the arbitration will be costly. in an agreement, the parties that are in the agreement will share a significant amount between them. The arbitration board will hold a record of all expenses and will issue a final account to the parties that are in a state of understanding.

Article 10

A Glossary of interests that may be affected by the davanism, and in a legal sense Any party will be able to interfere with the operation of the board.

Article 11

The board will listen to and determine the non-negotiable claims with the subject matter. will be found.

Article 12

Arbitration will receive the decisions of the board and its members with the votes of the members.

Article 13

If one party does not understand the arbitration board, or if it cannot defend the case, the other party is not. will be able to move from the board to the process and ask for a decision. It is not possible to defend the demand of one of the parties in the understanding or to defend the demand of one of the parties, which will not be understood by the people. Before the final decision is reached, the arbitration board must be satisfied that the demand for the board has been legally reviewed and is under review.

Article 14

The board will not be able to extend the period for a period of time, as long as it is not necessary to extend the duration of the period It will make a final decision within the five months from the date it was made.

Article 15

The final decision of the Arbitration Board of

will be determined by the agreed subject and will indicate the rationalis. The final decision will also indicate the names of the members who contributed to the session at the time of the final decision. Any member of the board will be able to appeal against the final decision or be able to place the city in the city.

Article 16

The decision will be on the parties that are unable to understand. The appeal will not be appealed, as the parties involved are already in agreement about the appeal.

Article 17

It is a matter of the parties to which the final decision is not construed or interpreted as a result of the interpretation. In the event of a failure, either party will be able to submit the final decision to the board of arbitration that makes the decision.

November 2


Article 1

An reconciliation commission will be established on the request of one of the conflict-led conflicts. The Commission will be out of date with the President and the President, who is elected by the members, as the parties to the conflict do not exist in the opposite direction.

Article 2

More than two sides of theAntlaþmanýnTreaty, they say, are similar to the conflict. They will be able to appoint their own members in the commission. If two or more of the individual entities have a different output or a reconciliation between them, they will be able to assign the members a separate month.

Article 3

Within two months of the request for the construction of an anti-party appointment commission. If it does not, the FAO General Manager will make these assignments over the next two months if they request the parties to the request.

Article 4

The President of the

Eater mediation commission has two months since the last appointment of the assigned commission member. if not selected, the FAO General Manager will be asked if they request the parties to the request, Makes the current assignment within two months of the next two months.

Article 5

Members of the Reconciliation Commission make decisions with a vote-shephern. They will determine their own procedures as they are not otherwise reconcilable in the opposite direction. They will put forward their suggestions for the solution that they are not able to say to the parties in good faith.

Article 6

The understanding of the adequation of theUzlaþmareconciliation commission will be decided by the commission.


The name of Turkey: Necati UTKAN

                                                             Ambassador of Turkey to Italy




The signature on the socket is the XIV of the FAO Tupset in the thirty-first session of the FAO Conference on November 2001. In accordance with the matter, it is the 25th edition of the Adapted Food and Tariff Genetic Resources Nations of Nations. He's the one who signed off on his item.