Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Law Of The Central Government Budget For 2012

Original Language Title: Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. 2012 YILI MERKEZİ YÖNETİM BÜTÇE KANUNU

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Kanun No. 6260


Accepted Date: 21/12/2011      



Expense, Revenue, Financing, and Balance


ARTICLE 1- (1) As shown in the rulers of this Law (A), as shown in the rulers, 10/12/2003 And 5018 is attached to the Public Goods Management and Control Law;

a) (I) 344.512.858.921 Turkish public administration in the overall budget coverage of the number of countries Lirasday,

b) (II) on a number of private-budget administrays 38.944,870,000 Turkish Liras ($1.00 billion),

c) (III) 2.027.897.000 Turkish to the regulatory and controller institutions in the number of rulers Lirasday,


grant is granted.

Revenue and financing

MADDE 2- (1) Revenuations:

This Law is attached to the Law of 5018, as shown in the rulers of the Code (B);

a) (I) the revenues of the overall budget are 322,884,924,000 Turkish Liras ($1.34.924,000),

b) (II) revenues of private budget management with respect to 6,090.992,350 Turkish Liras ($1.50) revenue, 33,378,311,650 Turkish Lirasas, a total of 39.469,304,000 Turkish Lirasas,

c) (III) revenue of the number of editors and controllers in the ruler, 2.027.897.000 Turkish Lirasas,

It is estimated to be


(2) Financing:

This Law is attached to the Law of 5018 (II), as shown in the ruler (s). The net financing of private-budget administrations in the number of numbers is estimated to be 68,600,000 Turkish liras.


ARTICLE 3- (1) You are the first of the 1st section of this Law (a) The difference between the sum of the allowors specified in the self and the estimated revenue sum of the first receipt (a) of the 2 nci clause is met with net borrowing.



Important Provisions in the Budget Order

Section layout and statements

MADDE 4- (1) Parts of the Gilder roster, the analytical budget The functions are organized in accordance with the result of the process. The functions are separated into subfunctions at first, second, third and fourth levels.

(2) This is a location for expenses in the Law and the other laws;

a) "Moroccan and partition" statements are the first of the functional slr level,

b) The "Cut" statement is the second level of functional left-out,

c) The statement "Article" is the third level of the functional inversion,

c) The "Tertip" statement is an entire enterprise, functional, and financing type code. levels of the first two levels of economic water,

d) The "related service tertibi" statement in the direction of debt payments, the subject of debt the related types of services that are executed,

refers to.

(3) The expenses to be taken are economic in state accounting records. It will also include the fourth level of the reposition, and the final account code design is set to the second level.

(4) In search of analytical budget with relevant legislation provisions The Ministry of Finance is authorized to make arrangements to ensure the necessary compliance and to address the problems that may arise.

Baseboard rulers

MADDE 5- (1) The following rulers are shown in this Law:

a) (A) of the grant (A) of the 1st clause of this Code.

b) Continue collection according to legislation related to public administrations under the central administration. Revenues to be (B).

c) Based on the income of public administration in central management provisions (C).

) The guidelines for use and expense of Bazze allowances (E).

d) The cash and the cash contained in the 5018 number of Kanuna (II) and (III) Amounts (F) that are forecasted to be spent on these resources with their resources.

e) is a casual and non-public statement issued on 10/2/1954 and under the provisions of the Harcourt Law of 6245. compensation amounts (H).

f) monetary sans that must be represented in the budget law according to the legal law.

g) The amounts (K) of additional course, conference, and overplay fees are amounts to the amounts.

ð), dated 11/8/1982, and 2698 known as National Ministerial School Boarding School 3. Section charges (M) from the students of the school boarders administered by the Ministry of National Estates.

h) dated 7/6/1939 and 3634 in national defense of the National Defense Payer Act (O): The animals of the animal will be taken through the payer.

) 3634, under the law, will be used in national defense through national defense. daily rental costs (P) with average alum devs.

i) The year of the public administration in the range of 5018 numbers (I), (II), and (III) are listed in the The maximum purchase costs (T) for which they will be able to acquire, asay, what service to use, and the maximum number of twilies that are sold within the year of 5/1/1961 and the number of 237-numbered and 237-numbered institutions.

j) Patriotic Service Rituals (V) for the law and decontaposition.

Open new tertip, revenue, and financing codes

ARTICLE 6- (1) In relation to the relevant legislation, the service within the year as required by the Ministry of Finance, new terms in the principles of public administration (A) of central management within the framework of the Ministry of Finance, new revenue codes and (F) on their rosters in the country's rulers. The new financing codes can be opened on their rulers.



Government Provisions for Budget Implementation

Available allowuses


Public administration and private budget administrations in general budget coverage If the funds raised to their budgets are not satisfied, the expenses required by the "Staff Expenseables" and "Social Security Institutions State Pri Expendables" for the expenses required by the applicable legislation are to be made available to the IRS. Minister's budget to transfer from the allowance in the tertithousum,

(2) Backup Approx:

Finance Ministry budget from the appropriated budget, the public administrations covered in the budget of the general budget and the budgets of the private budget administrations shall be present or newly opened (01), (02), (03), (05), (05) and (08) in very urgent and compulsory state (06) and (07) the economic to transfer to the tertypes that contain the code,

(3) Appropriate Hes:

Finance Ministry budget from the receiving end of the 2012 Application, Coordination and Decision-to-air Decision based on the 2012 Subsidy Program's implementation of the priority sectors required by the application status of the 2012 Service Program. Priority industry and bottom line will be available or new to the projects of public budgets and private budget administration projects under general budget to be used for the allocation of funds or allowings for projects that need to be refunded to the program. transferring to the tertypes,

(4) Pay For Disaster Expending:

Finance Ministry budget an area of public administration and private budget administration's public administration and private budget administrations will be opened or newly opened in order to be associated with all types of disaster costs, including the main event. to transfer to their tertypes,

The Finance Minister of

is authorized.

Transfer and add operations

MADDE 8-(1) a) Private with public administrations in general budget coverage The "Personnel Expensing" and "Personnel Expensing" of the budgets of the budgeted administrations are "Auxiliary Expenses", as well as the Finance Minister's budget "Backup of Personnel". tertibine; other types of economic code. To transfer the Finance Ministry budget to the "Backup Approx" term, subject to the third section of Article 21 of the Law No. 5018, for example.

b), from public administration under the overall budget, to make the service to the budget of the administration, which will run the service within the year of the public administration's budget, to transfer funds and make the necessary actions on this matter,

c) 2012 Program for public administration in budget coverage To transfer funds for projects related to non-compliance projects, if appropriate, in accordance with the Appropriate Decision for the implementation, Coordination, and Strengthening Resolution.

) The budget code is the result of reshudtering public administration. to make necessary arrangements for any budget and accounting requirements that are deemed necessary in order to apply and to prepare for precise accounts,

Finance Minister is authorized.

(2) Special budget administrations with public administrations in the overall budget scope, They can transfer funds within their budget by up to 20 percent of the other type of payment to be transferred. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to make all kinds of domestic transfers of 20% of these administrations. Subject to the decision of the 2012 Program in additional compliance with the 2012 Competency Program, the implementation of the 2012 Program's implementation, Coordination and Alisation Program, is subject to the required terms of this issue. The completion of the transfer will be conducted by the administration of the third party of Article 5018, subject to the results of the third section of the Code.

(3) Public administrations in the overall budget, dated 29/6/2011, and 644 It is authorized to transfer the funds to the Ministry of Environment and Theology budget for the Ministry of Environment and Theology under the decree of the Ministry of Environment and Theology in the Law on the Law.

(4) Minister of National Defence, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard The commander is authorized to transfer budgets between the budget and on the reconciliation that is intended to address the costs of the services that are between them within the current year.

(5) Minister of National Defence, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard He said the armed forces involved in their budgets must be managed by a function of a function belonging to a function of two and supply services that need to be managed from a single centre, and that it is associated with the function. It is authorized to transfer.

(6) Regulatory and regulatory agencies (B) with custom budget administrals The net financing amounts indicated on the estimated amounts indicated in their current schedule will be the current or new budget of the financing realigning, administration and institutions of the net financing amounts specified in their forehand. Finance to add to their tertiptim Public administrations are authorized in the framework of the principles and principles to be determined by the Minister. Capital allowances are associated with the year-to-date program based on the Application, Coordination, and Alisation Of 2012 Program.

(7) Resource transfers between public administrations in the overall budget scope The payment is done by the transfer. The management of the central administration budget and the other resource transfers between institutions and institutions are realistive./ These are the amounts that are collected, on the one hand (B) of the relevant public administration, and on the other hand, (A) the appropriations for the finer rosters are recorded.

Payments to be made available for temporary service

ARTICLE 9- (1) counted 5018, counting (I), and (II). Public administrations in rulers;

a) has a month in years of being left with the right to be left behind with the Arizzi. the payments to be made to the service that will be sold or stolen by non-working durations,

b) For short-term service, the part of the relevant legislation has been sold. Payments to be made,

c) on 5/6/1986 and the 25th of the number 3308 Vocational Code of Education Payment of a candidate, for example, to any other person who sees the profession in the process of running, running, and following the item.

), dated 14/7/1965 and is the 4th of 657 State Officers ' Law payments to be made to temporary personnel that are stolen when the item (C) is required by the receipt of the item (C),

Not able to address the allowings in the economic code of

budgets (01.4) they will. Unable to add funds to the tertiks containing the economic code in question, from the business tertiks of budgets (transfers between the terms of the tertists containing this economic code and the transfer of the first receipt (b) of the 8th article of this Law) except the payment cannot be transferred and the non-paid expense is not possible. However, due to privatization practices, the personnel will be employed in public administration in the framework of the receipt of Article 4 of the Code 4 (C) of the Code 4 (C) of the Law, and (I) and (II) in the number of rulers of the Code. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer the necessary amounts to the relevant tertials.

Approx and cancellation steps

MADDE 10- (1) a) National Defense Minister, Gendarmerie General He is a member of the Coast Guard Command and the General Directorate's budgets (except for special allowings and "03.9" and "Treatment and Funeral Expenses" economic code, except for tertypes of goods and services). Benefits of non-spent years, service attendance. To save 30 per cent of the funds to the next year's budget, to avoid 30% of the time they are paid,

b), dated 12/3/1982, and the 21st of the 2634 count of Tourism Dignity The second receipt of the item is the following year, when the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's budget is not spent on the promotion of its terms, which include the economic code under the corporate code of and (03). to record a grant that has passed the budget to the same tertitypes,

c) The budget of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey To save money that is not spent on the same term as the next year's budget, the same amount of money that is not spent on the following year,

), of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce The funds that are not spent on the terms of, and are the next year the budget of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is transferred to the relevant tertibine. to save,

d) The budget of the Treasury is 07,82.32.00-04.1.00-1-07.2, $ and to save money that has not been spent on the terms of the following year's budget, or to save the following year's budget,

e) budget of the General Directorate of Security "" Payment of funds that are not spent on the same term as the next year's budget, which will not be spent on the security services "function under the function"

f) collected for private revenue when it is related to the subject to transfer revenue from the general budget (B) to the related roster and transfer to related terms according to the budget of the budgeted appropriatement for the purposes specified in the administrative budgets for the purposes specified in the applicable legislation. making, non-spent allowings in the year (2011) the next year ' s budget, including the circuits), and to record the appropriations, to determine the principles and guidelines for the construction of these provisions,

Finance Minister is authorized.

(2) Capital allowings transferred in the first series of funds, 2012 The implementation of the Program is coordinated with the year-on-year program based on the Coordination and Strengthening Decision-based.

Actions related to higher education institutions

MADDE 11- (1) The budget for the Board of the Rise The appropriation of the Paid Member Subsidy Project is the number of other people assigned to the institutions of higher education, goods and services, to the institutions of the higher education that are providing graduate education. To be taken into consideration by the areas of my life It's paid for. On the one hand, the institution of higher education (B) is the institution of higher education, on the other hand, on the other hand, the institution of higher education for saving (A) on the scale of the business.

(2) 4/11/1981 and the 43rd quarter of the 2547 count of the Rise the first receipt of the item (d), the 44th, 46 ncu, 58th, additional 25 pearls, additional 26 ncci and additional 27 items dated 19/11/1992 and the 7 nci articles of the Code 3843, the amounts collected and the number of other incomes, the institutions of higher education will not be registered as private income and private allowance to their budgets. This amount and the revenues are recorded as self-income in the related higher education institution budget. Funds raised in the related higher education budget will be used according to their revenue reallocation. (B) revenue estimates that are estimated to be revenue generated by revenue code, are expected to be revenue collection. (A) the institutions of higher education in the framework of the principles and principles that will be determined by the Ministry of Finance to add the appropriators to the ruler.

(3) The budget of the relevant higher education institution budget (A) transfer between the fourth level of functional storage and the fourth level of functional refunds (except for transfers between grants that are required under the equity services function of 09.6.0-excluding the transfer of the arrestments between the other and the following.) It cannot be done.

(4) The institutions of higher education, their budgets are "Top management, academic and administrative" units ", and the Chairman of the Board of Directors," General Secretarial "(" General Secretariat "), to be used in the" General Secretariat " corporate code, to the related units for use in their needs, They submit by editing a Payment Submission Document. For the Submission Document, the units that are paid are the expense unit, and the top manager of the unit that is being paid is the expense authority. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to submit budget allowances, use, and determine the basis of budget and budget plans.

(5) Capital allowings added in the year, 2012 Service The implementation of the year-on-time program is based on the Coordination and Strengthening Decision-based decision.

Business, grants, and assistance to the help

MADDE 12- (1) Finance Minister;

a) To be obtained in the year as a grant from domestic and domestic resources income or revenue for the budget of the Turkish Lirasants, or revenue-expense-saving, depending on the proposal.

b) through open sources or international treaties, and by way of credit with the purpose of paying taxes and pictures of each future related to the freight and product, to save or to make the necessary actions in their respective budgets, to the current or new types of materials,

c) in 2012, the Ministry of National Defence, the General Command of Gendarmerie, and For the needs of the Coast Guard Command, foreign states will be able to provide materials and supplies to be sold through military aid or other ways, to the types of materials to be opened on the ground (B), and their decision is in the budgets. to the special types to be opened, and to save,

is authorized.

(2) Turkey-European Union must be covered in financial business The ministers of the relevant administrative budgets (05), (06) and (07) for the payment of their economic codes to the National Fund are authorized to the National Fund for the amounts of the economic codes. These grants cannot be allocated to a service or operation. However, due to the exchange of payments from these amounts due to the exchange of currency and related projects, European tier balances are kept in the accounts of the National Fund for Community Programs and the Community Programs. the program and the financing of the projects in the scope of this Law, as needed. The National Fund payment process is based on the request of the Treasury Department and in the latest thirty days, in accordance with the financing planning of the projects, it is made available at the latest.

(3) These amounts paid to the National Fund in the second edition of the second, 30/1/2003 And 4802 is used within the framework of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding, which are approved under the law.

(4) the program covered by the Turkish-European Union (EU) and For the purposes of the execution of projects, the need for a grant, exchange, and similar grant from the European Commission for the reasons to be returned for the reasons envied is in the Ministry of Finance budget. It can be met by a transfer.

Considerations for whistleblower revenue

MADDE 13- (1) 55018 of the Code, which was budget-added before 2006 The agency revenues that are specified in the relevant legislation of the budget scope are collected as general budget revenue.

Elektrik(2) of 4/12/1984 and the Electricity Company Install of 3096 All of the proceeds from the transfer rights of, of course, resources and facilities in the Act, including Production, Production, Deposition and Trade, are saved in revenue from the overall budget.

Service trademarks to be made to foreign countries

MADDE 14- (1) Finance Minister;

a) The Ministry of National Defence, Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Rent or charge amounts received from land, sea, and air that is leased to foreign countries and international installations, or to be used in the fulfillment of a service, if the commander is a member of the

b) Read on the death and education of the Turkish Armed Forces And the amount paid by foreign-born officers, petty officers, or otherwise-related states, are paid for by the relevant states,

c) Read from the General Directorate of Police Department of education and education And the amount paid by the relevant states or international organizations for the expenses of the foreign-born and personnel who see the following, are

o) Amounts to be paid for maintenance and repairs of reserve airports when they are agreed to by NATO authorities,

comes to the general budget, on the one hand, to be used for the same purpose it is authorized to save money for special tertypes that will be opened in the administrative budgets above, and to transfer the funds that are not spent in the following amounts due to the amounts that are paid for this period.



Yacht Expenses, Official Repairs, Neighborhood Care, and Government Provisions

Yatrism expenses

ARTICLE 15- (1) The projects in the additional sleep schedules of the 2012 Yatyrm Program It will not be able to spend on any project in the past. The projects covered by the projects included in these rosters are made up of the bulk of the collectively given projects (the dam and HES projects that are over 500MW of installed power, Gebze-Haydarpasa, Sirkeci-Halkali Commuter Line ' s Circulation and Railway. Project or work to be started in 2012, except for the construction of the Boğaz Tube-building Project, the Transportation, Maritime Affairs and News Ministry projects and subway construction projects and other rail construction projects. The 2012 yacht may not be less than 10 per cent of the cost of the project. For the projects and business that remain under this ratio, the projects required by the Application of the 2012 Program may be revised by meeting the Coordination and Strengthening Decision basis and primarily by staying in the institutions ' yacht allowances.

(2) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command, and the Coast Guard Command The defence sector, which includes the economic code of its budgets (03), is in the strategic target plan with the infrastructure, construction, construction, and facilities required by NATO infrastructure yachts, as well as the facilities and the public's plans to target the strategic target. space and services, to the visa of the Ministry of Kalkunma The 2012 Direction Program is not included in the additional yacht rulers.

toplu(3) The public administration of the central administration has collectively received benefits from the yacht program. of machine-equipment, large repair, execution-renewal, completion and computer software and detail programs of hardware projects, with detail programs and sub-expenditure items, and sub-spending projects that are not being collected and underserved. 2012 in the receipts related to the expense items The Implementation, Coordination and Decision of the Program is applied to the Decision-based basis.

(4) Required 2012 Orphan Program in addition to the year on the predisposition schedules The implementation of the 2012 Program for disinficiencies is the procedures that are included in the Coordinating and Mirroring Decision in the Program.

Formal details

MADDE 16- (1) This The following are the first (T) people who are on the roster, but can be obtained with the decision of the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the minister for the record of being exclusive to the very urgent and mandatory people.

(2) Foundation, association, sandwich, bank, union, firm, company, and so on or by other institutions, including 237 institutions covered by the law, the public institution, board, top board and installation expenses (except for the expenses used in the security services) for the expenses of the expenses used. They do not pay for their budget.

(3) Turkish Musketeer Forces (Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard) The Council of Ministers, including the General Directorate of Security and Trade, and the General Directorate of Customs and Trade which will be donated by the institution, assembly, association and foundation, and the Council of Ministers that need to be shown the (T) iarelli ruler decision.

(4) repairs to the General Manager, dated 12/4/2001, and 4645 dated 4/1/2002, to be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Law (T) and to be determined in the decision of the Council of Ministers upon the request of the Minister of Finance and of the Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. and 4734 are subject to the Public Ale Act. They can be made with new ones through the mudbadele. Price difference, revolving capital revenues, social facilities, or canteen revenues and Turkish Police Inspection Foundation revenue.

(5) Turkish Musketeer Forces (Gendarmerie General Command and Coastal) Security Command, including the Jendarmerie General Command (Gendarmerie) of the Ministry of National Defense (Gendarmerie), dated 30/5/1985 and under the provisions of the Code 3212 (T), were required to be shown in the state of the National Defense. For his command, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said demand and Finance The decision of the Minister to be put on the proposal of the Council of Ministers is to be determined by the registration of the Council of 4734, which can be identified by new ones. The price gap is offset by social facility revenue, canteen income, revolving capital income or through the sinking (of Gendarmerie Public Command for the General Command of Gendarmerie).

(6) Turkish Musketeer Forces (Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard) Those who have completed at least 10 out of their registration date and (T) need to be shown on the current roster, including the Ministry of National Defence or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to a statement from the Security Command. by decree, 4734 will be subject to the Law and will be sold The number of times sold, not less than the number of times, and the number of people to receive the sale, 40 for the Ministry of National Defence, 10 for the General Command of Gendarmerie and 5 for the Coast Guard Commando, through the seal. with new ones, and the price difference can be made from the budget. The provisions of the Code 3212 are applied to the rights that are not included in this plug.

Treasury help for mahalese administreals

MADDE 17- (1) Budget of the Finance Ministry;

a) Payment on a scale of, 13/1/2005 Within the framework of the interim 7 nci clause of the Code 5286, dated 2/7/2008 of the personnel transferred to provincial private administrations or metropolitan municipalities to pay for all kinds of financial and social rights, dated 2/7/2008. The General Budget Tax on the number of the British Special Condolences and Municipalities In the framework of the provisional 1st Amendment of the Law, to the provincial private administrations or to the municipalities of the metropolitan area,

b) The payment of the Peasants in the term In the Project for Promotion of Infrastructure (VILLAGES), the provincial special administrations and/or services to the villages for the infrastructure needs of villages,

c) allowance, Water Sewerage and the Infrastructure Project (SUKAP), and the Bank of America, to actuate the drinking water and infrastructure projects of municipalities,

is used by having to be moved. If the scope is required under the scope of the SUKAP, the relevant public administration budget or the private budget administration budget may be transferred to the general budget scope. The Treasury assistance to the relevant administration is not possible and the precautionary measure cannot be placed on this topic.

(2) Allowance (b) and (c) of the allowance (s) in the Bentonds, 2012 The program is decided by the High Planning Board for the VILLAGE Project, following its decision, and for the VILLAGE Project; for SUKAP, some of the municipalities have the right, use, monitoring and control.

Funds related to the Funds

MADDE 18- (1) Turkish Weave The Defence Industry, established 7/11/1985 and numbered 3238, will be spent within the year for the defense and NATO infrastructure to be made available to the forces with modern weapons, tools and tools necessary to ensure the strategic goal of the strategic goal. The resources of the Fund for Promotion are to be put on budget for this purpose The grants will be determined in accordance with the Defence Industry Intelligence Committee, by being able to provide allowances and other products and cash together with the same and cash.

(2) Ministry of National Defence, General Command of Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard Command budget They will be identified as the first-phase provisions of the current appropriated allowors; from existing funds allocated to the General Directorate of Police to the helicopter, human air vehicles (IHA) and Electronic Harp (HEWS) project. The United States of Hudut and the Sahiller General The current funds allocated with the budget to be allocated to this General Directorate budget will be used for the engine buy; the Helicopter Allowance Project and Helicopter from existing alloworships allocated to the General Directorate of Forestry are allocated. They are consistent with the Central Project for the Education Simulators; The Ministry of National Defence, based on the interest of the current funds allocated by the budget to the Defense Industry Promotion Fund for the realisation of the related services, is the amount of the funds for the ship, which is allocated to the Mine Teffk and Search General Directorate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Forestry and Water, or the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are in charge.

(3) On the one hand, the funds from the Defense Industry Promotion Fund to the Treasury are to the general budget. income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to register the appropriations for the relevant tertials of the Ministry of National Defense budget and to transfer funds of the funds last year.

(4) Defense Industries for projects foreseen to be executed in order to warn about budget laws The funds that are not used from the amounts transferred to the Supporting Fund are in the central accounting unit account of the general budget administration related to the Defense Industry Promotion Fund and the accounting unit account in private budget administration and the related administration (B). The revenue is saved in the ruler. The Ministry of Finance in general budget administration and private-budget administration is authorized to save money on the related administrative budget of the amount of money recorded. The Ministry of National Defence is being charged with the registration of the Gendarmerie General Command and the board of funds for the board of directors at the Coast Guard Command.


Government Debt and Public Israeli Government-Business Provisions

Treasury guaranteed imkstilln and back of debt limit and indebtingiþlemler

MADDE 19- (1) 2012, 28/3/2002, and 4749 Public Financing and Debt Organization of Management to be edited by law;

a) The warranty for the guaranteed opportunity and the second limit of the current debt is $3 billion,

b) Within the framework of the terms of the Treasury to be determined and obtained The funds to be transferred to the Treasury will be transferred to the public institutions and organizations, with the guarantee of $2 billion, including certificates and similar financing instruments, to be transferred to the Treasury, and the other

Cannot Be Aable.

Bakanlar(2) Council of Ministers to increase the amount of the First Fever (b) in the form of a authority.

(3) 1st section of 1st clause (a), specified by me The special promotion of the state domestic debt can be exported to the two per cent of the appropriaties.

Provisions for public utilities

MADDE 20- (1) 8/6/1984, and 233 counts of Public Circulation The public economic community, which is subject to the decree of the Law on the Law of Decree, has completed its own resources or a part of its own resources, with the dividend amounts to the Treasury and the Bank's share of the Treasury. the payment of the payment, occupation, and/or the capital of the bank, and/or The task can be destroyed by the expense of the damages. The Secretary of the Treasury Department said that they would register their business with state accounts on the Treasury's proposal, and keep the amounts involved in the budget, according to the Treasury. income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to save on the relevant term of the Treasury's budget.

(2) Political risk of Turkey's Israel Credit Bank Anonymous All or a part of the collection and other outstanding spare flows from the Bank's operating profit to the Treasury and the Bank's operating profits, Your bank may be able to take political risk and/or be able to fund the disburnable capital. The Secretary of the Treasury Department said that they would register their business with state accounts on the Treasury's proposal, and keep the amounts involved in the budget, according to the Treasury. income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to save on the relevant term of the Treasury's budget.



Public Provisions for Public Personnel

Contributions, dormitory privileges, fee, and commitment fee

MADDE 21- (1) In accordance with Article 154 of the Code 657, For 1/1/2012-30/6/2012, the number of separate indicators (0.06446) to apply the number of additional indicators (0.06446) to the separation of additional indicators (0.86251), with the figures included in the split indicator table, are to be applied to the same amount of time. side payment factor (0,02044).

(2) dated 22/1/1990 and 399 of the Code Rule 3. The fee ceiling of the promised personnel stolen under the bendi of the article (c) is applied in the period 1/1/2012-30/6/2012 (3,382) as the Turkish Lirasas.

(3) Charge ceiling with coefficients included in the first and second fives The Council of Ministers is authorized to re-establish.

(4) The mission of the United States and its staff in the country's State officials are paid by Council of Ministers dated 29/6/2009 and 2009/15191 until new courses and new precedents have been identified.

How to use the Staff for the Candros

MADDE 22-(1) 13/12/1983 and 190 Global Staff and The public administration, institutions and institutions set out in the 2nd Amendment of the Law on the Code of Procedure shall not exceed 50 per cent of the number of civil servants who have been released as a result of retirement, death, resignation or transfer in 2011 to the free civil servants. or transferred from other public administration, institutions and organizations. He could be appointed. In such cases, additional 5,000 assignments are allowed for institutions of higher education, institutions and organizations that cannot be required to require officers.5.000 ve(2) with the business and prosecutor's occupations, and the tasks that are counted from this profession, and The appointments will be made to the assistant staff, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Department of Revenue and Social Security, and the Social Security Council, the Department of Finance and the Social Security Council, according to the agency's editorial. help to be employed in security areas assignments will be made according to Article 53 of the Law No. 657, and the military will be conducted under the Personnel Code of the Turkish Armed Forces of Turkey, dated 27/7/1967, and 926 under the Personnel Code or other relevant legislation. personnel assignments, assignments to cadre in law enforcement, additional 1 item of the Anti-Terrorism Law dated 12/4/1991 and 33713 dated 24/5/1983 and additional 1 in the Social Services Law of 2828 with the assignments to be made from 24/11/1994 and the number of Customixt 4046 The rights of personnel to be made in accordance with Article 22 of the Law are subject to the first phase of the law.

(3) An assignment may be to be assigned without subject to the second. the number of listed cadres is not considered in the account number of 50 percent projected in the first phase.

(4) 59 and 92 nci of the Code 657, in the first part of the world Permission to leave from the State Personnel Office is mandatory for the assignments from the open alert.

Öðretim(5) 2/9/1983, and 78-number of Institutions My Higher Education Among the staff of the staff members of the Code of Law in the provision of the decree, the institutions of higher education, retirement, death, resignation, transfer, completion of my education, and the completion of my office as a member of the board of law enforcement. The number of other people who are left behind by the results of the results. 50 per cent (100 per cent for their staff members), or the institutions of higher education, public administration, institutions, and installations with institutions of higher education can be appointed. In these cases, there are no more than 9,000 assignments for institutions of higher education that will not be able to make the labor need available. At least 4,000 of the assigned assignment permits are used for assignments to be made available to the staff members in order to be able to be made under the Board of Higher Education Program under the coordination of the Board of Higher Education. The program scope is based on the types of points for which candidates will be assigned, centrally centrally centrally, domestically and domestically, and other support for institutions of higher education. The rules and principles are determined by the Council.

(6) Tailor The Expertise of the Tecta and Physician Physician. The assignments will be made available to staff members, dated 8/4/1929 and the request to be sent to the Home Country of Ecnebi, 1416. The assignments will be made to the staff of the staff, as well as those who are sent to the home country for the purpose of the law, the appointment of the staff. It is subject to the results that are projected on the plug.

(7) Tepta and Dialk with respect to the number of other members of the education The number of people who were assigned when they were assigned to the Department of Physician was not considered in the account of the 50 percent or 100 per cent predicted in the number of times they were allocated when they were assigned to the management of the Department of Medicine.

190(8) 5018 is 190 with the institutions in the rulers attached to the Kanuna As of the last day of March, June, September and December of December, June, September and December, the public administration, institutions and its setups and the positions of the public administration, institutions and its positions and the full-bodied state of the decree, which were specified in Article 2 of the decree, until the twentieth of the month of the month of the anus They report to the Ministry of Finance by making data entry in the e-budget system. The rosters that contain this information are sent to the State Staff.

For the date oftarihi(9) 1/1/2012, dated 3/7/2005 and the number of 5393 The municipalities with the rates mentioned in article 49 of the law and the neighborhood administration with the same proportion as the victims and the reports, dated 26/5/2005 and the proportion specified in article 18 of the 5355 Neighborhood Vigilantes Law. The officers and the staff of their troops. The provisions of the Code 5393 are applied to the provisional 1st provisions of the Law.

Glossary of Glossary personnel

MADDE 23- (1) 2 of the 190 Code of Laws The public administration, institutions and its installations specified in the scope of the legislation in the scope of Article 4 of the Code 657 (B) dated 27/6/1989 and in the scope of the legislation specified in the additional 7 nci clause of the decree of 375, the visa was issued in 2011. current position and type of commitment examples need to be made a new visa The uninstall will continue to be used in 2012. In these positions, the personnel who were employed in 2011 and those who are eligible to continue their duties in 2012 will make a new commitment by adding to the current commitment fees for 2012 by adding additional increases to the legislation.

(2) Kanun, international understanding, Council of Ministers decision or year In new visas, a number of scheduled personnel positions will not be available in any way, in a new way, in order to avoid the service required by any units that are required to be installed or upgraded with the program, and to avoid the service required by the service.

(3) Municipalities with provincial private administrations and neighborhood administration troops In the case and the works of the Code, 5393 of the Code's 49th of the Code, the personnel employment is available in the service (s) for the available services (including the titles counted in the fourth section of the article, and the service for that service). a promise to be played with a record of not being able to be found The personnel cannot be employed in accordance with the receipt of Article 4 (B) of the Code 657, except for personnel.

People for employment and allowancesesaslar

ARTICLE 24- (1) 5018 public administrations with public budget coverage The number of public administrations included in the number attached to the Law (II), dated 4/4/2007 with respect to the number of people, and their temporary workers, according to the number 5620, are the benefits of their budgets (01.3) and (02.3%). They may be able to employ a number and/or a duration.

(2) the public administration, institution, and administration under the decree of 190 Laws The permanent and former provisions of the installation of the installations of the Board of Personnel, dated 22/5/2003 and the 30th of the All Law of 4857, are subject to the decision of the 11th clause of the decree (d) of the Decree of the Act. the fact that you have permission to be assigned from the open is actually done. The Finance Ministry and the State Staff are notified by the end of the month following these assignments.

(3) Obligations, densities, and Obligations to be made from the batch of a batch Compensation for compensation due to severance pay, minimum wage and insurance premium increases, and public administrations with public administrations covered by the public budget as of 13/2/2011 and 166 items of the Code 6111. transferable needs of delegated need of personnel It can be met by transferring funds from the "Employee Expenderings" of the Minister's budget and the "Öndenek" and "Auxiliary Pay". The economic codes outlined in the first phase will not be transferred in any way, except in these cases (except for transfers between the economic codes and the transfers between the economic codes and the transfer of volumes between these codes). The tuition fee and overtime pay and/or overwork fee will not be paid either. The actions in this plug do not apply to the TÜBTAK, with the use of transferring from their own budget tertists.

(4) Spending authorities of public administrafts specified in the first fund, to make the programs available to overplay, and/or not to overplay and/or overplay the following, and to avoid overplaying and/or overplaying the following year. They're responsible. The earthquake, fire, water pressure, displacement, rock thinking, desert and similar disasters will be taken by the Council of Ministers to be taken out of the current Council of Ministers ' decision to pay more and more cost payments for the debt It is not possible to transfer funds in any way for more than any transfer and/or overplay fee payments, except for transfers to be made.



Government Provisions

Membership in internationation

MADDE 25- (1) Private with public administrations in general budget coverage International organizations cannot be members of, or contribute to, the supply of international organizations that are members of the budget, as well as the proper representation of the other members of the United States. any payment under the membership bid with the share It cannot be done.

(2) An international understanding of the Ministry of Economy and the Undersecretary of the Treasury, this clause shall not be applied to the international organizations (including the contribution payment payments) to the name of the Republic of Turkey, with laws and decisions.

Social facilities that are being pushed out by public administration

MADDE 26- (1) When public administration under management is under management The expenses and recreation facilities, guest houses, children's care facilities, daycare, sports facilities and similar social facilities are all proceeds from the construction of these facilities. In these places, new staff will be employed for the first time in 2012 to be charged with the central administration budget and the revolving capital and funds.

Amount to be stolen from accounting records

MADDE 27- (1) dated 21/7/1953 and the number 6183 Amme Creamis More than the amount that will be used for the allocation of up to 15 Turkish liras in accounting records, which are due to be monitored by law under the law of the Arbitration Procedure, will be more than the amount that will be done for the allocation of the following expenses. accounting for these amounts, if it is not understood In the public administration under the general budget, the Minister of Finance, the top managers in the public administration are officials.

provisions for revenue and expensesdiðer

MADDE 28- (1) Cash under the third section of article 10 of the Law 4046 amount, the Fund will transfer to Treasury Hr Payments Accounting Unit Accounts, and the revenue in the general budget (B) of the general budget is recorded. The second receipt of the provisional Article 23, of the Anilan Act, is not made by the second phase of Article 24, dated 20/2/2001 and stipulated by the fifth article of the 14th Amendment of the Electricity Market Law No. 4628, due to the payment of the appropriatum. The second phase of the 4046-number-of-the-Law provisional 24th item does not include any special revenue records envisioned in the second phase of the 14th Amendment of the Code, 4628. These revenues are recorded as revenue in the general budget (B) in the current roster.

birinci(2) dated 22/2/2005 and 5302 is the first of the 51-issue 51-point Code The first fund (f) of the financial (f) and 5393 (f) of the Code 5393 (f) was the first time that the provincial private administrations and municipalities had advanced technology and a large amount of material resources to be offered by the Minister of Development. will be made for the projects agreed upon by the Council of Ministers The indebtials are included in the calculation of the first receipt (d) of 5302 of the Code 51 and the first receipt of the Code 68 of the Code 5393 (d), which includes the calculation of the debt limit that is calculated in the scope of the bendi. However, provincial special administrations, municipalities and those with more than 50 per cent of their capital's capital, are expected to finance projects supported by the European Union in the framework of the pre-level financial business. Indebted borrowing and compliance with the Bank of the People will not be searched for compliance with the debt stock limit for the business that will be conducted under SUKAP.

With the historical reputation of

 (3) 31/12/2011, the Turkish Patent Institute, the Turkish Institute of Standards, The Board of Directors, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Measuring, Selecting and Placating, and the Turkish Liras and foreign currency of the Faculty of Education, İştikat, İşaşık and Özgüköm, which applied for the distance of Anadolu University Royer Capital İnşağitim İştişık In terms of the safety of the vault and bank balances in the Turkish The amount of Turkish lira, which is due to the amount of bonds, bonds, and other securities that they have with the lira, is transferred to the Finance Ministry Central Accounting Unit account by the end of February 2012. These transferred amounts are recorded in the general budget (B) in the rule of the general budget. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to take every measure and to address the issues that are being applied to this storm.


ARTICLE 29- (1) This is the effective date on 1/1/2012 of this Law.


MADDE 30- (1) This Law;

a) Turkey Grand National Assembly of Turkey People's Assembly,

b) President-General for President Secretary,

C) Respect for the President of the United States,

concerning the provisions of public administrations within the scope of the overall budget ministers and the Ministry of Finance,

d) Private budget administration provisions are related or related to administrations Ministers of ministers and Finance,

e) Organize and control the provisions of the Editor and Controller Boards and/or enterprise people,

f) Minister of Finance of Digits provisions,