Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. For Partnering With Crime-Fighting Law

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÇIKAR AMAÇLI SUÇ ÖRGÜTLERİYLE MÜCADELE KANUNU

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4422


Accepted Date: 30.7.1999

Criminal criminal organization

MADDE 1. - To gain control and control of an institution, installation or exchange, in public services, in public services, on print and release installations, to gain influence and control in procurement, concession and registration forms, economic to create cartels and tricks in activities, to reduce substance and business, and to ensure the price of prices or to increase their price, to cause them or to increase their lives, to win votes in elections or to avoid elections, or to prevent elections or to apply a threat or to force the people against them or to help others. By any means, you can use the power to engage or intimidate or intimidate the organization by using the power of hunger or intimidation or intimidation of the organization or the organization's behalf in the name of the organization or the organization. These are the only reason they have been loaded, for less than three years in prison.

If the organisation is armed, the sentence above will increase to more than one third of the sentence. Even if no weapon has been put into action yet, weapons or explosives are intended for the organization's intentions, or the organization is armed.

Crime perpetrator, officer or public service No one is in charge of the above.

The charges or products or products that may or may not be involved in the execution of the crime or are replaced by the crime. And any number of people who need to be allowed to have any income or any kind of crime. The benefit of the government is to be overruled.

These provisions are described as "hungry or secret organisations that use the power to help or intimidate or intimidate or intimidate" the organization, which is defined by what it is intended to be.

People who are members of the organization or members of the organization who are not members of the organization are charged for the purposes shown in the first phase, as well as in Article 296 of the Turkish Penal Code dated 1.3.1926 and 765. The sentences of the projected defiant rise to more than one-third of the sentences.

Print, voice, or visual publication to increase the power of crimes, purposes, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, objectives, or organizations. More than four years in prison and more than one billion to more than one billion liras ($1 billion) for the right to propagandizing their vehicles, whether they are disseminating or surfacing with their vehicles. It is decided to stop the activities of the broadcast organically from one day to three days.

Listening or detection of the business

MADDE 2. -Do you understand the crimes that are foreseen in this Law, or if you are involved in any of the following, no matter what the perpetrators are, the telephone, the fax, and the computer, the use of the persons under the control or the use of the right to the right of the company, It can be used to listen to or detect signals, images, images, images or sounds of wireless or other electromagnetic systems or signals, written, images, images, or sounds with single-directional systems or systems. The identified by authorities will be sealed by authorities.

Reaction to rest or detection of business, but strong symptoms can be given.

The perpetrator with a precautionary measure. If it is possible to identify, capture, or obtain criminal evidence, then the transmission or detection of the transmission cannot be decided.

The anchorage of any form of transmission, or any other special, will apply the above remaining records.

The review of listening or detection or loss of records. It decides. The public prosecutor's office is also in charge of the delay in the delay. The judge's decision within twenty-four hours of the judge's decision will continue to be decided. The measure will be immediately removed by the state's attorney if it is decided by the expiration or performance of the term.

Listening and determined decisions can be given for up to three months, up to two times more than three months .

The measure will be removed by the state's attorney if it tries to take part in the listening and identification of the Islamic State, and the measure is intended to be avoided. In such cases, the data obtained as a result of the precautionary measure is promptly and finally destroyed within ten days of the control of the Commonwealth's attorney's office, and the situation is determined by a key.

The Commonwealth's attorney or the incumbent state This request is immediately fulfilled and will be met immediately, as long as the information is done by the agency and its installations, or authorized to provide such service, to listen and register, and to do so, and to avoid such service. date and time is determined by a key.

Hidden trace

MADDE 3. - Any activities in the place of residence, residence, location, or public place may be monitored, monitored, monitored, audio and video may be registered with technical means.

Register and check the data

MADDE 4. -In order to reveal the evidence or evidence envisioned in this Law, it is mandatory to keep secret from national security in the organization, environment and institution, similar to those involved in acts of crime and behavior similar to those involved in the law. Computer data can be reviewed with any official and private records except those that are available.

Secret agent use

MADDE 5. - In the event of a charge of the crimes covered by this Code, public servants may be used as a confidential agent if not enough of the other measures.

The confidential agent requires that the confidential agent also be required to use a secret agent. Monitoring, monitoring, monitoring of the organization and collecting all kinds of evidence, including evidence, tracks, monuments, and emarets.

The confidential officer is one or more of the following: 1 in the article, 1 article, in which it was charged When he was tasked with surveillance of a lot of people, it was a crime of the people who were in the house. It is necessary to have any concrete indications or make criminal progress or become involved in the fact that they are not involved or are in danger of committing the crimes envisioned in this Code.

The undercover officer is the one who has been assigned He can't be held responsible for crimes that the organization is working on. The undercover officer will not be able to commit the crime while it is doing its task.

The identity of the undercover agent is kept.

The implementation of this material is similar to the safety of the undercover officer himself and the family members. The requirements for assigning to the task are determined by a regulation that will be played by the Minister.

Measures on rights and credits

MADDE 6. -The provisions of the Law dated 13.11.1996 and numbered 4208 are intended to remain withheld; in the 1st Amendment of this Law, we have a strong case in which they are derived from their verbs in the scope of this Law. to confiscate securities and real estate; banks and bank financial institutions and other real and legal entities, including their rights and receivments, including the crus of the rights and legal entities, are fully qualified. Or if the girls were removed, they were going to a tevdi neighborhood, and they would get it and get it. The administration of goods, precious documents, cash, and the administration of the goods may be determined.

Investigation, inspection, identification and analysis of the goods in the country and abroad. They are met by the Minister of Finance for the Service of Finance.

Do not confiscate the product asset specified in the first fund.

The decision is not decided or the decision is made.

Indent of the item in question when convicted.

The protection of the authorities and attendants

MADPLACE 7. -If knowing the identity of the identity or the residence or residence or location of the residence or residence, it reveals the possibility of serious danger to itself or its residents;

a) detects a separate address that will make all kinds of themes for the first. b) will not be opened in any way, if possible, to determine the identity of the identity, provided that the identification of the evidence is still possible with the information that is provided by the ID.

Opening the ID of the person by resting the implementation of the provisions of Article 20 of the Anti-Terrorism Law dated 12.4.1991 and 3713 on the right of necessity.

The provisions of the above, whistlebors and the scope of this Law. Information about law enforcement officers and officers who are involved in intelligence or intelligence of crime, are not able to explain the identity information and the private life information.

Identity, task, and custom to those who are helping to open or open information about life. Up to two years in prison.

Do not applyÝþlemlerin

MADDE 8. -3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 comply with the measures and regulations stipulate in items, and comply with the principles of the 2nd clause.

Citizen lawyasaðý

MADDE 9. -In the crimes that have entered the scope of this Law, the judge may be able to decide whether to temporarily ban the country or the country from abroad, but in the final question of question, the final question is the court's decision. However, if there is a delay in the delay, the public prosecutor's office may decide whether to temporarily ban the country's foreign-country bungants. This decision is immediately and finally submitted to the judge within twenty-four hours. The judge makes the decision within twenty-four hours; otherwise, the Republican prosecutor's decision remains in effect.

Violation of privacy, responsibility of authoritiesve

MADDE 10. -The decisions that are carried out when this law is made and the decisions that are made in the prepared question are confidential. All violators will be sentenced to up to three years in prison.

Those who do not destroy or open data that must be disposed of according to the seventh section of this Law's article 2, or whatever If the provisions of this Law are violated, they will be required by law.

If the provisions of the law are violated and the provisions of this Law are violated, the sentences written in those laws will be up to a half of the increase and apply the provisions of Section 12 of this Code.

Help style

MADDE 11. -The duty of judicial assistance to the extent of this Law is to be fulfilled by the competent State Security Tribunal. If there is more than one agency of the State Security Court at that location, this task belongs to the State Security Tribunal number 1.

The current judge in this Law is a reserve member of the competent State Security Court. The Republican prosecutor's office is the Republic's attorney general.

In the trial of the crimes envisioned in this Code, the provisions of this Law and the State Security Courts of 2845 dated 16.6.1983 and dated 16.6.1983 were established and Law provisions are enforced on the Sentencing Procedures.

Tandone-to-air date and delayyasaðý

MADDE 12. -penalties for the crimes stipulate in this Code are dated 13.7.1965 and the number of sentences of 647 are not applicable.

The detention of detainees, execution of penalties, and releaseþartla.

MADDE 13. -The provisions of Article 16 and 17 of the Anti-Terror Law are applied on the right of those arrested for crimes under this Law.


MADDE 14. -Except for the crimes covered by the Anti-Terrorism Code;

a) has not committed a criminal offence to the organization, but before any crime has been committed by the organisation,

b) is a After the start of the question, information about the organization and its verbs and its verbs and members are not prosecuted byvererek

C) for crimes that have committed a non-criminal criminal act. Information is available to authorized authorities before they are started to be prompted after the execution. The penalties for the arrest of criminals by giving them up to eight-to-one,

reported to the authorities in preparation of the charges after the crimes, prompting the authorities to apprehend the criminals. up to one-to-one,



d) reduces the penalties for the capture of criminals by providing information and information by informing them of the final allocation of the charges.

e) Enrollees with the exception of the organization ' s managers Fines are reduced to half the time they are found in the capture of offenders by providing information after they have been committed.

Organizations help

MADDE 15. -The provisions of Article 314 of the Turkish Penal Code apply to the crimes covered by this Code.

The applicable provisions of the enforcement and the measureuygulanacaðý

MADDE 16. -Articles 2 to 10 of this Code, with crimes under the Anti-Terrorism Act, dated 21.7.1983 and the Law on Protection of Cultural and Nature Assets 2863, dated 10.7.1953 and 6136 with Atheist Weapons and Rifles, and Diklar The crimes contained in articles 403, 404, and 406 of the Law and Turkish Penal Code are also enforced.

Saved provisions

MADDE 17. - provisions in the Turkish Penal Code and the organizational crimes that have been defined in other special laws.


MADDE 18. - This will take effect on the release date of this Law.


MADDE 19. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.