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Kanun No. 5418


Accepted Date: 28.10.2005      


MADDE 1.- Signed in Ankara on 16 April 2004 The Government of the Republic of Morocco and the Government of the Republic of Morocco have the right to agree on the "Environmental Protection".

MADDE 2.- enters this Channel's release date.

TICAD 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





















Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Morocco "Parties" will be known as "Parties".

To strengthen the friendly relations between the Turkish and Moroccan peoples and the environment to protect the business and to improve its business;

Open today and future power and change acknowledging the importance of the approach to sustainable development in the protection and recovery;

The regional and national responsibilities of both sides in the environmental protection area Noting the importance of strengthening the bilateral business to fulfill, by keeping it clear that the protection of the Doðal resources and environment requires closer scientific, technical and technological power;

people are involved in the understanding:

Clause 1

The parties involved in the protection of the environment, including, reciprocity, reciprocity, and Based on the benefit of the benefits, both of the Parties will be present within the framework of their respective legislation and the financial resources allocated for this purpose.

Article 2

Environmental related areas are going to be:

-Management of protected and protected areas,

-Avcülk and Wildlife Management,

-Forest Management,

-Land Use Planning,

-Reduce air pollution,

-Struggle with Conflict,

-Kati Attic Management,

-Water and Horsewater Management,

-Integrated River Basin Management,

-Hazardous Chemicals Management,

-The Environment Of The Environment-sensitive Technologies,

-Environmental Impact Debit,

-Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollux,

-Avoid large-water accidents, prepare for accidents, and responding to the effects of accidents,

-Environmental Information Management,

-Environmental Attachment,

-Development of civil society in the environmental sector,

-Any other area that is viewed by the parties as a subject of common interest.

Clause 3

The parties are subject to the issues that are being deleted in Article 2 of the they will do the following in the following people:

-Co-science-technical studies/programs,

-Development of business projects,

-Operations and development activities and best environmental management Science-technical information and document description of applications,

-The best environmental technologies,

-Installs, experts, researchers, and government installs Members of members,

-EI programs, meetings, conferences and symposiums editing,

-Methods for which the parties are deemed necessary.

Clause 4

The parties involved in the environmental protection area within the framework of this Agreement They will be able to support the private sector, the government, and other share of shares.

Clause 5

This means that each Party is responsible for the following entry. shall appoint a National Coordinator to be responsible for the management of the operating activities in the scope of the scope of the The parties will inform each other of the names of the National Coordinators. The parties will be able to assign a surrogate to the location of the national coordinator by notifying each other at any time.

The National Coordinators of the Parties under Article 2 of the Business They will prepare the annual Apprentice Programs that contain the concrete opening of the projected operating activity.

WithKarþýlýklý, the National Coordinators are covered by the It can be collected at any time to see operations or to review other issues of environmental protection.

Clause 6

By default, the Parties comply with their national regulations , they may share their results with third parties.

Clause 7

may not be interpreted or implemented by the any understanding will be resolved through the negotiation of the Parties through negotiation.

Article 8

, both of us are made by international law, and It cannot be construed to affect the rights and obligations of those who are in a current state.

Article 9

To allow each other to enter the effective way the last day of notification of the completion of national legal requirements will be effective on the day following the delivery of the notice.

People will remain in effect for a period of five years, after which If someone does not declare their intention to end the term three months prior to the end of the term, then this will be extended to the following years of work.

You may or may not add to the following It can be said. These are the things that are the 1st of this stuff. It will be effective in accordance with the process in the world.

The end of the country, when it comes to it, is mutabank and will not affect the validity of the activities that have been started prior to the end of the period.

Clause 10

on March 7, 1997, in Rabat, the day of the current It will replace the Government of the Republic of Turkey with the Government of the Republic of Morocco and the Government of the Republic of Morocco.

,in Turkish, Arabic and English, on April 16, 2004 in Ankara, each of the three texts is signed as the second one, to be valid. English text will be valid if it does not differ with comment. English will be the language of writing.




                    Osman PEPE Mohamed EL YAZGHI

            Department of Environment and Forests Planning, Water Resources and Ministry of Environment