Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Partners For The Implementation Of The Vienna Convention And Paris Prot

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. VİYANA VE PARİS SÖZLEŞMELERİNİN UYGULANMASINA İLİŞKİN ORTAK PROT

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Kanun No. 5422


Accepted Date: 28.10.2005      


MADDE 1.- Nuclear energy signed by our country on 21 September 1988 It is appropriate for the approval of the "Joint Protocol on Vienna and the Implementation of the Paris Promises" on the third-party responsibility in the field.

MADDE 2.- enters this Channel's release date.

TICAD 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.
















Âkit Fans,

The 21 Mayors on Legal Responsibility for the Legal Responsibility of Nuclear Damage Regarding the Vienna Glossary;

ProtokolThe Additional Protocol dated January 28, 1964, and the Protocol on November 16, 1982 on the July 29, 1960 Paris Glossary of Legal Liability, as reported by the Department of Nuclear Energy. Similar to the main balance of the Paris Agreement with theSözleþmesiVienna Pseudo Considering that they are not having any State that is a party to both Pseudo;

If you do not add a word to one of the words, ensure that the nuclear accident leads to the challenges of both Pseudoings from the same time, and

related to nuclear damages covered in both Pseudo The Vienna Glossary of Vienna talks with the Vienna Dictionary and the Paris Agreement by expanding the benefits of the special regime about legal responsibility and the conflicts that would result in the implementation of both Pseudo in a nuclear accident. By asking them to disappear;

reconcilate to the following considerations:

Article I

In This Protocol:

a) "Vienna Pseudo", 21 Mayans 1963 Nuclear Hasara The Vienna Glossary of Legal Responsibility and the Vienna Glossary of any other entity that is in effect for the entity, which is the entity of the entity.;

b) "Paris Pseudo", July 29, 1960 in Nuclear Energy The Paris Glossary of Legal Accountability and the Paris Pledge of Law refers to any other entity that is in effect for the Party of Turkey, which is the Party of the President of the Protocol.

Article II

In the purposes of this Protocol;

a) a nuclear facility located in a country with a Vienna Pseudo Party The president is responsible for the Paris Agreement and the Vienna Glossary of nuclear damage in the country, which is the party to two of its Protocols.

b) a nuclear facility located in a country that is Party to the Paris Agreement It is responsible for the Paris Agreement, the Vienna Pseudo, and the nuclear damage that has occurred in the country that has both sides of the protocol.

Clause III

1. The Vienna Pledge or any of the Paris Swords is applied in the same way as to exclude the language of a nuclear accident.

2. The Promise to be implemented in the event of a nuclear accident at a nuclear facility is the entity on which the nuclear facility is located in the territory.

3. The statement, which will be implemented in a nuclear accident at the site of a nuclear facility, will be implemented in a nuclear accident, either in the case of the president's (b) and (c) of the Vienna Pact, or the Fourth Amendment, or the Paris Agreement. The state of the nuclear facility, which is responsible for the (a) and (b) of the nuclear facility, is the entity that is responsible for the grounding of the nuclear facility.

Article IV

1. The provisions of the Vienna Dictionary from I to the XV will be implemented in connection with the implementation of the Treaty of Vienna, which is part of the Paris Agreement, as well as by the Vienna Pledge of Vienna.

2. The items from 1 to 14 of the Paris Agreement, It will be implemented in the same way as the Paris Promise of the Agreement, which is part of the protocol of the Protocol to the Vienna Pledge.

Clause V

This Protocol is effective until September 21, 1988. At the center of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Vienna Pledge or the Paris Agreement signed, ratified, or contributed to any of the states that have been able to sign.

Article VI

1. This Protocol is a matter of approval, acceptance, appropriate finding or multiplication. Approval, acceptance, or appropriate find documents will only be accepted from the United States by the Vienna Pseudo or Party of any of the ParisSises. Any State that has not signed this Protocol can be folded into this Protocol.

2. Approval, acceptance, appropriate find or contribution documents shall be expressed to the Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency of International Atomic Energy, which is designated as the tevdi authorities in this matter.

Clause VII

1. This Protocol will take effect three months after the confirmation, acceptance, appropriate find or contribution documents of at least five entities, which are party to the Paris Agreement with at least the same State that is a party to the Vienna Pseudo. For each State that approves, accepts, eligible, or contribute to this Protocol after the documents mentioned above, approval, acceptance, appropriate find or folding documents will be effective in three months after the application of the application.

2. This Protocol will remain in effect as long as the Vienna Promise and the Paris Agreement are both in force.

Clause VIII

1. Any one of the Akit Parties may terminate this Protocol upon written notice to the tevdi authorities.

2. The dissolution of the protocol shall be effective within a year from the date of the notice of the declaration by the authority of the statement.

Article IX

1. In addition to the Vienna Pledge or the Paris Agreement, the Party informs the court that it has terminated its implementation and that it has no effect on the implementation of the Agreement.

2. The effect of the implementation of the Paris Agreement or the implementation of the Vienna Agreement will expire on the date of the withdrawal of the Paris Agreement or the Vienna Agreement.

Article X

Tevdi authorities, the Paris Agreement with the Akite Sides and the Promise of Vienna will notify the Secretary-General of the United States, Economic and Development, and the General Secretary of the Development of the Development of the Development of the Development of the Development of the State of the Union address immediately in relation to the matters in the region:

a) Each signature in this Protocol;

b) An acknowledtion, acceptance, appropriate find or contribution of this Protocol The theme of the document;

c) The effective entry of this Protocol;

d) Any basil and

e) any information that is related to item IX.

Article XI

Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish original text The subject of the most current, the protocol is the Economic Cooperation and Development General of the States invited to the conference on the issue of ParisSism and the ParisSism between the Âite Sides and the Vienna Proposition. He was sent to the paper to send to his secretary. in the future

The provisions ofYukarýdakiare authorized by their Government in the event of a Those who have signed the protocol will have signed the protocol.

In Vienna,

has been held in Vienna for twenty-one September, nine hundred and eighty-eight.