Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Investment Between The Republic Of Turkey And The Republic Of Cuba K

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ VE KÜBA CUMHURİYETİ ARASINDA YATIRIMLARIN K

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4427


Accepted Date: 30.7.1999


MADDE 1. -On 22.12.1997, the "Human Occupation of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Cuba" and the protocol of the Protocol and the protocol of the Protocol are appropriate to approve the attachment.

MADDE 2. - enters the date on the release date of this Law.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Code.







The Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Cuba (hereinafter will be understood as Parties);

Especially in the country of the other side of a Party yachtship In terms of the desire to regroup the more extensive economic cooperation among them,

The economic development of the parties with capital and technology flow, the economic development of an understanding of the practices that are likely to be subject to the following. ederek

The desire to create an anti-active environment and to use the most effective ways to use economic resources will be desirable, subject to appropriate treatment, to be treated in fair and right treatment. by accepting; and

The following are the following by signing a statement for protection;

agree to:



from the purpose of this statement;

1.  The term "yacht":

(a) (1) The actual business of the Turkish citizen by the balance of the Turkish Republic according to the current law,

(2) from the balance of the Republic of Cuba, Cuba according to the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba gerçek

(b) refers to the companies, firms, or partners in the country, installed and central within the framework of the applicable legislation of each of the Parties.

2.  The term "yacht" covers all kinds of goods, including:

(a) stocks, bonds, or companies, with the right to be eligible for the laws and nimms of the host, but not all kinds of goods and assets. Other people,

(b) any rights that are associated with reserving, money receivments, or any other rights associated with a yacht,

(c), and a mortgage, measure, hostage on the right of your property. It is the law and the law that we find in the country of other rights and yachts. Such rights as defined in accordance with their nannies,

(d) patent, national, design, technical provoice, and other such rights as a foreign and intellectual property rights, such as a ticketed, petecnoli, kew-how, and other similar rights,

(e) have made concessions to the law or promise in each party country, including privileges relating to real resources.

This term is made in the country of which lies are made to the law and nits. It refers to the right of life. The term "Yacht" covers all of the yachties that are made in a country's country before or after this statement is effective.

3.  The term "Damage" includes profit, interest, and dividend (s), which are derived from a yacht, but not to be deleted.

4.  "Country" refers to the territory of the land country and its territorial waters in accordance with the international law, as well as the sea areas where the right resources have rights or sovereignty rights, with the aim of the investigation and protection and protection of the legal resources.


The Contents and protection of the competencies

1.  Each Party, in its own country, is less than happy to show the yachtworks and related activities of any third country in similar circumstances within the framework of its laws and nannies. .

2.  Each of the parties is less than-less than the treatment of its own yachts or the treatment of any third country ' s yachts, in similar cases to these yachts that have been installed. will apply a treatment.

3.  In order to avoid hesitation, both parties agree that the proceedings held in paragraphs 1 and 2 should be applied to the provisions of the Articles of I and VII, taking into account their own national laws regarding foreign yachts.

4.  Once the country's yachts, a Party said that superior qualified administrative and technical personnel are responsible for the use of these investments, including the permission of the nationality, to the extent of its preference, to the extent of its preference, to the extent of its own. will give the permissions in accordance with the law and nizamis.

5.  The provisions of this Article shall not have any effect on the following:

(a) any current or future customs union, ecnomic contact, or other international Regarding the meanings,

(b) completely or primarily for taxation.


Public and Compensation

1.  The yachts will not be publicly available in accordance with the current law, and in accordance with the general principles described in the Article II ' s Article II, and will not be publicly available, unless, of course, sufficient and effective compensation is paid, will not be nationed or exposed to measures that have a similar effect as indirect or indirect.

2.  Reparations will be in order for the public yacht to be true prior to the date or date of the expropriations of the public. The compensation will be paid as a delay and may be freely transferable as defined in Article IV paragraph 2.

3.  The yachting of each of the parties damaged by war, rioting, domestic or other similar incidents in the country of the other side, the yachting is applied to the yachting of each of us, or the yachting of any third country. hangisi


Land and Transfer

1.  Each of the parties involved in good faith and in accordance with its legislation would ensure that all transfers regarding a yacht are free from their country and without delay, after their respective tax obligations are met. He will. Such transfers include:

(a) damage,

(b) any proceeds from either the sale or liquidate of a yacht or the liquidate of a portion thereof within the framework of

(c) Article III. compensation,

(d) interest payments and rebates arising from loans related to yachting,

(e) are obtaining from a party that has received a permit to work on a yacht in the country of the other side Benefits, fees, and other payments,

(f) payments.

2.  The transfers were made available to each other by the time the yacht was made, or the host party, if not an understanding between the landlord and the host Party, and the current time the transfer was made. to the exchange rate.



1.  If an insurance is insured within a system that is installed with the law that is not part of the noncommercial risk of a Party yacht, the insurance will be recognized by any other party that is advanced by the insurance claims.

2.  The insured will not be entitled to any right of rights under the rights to be authorized to use the yacht.

3.  Any number of people sleeping between a Party and a yacht will be resolved under Article VI of this statement.


The Solution of a Sleeping Party between a Party and a Digit by a Party

1.  Sleep-on-time sleeping between one of the parties and a yacht of the other side will be notified of the yacht, and will be reported to the appropriate location. The yacht and the relevant Party will be trying to resolve such inestations through good faith, vision, and museums, as long as possible.

2.  If the following are not resolved, the following may be presented to the following:

(a) United Nations may not be able to resolve within six months from the date of the written notice specified in paragraph 1 of the following: a arbitration court (UNCITRAL),

(b) the International Chamber of Commerce of Commerce of Paris.

to be established according to the Arbitration Rules of the International Trade Law Commission.

He has not been able to meet the other side of the party, where he is not sleeping. And in a year, the final decision must be taken.

3.  The arbitration decision will be final and final for all parties to sleep over. Each Party decision shall be made within the framework of its own laws.


The Solution of the PartiesArasýndaki

1.  The parties will strive for a quick and fair solution, in good faith and in the spirit of any kind of inaction related to the interpretation or implementation of the business. From this point of view, the Parties agree to make sense of the nature and means to reach such solutions. If they do not reach the extension of this method within the six months of the date of the meeting between the Eater Parties, a three-member arbitration delegation may be taken to a three-member arbitration party at the request of any other party.

2.  Each Party shall appoint one arbitrator within two months from the time of the request. Those two arbitrators will elect a third referee, a third-country citizen, as the President. If one of the parties fails to appoint an arbitrator within the specified period of time, the other party may request that the International Court of Justice be able to do so.

3.  If two arbitrators cannot agree on the selection of the delegation within two months from their selection, the delegation will be selected by the International Court of Justice at the request of the International Court of Justice.

4.  If the International Court of Justice is taken away from fulfilling its mandate on the matters specified in paragraphs 2 and 3, the citizen of one of the parties will be made by the President of the Election and the President of the United States. If the judge is also taken away from fulfilling the task, or if one of the Parties is a citizen, the selection will be made by the most senior Divan member who is not a citizen of one of the Parties.

5.  The Board of Arbitration will be able to agree on procedural rules within three months of the date of the election of the Board of Delegation, in which they will be consistent with the meaning of the Union. If such an understanding is not available, the delegation will request the International Court of Justice to determine its rules by taking into account the rules of international arbitration.

6.  Otherwise, all statements will be made within eight months from the date of the election, all stops will be completed and the delegation -- whichever comes later -- is within two months of the final statements or the end of the trial. It will come to a decision. The Arbitration Delegation will receive the decision to be nil.

7.  Each Party shall assume the expense of its arbitrators and proceedings in the proceedings. The costs and expenses of the company will be undertaken by two Parties. The Arbitration Delegation may decide if you have a higher cost of re 'sen's expense.

8.  An international arbitration has been submitted to an international arbitration tribunal under the Article VI, and is still waiting for a solution, while the same provisions are not submitted to an international arbitration court in accordance with the provisions of the same sentence. This will not prevent the use of both parties between both parties and through meaningful visions.


Entering Effective

1.  This will take effect on the date of the completion of the certification of the approval documents. The agreement will remain in effect for a period of ten years, and will remain in effect until the end of paragraph 2 of this Article is not terminated. This information will be applied to any of the following, as applicable, to any of the legally operated yachts in the effective date of entry.

2.  Each party may terminate it by one year from a year, at the end of the first ten-year period, or any time thereafter.

3.  A written understanding may result in a written understanding between the Parties. Any deportivity will take effect upon any of the Parties to notify Licensee of completing all of the internal formalities required for the effective entry of each other.

4.  The provisions of all of the following are the provisions of an additional ten years prior to the end of the term, or if otherwise, the provisions of all the terms applicable to the terms of this statement. This will remain in effect.

The full authorized representatives of these Parties will be signed in their presence.

In Havana, 22 December 1997 in Turkish, Spanish, and English, all as assuredly. signed.

In English, if it is different The text will be based on the text.




Government of the Republic of Turkey and The Government of the Republic of Cuba agrees that, along with the signing of the United States for the United States and the Protection of the Service, the provisions of the Parties are an unallocated part of the meaning of the Parties.

Article VI, by paragraph 2.

Both Parties, March 18 If a member of the "States and other states" signed in 1965 would join "Commitment To Address the Sleeping Areas," the commitments made in Article VI were established with the word that was described in the claim of the yacht. Can be submitted to the International Center for the Solution of Bedtime Sleep.

All of the 22 December 1997 in Havana, Turkish, Spanish, and English, are all originally signed.

The difference in the state English text will be based on English text if it is not.