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Kanun No. 6271


Accepted Date: 19/1/2012      




General Provisions

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law; to the election of the President, to the qualifications to be searched for in the presidential candidates, The pre-election, election day, and post-election action is the basis and the basis of the work.

General policies to apply in the selection

MADDE 2- (1) The president is elected by the public.

(2) The election is public, with the secret and secret vote, on the same day in the entire country, under judicial management and supervision. The voting rights of Turkish citizens abroad, dated 26/4/1961 and numbered 298, are under the provisions of the Law on the Basis of Elections and of the Voters ' Files.

(3) The voter uses the game itself with complete freedom.

(4) The number of votes is made as a result of breakdown and view of the minutes.

(5) Political Parties dated 298, dated 22/4/1983, and 2820 with no special provision in this Law. The Law, dated 10/6/1983 and numbered 2839, dated 18/1/1984 and numbered 2972 numbered Israeli delegations from the Election of the Law, dated 23/5/1987 and the Constitutional Decree of 3376. With the law on the introduction of Halkapuna, you and I have a lot to do with the law. Provisions of this Code are applied to this Kanal.

(6) The Supreme Election Board, until the end of the election of the President elections, the election of the election within the order of the It is determined to make all the necessary policy decisions, to take the necessary policy decisions, to take the necessary policy decisions, and to identify and honor all the requirements of this Law in relation to the election in this Law, as well as for all the requirements of the election.

Election period, start of the election period, and complete selections

MADDE 3- (1) The republic selections are made in five years. No one can be elected president at most two times.

(2) The presidential election is within the sixty days prior to the expiration of the term of the Republic; authorities In a way, it is completed within the sixty-day period following the start of the operation. The republic's election cycle is the day before the republic's mandate expires, and the day after the office has been repainted by the authorities, the day after the death of the president.

(3) Election of the Supreme Election Board, with the intention of completing the selection within the periods stipulate in the second the calendar is determined and the calendar is specified.

Selection system and implementation

ARTICLE 4- (1) In the election to be held with the general vote, the candidate who received the absolute majority of the current vote is president. He gets elected. If the first vote is not to be held, the second vote on Sunday is the second following vote. The two candidates who received the most votes in the first vote were voted on this vote, and the candidate who received the current vote was elected president.

(2) The death of one of the candidates who is eligible to vote for the second is lost to the death or election of one of the candidates, The second vote is based on the first vote of the candidate, based on the number of times in the first vote. It is not possible to navigate to the substitution path when there is no reason for these reasons.

(3) The vote is held in a single candidate, and the vote will be held in a referendum event. The President will be elected as the candidate of the current vote is to be held. In a vote, the selection is refreshed when the candidate does not receive the most current votes.

(4) The mandate of the expired Republic will continue until the newly elected President has taken office. Until the death, withdrawal, or other reason of the Republic's office, the Turkish Grand National Assembly is acting as a proxy and uses the powers of the Republic to be elected.

(5) The country's elected party is cut off with its party, and the member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly is terminated.

Back the selection

MADDE 5- (1) The Turkish Grand National Assembly is due to hold new elections due to the war. The president's choice is a year back, as it is decided that he is not seen.

(2) If the reason for the withdrawal is not removed, this action may be repeated according to the procedure in the deferral decision.

Elective quorum

MADDE 6- (1) Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, or members of the high school, have filled the near All Turkish citizens who qualified for qualifications and elected deputies can be elected.



Pre-Election People


MADDE 7- (1) Nominate from or from the members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly in the Republic of Turkey It is possible with the written proposal of at least twenty deputies. Each MP can only be found on offer for a candidate.

(2) The most recent lawmaker's general election, when the current vote totals are calculated together, The percentage of political parties that passed it may nominate a partner Each political party can only be found in the bid for a candidate.

(3) The author of the candidate is shown to be nominated.

(4) Within the time of the Supreme Election Board, the names of the candidates, the muvalbut documents and the required The Turkish Grand National Assembly, along with other documents, will be nominated to the Supreme Election Board or to the Supreme Election Board. All information and documents are forwarded to the Supreme Election Board within twenty-four hours from the end of the beginning of the beginning of the start, if the Turkish Grand National Assembly of Turkey has been held.

(5) No new candidate can be nominated as of the expiration date of the nomination period.

Lack of information and documentation about the candidates

ARTICLE 8- (1) When the Supreme Election Board is established, it is determined that the candidates are identified as lacking in the information and documentation. The number of days is given for deficiencies.

(2) If the number of attachments is not resolved by the candidate during the given period of time, the candidate will be nominated It is withdrawn.

Review and interim candidate list

ARTICLE 9- (1) The Supreme Election Board qualified and nominated to be selected as a result of the review of candidates. Specifies a list of temporary candidates that are showing the results of the show. The provisional candidate list and the appeal period are published in the Official Gazette.

A list of key candidates for Israel and for sure

ARTICLE 10- (1) Within two days of the policy in the Official Gazette, either the temporary candidate list or this list is The Supreme Election Board can be appealed to the decision not to be taken.

(2) Supreme Election Board objections to final decision within three days, and the final list of candidates is in the Official Gazette The bows.

Task-to-task and return to task

ARTICLE 11- (1) The judges and prosecutors, who are shown the candidate of the Republic, are members of the high judiciary, Members of higher education institutions, members of the Board of Higher Education, Radio and Television, members of the public institution and the organization's officer status, and other public servants who do not qualify for the service. agents, municipal baremen and officers with subordinate officers, political The provincial and county board of directors and members of the parties, members of the city council, members of the provincial general assembly, public institutions and trade unions, public banks and top units and upper installations of them, and The administration and administrative boards of the contact and control boards of the people who have been folded are allocated from their tasks with the date of date that the candidate list is committed to. This will be immediately reported to the minister or to the institution where the nomination of the Supreme Election Board has been found.

(2) High court members, judges, prosecutors, and those with respect to the number of officers and subordinates. , the state officials and other public officials, nominated for the Republic, have lost the nomination or election, followed by the Supreme Electoral Council in a month following the election of the President of the Republic. record-old tasks, or earnings in the earned right They can return to task.

Deleting a candidate

MADDE 12- (1) In the first vote, the final candidate list is in the Official Gazette, voting day Any additions to the list until 17:00 do not require any further information.


MADDE 13- (1) The period of Propaganda is the day the candidate list is final, and the day after the vote is made The previous day ends at 6 p.m.

In the period ofPropaganda(2) Propaganda, it is a complete neutrality of propaganda broadcasts on Turkish Radio and Television. And it is done in business, with the Supreme Election Board, and the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

(3) The candidates ' propaganda issues in private radio and television, as well as the duration of the term, The relevant provisions of the 298 numbered Code are applied.

In the

(4) Propaganda period, the Bashibakan was included in the ban on ministers and lawmakers. The provisions of the Law, 298 of the laws of law, are applied to the propaganda of the propaganda.

Nominate to candidates

MADDE 14- (1) Candidates are from foreign states, international organizations, legal entities, and Turkish And they're not going to get help from real people who don't have one.

(2) Candidates are to be present in the declaration of goods within the nomination period to be determined by the Supreme Election Board It has to. The selected candidate's statement of goods is published in the Official Gazette, following the final selection of the election results.

(3) The amount of cash that each individual can make to the candidates is fiscal to the highest number of State officers for each round. Any payments that are being de facto under rights may not exceed a month's gross amount. The albals and the yardstick are undersecretary of the veraset and the indent tax. The candidates can't accept money on loan.  

(4) The amount of cash that will be determined by the Supreme Election Board, in order to ensure that the selections are not available The judges will have a bank account that would open their names to themselves as the "Election Account". The remaining transports under the amount to be determined by the Supreme Election Board are received in the receipt and will be put to the election account. Alanan is used only for election expenses, and cannot be allocated for a purpose.

(5) Leds and yardms in the elapsed time until the outcome of the election is finalized The expenses that were made are recorded in the lists that have been sanctioned by the Supreme Election Board.

(6) Information and documents related to the election accounts, assistance and expenditures, are expected to be finalised submitted to the Supreme Election Board within the following ten days. In a month, the Supreme Election Board will examine the election accounts and determine if there are any irregularities and enviable limits, if any.   Candidates from the Supreme Election Board are given an appropriate time to correct the shortcomings identified in this effort. The amount that is less than the limit specified from the following and the limits is made to the Treasury of the current. While the board is fulfilling this task, it may receive assistance from the Safer and other relevant public institutions deemed necessary.

(7) The review results from the Supreme Election Board are final, and the completion of the review is a subsequent month. It's an illusion.

(8) The candidate provides information on revenue and expenses with election accounts, in advance notice to the Supreme Election Board. and the registration of documents, and for example, one or more of the attorneys or lawyers authorized by the Department of Financial Judgement and Sworn Finances of 1/6/1989 dated 1/6/1989 and 3568, according to the Code of Financial Dignity and Oaths of the United States. It can be authorized. In this case, the delegated profession is held responsible for the provisions of the relevant legislation in the failure to meet or replace the above mentioned considerations.

(9) Usul and the principles of the declaration of goods to be issued by the candidate are the things the candidates will use, content, including the content and contents, receipts, media, media, media, media, expenses, expenses, expenses, expenses, expenses, and guidelines for the implementation of this matter. It is determined by the Supreme Election Board.



Election Day People

Using the ballot box to useþekli

MADDE 15- (1) The watermark for voting is a "Republic Candidates" clause in the first ballot box. is the name and last name of the candidates identified by the rule, which is being withdrawn by the Supreme Election Board.

(2) "Yes" on white as the vote is made in a referendum date, and "Yes" on brown the author uses a two-month-old color ballot.

(3) The other considerations related to the voting ballots are determined by the Supreme Election Board. The Supreme Electoral Council is also authorized to address the appropriate provincial election boards, which are appropriate, as they will be able to cast ballots. The required allowance is made available to the Finance Ministry.


MADDE 16- (1) The individual ballot box is given to him by the time the sandwich is installed, and "Yes" or "Preference". By taking the stamp of the summer, the door is not voted down to vote.

(2) Choosing a private apartment belonging to the candidate who prefers the seal, the seal, the number of votes cast in the first ballot, has a number of votes It uses the game by putting it in the envelope and throwing it out.

(3) The voter who uses the game will return the seal to the board of the board.

Voting for the vote in a referendum event

MADDE 17- (1) Selecting a "Yes" brown on white when the sandwich is set up. The two-month-old ballot box, which has two separate colors, enters instead of voting closed to use the game, taking the stamp of "Yes" or "Choice".

(2) Selecting the seal on the part of the party favoritizes the seal, the individual vote ballot, is the number of votes that are not It uses the game by putting it in and throwing it away.

(3) The voter who uses the game will return the seal to the board of the board.



People and Recent Provitions to Do After Selection

One of the selection minutes and resultsbirleþtirilmesi

MADDE 18- (1) A choice of minutes in which a sandwich, county, and province must be held. The results of the results are determined by the Supreme Board of Elections.

(2) The Supreme Election Board is reproducing the results from the provincial election boards.

The cancellation of the selection or the uniontutanaðýnýn

MADDE 19- (1) In the vicinity of one or several elections, the selected selection or the edited union, Cancellation of elections due to election results in the case of cancellation, due to election results, the Supreme Election Board has renewed elections in the election circles. It's decided that it won't be renewed.

Result of a republic's selection

ARTICLE 20- (1) The final outcome of the presidential election is the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, by the Supreme Election Board The Parliament is reported to the Republic, it is reported to the public, and is published in the Official Gazette.

(2) A view of the elected President is elected by the Supreme Election Board. will be edited.

Giving and commemoration of the republic

MADDE 21- (1) Tutanak in the name of the elected Republic, Turkish Grand National Assembly General On the board, the Turkish Grand National Assembly is issued by the President and the same session will be held in the same session. This session will be held within three days of the end of the term of the old Republic's mandate, in which the outcome of the election will be finalised for a reason.

Regulatory legislation

MADDE 22- (1) is the "MP" clause in the first case of article 1 of the Law No. 298 The phrase "President," is added to come first.

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) The task period of the first Republic has been seven years.

Deðiþiklik(2) dated 31/5/2007 and 5678 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, in Part The Republic of the Republic elected prior to the effective date of the Law is governed by the pre-election provisions of the Constitution, including the two times the rule of not being selected.


ARTICLE 23- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 24- (1) The Council of Ministers of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey executes the provisions of this Law.