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Law No. 6271

Acceptance Date: 19/01/2012


General Provisions Article 1 Purpose and scope
(1) The purpose of this Act; Presidential election of the President to the qualifications of candidates, pre-election, election day is to regulate the procedures and principles for the necessary post and the selection process. The general principles to be applied in the selection

Article 2 (1) is chosen by the people.
(2) Selection universal, equal and secret ballot on the same day throughout the country, under judicial management and supervision. Turkish citizens living abroad to vote, and No. 298 dated 04.26.1961 of the Basic Provisions on Elections and Voter Registers are provided under the provisions of the Act.
(3) voter uses a game full of freedom itself.
(4) counting of votes, shall be open to connect to dump and minutes.
(5) in the case of absence of specific provisions in this Law, Law No. 298, dated 04/22/1983 and the 2820 Law on Political Parties, Elections Law No. 2839, dated 06.10.1983, 01.18.1984 and dated 2972 No. Law on Local Administration with Headman and the elders Selection, dated 05/23/1987 and numbered 3376 Constitution which are not contrary to the law of their annexes and amendments to the Law on Referendum submitted to the changes applied.
(6) The Supreme Election Board until the end of the beginning of the presidential elections, the management of the selection order and make the whole process related to honesty and to make, to take the necessary resolutions, as situated all the time about the elections in this Act with mentioned laws in the fifth paragraph determined and announced by shortening needed to be authorized.
Election period, the beginning of the election period and the completion of the elections
Article 3 (1) President elections are held every five years. A person can be elected president more than twice.
(2) election of the President, within sixty days from the expiry of the President's term of office; The discharge authority in any way in the event is completed within sixty days following the vacancy. Presidential election period, the President's term of expiration of the previous sixty days, the authorities in any way the discharge In the event starts on the day following the vacancy.
(3) in order to complete the election within the period prescribed in the second paragraph, by the Supreme Electoral Council, the election calendar officially determined and declared.

Electoral system and the implementation of Article 4 (1) a general vote in the election, the candidate who receives the majority of valid votes is elected President only. If the majority in the first ballot, the second Sunday following the vote in the second ballot shall be held. The vote on the first ballot the two candidates who received the most votes will participate and the majority of the valid votes cast is elected president candidate.
(2) In the second vote on the death of one of the candidates who are eligible to participate in the election or qualification still losing the second ballot, the vacant candidacy is done by substituting the order in the first ballot. In the event a vacancy occurs for reasons other than these can not go to replace the road.
(3) in the case to avoid the uninominal vote, made in the form of a referendum vote. Candidates will be elected president in the event of receiving a majority of valid votes. In the vote, the election is renewed in case of failure of the candidates receives a majority of valid votes.
(4) The newly elected President of the task starts up mandate has expired will continue the task of the President. death of his presidency, the withdrawal or discharge of any other reason, then, the new one until the election, the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey shall act for the President and exercise the powers of the President.
(5) The President-elect, dismissed the party cut and Grand National Assembly of Turkey if membership is terminated. Postponing the election

Article 5 (1) Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the event of a decision that had not been heard by the possibility of new elections due to war, a presidential election year is left behind.
(2) If the back drop caused the disappearance, in accordance with the procedure decided to postpone this procedure is repeated.

Eligibility Article 6 (1) has attained the age of forty and higher education have made members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey or the qualifications and eligibility to be elected deputy with every Turkish citizen can be elected President.

Works Pre-election candidates show

Article 7 (1) the President of Turkey Grand National Assembly members from within or outside the Assembly candidates can be shown written proposal by at least twenty deputies. Each deputy may propose only one candidate.
(2) in the most recent parliamentary elections, when calculated with the sum of valid votes they receive, the political party so it can show a joint candidate. Each political party may propose only one candidate.
(3) candidates to be displayed depends on the person's written consent.
(4) within the period declared by the Supreme Electoral Council, the names of candidates with the necessary consent documents and other documents or the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Presidency would be nominated by reference to the Supreme Election Board. In the case of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Presidency of making the application, all information and documents within twenty four hours after the expiry of the application period will be forwarded to the Supreme Election Board.
(5) from the date of the nomination period ends, a new candidate can not be represented in any way.

Candidates lack the information and documents related to Article 8 (1) in case of detection of any deficiency in the information and documents related to the candidates, the Supreme Election Board is given five days to remedy the deficiencies.
(2) deficiency who are admitted are not remedied within the time given by the candidate, the candidate shall be deemed withdrawn from the nomination itself. Examination of the provisional list of candidates and nomination

Article 9 (1) The Supreme Election Board, the result of the investigation about the candidates determine the provisional list of candidates showing competence with the selection and nomination requirements. Provisional list of candidates and the objection period is published in the Official Gazette.

Objections and final candidate list Article 10 (1) since the proclamation made in the Official Gazette within two days, the provisional list of candidates, or may be appealed to the Supreme Election Board decisions to be taken against this list.
(2) The Supreme Election Board decides on objections within three days and a final list of candidates published in the Official Gazette. Left and return to duty dismissal of
Article 11 (1) judges and prosecutors indicated presidential candidate, higher judicial organs, members of the teaching staff in higher education institutions, Higher Education Council, the Radio and Television Supreme Council members, public institutions and organizations public servants officials and workers quality of the services they do other public officials, mayors and officers and noncommissioned officers, political parties, provincial and district chairman and members of the city council members, provincial council members, trade unions and professional organizations qualifying as public institutions, public association with top banks and their parent organizations and their participating undertakings or subsidiaries of the management and supervisory boards in areas deemed resigned from his position as of the date of the final list of candidates. In this case, the Supreme Election Board candidates affiliated to the ministry or institution shall be notified immediately to that shown.
(2) the High Courts, judges, prosecutors and with this profession is considered Except for officers and petty officers, civil servants shown the presidential candidates and other public officials, in the event of losing the nomination or election, the Supreme Electoral Council President following the proclamation that the selected the condition to apply within a month or acquired rights to former task can turn to another task in the monthly rankings. Nominations

decrease in Article 12 (1) first ballot since the publication in the Official Gazette of the final list of candidates, the voting day until 17:00 pm on the list will occur decay do not require changes.

Propaganda Article 13 (1) Propaganda period begins on the date of finalization of the list of candidates and will end at 18.00 hours the day before the day of voting will be held.
(2) propaganda period, Turkey Radio and complete impartiality and equality of propaganda publication will be made within the television, the Supreme Election Board is provided by Turkey Radio and Television Corporation.
(3) of the candidates, their propaganda speech on radio and television, outside the limitations of time, the relevant provisions of Law No. 298 applies.
(4) propaganda during the Prime Minister, ministers and other matters concerning propaganda, including provisions relating to the ban on MPs Law No. 298 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Candidate help

Article 14 (1) Candidates, foreign states, international organizations, donors and help from real people who do not take the legal entity of the Turkish nationality.
(2) Candidates must be determined by the Supreme Election Board located at the time of application for candidacy in the goods declaration. The declaration of the selected candidate, following the finalization of election results published in the Official Gazette.
(3) the amount of cash you can do to help each individual candidate, all kinds of payments actually made under the highest financial benefits for public servants in each round can not exceed a gross monthly amount. Received donations and grants are exempt from inheritance tax. Candidates can not accept money borrowed in nature.
(4) In order to ensure transparency in the elections, the Supreme Electoral Council to help the candidates on the cash amount to be determined "Electoral Account" as they open a bank account for them. The Supreme Electoral cash assistance remaining under the amount to be determined by the Council taken and deposited against a receipt election account. Received donations and grants used only election expenses and can not be allocated for another purpose.
(5) The period until the final election results confirmed the nomination of the expenditure incurred by donations and grants are recorded on a list which is approved by the High Election Board.
(6) with the Selection donation accounts, information and documents related to aid and spending, within ten days following the finalization of the election results are submitted to the Supreme Election Board. The Supreme Election Board within a month, examines the selection of account and whether the irregularities and if exceeded prescribed limits. At this stage in order to remedy the shortcomings identified it is given a reasonable time to the candidates by the Supreme Election Board. the unexpended portion of the amount that exceeds the limits specified in the received donations and grants are transferred to the Treasury. Assembly may get help from other relevant government agencies while performing this task and the Court of Auditors considers necessary.
(7) The Supreme Election Board is final examinations results, the completion of the investigation will be announced within one month.
(8) The applicant, provided notice to the Supreme Election Board election account information and passing on the registration of documents relating to revenue and expenditure and submit the matters related 1/6/1989 dated and numbered 3568 Public Accountants according to the Financial Advisor and Chartered Accountant Law taken from one of the professional or attorney or authority may authorize the few. In this case, the authorized members of the profession, according to the relevant legislation will be responsible for the fulfillment of the issues listed above are not fulfilled or missing.
(9) of the goods declaration to be given by the candidate principles and procedures, the list will be used by the candidates form, content and approval, receipt of form and content, printing, receipt of donations and grants, through the recording, allocation, the excess part of the unexpended or donation limit Treasury succession with other principles and procedures for the implementation of this Article shall be determined by the Supreme Election Board.

Election Day Works
shape of ballots
to use Article 15 (1) to be used in Rating watermarked unified ballot "Presidential Candidates" will be the High Electoral name of the candidate designated as by lot by the Board and it is located surname.
(2) In case made form of a referendum on a white Voting "yes" on the brown "No" written phrases used composite ballot consists of two different colors.
(3) other matters related to the combined ballot papers to be used is determined by the High Election Board. The Supreme Election Board, unified ballots like to suppress itself is also necessary to push through the provincial election officials it deems appropriate. The necessary appropriations are covered by the Ministry of Finance.

Shape Voting Article 16 (1) voters, ballot box board itself and the unified ballot "yes" or "Preferences" written by voting off to use instead of the seal enters the game.
(2) voters, seal, united in pressing the preferred candidate of ballots into private apartments, combined ballot envelope and put the envelope in the ballot box used in the game by throw.
(3) voters of the game to seal the ballot box chairman returns. to vote in the referendum appeared to be done as

Article 17 (1) voters, ballot box board given to him upon white "yes" on a brown "No" phrases with two separate consisting of color unified ballot "yes" or "Preferences" off to use the game by taking the written seal enter instead of voting.
(2) voters, seal, united on the part of the ballot printing preferred, combined ballot envelope and put the envelope in the ballot box used in the game by throw.
(3) voters of the game to seal the ballot box chairman returns.

CHAPTER FOUR to do After
Election Affairs and Final Provisions
selection proceedings and combining the results
Article 18 (1) Fund, district and provincial election procedures and for the consolidation of the election results by the content of the report to be issued by councils It shall be determined by the High Election Board.
(2) The Supreme Election Board declares combining the results from county election boards. cancellation of
selection or merge minutes
Article 19 (1) around one or more selection, the selection made or held merge minutes, in case the court decides to cancel due to the selection process, the canceled part of the country into consideration whether the impact on the election results in general High on election elections in the said election is decided whether environmental renewal renewal by the Board. The finalization of the presidential election

Article 20 (1) final results of the presidential election, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey by the Supreme Election Board Head of Presidential Authority notified the public to be announced and published in the Official Gazette.
(2) Selected behalf of the President, the President is elected by the Supreme Electoral Council issued a report that.
Giving the report to the President and swear the ceremony
Article 21 (1) report issued selected behalf of the President, Grand National Assembly of Turkey General Assembly, Turkey issued by the President of the Grand National Assembly and swear ceremony is performed in the same session. This session, the former President's term of office expires on the day that the discharge authority in cases where another reason since the finalization of the election results is carried out within three days. Changed legislation

Article 22 (1) in the first paragraph of Article 1 of Law No. 298 "deputies" to come before the phrase "President," it has been added.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1- (1) Eleventh President's term of seven years.
(2) 31/5/2007 dated 5678 numbered the Republic of Turkey of the Law Amending Certain Articles of the Constitution before the date of entry into force of elected presidents, including rules unable elected twice, subject to the provisions before the amendment of the Constitution.

Enforcement Article 23 (1) This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Execution Article 24- (1) This Law shall be enforced by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Chairman of the Council of Ministers.