Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Republic Pension Fund, Social Security Institution And Bag-Kur From Month

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. T.C. EMEKLİ SANDIĞI, SOSYAL SİGORTALAR KURUMU VE BAĞ-KUR'DAN AYLIK

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Kanun No. 5454


Accepted Date: 8.2.2006      

ARTICLE 1- T.C. Retired Sandman, Social Insurances Institution, and Bai-Install by;

EmekliA) 8/6/1949 and the Retired Sandal Law of the Republic of Turkey (5434),

tarihlib) dated 17/7/1964 and dated 506 of Social Insurances Act 17/10/1983 and 2925, the Social Security Law of the Tarism People,

c) The Patriots to the Convicted Of 24/2/1968, and 1005 Israeli Medallist Law On How To Honor Service Tertias,

d) dated 2/9/1971, and 1479 are Esnaf and Artists and Digits The Social Insurances Act of 17/10/1983 and the Social Insurance Act of 2926, dated 17/10/1983 and numbered 2926, dated the Social Insurance Institution Act,

e) Law on 1/7/1976, and $65 per 2022 Dollars, Weak and Undead Turkish Citizens, Law on the Right to Allocate

f) on 3/11/1980 and 2330 number of Cash Compensation and Aylık Media Law,

g) Indemnity of Staff to Staff at 23/4/1981 and 2453 Law on Issuance and Violation of the Month of the Month,

h) Cash Compensation dated 18/12/1981 and Bazdi Public servants of 2566 Law on Issuance and Violation of the Month of the Month,

i) on 11/10/1983 with 2913 World, Olympic, and European Cyclops Law on Discrimination Against Athletes And Their Families,

j) 28/5/1986, and 3292% Citizen Service Tertibi Months About the law,

k) 12/4/1991, and 3713 Counter-Terrorism Act,

In accordance with the provisions of

, separate or revenue-related laws Additional payments will be paid to those who have been left out of the country's service terms, including the increase in fees and compensation, or amounts to be paid each month as income. A monthly amount of additional payment will be a month, each month or revenue; 400 New Turkish Liras and 5% of their income or income for those less than 400 New Turkish Lirasks. The purpose of this was to increase the number of public servants in the month of the month by increasing the rate of increase in the number of people. The bonus paid by social security institutions does not account for additional payment in the account of the lump sum payment and dissociable payments. Additional payments are made in the same way that those rights, whether or not, are related to those left or left due to the status of the situation, or the terms of those rights for the periods after 1/1/2006 of 1/1/2006. Additional payment amounts are not included in the account based on the social security support premium cut, as required by the social security support premium outage over the month or month of the cost of the property.

This payment is due within two months of payment of related social security installations The invoice is collected from the Treasury.

506 is installed according to the provisional 20-point clause of the Social Insurances Act Additional payments are paid by the first and second in the first and second frame and to those that have been given the same amounts as the first and second.

Finance Minister is authorized to resolve any doubts that may arise as the application of this Article.

MADDE 2- 2006 payment period of 2006 and January payment period, 506 of the Social Insurances Act and 2925 of the Tarism Social Insurances Law;

a) According to the temporary 76 ncis of the number 506 and 50% of the revenues and The compensatory payments are paid by 3% in 2006 from the January payment period of 2006 and 3% from the previous month, starting from the July payment period of 2006.

b) in 2006, requesting the health or the right of life The monthly amounts calculated by the holders of insured people who die with the insured against the rights holders 55, 61, 67 and interim 82 of the 506 numbers were calculated as of January 2006, 2006 and 3% from the January payment period of 2006. From the July payment period, the year was 3%. increase in the ratio of the number of times.

c) based on revenue from occupational diseases and occupational diseases Revenues for the first half of the calendar month of 2006 are the same as the last calendar month, the revenue amount calculated by the last calendar month was 3%, and from the previous month of 2006, the revenue amount was 3%. increase in the rate. Revenues for the second half of the last calendar month of 2006 are determined by increasing the amount of revenue that is calculated in the last calendar month of 3%. They do not, however, apply to the January payment period of 2006.

d) To increase compensatory payments and compensatory payments with the following revenue and The provisions of the above (b) and (c) benefits and (c) are to be applied, and the additional 38 provisions of the Code of 506 are the provisions of the Act, which died in 2006, with insurance claims to be related to the property or the other. 506 of the rights holders of the insured to the temporary 82 nci of the Law The consumer price index, which was opened by the Turkish Government agency in January 2006, for the months calculated from January 2006 to be calculated in January 2006, has caused accidents and occupational diseases to be used by the Turkish government. The additional 44th item provisions of the 506 Code are not applied in the increase of the revenues of the last calendar month 2006, which enters the original daily earnings account for eligible revenues.

EsnafMADDE 3- 1479 Esnaf and Artists and Disasseers of Dignity Under the Law of Social Insurance and the Social Insurance Act of 2926, by the Law of the Social Insurance Act;

a) Payment for December, 2005, December, 2005, and death-months Received by 3% in 2006 from the January payment period of 2006, up 3% from the 2006 payment period of 2006, up 3% from the prior month period.

b) The months of 2006 are calculated based on the revenue table and gauge amounts that were in effect in the 2003 Range. The monthly calculated split is dated 8/1/2003 and the number 1 of the Code 4784, dated 22/1/2004, and the 2 nci (a) of the Code 5073, dated 30/12/2004, and the 2nd Amendment of the Law No. 5282. increases in respect of the first fikraine and the amount found is paid for by the benefit of this item (a).

Social insurance to be insured under

1479 and 2926 laws In 2005, the indicator table increased by 8.65%, based on the premiums that will be based on the premiums that will be taken from the insured to meet the benefits and management expenses, and the revenue table in effect in 2005. is applied.

50 ncis with third and fourth fives of 36 ncis of Code 1479 The second sentence of Article 33 and the first receipt of Article 33 of the Law of 2926 are not applied for 2006.

MADDE 4- dated 22/5/2003 and the 101 pearl of the British Code 4857 The administrative fines imposed on the charge, dated 25/8/1999 and the 54th article of the number 4447 of the Unemployment Insurance Law, dated 25/6/2003, and 4904 of the Turkish Code of Law on the Law of 20. All of the administrative fines imposed from the istrien are Turkey's business They are transferred to the institution, and they are deformed as the Enterprise revenue.

140on 17/7/1964 and 506 of Social Insurances Act 140 Administrative fines imposed from the process are paid from the dollar to the Social Insurance Corporation or to the relevant accounts of the Agency. All of the administrative fines collected according to other articles, excluding penalties in Article 101 of the Code 4857, are collected and collected by the relevant institutions and organizations that make the collection, at the latest, according to the Transfers to the Institution account within a month following the date that was made. Any administrative fines that are collected will be made as a whole of the Institution's income.

2/9/1971 and 1479 Esnaf and Artists and Artists and Digits, all administrative fines imposed on the 80th article of the Law on Social Insurers Are Collected from the Badr-Quran and They will be deformed as the Enterprise revenue.

ARTICLE 5- dated 17/7/1964 and 506 of the Social Insurances Act 140 The fourth storm of the item has been reported in the following.

" The monetary fines are subject to the interest of criminal penalties and may be appealed to the Institution within ten days from the date of contact or the relevant unit of the Agency during the same period of time. Stops the pursuit of a trace. Those who are rejected by the institution may face the competent magistrate court within ten days of the date of their decision. The decision of the administration will be finalised if it has not been done during this time. The final verdict against the criminal court may be appealed to the criminal court, which is in the vicinity of the judiciary. This appeal is made within seven days of the date from the date of the decree of the decision. The decisions on the civil criminal court, including the 2.000 New Turkish Lirasas, are final. It doesn't stop the chase and the investigation of the court. Administrative fines which are not paid to the Institution within ten days from the date of the Tübilil date shall be collected according to the rule of Article 80 of this Law. Three-quarters of it is collected if the official fines are paid within the fifteen days from the date of the foundation of the establishment and the date of the trial of the judiciary. The payment does not affect the right to pay for administrative fines. "

MADDE 6- , dated 17/7/1964, and 506 Social Insurances Law, additional 24 The self added to the item is added.

Thekuruluþlarýn" m) Feature installations are set to be used before the public share of the public share in them results from below 15% or the liquidate of legal entities. for those who are entitled to pay for social aid, and the benefits of having to pay for social assistance before the transfer of Türk Telekom A., a public share, the benefits of social welfare increases paid to this item are paid by (l). According to the guidelines, the Treasury is to be met. "

MADDE 7- 506 is the addition of a temporary item that is in place of the Code.

" INVALID TEXT 92.-Customition scope installations The additional 24 items are required for those who are entitled to pay for a social benefit before the applications result from below 15% of the public share or the liquidate of their legal entities, before shutting down or shutting down the legal entities. With the date of 15/8/2003, the date between which this material has been used is in the range of the date of 14/11/2005 and the date of this article, with a date of 14/11/2005, the additional 24 items that are eligible to pay for social aid before the transfer of Türk Telekom A. örün., which is paid by the public share to be paid by the social aid increase below 50%, with the increase of the benefits paid by the public share. The benefits of social benefits paid in between, (l) based on the basis of the product are Treasuries, " he said.

MADDE 8- dated 2/9/1971, and 1479 are Esnaf and Artists and Diilymen The United States, the United States, have announced the first phase of an additional 11th amendment of the Social Insurance Institution's Law, including the "Social Insurances Institution" in the current second phase, which is to come after the first phase. The clause is from the matter text.

" According to the Law, 2926 with this Law;

a) The children who are required with the required insurance, and are obligated to look at them, the main And their father,

b) are responsible for the following, and are liable to look at and care for children, masters and fathers,

c) Death-month fields,

benefits from the insurance benefits. "

" Those who benefit from the number of health benefits according to the first fan (b) and (c) The provisions of this Law apply to the provisional 7 nci provisions.

Eligible-insured areas or their rights holders may benefit from insurance if their claims are made available. "

SosyalMADDE 9 -dated 29/7/2003, and 4958 Social Insurances It has been reported in the last storm of Article 8 of the law.

" In the case of the running of the chief staff, the Minister may appoint someone who has the right to be counted in the final of the 18th Amendment (A) of this Law. As long as the president hasn't been temporarily, The Minister appoints one of the general managers as a proxy. "

MADDE 10- a) dated 2/2/1984 and the right to Tax Dignity of 2978,

ekb) 17/10/1983 and additional 1 in the Law of 2926,


INVALID ARTICLE 1- 2978 counts of Tax Dignity that are currently in effect with this Law In accordance with Article 4 of the Law, the tax refund amounts calculated over the tax return statement issued in January 2006 have emerged in favor of the right from the benefit of the advance paid for this purpose in 2005. differences, payable within two months of the following; eligible If the difference is against you, the 1st clause of this Code is to be defiled with additional payment amounts to be made.

The 2978 is paid as a tax return benefit in 2004 and 2005, when the number 4 of the Tax-Right Act is issued, but the amounts that have not been subject to the budget are destroyed without further consideration of the budget.

to determine the essential and essential means of the Mahsup actions The Minister of Finance is in charge.

MADDE 11- This Law;

a) is valid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd items from January 2006 on the release date,

b) propagate the 10th item (a) to be valid from me 1/1/2006 on the

c) On the release of Digit items,

enters the current process.

MADDE 12- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.