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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ VE RUSYA FEDERASYONU HÜKÜMETİ ARASIN

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Kanun # 4464    Date of Admission: 3.11.1999 


MADE 1. - "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Russian Federation, which was signed on 15 December 1997, have the appropriate approval of the" Decision of the Government to the Decision of the Government ".

MADRID 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Law.

ARTICLE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Russian Federation, which will then be known as "The Government of the Republic of Turkey",vewith the desire to create appropriate conditions for the yachts in the country of the Convenience Store,

The Competencies and

They are going to deal with the following, taking into account the progress of the scientific and technical progress in the economic and economic development of the United States, as the protection of the country's military and economic development.

Clause I


For the purposes of the business:11. The term "yacht" in each of the Parties:

a) is a citizen of the Akite Party State, and any actual person who is entitled to make a yacht in the country of the Aper Party,

b) that individual. to be authorized to sleep in the country of the individual in accordance with the legislation in the country, in accordance with the legislation in effect in the country of the country, or any other legal entity that is installed in the country;


2. The term "yachts" refers to every kind of company that is in accordance with the legislation of the Convenience Party in the Land of the World, in which one of the World's yachts, in the country, is in the country of the World.

a) and non-financial property rights at the same time,

b) stocks, bonds, and other forms of business or companies;

c) are laid to create economic deities related to yachts. money receiv;

d) copyrights, copyright property rights (such as patents, trade marks and service marks, samples samples and models) technology, and "know-hot"

e) specifically searching, development, and fusing of natural resources, and Economic activities to cover the commercialized activities rights, which are subject to compliance with the laws or laws for editing.

The benefits of the United States that are subject to the legislation or repurchase of the legislation in the country that is made available to you. Any other deity in the form of this information will not be the nature of any of the following.

3. The term "Revenants" refers to the revenues obtained as a result of the yachts and yachts in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Article, and includes especially profiteers, dividends, interest, license fees, technical assistance and service fees.

4. The term "country" will include the country of the Republic of Turkey, or the Russian Federation, and will include the exclusive economic zones and the krita sahanks in accordance with international law by the territorial waters of these countries.

5. The term "legislation by the fuel party" will make sense of the legislation of the Republic of Turkey from the angle of both Sides.

Article II

Protection and Protection of Yatrlmrn

1. Each of them will encourage the yachts of the Party to make the yachts in their home country and create the appropriate conditions for them. Each State Party shall accept such yachtems in terms of conditions that are not less available than the accepted atos of any third State, and within the framework of its applicable legislation.

2. The yachts of one of the countries ' yachts will always be subject to fair and fair treatment, and will have full protection and safety. None of the Akit will interfere with the administration, administration, maintenance, usage, gain, expansion, or disposal of the services of the yacht. Each of the Purchasers will comply with any obligations that may be used in connection with the yachts of the other Aper Party yachts.

Article III

Treatment of Yachts

1. Each of the Purchasers will be treated fairly and in accordance with the rights to the yachts made in their own country by the other countries of the Sat Party.

2. The treatment mentioned in the 1st paragraph of this Article shall not be less effective than the time of its own yachtlines or any third country yachtlister.

3. As per the terms of the 1st and 2nd paragraph of this Article, each of the individual in its own legislation, in its own legislation, each of the other countries in its own country is more likely to have yachts made in its own country than its own yachts have been in. will not be treated with less than one hand.

4. Treatment of the most observed people, based on paragraph 2 of this Article,Âkit-A Free Trade Zone, a Customs Union or Economic Union,baðlantýlý-formerly Soviet Socialist with the Russian Federation Cumhuriyetler-In some cases,bazýndaand in the future, in some cases of taxation avoidance or taxation issues, or other regulations about taxation avoidance or taxation of the Republic Unit),Cumhuriyetler- It will not be applied to the benefits that it will be.

5. The provisions of this Article shall also be applied to the proceeds from the yachts.

Article IV

Key Personnel

1. In warning of foreigners ' entry and removal, a World Party said in order to conduct activities related to yachts and key personnel employed by the other members of the company, who are the ones who are involved. It will allow him to enter and stay in his country.

2. In addition to the legislation, he said: “ To employ any employee in the key staff position, which is their own election, where the nature of the other in its own country is the first in the world. It will permit the party's permission to enter, stay and be stolen there, and allow such a stolen business to be eligible for business and time-to-date permits.

Article V

Laws Facefest

Each in its own country, in its own country, will Licensee say such laws are public and easy to reach, with the intention of trying to encourage the understanding of the laws that are relevant to or affect the yachtions that are made to the countries of the country.

Article VI


1. The yachts made in the country of the Convenience Store, in accordance with the public benefit, in accordance with the general principles of the proceedings specified in the provisions of the II and the III, shall not be the same as the to applications that create, in time, sufficient and effective compensation payments, to applications that will not be nationalized, nationalized, or nationalized or state-like effects (such applications are after). public) will not be subjected to the public.

2. The compensation will be in line with the current state of public opinion, or the actual fact that the public is likely to be told the public is likely to be told. The compensation will be fully actualized and transferable as it is paid without delay. In the event of a delay, the compensation will include interest until the payment date.

Clause VII

Damages of Zarars

In the Land of the Trades, each of the countries involved in the loss of any third country, including war, internal damage, or similar incidents, to the yachts of each of the countries in the region, including war, and other countries. a treatment that is no less than treated than the treatment shown to the yachtmen.

Article VIII


1. In particular, the payments of each of the countries to the yachts, including the tax obligations, and the payments that are associated with each of the countries of the World, are:

a) revenues;

b) the main money and interest payments due to a yacht-related loan;

c) the sum resulting from selling or liquidating a portion of a yacht or a portion;

d);VId) The compensation set in the item

e) will allow for the free transfer of a fee and other income that is obtained by a citizen of the in the country of the company in the country of Sitel, and

will allow for the free transfer of the country.

2. Transfers will be made without delay with the current exchange rate, which is in effect on the transfer date, in accordance with the monetary legislation in effect in the country of the convenience of the Transfer Party.

Article IX


One or an authorized representative of the Aper Party who paid for the risk of non-trade risks associated with the Service of a Insured Yacht, or a representative of the company that pays for non-commercial risk; the required property, the previous yacht of all rights, in the same scope, benefit. These rights are used within the framework of the second-in-the-Love legislation.

Article X

A Solution to the Sleep Seeker between a Ingredient Party and a Digit in the Divine Fuel Region

1. The amount of compensation to be paid within the frame of Article VI, in the frame of Article VI, between a Party and the other, including those involved in the transfer process, including the payment of the Article VI, or the transfer procedure. will be subject to a written notice that the actions of the meeting are sent to the party, which is the party to which it is not asleep, when it comes to its activities. The people who are not sleeping will be working to find a friendly solution when this is not sleeping.

2. If the statements are not resolved in the first paragraph from the date of notice specified in the first paragraph, the following may be presented to the following to the following to:uyuþmazlýka) In the country of Yatınn an authorized court or arbitration court,

b) the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce;

c) a arbitration court to be established according to the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations International Trade Law Commission (UNCITRAL).

3. The decision of a competent court, or arbitration, will be final and clear from both sides of the decision. Each of the Parties shall commit to the fulfillment of the agreed decisions within the framework of their own laws.

Article XI

The Solution of the Sleuths Solution in the Land of the Seeker Side

1. Any sleuthing and meaningful negotiations related to the interpretation or implementation of the entity between the Parties will be resolved through negotiations.

2. If the meeting cannot be resolved with this method within six months from the date of the beginning of the negotiations, it will be presented to the arbitration court at the request of any of the Eskite Parties.

3. A court of arbitration like this will be the case for each case in the first place. Each of the Azois will appoint a member of the court within two months of the request of the arbitration claim. Within two months of the appointment of these two members, they will elect a third country citizen's arbitration court to be appointed by the parties to the arbitration tribunal.

4. If the required assignments cannot be made within the time specified in paragraph 3 of this Article, then both of the Parties will be able to press the International Court of Justice to make these appointments. If one of the members of the Eğer International Court of Justice is taken away from the office of one of the Parties or any other, the International Court of Justice will be invited to make the necessary appointments for the President. The International Justice Divant's Party, which is part of the Ruling Justice Court, said the International Court of Justice would not be a citizen of any of the Useful Parties, if it was taken from the office of the United States. The next senior member will be invited to make the required assignments.

5. The Board of Arbitration will decide with the majority of votes. Such decisions will be final and clear from both Sides. Each of them will be expenses related to the representation of its own member in court and representation in the arbitration process, expenses related to the activities of the Court of Arbitration, and the remaining expenses will be provided by the Fuel Parties in the form of the items. However, the arbitration court may decide to discontinue the cost of a higher cost of the expense, and the decision will be for both of the Azoys. The board will determine its own way of doing it.

Article XII


At the request of one of the parties, the Asylum Parties will be available for any issues related to the interpretation or implementation of this statement.

Article XIII

Implementation of the Expression

This information will be applied to all the yachts made after January 1, 1987 in the country of the Aper Party, by the yacht of one of the Sat Parties.

Article XIV

Time to Enter and Understand The Effective

1. Each of the Purchasers will notify Licensee of the completion of the internal procedure required for the effective entry of the Program. This will take effect on the date of the last of two statements.

2. It will remain in effect for a period of time. This statement will then remain in effect until twelve months after the date of which one of the Parties will pass the notice of annuification of the article.

3. A written agreement may be made between the United States and the United States of the United States of America. Any other kind of thing, The Program will take effect upon the Client's notice as a written statement that each of us has completed all internal formalities required for the effective entry of the Client.

4. All provisions of this section are in effect for an additional ten years from the date of termination, including the date of termination of the country and the terms of which they may be applied. .In Ankara, 15 December 1997, in Turkish, English, and Russian, all were originally signed.

In English, English text will be used if there is no difference.

Republic of Turkey Russian Federation
Name Government Government Name