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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Law No. 4467    Date of Admission: 4.11.1999 


ARTICLE 1.- The government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria not to use anti-personnel mines and the Anti-Personnel Mayans in the Common Region, signed in Sofia on March 22, 1999. It is appropriate to certify the Right to Clean or Clean Up.

TICAD 2.-girerARTICLE 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.







As "Parties", the Government of the Republic of Turkey, the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria,

The United Nations, Helsinki Final, Stockholm Certificate, Paris, Vienna Document 1994, and the principles of AGINT EdirneA 1992 Edirne to the Military Themes in Turkey and Bulgaria, including the 1992 Friendship, Good Business, Security and Security Treaty, and the United States and Bulgaria, as well as the commitments to their commitments. The friendship expressed in the principles of friendship, good company and principles of unity. By taking into account the positive development that has occurred in the international arena since19891989,

I want to strengthen the mutual friendship and mutual trust in the country's share of Euro-Atlantic states, as well as in the country's business,

In its decision to further contribute to stability, security and transparency in Europe, the Southeastern Europe has said

to share, store, manufacture, and transfer common humanitarian mines and to use anti-personnel mines. By the desire to contribute to the noble efforts of prohibition,

In order to encourage efforts to contribute to efforts against the same goals, they would be willing to sample other countries in the region andkalmýþlardýrremain mutable on the following:

Clause 1

General Obligations

1. The parties do not use anti-personnel mines in the application area specified in the 2 ncu clause in any conditions, and they undertake to destroy or clean up all anti-personnel mines that are stored or furnished.

2. The parties undertake to import these commitments to the appropriate national documents.

Article 2

Application Area

The measures stipulated in this statement will cover the areas of the territories covered by the sides, Primorsko, Sredetz (Grudovo), Polyana, Elhovo, Topolovgrad, Rogozinovo, Shtit and Büyükdolluk, Süleoğlu, Kirklari, Skopje, Vize, Kirikoy.

Article 3


1. The presence of an "Anti-Personnel Mayans (APM)" is a site that is designed to infuse the presence, approach, or contact, and will neutralized, hurt or kill one or more of the people. They are designed to move, move, or touch the personnel, and they are designed to take action, and they are teeming with systems that prevent them from being displaced, as well as the way they have been defined, anti-personnel are not accepted as a mayday.

2. "Mayınlite Field" is a dangerous field of land that may or may not have been found.

3. "Observed Party" monitors the monitoring of anti-personnel mines as observed.

4. "Observer Party" is responsible for making observation, and therefore responsible for execution of the observation.

5. "Observer" is determined by the Parties to execute an observation, in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of this Act, and that Party is the party that is on the state's approved list of approved observers.

6. "Observation Team" means a group of observers (appointing) deployed by the Observer to execute a specific observation.

7. "Observation Visit" means a visit by one of the Parties to the right of the other side of the Observation Team, to assure the implementation of this statement.

8. Observation Team members, identified by the Party of "Entry/Conflict", will reach the territory of the Observed Party and are the same as the point of the separation.

Article 4

Observation Activities

1. The parties will observe the clean-up activities within the application space once a year of reconciliation with the reconciliation, including the warehouses declared in accordance with paragraph 1 of the 6th clause of this Agreement.

2. Observers will be citizens of the Observer. The observer team will not have the maximum of three monitors, an interpreter and a half-staff, if necessary, and will not have the maximum number of gold.

3. Seeking to realist the Observation Visit, the Party requested this request and the identities of the members of the Observation Team, the location of the observation site, where the observation is from, and at least 45 days prior to the entry of the entry to the diplomatic channels. to the server. The observed Party is obliged to inform the Observer at least twenty days prior to the observation of the observation request.

4. In the coordination meeting prior to the observation, the observed Party will provide information to the location of the mines and locations of the minesdepolarýnýn.

5. Observation will be based on the next day of arrival in the observed country of the Observation Team, and will be based on completion within two days. The duration of time within the country will not exceed four days.

6. The territory in the field of application, Observation Visits will be divided into two sections and one of these sections will be observed during an Observation Visit. The results of the relevant sections will be determined in the preliminary coordination meeting.

7. The parties will specify the Entry/Conflict points in the first coordination meeting and will use these points during the Observation Visits.

Article 5

Don't Clean or Clear

Import or cleaning of anti-personnel mines in the application area will not be completed within six years from the current date of entry. This process will normally be observed with Observation Visits, which will be done once a year.

Article 6

Information Dec

1. The total number and total of all mined areas in the application space and the total number of anti-personnel mines and the total number of anti-personnel mines in the application of this statement, provided that these provisions are assured of this statement. They will be on the front desk in 90 days. This information will be made prior to April 30. If a significant number of changes occur within the year, the relevant Party will be aware of the following period as soon as possible, as soon as possible.

2. All information will be made through diplomatic channels.

3. Observations can be increased or canceled by the common rarity of the Observations that are to be re-made every year.

Article 7

Government Provisions for Observation Teams

1. An escort team will be involved in an escort team when they arrive at Entry/Conflict.

2. In the presence of Observer Team members on the territory of the observed Party, the Observed Party will provide the appropriate working location, delivery, and financial assistance, if necessary.

Article 8

Legal Issues

1. In the event of a loss and damage caused by the Observer by the Observer of the securities and real estate, the Observed Party will waive any compensation claims that may be the observed Party.

2. As a result of the activities performed by these document provisions, the parties are committed to not seeking any compensation from each other in the event of injury, injury, or death of the observers. However, the Parties will keep the right to compensation in the resulting injury, injury, or death caused by the third parties.

Article 9

Commodity Hususes

The observation team members are involved in the application space, including the return, transport, and emergency medical costs. All expenses related to the Observation Visit will be undertaken by the Observed Side.

Article 10

Israeli Hussars

Observers will benefit from services and facilities that comply with their status.

Article 11

Monoches and Violations

At the time of observation visit to observers, Under the provisions governing the diplomatic relations of the Vienna Dictionary, it will introduce the separation of diplomatic agents and the people.

Article 12

The Solution of the Sleep (s)

The parties will resolve this statement through comments and comments arising out of the application's comment.

Article 13

Protection of information

1. Both parties will comply with the rules of security regarding the information they obtained in the implementation of this statement.

2. There is no right to comment on the third parties without the permission of the party to be permitted by the party to which the parties belong.

3. The rules of security security will also protect the rules from the end of the date.

Article 14

Tagout and Review

1. Each of us may propose a sign or review for this information in the form of a tadil or review. For this purpose, the written notice will be available within ninety days from the date of the date of the statement. Mutabank or revised considerations will be reflected in an additional Protocol.

2. A conference will be held on the territory of one of each of the Parties, each year, to review the implementation of the statement.

Article 15

Time and End

This information will remain in effect for a period of ten years. If one of the parties does not notify the other of its intention until the end of this term, it is not until the end of the term. The understanding will automatically extend to the time of the year.

Article 16

Approval and Effective Entry

This information requires approval. Approval documents will be available within 90 days of the date of the date of the confirmation.

This statement is on March 22, 1999. In Sofia, each of them is described as two original texts in Turkish, Bulgarian, and English languages, each equally valid. English will apply to the nünsha when there is no comment on the comment.

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