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Kanun No. 5463


Accepted Date: 23.2.2006      



ARTICLE 1- Signed by the Republic of Turkey on 1 December 2004 It is appropriate to approve the "Commitment To Describe the Recognition Documents in the European Region".

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










Lisbon, 11.IV.1997

Parties to this Glossary,

A human right of knowledge and information about obtaining and advancing knowledge in the consciousness of the fact that higher education, a tool, is a cultural and scientific genius for both individuals and society.

The rise of the rise and the peace between peoples and nations, Considering that it should play a vital role in the development of the network and the trust of the people;

The large number of people in the European region ofeðitimare fully respected To consider its own cultural, social, political, philosophical, religious and economic government, which is an undersecretary to be heard;

The individuals of each Party and the other organizations of each Party in the the entire region, facilitating the access of resources on the other side, in particular the efforts to continue their efforts in institutions of higher education, or to complete a portion of the work in these institutions. Allow people to benefit from this wealth of wealth. by wishing it;

A country in the European Region of

has received a certificate, certificate, diploma, and Considering that the rating of grades is an important measure in the 'academic navigation of the States', the 'academic navigation' is an important measure;

The principle of enterprise autonomy and the need to maintain and maintain this policy by uploading great importance to your consciousness;

is a fundamental basis for the right to define documents in a fair way and society. believing that you are a liability;

The Council of Europe and UNESCO, which enclose the academic recognition in

Europe You know;

AvrupaEuropean Glossary of Diplomats Acceptance of Degrees of Acceptance to Universities (1953, ETS No. 15) and Protocol (1964, ETS NO: 49);

A European Glossary (1956, ETS), Denkilicine of the

l University Conflict Processes No. 21);

The European Glossary of the Academic Information of the

l University Documents (1959, ETS) No. 32);

ÇalýþmalarýnL Want To Talk About The Rise Of The States In The European Region A Glossary of Diploma and Grades (1979);

The European Glossary of the General Balance of the

l University Conflict Processes (1990, ETS #138);


I Rise in the Arab and European States that have the Mediterranean Sea, Taking into account the International Glossary (1976), which has been adopted within the framework of UNESCO and enclose its academic recognition within the framework of UNESCO, adopting the diplomases and Grades;

This Glossary, UNESCO Glossary, enlarge in other world regions International Proposal and the need to address the need for improved information in these regions, as well as the need for information in the region;

ölçüdeSignificant increase in national security systems and across the system Since the adoption of these Glossary that led to an increase in higher education in the European Region and the need for adaptation of legal instruments and applications to respond to such development;

Common solutions to the implementation problems in the application, in the European region of

In the consciousness of the need to be found;

To recover and to improve the application of the current definition, and to improve the In the sense that the higher education in the region is made more adaptable to the current state of the higher education;

European Council of Europe and UNESCO co-patronage and accepted Europe Trust the positive direction of a Glossary, which provides a common framework for the forward development of the tanning applications, in the positive direction of a Glossary;

To implement the policy and provisions of the Business Glossary In the consciousness of the importance of the power of the mechanisms;

has arrived at the following:

Section I. Tanges

Article I

For the purposes of this Glossary, the terms of the following terms are meanings It is currently being used:

Entered (as-asköretime)

For candidates with required features, higher education and acceptance It ' s about being disinfused.

Acceptable (s) or programs)

Candidates with required features, a specific institution and/or a specified An action or system that allows them to keep up with the performance of my ascendability in the program.

Deification (installations or programs)

A method of improving the quality of an institution or program that is an institution or program.

Deification (individual documents)

yazýlýis written by an authorized body of the document where the person is from a country country. As a result of a problem.

Authority-related authorities

To make decisions about how to identify the foreign documents an authorized organ.

My ascendage

By the relevant authorities of a Party as belonging to its higher education system I am a part of a series of lectures, lectures, or studies, or any kind of lectures or lectures that are actually made in the aftermath of my secondary education.

The Agency for Higher Education

My higher education and self-rise by a member of the competent authority It is a system that is recognized as belonging to its system.

My ascendage program

Belongs to the authority of my own higher education system by the authority of the music program that sells a certificate of higher education to the other person, when it is recognized and completed.

Time to playÇalýþma

While it is not a complete execution program, it is significantly any element of the program that indicates that the knowledge or skill has been gained, and that the program of higher education is being demonstrated and documented.


My ascendage document

An upgrade program has been completed in a way that has been completed in a way, Any degree, diploma, or other certificate that is organized by an authorized office.

An acceptance of higher education documents

An education program has been completed in a way that has been completed and is successful any diploma or certificate issued by the competent authority, which gives the right to be detified for acceptance to my higher education.


To use a foreign email document in the following activities and/or iar activities formal acceptance by the competent authority.


A.A. General commons

For acceptance or acceptance to a certain level or to a certain level The conditions that must be met before the degree of higher education can be delivered.

B. Custom comets

For admission to a certain higher education program, or in a specific area of the playing Other conditions that must be met with general public conditions to obtain a degree of higher education.

Section II. entitlements to the table II

Clause II.1

1. If the central authorities are in charge of the recognition of the decision, the relevant Party will immediately be involved in any of these promises, and may be required to ensure that the provisions of this Glossary are enforced. The measures will be taken.

In general, the rights of decision-making in matters relating to the tanning In cases where it belongs, Party authorities may have one of the tevdi authorities with an affidavit indicating the signature or approval, acceptance, appropriate find or the delivery of the contribution document, or at the next time. It will In such cases, the competent authorities of this country will take the necessary measures to ensure that the provisions of this Glossary are met in their territory.

2. In cases where the decision to make decisions on issues relating to the recognition belongs to individual institutions or other organizations, each Party is subject to its own constitutional state or structure, its text, its text, institutions, or installations. Assign the appropriate names to communicate and apply the provisions of their provisions in the same way that they require them.

3. This Is A Matter Of Article 1. and 2. The provisions of the paragraphs shall be applied to the obligations of the Parties covered under the subsequent provisions of this Glossary after the required deems have been made.

Clause II.2

teslimiDelivery of the Israeli process or the delivery of an approval, acceptance, appropriate find, or contribution document Each State, the Vatican, or the European Community at a later time will notify authorities to make different decisions in the subject matter of the United States or the European Community, as well as in recognition of the individual State, the Vatican, or the European Community.

Clause II.3

No provision of this Glossary is the documents of one of these Glossary It does not say that it is a party, party or future, in the present or future, or that it has no more favourable provisions, which are more favourable than the definition of the definition.

Part III. With the documentation being deoritized related basic policies

Clause III.1

1. The owners of the documents organized by one of the parties will have sufficient access to the authorisation of this document by making a claim to the authorized organ.

2. In this regard, the candidate ' s gender, race, color, disability, language, religion, political or religious vision, nation, ethnic or social origin, national minority, character, lineage, and other status of documents or recognition of documents that were requested. No requirement will be made on any basis, based on the non-contact issues. To ensure this right, each of us is given the task of making necessary arrangements for the information and skills that are made only for the information and skills that are made available to identify the document.

Clause III.2

Each of the parties is a product used to describe and identify documents. and the criteria is transparent, consistent, and dependable;

Clause III.3

1. Their decision will be based on the fact that they have enough information about the documents that are requested.

2. In the event of the first step, the responsibility to provide sufficient information is owned by the owner who will provide this information in good faith.

3. The document, which regulars the responsibility of the candidate in the shooting, said the document owner, institution or authority requested by the document owner, at the request of the candidate, and within acceptable withholding. They will be tasked with selling the necessary information.

4. To the extent that it is appropriate, the parties will instruct and fulfill any acceptable demand for information to be debriefed by all of the institutions of the business who have been involved in the systems of education. They're going to have to talk.

5. It belongs to the organ that assumes the responsibility to expose the need for a visit to not be required.

Clause III.4

Each party has its own to facilitate the identification of the documents. It will provide sufficient and clear information about the system.

Clause III.5

decisions are predetermined and required by authorities that are authorized in a reasonable amount of time, starting from the release of all documents that are in place. If the recognition is rejected, the reasons for this will be specified, and the precautions to be taken for the candidate to be recognized at a later time will be informed. If the recognition is rejected or a decision is not taken, the candidate will be able to appeal within a reasonable period of time.

Part IV. Higher adoption of the following Description of documentation

Article IV.1

in search of a party that asks for the document's recognition by the If there are no significant differences in general conditions to be fulfilled for entry to my higher education, each of us will be required to accept my higher education in order to enter any of the programs that are on their own. documents that they are editing by fulfilling the required conditions It will be recognized.

Article IV.2

As an option, the owner of the document edited by one of the Parties to the owner of the At the request of the owner of the document, it will be sufficient for the Party to ensure that a deversion of this document is sufficient, and in such a case, the provisions in Article IV.I will be applied in the construction of required deities.

Article IV.3

The document obtained by the document is only for certain institutions or higher. While entering their programs, each of us will have to show the owners of the similar characteristics of their own systems, with no significant differences between the document received Party and its entry into the document. They're going to have to bear it.

Article IV.4

To be accepted to programs of higher education, for entry If, in addition to the general conditions required, the specific authorities are also interested in meeting the owners of the relevant parties, asking them to perform additional conditions as well as the owners of the documents received from the appropriate Parties. Whether the documents were to be brought to the fuls of their own It can be changed.

Article IV.5

The school-finishing document went up in time to time, as a front, as a front-person, if additional qualification has been entered into the qualifying results, other Parties may allow for an attempt to enter the country or provide an option to perform such additional conditions within their own systems. Either the Vatican or the European Community intends to apply the Article to one of each State, the Vatican or the European Community, to one of the tevdi authorities, at the time of the Islamic state or at the time of approval, acceptance, appropriate finding or the delivery of the certificate of the contribution. It will be provided by determining the parties and reasons for which they are.

Article IV.6

No longer than the provisions of the

Article IV.l, IV.2, IV.3, and IV.5. The institution of higher education, or the institution of such an institution of higher education, may be entered into a specific program, deleted or selective. In cases where admission to an institution of higher education and/or program is elective, acceptance procedures are designed to ensure that they are executed according to the principles of the language and the non-separation of section III.

Article IV.7

Notwithstanding the provisions of the

Article IV.l, IV.2, IV.3, IV.4, and IV.5, to be accepted to a specific institution of higher education may be the candidate's satisfactory proficiency in the language or languages of the relevant institution, or in certain languages.

Article IV.8

TaraflardaOn the sides of the environment where the non-traditional documentation is entered on Similar documents received from the parties will be similar to non-traditional documents received from the parties requested by the description.

Article IV.9

In order to agree to the programs, each Party is national will be able to identify documents organized by foreign access institutions that operate with specific conditions of legislation or to specific meanings that are made by the origin of those institutions.

Chapter V. How to identify the process of the process of operationsürelerinin

Article V. 1

Each party provides a means of higher education than It will identify the completed stolen times. This recognition shows that you are prompted by the number of times that you want to know, through completed playing times, that do not have significant differences in the part of the program where they are requested to be identified by the part of the program. will cover the execution times for completion.

Article V. 2

As an option, you are part of a higher education program. A person who completes a certain amount of time of play, upon the request of the person, will be sufficient for the Party to ensure that such execution time is sufficient, and in such cases, the provisions of Article V. l, with the construction of required deities. will be applied to the system.

Article V. 3

Parties Especially

a) the authority responsible for the higher education or related execution times on the one side if there is no prior understanding between the authority and the authority of the authority responsible for the desired definition on the other side;

b) the promise of the other from the completion of the period of the operation the status of a transcript (transcript) containing a certificate or academic record that confirms that it has met the required conditions in the process of being taken out of the subject.

will make it easier to identify the times they are running:

Section VI.

Article Vl.1

An identification decision, information and skills documented by a higher education document If it is based on a fundamental basis, each Party will recognize the documentation of the higher education on the other side, in which case it is not considered to be a significant difference in the diploma that is requested by the document as requested by the document you are requested to identify.


As an option, the owner is on a different side, on the owner's request. It will be sufficient to submit the editing of the edited document, and the Vl.1 provision will be applied with the required devs.

Article Vl.3

by defining a higher education document on one side One or both of the following results will be true:

a) in the same conditions as the document owners on the side of the request that you are prompted to Acceptance of advanced higher education and/or doctoral preparesses, including the names of the snot;

b) is subject to the laws or regulations or jurisdiction of the Party requested , using an academic title.

In addition, the recognition may or may not be recognized by the laws or regulations of the desired With the registration of the judiciary, it may make it easier to enter the Ibc market.

Clause VV.4

A higher education document on the

Side is to be deselected on a It may be:

a) in the form of a proposal for general employment purposes;

önerib) in the form of a proposal to an education institution to be accepted into their programs;

c) in the form of a recommendation to any authorized identification authorities.

Article VI.5

Each party, in its own country, is specific, with or without national legislation. know documents that are organized by foreign access institutions that operate as a result of certain organizations that are involved with the original entity.

Section VII. Refugees, displaced people, and the identification of documents in a refugee-like location that are owned by the people

Clause VII

, including cases where documents are not proven to be used by the parties For the refugees, displaced people and people in the refugee-like position, they are not bringing in the necessary conditions for their higher education, or their entry into programs or business activities, as well as for their input. The entity, within the framework of its own system of education, is Constitutional, will apply applicable and all reasonable names to develop methods that are set up to make it fair and fair in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions.

Section VIII of the institutions of the higher education information about how to program programs

Article VIII.1

Each party, any organization that is in its own higher education system, or for any program to operate in these institutions, to allow competent authorities to determine whether the documents are requested by these institutions to be identified by the desired. It will provide the necessary information. Such information will be provided in the following format:

a) The parties and the institutions of higher education and their programs If they have installed the system of dedding: the method and results of this deification and the results of any higher education, agency and program-specific quality, information,

b) Parties, higher institutions, institutions, and their programs If they have set up a system of debaiting: information about the introduction of documents from any higher education institution or any higher education program.

Article VIII.2

Each of the following:

a) the institutions of higher education in my own higher education system, each Review of the review with the characteristics of the institution of the education;

b) provide different degrees and entry into all institutions and programs. a list of institutions (public or private) recognized by its own higher education system;

c) an identification of the programs of higher education;

d) that the parties agree to their own higher education system The arrival of a list of the current institutions found in the following will be sufficient to ensure that they are provided and procured:

Chapter IX Description, information on topics

Clause IX.1

The parties are taking place in order to release the documents. They assume the responsibility of building transparent systems for the full set of documents.

Clause IX.2

1. To ensure the need for information about the subject and current, each of us will establish or operate a national information center or contact one of the central authorities or any other central authority. to the server.

2. In each of the parties, the national information center:

) is consistent with the country's higher education system and documentation. will access information;

b) to know about the systems and documentation of the higher will make it easier to access;

c) to identify and identify documents in accordance with national laws and regulations to advise or provide information on the topic.

3. Each national information center will allocate its equipment to its service so that it can fulfill its work.

Clause IX.3

The parties are either through national information centers or in a way, The UNESCO/European Council will support the use of a Diploma Supplement, or a document by the parties of the parties that have been issued by the institutions of higher education.

Section X. Execution mechanisms

Article X.1

The specified organs will manage the execution of the Glossary, move it forward, and They will make it easier:

a) Glossary of Ascendation Documents in the European Region Committee;

b) June 9, 1994 Council of Ministers Committee on the Council of Europe and June 18, 1994 European National Information Centres for academic navigation and recognition (ENIC) are established by the decision of the UNESCO European Committee of Regions of Europe.

Article X.2

1. On this basis, the Committee on the Promise of the recognition of documents related to higher education in the European Region (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") is the establishment. The Committee shall be a representative of each Party state.

2. Under the provisions of Article X.2, the term "Party" shall not be applied to the European Community.

3. The States and the Vatican, as defined in Article XI.1.1, will be able to contribute as observers to the European Community, and the ENIC Committee, if they are not a party to this Glossary. Representatives of state institutions and government organisations that are active in the area of recognition may also be invited to attend the Committee meetings as observers.

4. The UNESCO Regional Committee for the Implementation of the Agreement on the recognition of the diplomats and their degrees of higher education in the European Region is also invited as an observer to the Committee's meetings.


5. The Committee will support the implementation of this Glossary and control execution of this Promise. For this purpose, the Committee will provide recommendations, with a large number of parties, to guide the authorities in the fulfillment of the Glossary and to the competent authorities of the applications for the recognition of my higher education documents. statements and may adopt protocols and implementation methods. While the parties are not related to such texts, they will make every effort to apply them, to bring the texts to the attention of the competent authorities, and to encourage them to implement them. The committee will receive the ENIC vision before making a decision.

6. The Committee shall notify the relevant units of the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

7. The Committee will continue with the UNESCO Regions Committees for the implementation of the commitments of the UNESCO-accepted higher education, the introduction of diplomats and degrees.

8. The meeting and decision quorum will be the way to which the Parties are many.

9. The committee will determine its own indiscretion. At least every three years will be able to make the meeting real. The first meeting of the Committee will do so within the same time that this Glossary will be effective.

10. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe will be with the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, UNESCO.

Article X.3

1. Each party will appoint a member of the National Information Centres (the ENIC Network) of the European National Information Centres (the ENIC Network), which is established within the scope of Article IX.2, or the national information center for the recognition of the national information center for the recognition. Under Article IX.2, where more than one national information center is installed or otherwise, they will be members of the entire center, but the relevant national information centers will be able to use only one vote.

2. ENIC, a national information center of the Glossary of Promise parties, will support and assist with the execution of the Pseudonym, along with the competent national authorities. Aunu will be collected at least once in the year; it will select the President and its Bureau in accordance with its instructions.

3. The ENIC Deputy Secretary of State will be with the General Secretary of the Council of Europe and UNESCO Director General.

4. By enabling them to collect all the information necessary for their use in activities related to the national information centers, specifically academic recognition and navigation, the parties will be found to be involved in the ENIC Israeli-based tool.

Part XI. Final Provisions

Clause XI.1

1. This Glossary is invited to the Diplomatic Conference, which will result in a commitment to the Glossary:

a) of the member states of the Council of Europe;

b) UNESCO member states of the European Region;

c) European Cultural Glossary of the Council of Europe and/or the European Region any sign holder, spoken state or party that approves the UNESCO Promise for the recognition of the diplomats and the ranks of the states, and the ranks of the ranks of the states.

It will be open to theimzasýnasignature.

1. This is the States and the Vatican:

a) approval, acceptance, or signature, if the signature is not subject to approval, acceptance, or appropriate da

b) when the signature is approved, accepted, or deemed appropriate, following the signature approval, by acceptance or by signature,


c) through the process

They can express their rarity in order to be associated with the Glossary.

3. The insides will be appointed by one of the tevdi authorities. The approval, acceptance, or entry documents will be stored by one of the tevdi authorities.

Clause XI.2

This Glossary is at least three members of the European Council and/or UNESCO European Region. Within the state, it will take the first day of the month following the end of a month's deadline, after the five states have expressed their rarity with the Promise of the State. The first day of a month after the end of a month follows the end of each state's notice of acceptance of the commitment to the Glossary, the statement said.

Clause XI.3

1. A state that is within one of the categories specified in Article XI.1 after the current entry of this Glossary may request a contribution to the Glossary of the SIT. Every request in this matter will be directed to one of the tevdi authorities, who will inform the parties at least three months prior to the meeting of the European Region's Committee on the Ascendation of the higher education documents. The Tevdi authorities will also inform the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the UNESCO Convention on the UNESCO.

2. A state that claims to be included in this Glossary will receive two-thirds of the party's decision to make it to the Promise.

3. After the effective entry of this Glossary, the European Community may be folded into the Glossary following a request made by its Member States and addressed to the tevdi authorities. In this case, the Article Xl.3.2 will not be applied.

4. For each State or European Community that accepts, the Pseudo will take the first day of the month following the end of a month-long deadline for receiving the acceptance certificate of one of the tevdi authorities.

Clause XI.4

1. The following Words:

AvrupaEuropean Glossary of Documents Accepting for Universities Accepting (1953, ETS No. 15) and Protocol (1964, ETS No. 49);

AvrupaEuropean Glossary of Denkair of University Conflict Processes (1956, ETS No. 21);

European Glossary of Academic Information of

l University Documents (1959, ETS) No. 32);

I Rise in the Arab and European States that have the Mediterranean Sea, International Glossary of Diploma and Grades (1976);

In the

l European Region, the United States Department of Education, A Glossary of degrees in recognition of degrees (1979);

The European Glossary of the General Balance of the

l University Conflict Processes (1990, ETS # l38);

The Parties to this Glossary of one or more


a) apply the current Glossary provisions in the country of the United States;

b) that is not a part of the current Glossary, but the above mentioned Glossary They will continue to implement the promises they have made with the United States.

2. The Parties to the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Arab and European Union's ascendence in the international Glossary of the Diploma and Grades, if they were not part of the above-party party. They assume the obligation to avoid being a party to any of the commitments.

Article XI.5

1. Any State can identify the country or countries that are applicable to this Glossary when signing up or accepting approval, acceptance, appropriate find, or contribution.

2. Any State may, at a later date, be able to expand the implementation of the Glossary to a country in which the implementation of the Promise is specified in the statement. Such countries will take the first day of the month following the end of a period following the date of the statement by the tevdi authorities.

3. A statement made under the previous two paragraphs about any region specified in the affidavit may be withdrawn with a temblor directed at one of the tevdi authorities. The volume of a month after the date of the rollback of this notice by the return tevdi authorities. The first day of the following month will take effect.

Clause XI.6

1. One of the parties may terminate this Glossary with a notification sent to one of the tevdi authorities at any time.

2. This annulment will apply to the first day of the month following the end of a period of twelve months after the notice of notification by the tevdi authorities. This annulment, however, will not affect the decisions of the previous recognition under the provisions of the Pseudo.

3. For the purpose and purpose of this Glossary, a required provision will be announced by the end of the application of this Glossary, in violation of the application of this Glossary, or by the international law.

Clause XI.7

1. Any state, Vatican or European Community signature time or approval, acceptance, proper finding or contribution of the contribution document is one or more of the following items, including one or more of the following items stated in this Word. She can declare that she is keeping the right to her.

Article IV.8

Article V. 3


Article VIII.2

Article IX.3

cannot be put into place at any time.

2. Any party that puts a hammer in the scope of the previous paragraph may take the hammer back entirely or by the notice that it has sent it to one of the tevdi authorities. The rollback will be effective from the date of notice of notification by the tevdi office.

3. A ruling by a ruling party would not demand that the provision be implemented by the State of the Union, but if the State of the State, the state of the Czech or the other, agreed, the provision would not be implemented. to be applied to.

Article XI.8

1. The draft delics in this Promise may be adopted by two-thirds of the Parties, as well as the Aligned Commitment Committee in the European Region with the Definition of the Documents of the Rise. Any adopted draft resolution will be included with a Protocol to this Glossary. For each event, the protocol will determine the effective way of entering it and demand that it be notified by the Parties.

2. It's 1 in the top. in the paragraph, this is the end of the Glossary of the Glossary. No conditions can be made in the section.

3. Any proposal for the depositions will be reported to one of the tevdi authorities, who will inform the parties at least three months before the Committee meeting. The Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe and UNESCO will also inform the Council of Europe's Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Article XI.9

1. The General Secretary of the Council of Europe and the Director General of the United Nations, Scientific and Cultural Organization, will be the first to be the authorities of this Glossary.

2. An official document, notice, or message is provided by the tevdi office, the side of the Glossary, the Council of Europe and/or the member states of the European Region of UNESCO.

ilea) with any signature;

b) with the presentation of any approval, acceptance, appropriate find, or contribution document;

c) If the provisions in Article XI.2 and XI.3.4 are not available, this Glossary is effective. on a date;

d) Any reservations and substances made in place of the provisions of Article XI.7 With the withdrawal of a hammer made while performing the XI.7 provisions;

e) This Glossary is in effect during the implementation of Article XI.6

with any announcement;

f) with announcements made in accordance with the provisions of Article II.1 or Article II.2;

duyurularlag) with announcements made in accordance with the provisions of Article IV.5;

h) In any case made for entry under the provisions of Article XI.3;

i) with any proposal made in accordance with the provisions of Article XI.8;

j) with an action, notice, or message related to this Glossary.

will be Tevdi.

3. The tevdi authorities, who received a message during the fulfillment of the provisions of this Glossary, or made a statement following the provisions of the Pseudo, will immediately notify the office of the other teldi.

These are the drafts, authorized representatives who have signed the call, They will be signed.

on April 11, 1997, in Lisbon, in four different text lines, English, In the languages of Russian and Spanish, one is prepared as two copies of the European Council for hiding in the Union of Nations, the Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as in the European Council. A copy of the approved copy will be sent to all states, the Vatican, the European Community, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, as defined in XI.1.