The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Documents About The European Region Yükseköğretimle Taninmasina

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. AVRUPA BÖLGESİNDE YÜKSEKÖĞRETİMLE İLGİLİ BELGELERİN TANINMASINA

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Law No. 5463:23.2.2006 article 1-signed on December 1, 2004 on behalf of the Republic of Turkey "About the European Region Yükseköğretimle Tanınmasına Documents related to the Contract" to be approved.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

DOCUMENTS ABOUT the EUROPEAN REGION YÜKSEKÖĞRETİMLE TANINMASINA CONTRACTS Lisbon, 11. IV. Parties to this agreement in 1997, education is a human right and must be obtained and progression of knowledge, a tool for both individuals and society of higher education at the fact that create a rich cultural and scientific value being aware;
Higher education, peace between peoples and Nations, the promotion of tolerance and mutual understanding and mutual trust should play a vital role in the creation of consideration;
The great diversity in the education system in Europe, an exceptional value that must be respected in its entirety has its own cultural, social, political, philosophical, religious, and reflects economic diversity into consideration;
Each party and each party's education institutions individuals students ' access to education resources from other Parties, especially their nonexistence of other higher education institutions continue their training or studies in this part of the institution's efforts by making it easier to complete, all people of the region to exploit this rich diversity wishing to provide;
Euro-zone working from another country, a certificate, diploma, and degree recognition of the parties is an important measure to maintain enthusiasm ' academic circulation between the States considering;
The principle of institutional autonomy and kept standing up and preserving consciousness of this principle by installing greater significance;
Recognition of documents a fair education a base element and believing that a responsibility of society;
In Europe, the Council of Europe and UNESCO Contracts for academic recognition;
the adoption of the relevant European Convention on Denkliğiyle Diplomas providing Universities l (1953, ETS No. 15) and Protocol (1964, ETS No. 49);
the work Of the European Convention for the University Denkliğine l (1956, ETS No. 21);
l. European Convention for Academic Tanınmasına University Documents (1959, ETS No. 32);
situated In Europe States Studies l Yükseköğretimleriyle, Diplomas, and degrees of Tanınmasına Convention (1979);
General University Studies Of European Convention about l Denkliğiyle (1990, ETS No. 138);
and the Arab and European States border the Mediterranean Sea l higher education Studies, getting his credentials and Derecelerinin within the framework of UNESCO for the adopted and recognized in part in International academic recognition Agreement in Europe (1976) taking into account;
This Convention, UNESCO Agreements in other parts of the World International suggestions and these areas are an improved information exchange between that requirement and should be evaluated in the context of the idea;
National education systems increased considerably within and between diversity leads to this since the adoption of the contracts, large-scale changes in higher education In Europe and to legal instruments and these developments mirror the need to adapt the application being aware;
Recognizing the problems encountered in the application of the European district, finding common solutions, conscious of the requirement;
More transparent and improve the implementation of existing recognition and the present state of higher education in Europe more, harmonizing, conscious of the requirement;
Under the auspices of the Council of Europe and UNESCO developed and accepted common euro-zone, recognition for development of a common framework for the implementation, in the positive direction of a Trust Agreement;
To implement the principles and provisions of this agreement, permanent mechanisms for recognizing the importance of providing application;
agreed as follows: Chapter i. Definitions for the purposes of article I of this agreement, the following terms are those meanings: input (higher education) have properties Required of the candidates to accept the reference to higher education and action taken, as.
Admission (to higher education institutions or programs) have properties Required of the candidates, determined a specific institution and/or their higher education studies in a program that allows action or system.
Assessment (of institutions or programmes) the quality of A higher education institution or program of study.
Evaluations (individual documents) received from another country a person authorized in writing by an organ of the document.
Tanınmayla recognition of Foreign authorities about the document officially authorized to give binding decisions about organ.
About the higher education authorities in one party by its higher education system after secondary education, known as belonging to any lesson or performed an array of courses, training or training for research.
Higher education institution providing higher education and the higher education system by the competent authority of a Party as belonging to a recognized institution.
The competent authority of a party's higher education program by recognized as belonging to its higher education system and provides a certificate of higher education to the student upon completion of the work programme.

At run time, although not a completed programme of work in its own right, earning significantly higher education indicates that the knowledge or skill of any element of the program has been evaluated and documented.
A higher education higher education document document successful completion of the program, the official authority confirming that any edited by degrees, diploma or other certificate.
Acceptance of the documents, which provides higher education training program has been completed successfully, the person to be evaluated for admission to higher education and confirming that no offense as any edited by competent authorities, diploma or certificate.
Recognition of A foreign education, training and/or business activities by the competent authorities for use in adoption.
Conditions A. General conditions for admission to a particular higher education or other level or degree of higher education at a given level to be granted the conditions that must be satisfied.
B. special conditions for admission to a particular higher education programme, or a higher education degree in a specific workspace-specific general conditions to get together with other conditions that must be satisfied.
Part Ii. Magical maqams powers article II. 1 1. Recognition of judgments to be cases where one party is in charge of the central authorities, interested parties will be connected immediately with the terms of this agreement and the implementation of the provisions of this agreement on its territory to ensure that it will take the necessary measures.
Parliament voted as the decision-making authority on issues related to General cases where the other party organ of the Party during this authority, signature or ratification, acceptance, participation in the appropriate certificate of finding or delivery or during a later time corporate status, or deposited with authorities a short that indicates the structure of the beyanatla will give one of the. In such cases, the competent authorities appointed in this way on its territory the provisions of this agreement, the necessary measures to ensure instead.
2. Parliament voted that the decision making on matters that concern the individual higher education institutions or in cases where there is from other organizations, each party according to its constitutional situation or structure to this agreement, the text of the question, we will forward it to the institutions or organizations and the implementation of the provisions of the investigation as required and will take reasonable steps to encourage.
3. This item is 1. and 2. the provisions in paragraphs, required after changes have been made following the items of this agreement the parties organized within the scope of this statement of obligations.
Article II 2 Signature or ratification, acceptance, participation in the appropriate certificate of finding or delivery or during a later time, each State, the Vatican or the European Community deposited with authorities or of this agreement/recognition issues will inform the competent authorities to take a split decision.
Article II. 3 no provision of this agreement, this Agreement relating to the recognition of documents of one of its sides, is a party to, or may be, present or future, arising out of or any Agreement this agreement contains the terms than are contained in the document is that overriding the pros.
Chapter Iii. The basic principles related to the evaluation of documents article III. 1 1. If either party held by the owners of the document by the competent organ request, these documents will be sufficient for the evaluation have access.

2. In this regard, the applicant's gender, race, colour, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, the nation is a minority, or other status of the character recognition on the basis of the documents requested or about unrelated matters with no reason based on discrimination. Each of the parties to ensure the right to do that, only based on the knowledge and skills acquired, evaluation of the application for recognition of the document relating to the task of making the necessary arrangements.
Article III the evaluation of each of the parties, documents 2 and recognition procedures and criteria used in transparent, will ensure consistent and reliable;
Article III. 3 1. Recognition of recognition decisions have sufficient information about the requested documents will be the basis.
2. In the first phase, the responsibility of providing adequate information, as this information will provide bona fide applicant.
3. reserving the candidate's responsibility to refer, the documents at the request of the applicant institutions to regulate and within acceptable limits, the owner of the document, the recognition of the institution or to the competent authority of the country prompted the necessary information they will be in charge of ensuring.
4. The parties, where appropriate, depending on the educational system, in which all educational institutions for the evaluation of documents received from the institution in question to obtain the information to any acceptable they will demand the fulfillment of instructions and encouragement.
5. A reference to the responsibility that the conditions of the undertaking to evaluate organ.
Article III. 4 neither party to facilitate the recognition of documents each of his training system will allow the supply of adequate and clear information.
Article III 5 Recognition decisions, the authorities authorized by a predetermined and all required documents is carried out within a reasonable period of time, starting from the provision. The reasons for this is that recognition is to be specified in the case of refusal, and candidate for a later period of recognition will be given information on necessary steps to take. A decision that recognition be rejected or if no candidate in a reasonable time, an appeal will be available.
Chapter IV. Recognition of documents that allows the adoption of higher education article IV. given the Party requesting the recognition of documents Documents 1-party for an introduction to higher education among the General conditions to be fulfilled in the absence of significant differences, depending on their education system, each of the parties, the Parties in question to enter programs higher education fulfilling the conditions for admission to their regulated documents.
Article IV.2 Alternatively, if either party by the owner of the document, which was held at the request of the owner of the document, this document has a evaluation will be enough to ensure the aforementioned Party and in such a case, with the necessary changes, article IV. I shall apply to the provisions in it.
Article IV-3 of the document was obtained by the party document, only certain institutions or higher education programs is to provide each of the Parties document input can be retrieved with the lack of significant differences regarding the entrance requirements with the condition that the owners of the document, similar to their own education system in higher education programs shall ensure the participation of the property.
Article IV 4 higher education programs with certain characteristics to be accepted, in addition to the General conditions required for admission, private and to fulfil the conditions, the other competent authorities concerned party has received documents from the parties as equals may ask them to bring additional conditions or waiver by either party of documents taken on peer, you can evaluate whether bringing the conditions.
Article IV 5 School completion certificate obtained from a Side entrance to higher education, as a prerequisite, the additional qualification exam is connected to the other Parties to enter these conditions could allow conditional entry or within their own education systems such additional conditions may offer an option to fulfill. During the signature or ratification, acceptance, participation in the appropriate certificate of finding or delivery or during a later time, each State, the Vatican or deposited in one of the European Community, will make use of this Special authority and intends to keep the item and specifying the reasons for the application and the parties notified.
Article IV article IV 6. l, IV. 2, IV. 3, and without prejudice to the provisions of 5 IV, a higher education institution or given such a login to a specific program of the higher education institution, may be restricted or selective according to. A higher education institution and/or programme is selective entrance, admission procedures, chapter III is defined in fairness and distinction will be aware that according to the principles of format shouldn't elicit.
Article IV article IV 7. l, IV. 2, IV. 3, IV. 4 and IV 5 without prejudice to the provisions of 5, admission to a given higher education institution, language of instruction of the institution concerned or languages of the candidate or certain other languages on a satisfying show.
Article IV the entrance to higher education, non-traditional documentation 8 is bound to Taraflarda, get to know the other Parties received similar documents, either party prompted received will be evaluated in a format similar to a non-traditional documentation.
Article IV. 9 higher education programs in order to agree, each party certain national legislation conditions or in their country of origin depending on specific agreements Tarafıyla activities organized by foreign educational institutions can recognize documents.
Recognition of working time Article V section V. 1 each of the Parties to the other party within the framework of a higher education program will recognize their work completed. This recognition, other times a Side completed work, recognition is going to change the requested side part of the higher education program, the major difference between the recognition of the absence of the higher education program for completing work Side prompted durations.
Article v.2 Alternatively, within the framework of a higher education programme in another Party to a particular person, a person that completes the working time at the request of the working time in question, will be enough to provide an evaluation of the Party and in such cases, with the necessary changes, will be applied to the provisions in Article v. l.
Article v.3 in particular, the parties discussed a) on the one hand, a higher education institution or the competent authority responsible for the relevant working time and on the other hand, in charge of the higher education institution or the competent recognition requested recognition authority for prior agreement between;
b) upon completion of the working time higher education institution by the student during the work in question fulfilled the required conditions successfully, confirming a certificate or academic records contains a note listing (transcript).
kolaylaştıracaklardır recognition of working time: Chapter Vi. Recognition of higher education document article Vi. 1 A certificate of higher education recognition decision is based on the knowledge and skills that are documented by the parties with regard to the recognition of the recognition is requested by the Party requested the corresponding degree differ significantly between this document is not the case, the other side will recognize higher education issued documents.
Article VI.2 Alternatively, at the request of the owner of the document, the document edited another Party Side is possible to obtain a submission will be sufficient and the evaluation of article Vi shall apply with the necessary changes to a provision of 1.
Article vi 3 on one side, a higher education held another Side of one of the below mentioned recognition results or both will happen: a) Side requested document to historians with suppliers in the same circumstances in which an advanced higher education studies, including exams and/or PhD preparations not accepted;
b) laws and regulations of that recognition is requested Party or subject to the jurisdiction, using an academic title.
In addition, recognition, recognition of the laws and regulations of the requested Party or subject to the jurisdiction, can make it easier to get into the job market.
Article vi. other higher education document organized 4 Side Side may be assessed as follows: for the purposes of the General employment advice in the form of a);
b) programs for admission to an educational institution in the form of recommendations;
the competent recognition authorities recommendation c) in any format.
Article vi each of the parties is a 5 in his own country, the specific conditions of national legislation or by the specific agreements with the parties of origin of institutions operating as foreign educational institutions connected by the edited documents.
Section Vii. Refugees, displaced persons and persons in a refugee-like location on the recognition of documents they have Article VII

If either party cannot be made of written proof of documents taken including cases, refugees, displaced persons and refugee-like persons in the position of higher education, the higher education programs or business activities further entries are required to fulfill the terms of the issue whether each party about, within the framework of its education system in accordance with the provisions of the Constitutional, legal and regulatory fairness and prepared to make a rapid assessment methods can be applied to develop and will take all reasonable steps.
Chapter Viii. Evaluation of higher education institutions and programs as information items VIII. 1 each of the Parties depending on their higher education system of any institution or any program that operates in these institutions as, the recognition of documents held by these institutions on the side asked to lower TCO is verified in order to allow the competent authority of the State on the other side, will provide the necessary information. This type of information will be provided in the format indicated below: a) the parties, higher education institutions and programs they established a formal evaluation system: information on the methods and results of this assessment with all kinds of higher education institutions and higher education certificate-issuing programme-specific quality standard information, b) Parties, higher education institutions and programs, an official evaluation system kurmamışlarsa: their education systems from any institution or any affiliated higher education relating to the recognition of various document information received from.
Article VIII. 2 each of the parties: a) higher education institutions located in its higher education system, characteristic of the properties of each educational institution, the review of;
b) provide different degrees and kinds of institutions and programs are recognized by their higher education system that indicates the entry conditions of the institutions (public or private) of a list;
c a description of higher education programmes);
d depending on their higher education system) the parties agreed upon a list of educational institutions located outside the country of development, ensuring the follow up and to provide adequate preparation will: Section IX information on Recognition, Article IX. 1 in order to ensure the recognition of documents relating to higher education, the parties to determine the received documents exactly take on responsibility for creating a transparent system.
Article IX.2 1. Relevant, accurate and up-to-date information to meet the needs of the parties to establish a national information center, each of which, or the establishment of the Centre in question to operate or deposited any change affecting the Central Executive Office will advise one of.
2. each of the parties, the national information center: a) the higher education system and the country where the document will provide consistent and accurate information relating to access;
b the higher education systems of the parties and other documents) related to the will facilitate access to information;
c) national law and regulations recognition and evaluation of documents will or will give you information about the suggestion.
3. Every national information centre, in order to carry out its functions, shall allocate the necessary tools for service.
Article IX. 3 the parties, through the national information centres or otherwise, the UNESCO/Council of Europe Diploma Supplement or the parties given by higher education institutions to support the use of another document equivalent.
Chapter x. Execution mechanisms Article X 1 will handle the execution of the below mentioned organs will advance and the Contract, kolaylaştıracaklardır: a Committee on the recognition Of higher education Contract In Europe);
b the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe dated June 9, 1994) and 18 June 1994, the decision of UNESCO established the European Regions Committee dated, academic circulation and recognise the European National Information Centres (ENIC network) network.
Article X 2 1. This grounds that documents related to the European Region yükseköğretimle in the recognition Agreement Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Committee") has been established. The Committee will consist of a representative of each Party State.
2. Article X. 2 the term "Party" in accordance with the provisions of the European Community will not be applied.
3. Article XI. 1.1 is specified in the States and the Vatican, if they are not parties to this agreement, the European Community, and the President of the ENIC Network may participate in Committee meetings as observers. Located in the region of recognition issues enabled government agencies and representatives of non-governmental organizations are invited to attend Committee meetings as observers.
4. The European district of the State of higher education studies, recognition of diplomas and degrees for the implementation of the UNESCO Regional Committee of the agreement about the President will be invited as an observer to the Committee meeting.
5. The Committee will support the implementation of this agreement and the execution of the will. The Committee, for this purpose, in fulfillment of the contract and for the recognition of higher education document applications will be considered parties to a competent authority to guide their, a large majority of the parties, recommendations, statements, protocols, and practices you can adopt. The parties agree that this kind of text although it is bound to apply them, to the attention of the competent authority to present the texts and all kinds of effort to promote their implementation. The Committee will take the opinion of the ENIC Network before deciding.
6. The Committee, the Council of Europe and UNESCO will inform relevant units.
7. The Committee adopted by the UNESCO on higher education studies, diplomas and degrees for an implementation of the contracts concerning the recognition of UNESCO Regions will continue to link to Komiteleriyle.
8. the majority of the parties Meeting and decision quorum.
9. The Committee will determine its own içtüzüğünü. At least that will host a regular meeting every three years. The Committee met for the first year in which this agreement enters into force.
10. The Committee of the Secretariat General of the Council of Europe Directorate General of UNESCO together with the Secretary or.
Article x. 3 1. Each of the parties, Article IX. 2 established under or continued academic activities of the national information center, getting to know the roaming and the European Network of National Information Centres (the ENIC Network) will appoint as a member. Article IX. 2 within the scope of more than one national information centre on one side it was established or operated cases of these centres will be members of the network, however, all relevant national information centres shall be able to use just one vote.
2. national information of parties as structurally limited Center ENIC network composed of the competent national authorities will support the execution of the agreement and with the will to help. Network, will be collected at least once a year; They will choose their own President and Bureau in accordance with the instructions.

3. The secretariat of the ENIC Network, with the Directorate General of the Council of Europe will be the UNESCO General Secretary or.
4. The parties agree that ENIC Network national information centres of other Parties, through, in particular, academic recognition, and movement activities to all the necessary information to use the gathering to cooperate, giving.
Chapter Xi. Final Provisions Article XI. 1 1. With this contract, the Agreement will result in a Diplomatic Conference entrusted the invited Member States of the Council of Europe: a.);
Member States of the UNESCO Europe region b);
c the European cultural Convention of the Council of Europe) and/or European district States that higher education studies, diploma and degree of recognition of any in the UNESCO agreement about ratifying signatories, will be open to the signature of the State or Party 14. Maddesi.
1. These States and the Vatican: a) signature subject to ratification, acceptance or find suitable in cases where the signature, or the signature, ratification, acceptance, or b), find the contact details of the signature in cases where there is subject to ratification, acceptance or accession, through signature or c) to connect with the contract through may express their consent.
3. Signatures will be discarded by one of the authorities deposited. Approval, acceptance or entry will be kept by one of the documents deposited with the authority.
Article XI. 2 this agreement, the Council of Europe and/or the UNESCO Europe region, which will take place in at least three State that is a member of, stay connected with five State Contract after expressing their consent one-month period following completion of the Convention shall enter into force on the first day of the month that follows. The contract will remain connected to each State accepts the contract reporting following completion of the one-month period after the following month, the Convention shall enter into force on the first day.
Article XI. 3

1. after the entry into force of this agreement, Article XI. 1 one of the specified category is contained in a Government Contract can request to join. In this topic, the higher education in the European region, document each request recognition of relevant agreement Committee at least three months before the meeting of the parties to forward this request is deposited, which will inform one of the authorities, the cramping. The Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe Council and deposited with the authority at the same time, UNESCO will inform the Executive Board.

2. a State which demands to be included in This agreement, the decision of the majority of two-thirds of the parties to this Agreement shall be with the invocation.
3. after the entry into force of this agreement, the European Community, its Member Devletlerince made and deposited on the contact details of a claim agreement posed to the authorities. In this case, Article Xl. 3.2 shall not apply.
4. each Government accepting or acceding to the Agreement, in terms of European Community authorities to take one of the following document to accept one-month period following completion of the first day of the following month.
Article XI. 4 1. The contracts listed below: Denkliğiyle related Documents that provide European Convention Accepted l Universities (1953, ETS No. 15) and Protocol (1964, ETS No. 49);
l. European Convention Of University Work Denkliğiyle related (1956, ETS No. 21);
l. European Convention about Academic Tanınmasıyla University Documents (1959, ETS No. 32);
the Arab and European States border the Mediterranean Sea l higher education Studies, getting his credentials and recognition related international agreements Derecelerinin (1976);
belongs in the States higher education cases in the European Region, l getting his credentials and Derecelerinin recognition agreement (1979);
l. European Convention Of University Study (1990, ETS about General Denkliğiyle No. l38);
of one or more of the parties to this agreement: a the provisions of the present Contract in mutual relations) will apply;
b non-a-side, but the current agreement) with the above mentioned Contracts in question whose Contracts have made Which will continue to apply.
2. the parties to this agreement the Arab and European States higher education cases in the border, getting his credentials and degrees of recognition other than the relevant international Agreement previously referred to in paragraph 1 if they have never been a party to any of the parties to take on the obligation to avoid being from contracts.
Article XI. 5. Any State, the signature or ratification, acceptance or accession document deposited the appropriate discovery, they shall apply to this agreement may specify the country or countries.
2. Any State, at a later date, deposited with the authority in one of the implementation of the agreement, one that conveys beyanatla no representations or outside specified can expand. Confer authority to contract, such countries by the end of the one-month period after the date of the Declaration was the following month, the Convention shall enter into force on the first day.
3. Add to any area specified in the registration statement, a declaration made under the preceding two paragraphs, with a notification addressed to one of the authorities deposited can be undone. Confer authority to undo by following completion of a month after the date of receipt of this notice. the Convention shall enter into force on the first day of the following month.
Article XI. 6 1. If either party, at any time, a notification is sent to one of the authorities deposited with this agreement.
2. Such termination, by the date of receipt to be deposited in a twelve-month period after the end of the first day of the following month. But such termination, the provisions of the contract within the scope will not affect previous recognition decisions taken.
3. to the goal and purpose of this agreement is a necessary provision to allow, on the one hand by the end of this agreement in case of application for violation or suspension will be posted in accordance with international law.
Article XI. 7 1. Any State, the Vatican or the European Community in the time of signature or ratification, acceptance, submission of the appropriate certificate of attendance during the finding or of this agreement one or more of the following items, in whole or in part, the reserves can declare reservations.
Article IV. 8 Article v.3 article Vi. 3 Article VIII. 2 Article IX. No other reservations may not be 3.
2. within the scope of the reservation of the previous paragraph, any Party who put in one of the reservations sent a statement deposited with the authority, in whole or in part, he can take away. Rollback, deposited with the authority with effect from the date of receipt by the.
3. a reservation to a provision of this agreement, such provision can not ask another Party to be implemented by the State, but re-examining the State if his collaborators was connected to partial or contingent, to be implemented in such a way that its accepts this provision.
Article XI. 8 1. Two-thirds of the parties to this agreement to the draft amendments, the majority of the higher education in the European Region with the Documentation About Tanınmasıyla Contract adopted by the Committee. Any draft amendment adopted, will be included in a protocol to this agreement. Entering into force of the Protocol for each event, will determine the procedure and will request to be notified of the Parties accepted.
2. Above 1. the scope of this agreement, paragraph III. No change in the Department.
3. any Changes at least three months before the meeting of the Committee recommendations, which will inform the parties, will be notified one of the deposited with the authority. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and UNESCO also deposited with the authority of the Executive Board.
Article XI. 9 1. The Secretariat General of the Council of Europe and the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization Directorate General this Agreement shall be deposited with the authorities.
2. An official document, deposited its notification or message is deposited to the authority, in addition to the parties, the Council of Europe and the other States of the UNESCO Europe region or member of a) any signature;
b) any finding or ratification, acceptance, participation in the appropriate document presentation;
c) Article XI and XI. 3.4 in pursuant to the provisions of this agreement to take effect at a later date;
d) Article XI. 7, instead of the provisions of any reservations made and fetching Item XI. 7, instead of the provisions of the withdrawal of a reservation of serializing;
e) Article XI. 6 during the implementation of this agreement will be removed, repealed any announcement;
f) article II. 1 or article II. announcement in accordance with the provisions of 2;
g) article IV 5 announcement in accordance with the provisions;
h) Article XI. 3 in accordance with the provisions of any reference to the introduction;
n.) Article XI. 8 ' of any suggestions made in accordance with the provisions;
j) relating to this agreement with operation, Declaration, or message.
Will be deposited.
3. the provisions of this agreement during the fulfilment of the provisions of the field or a message Contract makes a notification deposited with the authority for follow-up, will inform the other immediately deposited with the authority.
The undersigned authority that issues tasdiken, representatives of plenipotentiaries.
April 11, 1997, Lisbon, falls into each other as four text, English, French, Russian and Spanish, the other in the archives of the Council of Europe, one of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization as two copies to be kept in the archives. A copy of the approved Article XI. 1 all States specified in the Vatican, the European Community and the United Nations will be sent to the Secretariat General.